General Hospital Weekly Summary For October 15 – 19.

Secret connections, a reunion and false hope.

It came to light that Joe Jr. has been manipulating Trey and Kristina on Duke’s orders. Since Joe failed to kill Sonny’s daughter in order for Trey to seize all her assets, Duke ordered him to kill someone else. Before he carried out his latest task, Joe stopped by Trey’s place to appeal to his son. He pulled a gun when Starr and Michael showed up. Trey tried to talk his father down, but Joe got more agitated. Michael called Dante but was forced to hang up when Joe grabbed Starr. Dante realized something was wrong and headed to Trey’s place. Joe was gone by the time Dante got there, but left Trey, Starr and Michael unharmed.

Jason was able to grab baby Victor as Heather jumped from the hospital rooftop. Sam and Jason reunited with the boy, who Sam renamed Daniel Edward. Jason told Sam he wanted them to be a family. Sam agreed and moved back into the penthouse. They had a blissful few hours before Jason received a frantic message from Bernie.

On the docks, Joe confronted Bernie, who in flashbacks was ordered by Duke to transfer Sonny’s assets to Kristina. Joe shot him, as Jason showed up. Jason shot Joe and tended to Bernie. Jason was shot in the back, as Duke stood over him.

After Heather survived the fall at the hospital, Anna confronted her about Robin. Sabrina overheard their conversation and told Patrick his wife might be alive. A shaken up Dr. Drake questioned Anna who recounted the wild goose chase she went on in Switzerland. They bonded over missing Robin. Meanwhile, Britt jumped at the opportunity to scold Sabrina for messing with Patrick and then offered to take the dreamy Dr. Drake home.

Todd was arrested for his involvement with Heather. While in the interrogation room, Tea, Starr and Carly individually confronted him about switching Tea’s baby for Sam’s. He only told Starr the truth, but pleaded with her to keep his secret. Diane, who Todd previously fired from the paper, showed up as his lawyer. She secured his release and gave him a hefty bill. Once free, Todd swore on Starr’s life to Carly that his hands were clean.

In other news, Lulu was told she couldn’t have a baby, Luke continued to warn Anna away from Duke and Trey was presented with annulment papers from Kristina and commitment papers for Connie.

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