The Bold And The Beautiful’s Kim Matula Renews Contract.

Sticking around.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” star Kim Matula (Hope) quashed rumors that her character might not be sticking around. She wrote this message to her fans on Facebook to reassure them that she has a future with the series:

“Dear Everybody, Lots of rumors are going around that I am leaving the show and I want to say that these rumors aaaaare…false! I just renewed my contract and will be staying :) xoxoxox”

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  6 responses so far...

  1. From sendkiy

    i LOVE hope, please keep her. I wanto her and Liam to be together. I am glad she is pregnant.

  2. From Debi

    Hopeless has been voted off the island! She sucks and her character needs to be killed off.

  3. From Debi

    Hopeless has to go! The character is stupid and dumb. Kill her off!

  4. From Kim C

    Waste of a contract! I agree with the above, Hope as a character is boring, smug and has too many mental issues to list. Her own family treats her like something is wrong with her.

  5. From hillbilly

    I Love Hope character!But I don’t like how then did her character that Hope get’s hurt and how then take her truly love from her!I don’t like how then did Steffy character going after other woman men and useing her sexiy to get a man and putting down other’s.

  6. From Karen

    I really like Hope. She is a talented girl on this show. Make her more glamorous to
    compete with Steffy. More make-up and
    blonde hair. A pretty blonde and a sexy brunette to compete for Liam.
    Steffy is very pretty also.

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