General Hospital Spoilers For October 12 – 16.

A reunion, a test and tough conversations.

Heather ends up cornered on the hospital roof and goes over the edge. But what about baby Victor? Good news there, as Sam is finally reunited with her baby. Jason goes to the hospital with them and they see Todd with Tea. As Sam and Jason bond with the baby, Todd begins to break the devastating truth to Tea that Victor is not her son. Actually, he’s not even Victor anymore, as Sam renames the child.

Sabrina overhears a conversation that suggests Robin is alive. A more conniving soap vixen would probably keep the info to herself, since she’s hot for Patrick. Since Sabrina is far from a vixen, she tells her crush what she heard. This of course leads Patrick to confront Anna. We can only imagine this will lead to more heartbreak for Patrick, but probably a nice scene between the two as well.

Alexis may have come up with a solution when she suggests to Sonny that a relative closer to Kate than Olivia might be able to have her committed. That obviously means Trey, but will he do it? He has other concerns at the moment, as he asks Kristina to give him another chance.

Despite Johnny going out of his way to hurt Carly in order to prove he and Connie are legit, she remains skeptical of his marriage. In order to test Johnny’s devotion to his new bride, she kisses him. As for Mrs. Johnny Zacchara, Connie makes herself right at home in her new life.

In other news, Luke thinks Duke is still a gangster, Liz is relieved and Tracy and Luke commiserate.

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