Revenge Recap: Forgiveness.

“God, I love the Hamptons.”

Emily wakes up on the couch at her house with Aiden. She knows her father lied to her about her mother because he was protecting her. Aiden was protecting her too by keeping her mother’s whereabouts a secret. He drops the bomb that Gordon was her mother’s husband. Aiden wants to help Emily get back on track with her mission of avenging her father’s death.

Kara visits a stunned Victoria at her house. Kara embraces her. They talk about Gordon and how he almost killed Victoria. Kara lies that while Gordon gave her a new life, she hasn’t seen him in 20 years. Kara wonders where he could be. Victoria doesn’t know, but assumes she’s concerned about Amanda now.

Aiden meets with Conrad to discuss his employer Takeda, who has his doubts about Grayson Global. Conrad sends him to talk with Daniel. Victoria calls Conrad to relay that Kara is still alive. Daniel thought Gordon got rid ofher. Victoria invited her to stay for lunch and demands Conrad get over there. As Aiden meets with Daniel, Ashley enters to say someone is looking into David Clarke’s Grayson Global contracts. Aiden privately calls Emily to relay what just transpired. He adds that Conrad received an urgent call from Victoria, which he assumes was about Kara.

After Nolan finds out from Jack that Emily’s mother is alive, he hightails it over to her house. He can’t believe Em didn’t tell him. Oh, and his father died. Emily is sorry she wasn’t there for him. They watch on Emily’s laptop as Kara visits with Victoria and Conrad. Jack calls Emily to say Amanda is out of her coma. Emily worries what Kara will do once she finds out.

Emily watches from the hall as Jack introduces Amanda to their son at the hospital. Emily remembers her father saying that her mother was gone. Jack spots Emily and she offers to give Amanda and the baby a place to stay. Jack heads home, as Emily apologizes to Amanda for putting her in that situation with Victoria. She adds that her mother is back. Amanda is happy it wasn’t all for nothing.

Kara finds Emily with the baby at the hospital. Emily doesn’t say who she really is, as Kara asks to hold her grandson. Mason Treadwell approaches them, as Emily’s face hardens. He is aware Kara is Amanda’s mother. He smiles and says, “God, I love the Hamptons.” He asks why Kara let her daughter think she was dead all these years. Kara won’t answer him. Amanda is wheeled in and Mason notices Amanda’s bare back.

Mason pays Victoria a visit at her home. He returned to uncover the truth about her “kidnapping,” but is now more interested in Kara’s return from the dead.

Emily returns home to find Aiden. He found out Padma is the one investigating David. He says she could be Emily’s downfall. Em is only worried about Nolan. They watch Kara on the laptop as she calls Gordon. Aiden hears the phone ring, realizing Em kept it. She orders him not to answer. He tells her he could make a better friend than enemy.

Nolan and Padma enjoy a romantic breakfast on the beach. Emily calls and tells Nolan Padma was digging around about David. He doesn’t look happy. Emily returns to Amanda, who is settling in at her house. She thinks the best thing for all of them is if Amanda tells Kara to leave. They invite Kara over and Emily secretly listens as Kara recounts how sick she was. In a flashback, Kara recalls instructing David to tell Amanda she died. It was better that way. Kara says David found a way to forgive her. Affected, Amanda says she forgives her too, as Emily cries in the hallway. Later, Emily tells Amanda she did the right thing regarding Kara. She adds that her baby, Carl, really is Jack’s. Amanda wonders why she lied. Emily needed to keep her on her side. She is sorry. Amanda is too. She thinks everyone deserves better and that Jack deserves the truth. Emily warns that would only break Jack’s heart. Emily heads to the beach, as Mason approaches Amanda. He knows she isn’t David and Kara’s daughter because there is no scar on her back, like the one the real Amanda incurred years ago. Kara finds Emily on the beach and asks if Amanda really forgives her. Emily says she wants to.

Aidan again meets with Daniel at the office. He says that David’s involvement with NolCorp while working with Grayson means Grayson has a controlling interest in Nolan’s company.

Victoria finds Kara’s phone in her room and shows it to Conrad. They realize the only incoming and outgoing number is Gordon’s. Victoria worries, but Conrad proposes marraige so they’ll never have to testify against each other.

With help from one of Kenny’s guys, Declan brings the bar up to code. Once it’s ready to open, Kenny offers to buy it from Jack. The slate will be wiped clean where Declan’s stealing is concerned. Besides, Jack will have more time to spend with his family. Jack accepts.

Next on Revenge: Conrad and Victoria’s wedding gets underway. Daniel thinks about the past as he dances with Emily, who calls it dangerous. Conrad is dragged away. Victoria asks what Conrad agreed to, but he won’t know until it’s too late.

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