General Hospital Poll: Whose Pain Hit You The Hardest?

A week’s worth of heartache.

Last week was not a good one for the couples of Port Charles. Carly learned her boyfriend Johnny was married to Connie, just as Sonny learned his fiancée Kate had turned back into her alter and married his enemy. Meanwhile, John found out Natalie met someone new, even though he had Sam, who was reeling for her own fractured relationship with Jason, to smooch for comfort, and Tracy discovered Joe had been lying and is as bad as everyone says. Not to mention, Maxie had to watch Spinelli have fun with his date Ellie and Elizabeth pretty much ruined any chance she had with Jason by telling him the truth about Sam’s baby.

That’s a lot of heartbreak for one week. Whose pain affected you the most? Vote and comment below.

Will Jonathan Jackson (ex-Lucky) be a heartbreaker on his new show? Judge for yourself in the Nashville pilot. The couples of Lima/New York didn’t do much better than those in Port Charles. Find out who broke up in’s Glee recap.

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