The Young And The Restless Poll: Nick And Avery – Again?

Taking another trip down that path?

Nick has handled the hurt Phyllis has caused him by turning to her sister yet again. Though Avery doesn’t want to hurt Phyllis by having another affair with Nick, which is bound to happen, would you like to see the two heat up the sheets again?

Please take a moment to vote in our poll today and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know your thoughts.

Stay tuned to our Y&R Spoilers to hear what Phyllis says to Avery in regards to Nick.

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  1. From sensibleapie

    I think nick and avery should come so very close to having a relationship. But I think that he should have start having feelings for sharon again slowly. I think Victor should make Nikki and the rest of the clan realize how hateful they treated her and that just maybe they all had something to do with her actions make them think and also let Nikki know that she had no right to disrespect sharon when she was his wife. but sharon really needs to get help. Go to one of those swanky rehabs for the depressed. Honestly, everyone of the Newmans have had their turn at dogging her.

  2. From Dil

    This storyline sucks just like most of the new story lines. I’ve watched young and the restless for 20 years and this is so sad how they have ruined the characters. I hate Nick and Avery together! He should be by his self for a while and Avery should find her own man. It’s gross to be with her sister’s family! sister’sfaafafafamily,jusplain old Nasty

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