General Hospital Weekly Summary For October 8 – 12.

So close.

Duke sat at a comatose Robin’s bedside in a clinic. He told her soon everyone would know she was alive. He then went to Port Charles and surprised Anna in her hotel suite. He explained the Duke she thought she watched die was an imposter who gleaned private information from him while they were both in a Turkish prison. Anna eventually believed him, just as Luke came home, interrupting their reunion. Luke told Anna he found Robert and confessed the truth about Ethan. Anna became overwhelmed when the two men started fighting over her. She left to try and track down fugitives Heather and Joe Jr. Later, a recovering Joe Jr. was revealed to be recuperating from his gunshot wound at Duke’s place.

After Jason told Sam her baby was alive, had been living with Tea and was now with Heather, they set out to find her son. Meanwhile, Heather holed up with Victor in a motel and called Todd for help. Todd was detained when Tea showed up, devastated over her missing son. Heather couldn’t wait around, as she realized Victor’s medicine was out. She tried to sneak around GH, but Olivia who just hallucinated that Heather was there, found her in the stairwell. Heather threw Olivia down the stairs and ran to the roof. Jason and Sam discovered her whereabouts and confronted her. Despite pleas from Sam and Jason, who referred to Victor as his son, Heather refused to give him up. Holding the baby, Heather inched close to the edge. Tea arrived with Todd and the police just in time to watch Heather seemingly jump from the rooftop.

Maxie interrupted Lulu and Dante, who were basking in the afterglow of their latest attempt to conceive. Dante was called away regarding the Heather case, leaving Lulu to listen to Maxie’s claims that she really wanted a future with Spinelli. She then bemoaned his budding romance with Ellie. Lulu suggested Maxie tell Spinelli how she felt, but to do it with a grand gesture. She eyed Maxie’s wedding band. Maxie knew she had to talk to Matt.

In other news, Todd and McBain tried, but failed to tell Tea the truth about Victor, Spinelli kissed Ellie and Luke and Tracy commiserated over their love lives.

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