The Bold And The Beautiful Poll: When Stephanie Goes.

Time runs out.

Ridge is gone and Stephanie is on the way. While this is leading to plenty of emotional drama, it may leave a huge vacuum to fill once she’s out of the picture. Which characters will keep you watching once the show’s long term matriarch has vanished?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would have chosen? Tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section.

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  1. From carol

    Can’t watch anymore of the steffy
    show….She does not have anybody else to try to get into bed. Cast just keeps on shrinking and so will the audience…Heard they are getting rid of Hope. Can’t take morals here. Ever wonder they don’t get rid of Taylor? She had moral until Steffy came along and now it’s ok to jump into any bed with anybody and it’s ok. Great for girls to watch!!

  2. From Karen

    Please dont dont get rid of LIam and Steffy. I love them as a couple. It wont be so boring. I wanna see Taylor and Bill together. I dont think I can watch Liam and hope together, thats such boring crap.Glad Brooke has signed back on.

  3. From Redie

    I can’t stand Steffy, she makes me sick. If to much of this character is on (almost always winning) I often take a shot vacation from the show

  4. From Mel

    I love Steffy and Liam together ithey are the best couple on the show so romantic it is like they are a real couple. The way they talk about life the future it is beautiful. Just send Hope to boarding school she is getting on my last nerve and take her mother and brother with her.

  5. From eileen

    since loses my show on abc i statred watching b%b and i am so sick and tire of all the back stabing manipulation of these people who think nothing of hating and taunting each other they are all miserable and hateful to each other and don’t have an ounce of morality geeze what r these writers thinking they sh

  6. From Bette

    Why not bring Oliver back in to comfort and have fun with Hope?

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