General Hospital Weekly Summary For October 22 – 26.

A couple of deaths, an accusation and a shocking return.

After Duke shot Jason on the pier, he kicked him into the water. Meanwhile, Bernie was able to call Sonny and gave him their location. A wounded Joe snuck off as Duke shot Bernie and fled. The cops showed up as Sonny came upon Bernie, who told him Jason was in the water. Bernie died and Sonny jumped in the icy waters to search for Jason, to no avail. Sonny had the difficult task of telling Sam, Michael and Carly that Jason died. Carly cried on Todd’s shoulder, while Spinelli and Sam separately dove in looking for Jason. Neither found him, but while Spinelli accepted that Jason was dead, Sam refused to give up on her husband. The only person who agreed that no body meant Jason could be alive was McBain.

Joe headed for Tracy at the Quartermaine mansion. As he bled out on her couch, he asked her to call Trey. Trey showed up to hear Joe say Sonny shot him. Trey then watched his father die. Trey left and Joe’s body was taken away, leaving Monica and Tracy to argue about Tracy’s involvement with Scully. After a couple of rounds, Tracy tearfully expressed her condolences regarding Jason. After Tracy left the room, a presumed dead A.J. walked in to see Monica, who did not seem surprised to see him.

After hearing Carly say she wished Daniel were Jason’s so a part of him could live on, Todd tried to figure out a way to let Sam know the truth. He enlisted his attorney Diane’s help, but she was unable to get the results to Sam without implicating herself and Todd. Todd realized he could get the results to Sam through Heather.

While trying to take Lulu’s mind off her inability to have a baby, Maxie ran into Spinelli and Ellie at The Floating Rib. She told Spinelli she and Matt were getting a divorce. He was unfazed. Lulu suggested Maxie tell him again when he wasn’t on a date. Maxie figured she could invite him to the Halloween party at The Haunted Star and tell him there. However, Ellie informed her Spinelli was already going with her. Wanting them all to be friends, Ellie invited Maxie to join them.

In other news, Trey refused to help Sonny commit Connie, Duke got a job bartending at The Haunted Star and Patrick asked Sabrina to babysit so he could go out with Britt.

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  4 responses so far...

  1. From elizabeth

    where was a.j at ? im not surprised hes back now he dont have hide from his brother. a.j really caused brain dead jason to lose his memory , morals and kill people…NOT SONNY…I LOVE ALL THE FAKE DRAMA…

  2. From Donna

    I want Jason back..I have been watching GH for almost 40 yrs & the only time it really bothered me was when Laura left & now Jason!!!!.2 true loves & they had/have to end them..Luke & Laura ,,Jason & Sam

  3. From Peggie

    I have been watching General Hospital for 43 years or more and I am not happy that Jason is gone. What happened? He is one of the main reasons I watch this and I want him back on the show!! What the heck is going on? I know others actors and actresses are out of work but don’t take the best away from us.

  4. From Terazzah

    I have been watching General Hospital since the beginning. Please bring Jason back. The show is not the same without him.. We need to start a campaign for his return..I am mad as cats claws.

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