Revenge Recap: Dark. Even For Emily.

“It was the only way.”

Daniel goes over spreadsheets in his office, as Ashley walks in. He’s worried Conrad has been cooking the books. He gets a call from Emily, who dangles the bait that Charlotte is scared of her doctor. Daniel searches for information on him. After Emily hangs up, it’s revealed the guy who dragged her out of the ocean with Takeda is watching her from afar. Meanwhile, Ashley enters Conrad’s office and relays that Daniel was pouring over the financials and blames him for the numbers not adding up.

Emily joins Nolan inside her house. They watch Victoria on the clam cam meeting with the white-haired man. He gives her fake identification for her and Charlotte, but he wants payment. Victoria can’t pay him until her daughter receives her inheritance. He threatens her. Emily tells Nolan since Victoria took her mother away, she’ll take her daughter.

Nolan checks in with his employees via computer at Emily’s. He meets his accounting analyst, who tells him things are bad at the company because he’s so hands off. He later offers her the job as CFO. Faux Amanda shows up at the house to talk to Emily about Jack. She confesses she had a one-night stand while she was away, but she’s taking the paternity test. She loves Jack. Emily offers to make sure the results go her way, if she helps her out.

Daniel bursts into the facility Charlotte is staying at. Since he knows he’s in cahoots with Conrad, Daniel orders her doctor to recant his statement regarding his sister’s drug test. He enters Charlotte’s room and tells her he’s taking her home. She’s furious he didn’t believe her when she vowed she was clean. Emily shows up and Charlotte privately asks Emily to take her to Victoria.

Emily first drives Charlotte to see a pregnant Amanda on the beach. Charlotte is thrilled to learn she will be an aunt and embraces her “sister.” Charlotte then shows up at Victoria’s place and tells her mother Conrad took her entire inheritance. Charlotte thinks they’ll be fine, but Victoria thinks otherwise. Charlotte tells Victoria she can get her money, but she can’t leave with her because she’s going to be an aunt. Victoria coldly tells her daughter she was just using her for the money, so it doesn’t matter what she does.

Conrad meets with his investors, as Daniel bursts in. Conrad excuses himself as Daniel rails at his father for stealing Charlotte’s money. Conrad says he had no choice considering Daniel wouldn’t give up his own inheritance. Daniel storms off as Victoria calls a stunned Conrad. He meets her at the cabin. She accuses him of trying to kill her, but he reminds her he warned her not to get on the plane. Victoria tells him to hit her. He says nothing would give him greater pleasure.

Amanda meets Jack on the boat and they open the test results together. She smiles and tells him he is the father. He hugs her and says, “Thank you.” When Jack steps out of the room, Amanda calls Emily and asks who the real father is. Emily is sorry, but it’s not Jack.

At the bar, a schoolmate of Declan’s shows up and asks him to hold on to a diamond bracelet for him. He’ll give him $500. Declan agrees.

At night, the white-haired man comes to the cabin and draws his gun. He bursts in and finds Victoria beat up and tied to the radiator. He asks who did this to her. She says he did so he better start running. He hears sirens as he eyes the clam cam. He runs, as Conrad enters with the cops. Emily returns home and watches as Victoria and Conrad put on an act with the cops. She is not pleased.

Daniel stops by the house and tells Charlotte he transferred everything he owns into her name. Victoria and Conrad arrive. Daniel is shocked as Victoria whispers to a confused Charlotte that it was the only way. Meanwhile, Conrad tells the cops, as Daniel listens, that he’s been paying the white-haired man off in hopes of saving Victoria. That’s where Charlotte’s money went.

The white-haired man calls Emily. She has something he needs. She says, “Every frame of it. You know where to find me.” Back at her house, Emily admits to Nolan that she lied to Amanda about Jack not being the father. Nolan responds, “That’s dark. Even for you.” Later, Emily barters with the white-haired man. She’ll give him the video of Conrad beating up Victoria in exchange for information on her mother. He says he was supposed to kill her mother, but plans changed. He won’t tell Emily where her mother is. Instead, he puts a knife to her throat. Before he can kill her, the man working with Takeda shoots him.

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