The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For October 8-12.

Trying to move on.

Brooke had a panic attack and then explained to Katie that Ridge dumped her after discovering that she’d been sending Deacon messages, begging him to stay away from their daughter, and then lied about it. Brooke moped. Stephanie showed up and assured her that things weren’t over. Katie filled Donna in about their sister’s breakup. Donna blamed Bill for it. Meanwhile, Deacon showed up at Spencer, demanding that Bill give him a job. He warned that he wouldn’t be stepping out of Hope’s life any time soon. Bill went home to tell Katie how worried he was about her. She didn’t want to talk to him. Brooke came by and Bill worried to her about his wife’s mental state. Brooke spoke to her sister about this. Katie explained that Bill had done something disturbing and illegal. She wouldn’t explain so Brooke turned to Bill to demand answers. He confessed. She was outraged. Brooke decided not to turn to the police out of pity for her sister. She encouraged the couple to put their fight aside for the sake of William. Bill and Katie joined hands.

Eric rushed Stephanie to the hospital after she had a coughing fit. After having some tests done, she was informed that her cancer had returned. She asked Eric to keep this quiet.

After being shoved out the window by Thomas, Rick landed on his backside so that only his pride was hurt. Caroline fawned over him. News of the fight quickly spread and the family gathered around. Rick ranted about having to work under Ridge’s ‘idiot son’. That only impressed Caroline even more. Hope showed up at work and took Thomas to task. Steffy popped up to say Rick probably deserved the chucking. The ladies discussed Liam. Steffy admitted they were back together. Hope sobbed. Later, she ran into Liam and wished him the best with Steffy, but admitted she would always love him.

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  1. From Truelove101

    I haven’t watched ,this week doily head stefy should not be with Liam she’s been cruel to hope and this stuff her and bill. Get away with uuuhhhhhggggg, hope Liam together with a baby or babies because they love each other,how about stefy hits hope with her cycle and when she is recovering they find out she’s pregnant and all is well ……….. Pls pls pls

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