The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For October 22-26.

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Rick felt sorry for himself and made out with Caroline. She said they needed to be honest with each other so he told her about helping to split up Liam and Hope. She was shocked but hoped he’d make amends.

Stephanie broke her cancer news to Thorne. He wept and they recalled old times. He didn’t know how to carry on without her and she promised never to be far away. Stephanie went upstairs to invite Donna to her farewell party. The old enemies bickered and Stephanie asked her to look after Eric once she’d gone. The matriarch informed Steffy next. Steffy was distraught and they recalled old times. Stephanie urged her to be a rock for the family.

Brooke went to see Bill. He continued to worry about Katie not bonding with the baby. She told him about Stephanie and forgave him for bringing Deacon back. Bill went off to see Liam and opened up about the problems that Katie was facing. Meanwhile, Katie worried that her body was rejecting her heart. Dr. Meade and Taylor explained that wasn’t the case and urged her to stabilize herself. Katie went home to see Brooke and William. She couldn’t cope with trying to feed him. Brooke began crying when Ridge emailed her an interview of him stating that he was starting afresh. Katie tried giving her a pep talk. After that, she watched Bill and Brooke with William. When she got the baby alone, she told him that he deserved better than her. She imagined Brooke being his mom and said goodbye to the baby. When she announced her departure to Bill and Brooke, they begged her not to go. Bill barred her exit so she locked herself in the nursery. When Bill kicked the door open, Katie had already escaped out the window.

Taylor was summoned to Stephanie’s where she was informed of the returning cancer. She and Stephanie recalled their past adventures and how Taylor was like a daughter to her. When she and Eric got together, Stephanie decided to call Sally and break the news. She only got Fabio on the line and couldn’t come clean. She and Eric reminisced about their adventures with Spectra and held one another.

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