Revenge Recap: Intuition.

An accident, a memory and a set up.

Emily meets Aiden on the beach and plays the voicemail her mother, Kara, left for the white haired man, Gordon. Upon hearing about the detective who confronted Kara, Aiden, who posed as the cop, suggests it was someone from the initiative. He warns Emily if she tracks down her mother, she better be prepared for what she finds.

In their house, Conrad and Victoria bicker over inviting the initiative back into their lives. Charlotte joins them and after Conrad has left the room, Victoria asks about David’s journals. Charlotte responds that Amanda has them. As Conrad leaves the house, he instructs Ashley to keep an eye on Daniel.

Amanda moves into Emily’s after leaving Jack. Emily relays that her mother is alive and she hopes what she wrote in David’s journal makes Victoria crack. Victoria calls Amanda and asks her to bring the journal over.

Emily meets Nolan at his office in the city. Nolan gives Emily video access to monitor the Graysos’ every move. Emily leaves as Padma enters. She tells Nolan his father’s things were moved to storage upon his death. Nolan didn’t know he died. Padma takes him to the unit. An emotional Nolan thanks her for taking an interest. He leans in to kiss her, but falls over some boxes. He tries again and is successful. As they move some things out of the unit, Padma looks dismayed upon finding something with David Clarke’s name on it.

Emily watches Amanda and Victoria’s meeting on her device. Victoria offers to pay Amanda for the journal. Amanda just wants to know about her mother. Victoria insists she never met her, but says she died in a mental institution. Charlotte interrupts them and Victoria says they are throwing a baby shower for Amanda.

In their bedroom, Daniel tells Ashley that Victoria’s kidnapping was staged. Conrad calls Ashley but she ignores it and covers in front of a suspicious Daniel. Later, Daniel secretly listens to Ashley’s messages and hears Conrad instructing her to call him with info on Daniel.

Back at the house, Emily instructs Amanda to ask Victoria for $100,000 in exchange for the journal. Emily doesn’t want the money, just her signature.

Emily shows up at the Graysons’ for the shower. Victoria gives Amanda a journal as a gift. Inside is a check. The women head upstairs to speak privately. Emily runs to the bathroom to listen to their conversation through her device. Amanda compares the signature on Victoria’s check to the one of Amanda’s aunt who supposedly visited Kara in the institution. They match, proving Victoria had met Kara. Emily’s earpiece cuts out, as Victoria tells Amanda her mother tried to kill her. As Amanda and Victoria argue, Amanda falls over the railing and is rushed to the hospital. Conrad returns and Victoria tells him Amanda is on to them regarding Gordon and Kara. Daniel and Ashley enter the house. Ashley privately tells Conrad she is done being his spy. Daniel eavesdrops and smiles.

Jack meets Kenny, the man Declan stole from, and vows to pay him back once the bar reopens. He later learns the bar didn’t pass inspection. Jack gets called away by news of Amanda. Kenny calls Trey, Declan’s “friend,” and says all went according to plan. Trey asks if he made an offer on the bar.

Aiden visits Emily’s mother, Kara, at the motel. He pulls a gun on her and they go into a room. Aiden lies that he worked with Gordon, her husband. She pretends to believe him, but then tazes him. Kara leaves him tied to a chair thinking he either works for the initiative or the Graysons. As she drives away, she hears news of Amanda Clarke’s accident on the radio.

Jack races to the hospital and talks to the doctor with Charlotte and Emily by his side. The doctor says they have to deliver the baby but it’s risky for Amanda. Emily says Amanda told her she wanted the baby to be saved. Amanda codes. The doctor returns and tells Jack they had to force Amanda into a coma and the baby is in NICU. Declan shows up and consoles his emotional brother and then comforts Charlotte.

Aiden frees himself and frantically calls Emily. He leaves a message to warn her about Kara. Meanwhile, Emily sees her mother in Amanda’s hospital room. She has a flashback to Kara pushing her under water in the ocean upon hearing David’s voice.

Aiden meets Emily at home and realizes she’s seen her mother. Emily tries to fight him off, but he embraces her. He says it’s okay, as Emily cries.

Next week: Kara pays Victoria a visit and asks Emily if she remembers her. Aiden wants to help Emily remember what she’s there to do, but there’s something else she needs to know.

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