Matt’s Musings On Days Of Our Lives For The Week Of October 1-5.

Thoughts on Days.

It continued to sink in for Babs that being a cop in Salem sucked. You had to obey the law (once and awhile) and that was more than anyone else did. He started to think that ignoring the law might be the best way to stop crime. While all of the women in his life, from his Ma to Billie, told him that being a cop was a waste of his time, bro Roman opined that he was the Blue Ribbon edition of the force. But the city needed to make budget cuts. Considering that they have no mayor, and when they did, he had a staff of one, the people of Salem must have the lowest taxes in the world. I’m more concerned about the fact that half the city just fell into a sink hole when the sewer blew up and no one’s mentioned repairing it. Add to that the fact that the hospital kept losing electricity all week and it’s starting to sound like the place resembles a war zone more than a quaint little town in the middle of a weird garden maze. They must all be drinking severely contaminated water and huffing natural gas just to breathe. This explains a lot of their behavior.

Sami panted for Rafe. He had to tell her that it wouldn’t work. Elvis swanned in and let her sniff his pheromone soaked lapels. She jumped from thinking that Rafe was the answer to her prayers to insisting that EJ was as reformed as she likes to claim whenever no other man is interested in her. EJ did his best to act concerned. Apparently he’s been having lessons as he swooped, stooped, cocked his head and offered endless variations on a smirk to show how beguiling he was. He managed to stop short of using jazz hands in his conversations, but only narrowly. His scheme to use his brother to blackmail the Hernandez clan and get Sami back quickly collapsed thanks to Nick managing to outsmart everyone else. Then again, he only had his head kicked in, not half his brain blown out. He blackmailed Chad into clearing Gabi since he could have gone to the cops over the beating. Elvis was furious to lose his hold on Sami. His whole body attempted to blink wildly at Chad, who was so freaked out that he grew a week’s worth of stubble during their verbal brawl.

Like most young people in town, Abby tried mothering her mom, who continued to act like an adolescent on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Yes, Jenn has been diagnosed with the rarely mentioned disorder Soap Opera Rapidly Regressing Syndrome (SORRS). She tore into Nicole in public, calling her every insult she could come up with without consulting the urban dictionary. That played straight into Nic’s hands. It made Jenn look looney and being homeless again meant that Nic could move in with Dr. Permatan. He kept asking Jenn to stay out of his life. She kept agreeing and then arguing with him about it. They went back and forth so much that all he could do was shake his head. He shook his head so much I nodded off. Cousin Marvin had to wake me up just as Jenn was blabbing to Nicole about being a cream puff. “Since when did that happen?” I asked Marvin. “Who filled her with cream?” he asked back. Stressed out by living in a world full of orange doctors, ranting cream puffs and hospitals with scant electricity, Nic went to her doctor’s appointment for a bit of deja vu. A randomly appointed doctor, who will be leaving the country the moment after the appointment ends, was called in to tell Nicole that her baby died. Will this finally push her totally over the edge? How far can someone who would call their kid Danny Rafael and buy them a pumpkin sack and Santa costume go? On the less disturbing side of things this week, Gabba Gabba became slightly less annoying and started to cuddle up to Nick for rescuing her. And after dumping the girl he claimed to be smitten with a couple of days ago, Cameron has already moved on with another woman.

Lines of the week:

Sami: It’s already worse.

Jenn: I never thought you were a complete idiot!

Jenn: I am not the cream puff you think I am… that makes you a stupid bitch!

Nick: How I feel about you is above and beyond.

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  1. From April Gutierrez

    I know I keep going on & on & on! I was thinking of writing another letter to someone at Days that might care about the show! In writing a letter as such;I usually would address TO WHOM IT May Concern??????? MY question to all of you is who in the heck would that be!!!! First I don’t get it!? The show was riding a eight month rating increase!!!!!!!! So hello the reason for hiring back fired writers was???? Who are clearly stuck back in 2010;which worked out really great the last time? Hmmmmm
    In the last five weeks or more the ratings & public opinion have dropped? Who does this matter to? I would think the people that are soposed to be saving the show? I know that the Tomlin & his HATCHET WRITERS HAVE RUINED ALL AREAS OF THE SHOW!THE SHOW NOW HAS NO INTEGRITY IN ITS WRITING!!!!! tHEY HAVE NO RESPECT FOR THE FANS, SHOW, CHARACTERS, STORY LINES THAT WE SPENT SIX MONTHS WATCHING!!!! PLEASE LETS HAVE MORE BABY SWITCHING DRAMA!!!!! LETS HAVE EJ BLACKMAIL & SCHEME FOR THE WOMAN WHO IS HIS SOULMATE!!!!!!!!! fORGET ABOUT THE GOOD OLD FASHION ROMANCE! fORGET THAT EJAMI HAS CHEMISTRY BEYPMD WORRDS!! HEY GREAY JOB TOMLIN YOU & YOUR BUDDY RAFE CAN CARPOOOL TO THE UNEMPLOYMENT LINE!!!!!!!!! Days of our Lives ! To Whom It May Concern is the fans!!! Why doesn’t it concern all of you????????

  2. From Cindy

    Kate and Rafe is a ridiculous storyline. I love her as an actress but in my opinion they just don’t have any chemistry.
    In real life Lauren Koslow (Kate) is 18 yrs older then Galen Gering (Rafe) and Eileen Davidson (Kristen), who also looks fabulous at 51 yrs old is 10 yrs older than Eric Martsolf (Brady)
    I guess Days really loves their cougars and i guess only makes sence since older men have been put together with younger beautiful women for years in movies and TV

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