Pretty Little Liars: This Is A Dark Ride

The girls attend a Halloween party on a train, where they encounter unexpected guests, as well as surprising tricks from “A.”

Maya paints a styrofoam head in her room at the sanitarium. ‘A’ listens as she talks about loving Halloween, all the tricks and treats. She hands ‘A’ some bullets and pills and says this will be the best Halloween ever – she’d bet somebody’s life on it.

The girls walk down the street discussing the party tonight and hoping they won’t have the same costumes. Hanna tells them Caleb is getting better. She mentions her mom and Pastor Ted are getting pretty domestic. On a lawn, some guy has made a fake casket with ‘RIP Alison’ on it. Emily marches over and the guy jumps out with a blonde wig on. They tell him this is why no one will go out with him.

Spencer meets with Garrett at her place, who tells her he has to get out of there and move on. She asks what he knows, but Toby comes in. Garrett leaves. Toby says he’ll never leave her alone with him. They hug.

Hanna and Caleb make out in the supply closet at the dentist office. They talk about what a pain it is to hide and sneak around for safety.

Aria is at Ezra’s apartment. He comes home and tells her he can’t go tonight. She’s disappointed he won’t see her costume.

At the party, there’s an announcement that the shuttle for the ghost train is leaving in five minutes. Aria, dressed as a flapper, spots Hanna, who is dressed as Marilyn Monroe. Jenna and Noel appear. Spencer and Toby come in. Spencer tells Aria that Garrett never came back. Suddenly, Noel starts choking. He winds up on the floor with everyone bent over him and then it turns out to be a practical joke. Emily and Page arrive and it’s time to board the shuttle.

At Hanna’s house, her mother, Ashley, and Ted hand out candy to trick-or-treaters. A little blonde girl comes to the house by herself and wants to call her mom. Later, Ashley finds her upstairs standing in the bedroom. She tells her that her mother got upset and cried when she called – she thinks her sister told her something bad about her. Ashley tells her to wait there, and calls Ted to come up. The girl is gone. After searching all over the house and neighborhood, there’s no sign of her. Ashley remarks on how cold she was, and asks if he believes in ghosts. He says he’s not supposed to.

At the sanitarium, the masked head Maya was painting earlier is in the bed in her place.

On the ghost train, Adam Lambert performs and everyone dances. A hooded figure in a white mask pokes Hanna. Jenna tries to chat with Toby, and Spencer walks through the train car looking around. She sees Jason and says she didn’t know he was back. He says he came to see her but Garrett was at her house. He spots someone and excuses himself.

Hanna goes out for air and the masked figure in the black cloak follows – it’s Caleb. They make out. Inside, Adam Lambert chats with Aria. A costumed person wearing a jester mask watches, opens their ring to reveal a white substance, and passes by to dump it in Aria’s drink. Meanwhile, Emily and Paige are having alone time while a shadowy figure watches. Walking alone, Spencer is accosted by a scary person wearing a dead baby mask!

Outside, the dead baby mask reveals himself – it’s Garrett. He tells her how sorry he is and how much he liked her. He tells her the night of Alison’s death he took Jenna outside to let Ian and Melissa talk things over. They encountered Alison and she had a shoving match with Jenna. He describes how he lead Jenna, who was blind, to believe he’d killed Alison. He says he went back and saw Alison with Byron. Spencer tells Garrett to wait there – he’s going to tell Aria this to her face.

Inside, Spencer and Hanna go to where Aria was sitting. Her seat is empty and her purse is there. They get a text, “Guess who’s not going to make it to the end of the line – ‘A’” They get Emily to help search. They tell her about Garrett’s claim that Aria’s dad was with Ali the night she died. Hanna finds Caleb by his costume, but it’s someone else wearing the same thing.  As Spencer searches, the person in the jester mask grabs her and chokes her. The jester takes her out and tries to throw her off the back off the train. Paige appears and fights the jester off. Only a long red fingernail is left behind.

Aria awakens in a cargo crate with duct tape over her mouth and around her wrists. She realizes she’s in with a dead body – it’s Garrett! She works to free herself. Two people come in and try to push the crate off the train. She stabs one in the leg.

Still searching, Hanna tells Spencer that Caleb is with Toby looking for Aria. They wonder if what Garrett said was true. Paige and Emily check in. They split up again, but not before Spencer thanks Paige. She says it was a pleasure. Paige runs into Jenna, who says she hasn’t seen Aria.  Hanna, Spencer, and Paige reach a dead end but find Aria’s necklace. Hanna breaks the glass in the door to the cargo room. They rush in as the crate containing Aria and Garrett is about to fall out. They pull it back and help a quivering Aria to get out.

The police are on the train later. After Aria gives her statement she tells the girls that she doesn’t believe what Garrett said about her father being with Ali. Spencer argues that ‘A’ wanted them to get Garrett cleared so he could be killed. Ezra appears on the train wearing a black hoodie and explains to Aria how he found her. When Noel and Toby get into a shoving match, the ice table tips over and a body bag from Charon Funeral Home is revealed.

Back at the sanitarium, Maya grins in her bed as a mask lies on the floor beside her – she was the hooded figure dressed like Caleb that kept messing with Hanna.

A hand reaches up from the dirt in the roped off plot where Alison was buried.

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- Candace Young

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    Mona, not Myra. Myra was Emily’s gf that was murdered.

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