Revenge Recap: Understood?

“He knew her. Intimately.”

Emily knocked out the guy, Aiden, who killed the white haired man when he suggested she get back on track with the mission. He wakes up in a dumpster and pulls a key he slyly took off the white haired man out of his pocket. Following the lead on the key, Aiden heads to a motel and finds a flight recorder in the room. The motel manager, who is Emily’s mother, confronts him. He says he’s a cop, looking for someone dangerous. He shows her a picture of the white haired man and she tells him the man stayed there a week ago. He leaves and Emily’s mother calls the police department, but there are no cops by the name he gave.

In a flashback, Victoria recalls sitting on the runway on the plane. The white haired man tells her to get off the plane before it blows up. He adds that he wants half Charlotte’s inheritance or else he will kill both of them. In present day, Victoria orders Emily to distance herself from her family and to respond when asked that she isn’t close with them anymore. For her safety of course.

Emily returns to her house to find Aiden attacking Nolan. She pulls Aiden off and Nolan leaves, wondering why these things keep happening to him. In a flashback, we see Aiden and Emily in Takeda’s training center. Aiden says Takeda found his sister and he’s leaving to see her. Emily wants to go with him and they plan to meet at a later time. Back in present day, Emily tells Aiden that her finding her mother could go better than what happened with his sister. Aiden just wants what the white haired man had on him when he died. Emily hides a pocket watch and gives him everything else. After Aiden is gone, she opens the watch and sees a picture of her mother inside.

Emily finds Nolan packing in his room. She tells him the white haired man is dead. His name was Gordon Murphy and he had an anti-psychotic medication on him. She thinks the pills belonged to her mother. She shows Nolan the watch and says, “He knew her. Intimately.” Nolan wants to help. She tells him he’s done enough and one day she will find a way to thank him.

Declan breaks into a house to steal things with his new friend. Later, a man comes to see Jack and shows him Declan’s ID. Jack calls Declan and the man confronts him about stealing from his house. Declan eventually admits it, but says he acted alone. The man says if he comes to the house and brings back what he stole, all will be forgiven. Jack offers to make it up to the man, who will be happy to collect.

As Victoria is about to give a press conference about her ordeal, Amanda, who lied about where she is to Jack, gives Charlotte David Clarke’s diary. After reading it, Charlotte angrily confronts her mother about her biological father in front of a reporter. Meanwhile, Daniel receives evidence that Victoria faked her kidnapping. He realizes his father and sister knew when he confronts them. Conrad wants to call off the press conference. Victoria won’t be silent any longer. Daniel sees Emily and apologizes for all Victoria has done to her while they were together. He knows how toxic his family is. Emily advises the best way to get at Victoria is to stay stay on her good side. Victoria addresses the press and admits her affair with David Clarke, which produced Charlotte. A mortified Charlotte joins her mother at the podium. Victoria then calls Conrad and Daniel to join them out of family unity. They comply. Victoria next calls up Amanda since she is Charlotte’s half-sister. Victoria publicly warns her abductor and anyone else who wants to harm her family they will fail if they try again. Victoria whispers to Amanda, “Understood?” Jack sees his fiancee on the TV and looks on disapprovingly. After the press conference, Daniel lies to his mother that he wants to put everything behind them. Conrad then enters with the original interviewer to announce he and Victoria are getting married.

Amanda returns home to Jack who tells her he will commit to their child, but he can’t commit to her and her lies. As Emily walks up to her own house, she finds Aiden waiting for her. She correctly assumes he sent Daniel the proof that Victoria faked her kidnapping. They flashback to Emily showing up to meet Aiden at Takeda’s, but Takeda tells her Aiden left her behind. In the present, Aiden leaves the white haired man’s phone and Emily listens to a voicemail from her mother saying someone was looking for him. She hopes he’s okay and…she loves him.

Next week: Victoria tells Emily her father wanted her to think her mother was dead so she wouldn’t know the unspeakable truth and 911 must be called for someone.

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  1. From Kat

    I love the show, Revenge, such great writing…

  2. From Alyssa

    Great review of the show! After missing the last two episodes of the season so far due to a business trip, I just finally found the time to watch this episode earlier today on DISH Online, and WOW am I impressed! I was expecting some pretty crazy things after the first episode of the season, but really I was surprised when it came down to this episode. Before I was pretty anti-the fake Amanda, but after this episode I’m starting to actually feel a little bad for her. I talked to a friend I work with at DISH about it, and you can tell she really wants things to work out with Jack and the baby, but so many things keep getting in the way. I have a feeling it’s only going to get crazier from here, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the rest of the season brings! :)

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