General Hospital Weekly Summary For September 24 – 28.

Gearing up for explosive reveals.

After making plans to have her wedding at The Haunted Star, Connie forced Johnny to sign mysterious papers. Later, Johnny met with Todd and they agreed to handle Heather and Connie respectively for each other. Todd had Connie brought to his office where he learned of her secretive plan. He thought it was brilliant.

At the Noodle Buddha, Jason and Sam recalled the day of their wedding, which led to a kiss. Jason then saw the divorce papers that Sam signed. John interrupted with a text about getting little Victor’s DNA. Jason left Sam before signing on the dotted line. Jason went to the hospital where he received the DNA sample from McBain. Liz saw them and offered to help speed the process along. She brought Jason the results, which revealed Sam and Victor were not a DNA match. A guilty looking Elizabeth consoled a distraught Jason.

Sonny’s bachelor party got underway at his restaurant, while Maxie threw Kate’s bachelorette party at The Floating Rib. Kate was unhappy there wasn’t a stripper, so Maxie enlisted Lulu to convince Milo, who was supposed to be keeping an eye out for Joe Jr, to strip. He was a hit. Impressed by his physique, Connie followed him to the back where she came on to him. Looking for her cousin, Olivia found “Kate” kissing a helpless Milo. Outraged, Olivia confronted “Kate,” but Connie convinced her she was just having another hallucination. Back at the bar, Elizabeth made a point to talk to Lulu about Jason in earshot of Sam. Liz lied and said Jason wanted to be with Liz, despite her worrying about his marriage. Meanwhile, Trey showed up at Sonny’s party, which led to a confrontation between the men, as Spinelli tried to convince Jason not to give up his investigation of Sam’s baby. Sam showed up and gave Jason the divorce papers so he could move on.

Patrick took Britt to The Floating Rib on their date. However, babysitter Sabrina called with news that Emma locked herself in the closet. Patrick raced home and reassured Emma, who eventually took a liking to Sabrina. The next day at the hospital, a jealous Britt overheard Patrick and Sabrina discussing what a fun time they had with Emma.

In other news, Tracy found herself drawn to Joe, Kristina and Trey vowed to stay married and Spinelli asked lab tech Ellie to Sonny’s wedding.

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