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Lots of slapping last week as Carly got a few good swings in on “GH” and Nina laid one on Phyllis in Genoa City. Of course, there were plenty of people who were probably itching to get a good hit in who never got the chance, like Rick after learning he lost the post on “B&B” and just about everyone on “DOOL.” Passion, excitement and high drama were spread all around last week and we couldn’t get enough.

B&B Breakdown:
It was a great week on “B&B” as some seriously bold moves were made – and Donna was privy to some of those moves when she saw Liam and Steffy getting busy in the cabin. In the end, even she couldn’t deny their chemistry anymore. “Through all of the innuendo and sexy stolen moments leading up to Liam and Steffy’s reunion in the cabin, I couldn’t help but think how much better the dreaded triangle might have been if Hope and Liam had anything near as much chemistry as Steffy and Liam,” Candace said. “Obviously some prefer Hope’s more wholesome approach to romance, and that’s fine, but couples need to generate heat at some point or they might as well be brother and sister.” Wondering if Katie forgave Bill? Find out in The Bold and the Beautiful Weekly Blog.

Deconstructing Days:
Sami made a decision and reunited with Rafe, but that certainly didn’t stop her from lying to him just minutes later when EJ reached out to her. Same old Sami! Christine certainly had doubts about whether it will last and said, “Sami may be angry with EJ for deceiving her but I think it’s likely going to be harder on her when she learns Rafe’s been lying to her this whole time about being Nicole’s “baby daddy” especially since she has given him every opportunity to come clean. With EJ, she’s likely used to his lies and doesn’t have him on a pedestal the way she does with Rafe. Frankly, I’m surprised EJ hasn’t done something to Rafe and Nicole already, knowing her child is his. And I’m not sure how badly Sami will take it when she learns the truth considering this secret isn’t his to tell and she has done the exact same thing (Remember Grace?) in the past.” Something happened to Nicole’s baby last week. Find out what in the Days of our Lives Weekly Blog.

GH Rundown:
It was another wedding that wasn’t in Port Charles, and Connie made sure to end it with a bang by announcing to a stunned Sonny that she was already married to Johnny. But it was Steve’s constant refusal to support Olivia that really made Hollie mad. “Who else wants to smack Steve?” she asked. “Could he be more insulting to Olivia, who has proven him wrong over and over again? When she overheard him telling her own son that she may need to head back to Shadybrook because of her suspicions that Kate was really Connie – when everyone else should have noticed it too – was ludicrous. Oh, and then when he jumped up at the wedding to let everyone know she hasn’t been feeling well when she tried to stop the wedding. He has shown her absolutely zero support and that Falconeri needs to kick him to the curb. But instead she gave him takeout and sex. ” What did the boys do? Find out in our General Hospital Weekly Blog.

Matt’s Musings:
Bo is having a hard time finding his place in Salem and has found himself at a crossroads. Matt said, “It continued to sink in for Babs that being a cop in Salem sucked. You had to obey the law (once and awhile) and that was more than anyone else did. He started to think that ignoring the law might be the best way to stop crime. While all of the women in his life, from his Ma to Billie, told him that being a cop was a waste of his time, bro Roman opined that he was the Blue Ribbon edition of the force. But the city needed to make budget cuts. Considering that they have no mayor, and when they did, he had a staff of one, the people of Salem must have the lowest taxes in the world. I’m more concerned about the fact that half the city just fell into a sink hole when the sewer blew up and no one’s mentioned repairing it.” Read more about Matt’s take on Sami, Rafe and EJ at Matt’s Musings.

Restless Rant:
There was finally some movement in Paul’s case as it became clear someone was messing with him, and Candace thought it had to be Isabella. “There had to be some reason we saw Paul go to her facility and tell her what happened. There are still many questions surrounding the knife business and who took Daisy out of the facility. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t drag on too much longer or get too bizarre; we’re still recovering from the debacle of Diane’s murder case. As for Michael, I’m over him ripping into everyone and their brother for being crooked and secretive, while he whispers and plots with Ronan about how to save Paul, admits to Christine that he doesn’t like having to use her evidence against Phyllis, and coached Lauren on covering up her role in Paul’s case. Um, huge conflicts of interest!” Find out more about what happened last week in The Young and the Restless Weekly Blog.

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