The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For October 1-5.

Weighing the options.

Bill kept begging Katie to forgive him. She wasn’t sure she could handle him playing God. Donna overheard this argument and threatened to tell Hope and Liam. She ran off. Bill asked Katie to go after her. She had to mull over what life would be like if he wound up in jail. Katie said that her sister would probably just tell Liam and Hope and not the cops about his meddling.

Hope continued to waffle about Liam. Rick tried to sideline her doubts. Othello showed up to tell her the truth about the club incident so Rick had to sideline him too. Othello accused him of being as manipulative as Bill. Rick brushed this off. He made Caroline swoon by calling in models wearing her designs. He explained that he would most likely be the new interim CEO and planned a trip for them to New York. They kissed.

Steffy and Liam ran through sprinklers in the woods. She left him a trail of oranges to follow her to the cabin. After she told him Bob Hope used to play cards there, he couldn’t control himself anymore and they did it on the fur on the floor. Donna followed the oranges to the window and saw them together. Donna stumbled off to see Hope in shock. Hope was mulling over compromising her values. Donna told her she shouldn’t do that, but she should get out more and let Liam go. Then she returned to Bill and Katie. She explained that she wouldn’t rat him out, but he needed to start behaving himself. Bill continued begging Katie to forgive him.

Brooke came back to town. After visiting her sister and the baby, she informed Katie she left Ridge in Italy and then had a panic attack. Over at Forrester, everyone was waiting for Ridge to return and name the new CEO. Ridge sent them an email declaring that Thomas was the man for the job. Rick fumed. He ordered Eric to intervene. Stephanie ordered him to behave himself. Caroline watched Rick rail and Thomas give him a smack. When Rick trashed him, Tom chucked him out the window.

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