General Hospital Weekly Summary For October 1 – 5.

A non-wedding, a shocking twist and a painful confession.

As Trey and Kristina got ready for Sonny and Kate’s wedding, Trey confessed who his parents really were: Kate Howard and Joe Scully Jr. Kristina became furious, accusing him of using her to help his dad get back at Sonny. She left the apartment and ran straight into Joe, who dragged her to Sonny’s warehouse and tied her up. He threatened to kill her, but Trey showed up and stood between the gun and his wife. Joe didn’t back down, so Trey grabbed the gun. During their scuffle, the gun went off and a bullet hit Joe in the shoulder.

Jason and Liz intended to attend the wedding as well, but plans changed when she confessed that she changed the DNA tests, which meant Tea’s baby was really Sam’s. Meanwhile, Sam and John commiserated over her failed marriage and his failed relationship with Natalie, who met someone else. The two ended up in a steamy kiss, until Sam stopped it before things went too far. Jason called John. The men met and Jason told him about Tea’s baby. John headed to Llanview to break the news to his old friend. When he got there though, Tea discovered her nanny Susan and son Victor were gone. John informed her Susan was really Heather Webber, but didn’t mention the DNA test. Meanwhile, Jason was about to tell Sam about her baby when Trey brought Kristina in.

After Dante was called about Kristina, he hightailed it over to Tracy’s to question her about her new friend. Tracy, who had just helped clean up Joe’s wound, hid him and tried to put Dante off. However, upon learning that Joe lied to her about how he got shot and that he almost killed Kristina, she subtly pointed Dante in Joe’s direction. Dante drew his gun, but Joe had already escaped.

Despite Olivia fearing her cousin had reverted back to being Connie, Kate and Sonny’s wedding started. It abruptly ended though when Kate told everyone she was Connie and was already married. To Johnny. Reeling from Johnny’s betrayal, Carly demanded answers. Since Kate was blackmailing him, Johnny was forced to confirm they were married. To help sell their union, he lied that they had been sleeping together for months. Carly turned to Todd for comfort, as Sonny tried to bring Kate back. He failed and Connie moved in with her reluctant husband Johnny.

In other news, Olivia realized her hallucinations were really premonitions, Trey might be the only one to have Connie committed and Maxie grew jealous over Spinelli and Ellie.

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