General Hospital Spoilers For October 19 – 22.

A goodbye, a test and a harsh truth.

Sam faces John and thanks him for his role in bringing Daniel back to her. While she admits she’ll always feel a connection to him, she informs him she reunited with Jason. Once alone, Sam waits for her husband to come home, but opens the door to someone else.

After Duke sweeps Anna off her feet, Luke continues to express his doubts over Duke really being Duke. Anna reminds him there’s nothing to compare Duke’s DNA to, but Duke chimes in to suggest Anna check his fingerprints.

Joe Jr. is on the loose and for some reason threatens Starr. This of course leads to Sonny, Trey and Michael wanting to go after him. There’s some activity at the docks and then Joe heads for Tracy.

They’ve been at it for a few weeks now and there’s still no Dante or Lulu Jr. Frustrated, Lulu goes to the doctor for answers and learns Dante had the same thought. She’s touched upon discovering he took a fertility test. But after Lulu’s exam, she tearfully tells her husband the problem lies with her. She can’t have children. Dante comforts her, but then gets called away.

Still upset, Lulu heads to The Floating Rib for a drink with Maxie, who sees Spinelli with Ellie. Felicia is apparently there as well, as she grows protective over her daughter’s broken heart. All might not be lost though, as Spinelli learns Maxie is divorcing Matt. Meanwhile, Shawn, Alexis, Mac and Felicia engage in a game of strip pool.

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