The Bold And The Beautiful Poll: Brooke And Bill.

Could this happen?

Katie fantasized about Bill and Brooke being parents to her baby. She wasn’t the only one seeing that could happen. Speculation has been mounting that the beard and the blond could hook up now that she’s been comforting him since her sister went off the deep end.

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  1. From cheryl johnson

    I think that it would just be wrong just like brooke and bill was so into truth when Hope was with Liam now that the truth has gotten out about the wedding in italy noone wants to tell the truth so putting the “truth only applies when I sayit does and if it benefits me” group together just makes this show a total immoral show that says deceit is the only way and if you want someone bad enough use deceit it will always turn out in your favor and if you hurt someone along the way then that’s more par for the course. You with this brill and liam and steffy just makes it where I would rather watch a cartoon then this show. Get priorities right. Let steffy, bill be told on and as far as brooke she seen what dishonesty feels like and the hurt she felt but hey just goes to show that as a mother she isn’t right, let her daughter feel rejected and hurt just because it was “truth” she insited on but when it would hurt bill ” let’s just hide it”. Two jackasses don’t need to be together. It would just really stink. You already have a flip-flop and a jackass together, not to mention a doc who where her kids are concerned they are always right and everyone else is wrong, then the manipualating brother, Hey change the name to deceitful because there is nothing beautiful about your show immorality is the way to go. like there is not enough of that going on.

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