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Working through illness and tragedy was a definite theme last week across all of the shows, as Katie did battle with post-partum depression on “B&B” and Sam struggled to find Jason on “GH.” But as we all know, rising from the depths of despair is when some of our favorite characters excel the most. Just think about Victor staring at the charred remains of his home on “Y&R.” He may be down now, but not for long.

B&B Breakdown:
Postpartum depression is an incredibly sensitive subject, and one that must be hard for pregnant Heather Tom to tackle, but she is taking it head on. “Well, Katie has certainly spiraled down into a desperate place indeed,” Candace said. “It’s amazing that she didn’t have any concerns about her mortality during her pregnancy, and now she’s consumed with it. Also, following Will’s birth she was leery to let Bill have any influence over their son, and now she’s planning to leave Will completely in his care! I suppose it illustrates how skewed things can become in the mind of someone suffering from post-partum depression. Katie’s little visions of Bill and Brooke romping in a field with Will were probably foreshadowing of a Bill/Brooke hook-up. Why not? Heck, they have Katie’s permission. Of course, once Katie’s back in her right mind…she may feel a little differently.” Read more in The Bold and the Beautiful Weekly Blog.

Deconstructing Days:
Ever viewer who has felt Sami was totally out of her depth in charge of Countess W was finally validated this week, especially for Christine, when Kristen called her out on it.  “How funny was it that Kristen told Sami she was promoted far beyond her capabilities and that the staff made allowances for her sloppy work since she was hired? I’m sending a special thanks to the writers on this one,” Christine said. “It’s irritated me since day one that she of all people had such a high powered job, even though I love that she’s working at all. I’d like to see Sami keep working but not in a job that we all know is so unattainable in reality for someone without any education or experience.” Read more in the Days of our Lives Weekly Blog.

GH Rundown:
People can do some crummy things on their death bed, especially vengeful mobsters, so it should have been no shock when Joe told Trey Sonny was the one who shot him on the pier. Let the family feud commence! “No matter how great Trey’s childhood may have been and how much Joe protected him from his gangster ways, all of that work was totally unraveled in the last few months of Joe’s life as he got Trey totally entangled in his mob revenge fantasies,” Hollie said. “The worst of all was telling Trey on his deathbed that Sonny killed him, a total lie. I guess Joe could have been justifying it, like Sonny was responsible in the sense that he was the object of Joe’s revenge. Trey summed it up the best when he was talking to his dead father – “Do I avenge your death? How do I even begin?” If you don’t know, you might not want to start now. ” Did you see who came back from the dead? Read all about it in the General Hospital Weekly Blog.

Matt’s Musings:
Kristen’s arrival in Salem continued to cause trouble, especially for John and Marlena. Matt said, “Tortured by erotic dreams of Kristen, John tried to keep himself awake. This led to him quaffing pints of coffee and levitating in mid-air behind his desk, staring into space with a look so cockeyed that the distinction between sleep and wakefulness began to evaporate. His nightmare finally filtered into reality when Kristen showed up. He wasn’t happy to see her. Marlena was even more unhappy. Kristen had raided her plans for beach blanket bingo in the Salem sex park with John. Marlena tracked her ancient nemesis across town with a look so sour that it made the city’s supply of whip cream curdle. But that was only the beginning of the swath of destruction that Kristen would cut through the little burg as the week plodded on.” Read more of Matt’s take on last week’s show in Matt’s Musings.

Restless Rant:
It has been a rough few months for Phyllis, and after last week it was obvious things were not going to get better anytime soon. “Phyllis appears to be entering a different phase, as yet another marriage to Nick ends, she’s estranged from her daughter, and her sister seems on the verge of betraying her,” Candace said. “Phyllis may deserve whatever heartache she gets on a karmic level, but it’s hard to be okay with Avery being the one to kick her in the teeth. When Avery was with Nick previously, she hadn’t reconnected with Phyllis on any level, but now it’s a different story. Also, Avery parted ways with Nick before because she was certain he’d never really be over Phyllis. Hmm. Aside from the ick factor, Avery and Nick do share chemistry, and Avery’s er, daydreams, were pretty hot. Phyllis should probably go ahead and indulge in Ronan.” Find out what else Candace thought in The Young and the Restless Weekly Blog.

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