The Young And The Restless Poll: Adam’s Lies.

Worth forgiving?

Adam has lied repeatedly to his wife in order to protect Sharon. With lies come ramifications, as they almost always catch up to you at one point or another. Sooner or later Adam will have to face Chelsea head on. Once she knows the full truth about his involvement with Sharon and the ranch fire should Chelsea forgive Adam?

Please take a moment to vote in our poll today and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know your thoughts.

Stay tuned to our Y&R Spoilers to find out who connects Sharon to the fire next.

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  1. From vetqb

    Adam Chelsea and Sharon belong to the club of those pushed around by victor then piled on by nikki and nik hoping to receive approval. Chelsea will kick adams butt over how he helped sharon yet will understand why he helped. The deal will be that adam let chelsea work on tag and grab as well as the fashion idea chelsea and the bratt have been talking about

  2. From vfrqbr

    Adam Chelsea and Sharon belong to the club that victor has treated badly and nikki&nik have piled on so as to win his approval. Chelsea will kick his butt on how he helped but not why he helped. Adams’ cost will be to allow Chelsea to work on tag & grab as well as the fashion idea Chelsea and the bratt have talked about.

  3. From shirls429

    I adore Adam he has allways been my favorite and want the writers to have good things come his way:)

  4. From Jones

    I love Adam and Chelsea together. We need another couple like them on the show. They remind me of Lauren and Michael and the writers should keep them together. Sharon has to many issues to be with Adam. Bring back Sam to straighten her out. They belong together!!

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