The Young And The Restless Spoilers October 12 – 15.

Surprises and stunning revelations…

Nick manages to call Summer, who answers thinking it’s Fen. She agrees to come home. Sharon doesn’t have as much luck as Nick did… When she finds Noah packing he refuses to stay with her. Noah can’t stand looking at Sharon and warns until she takes a long hard look at her life they have nothing to say to each other. Sharon feels alone but manages to get back into Tucker’s good graces – after she calls the SEC and takes back her claims against him.

Phyllis’ trial is underway and something surprising arises during it. It all starts when Michael questions Kevin, who’s on the stand, about Tim. He wonders if Tim was alive last time Kevin saw him. Just as Kevin is about to answer, the judge gets dizzy and is taken out of the courtroom. Phyllis is ecstatic when Nick arrives with Summer. Too bad Summer isn’t there to show support… She informs Phyllis she hopes she gets the punishment she deserves. However, when a new judge appears, everyone is stunned when Phyllis’ case is dismissed!

Nick pleads with Adam to pull together for the Newman family. Adam warns Nick not to talk to him about family. When Nick doesn’t get the reception he was looking for he calls Adam a miserable bastard. Jack tells Billy that he’s about to make a move on Newman Enterprises – he asked Adam to sell him his shares. When Jack makes his move, he’s going to need Billy’s help. Billy can’t be any part of it, claiming his marriage means too much to him. Help in another form comes Jack’s way when Tucker appears and offers to help him take Victor down. Victor usually isn’t stunned easily, but Jack manages to change that. He tells Victor that Adam sold him his Newman shares. Later, as Adam and Chelsea are driving away, Summer comes straight at them and there are screams all around.

Come Monday… Christine objects to the judge, who can’t wait to find out who Christine is. Kevin warns Michael about his current position, and Christine vows to Paul that they are going to make Phyllis pay.

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