The Young And The Restless Spoilers October 19 – 22.

Fires and flirtations…

Adam arrives at the ranch and finds it engulfed in flames. He rushes in and calls out for Sharon, who’s in the living room. After he carries her out, Adam calls Chelsea and lies – his car broke down. She offers to pick him up, but Adam refuses. Once he gets Sharon settled into her house, Adam watches her sleep then writes her a note with orders not to talk to anyone. He leaves to do damage control and later promises Sharon, who thinks she had a bad dream, that he’ll fix everything. Back up at the ranch, Nikki and Nick arrive in time to hear the fire department couldn’t save the house.

Victoria assures Nick, Nikki and Abby that she’ll talk things over with Billy in regards to Newman. Nick thinks Billy is now their enemy. Meanwhile, Nikki wants nothing more than to protect Victor from hearing about the ranch. Victor can tell Nikki has been crying and begs her… no more lies.

Phyllis informs her sister of her plan to get back into Summer’s good graces. She tells Avery her plan involves winning Nick back. Phyllis claims Ronan was a mistake. When Avery informs her that the Newmans lost their company to Jack, Phyllis rushes off to find Nick. It’s not until later when she locates him at the club with Avery. It’s safe to say Phyllis isn’t pleased.

Come Monday… Cane knows Jack will need someone to take the reins, and asks Lily why not him? Genevieve tells the mystery woman that she’s willing to pay for answers. Phyllis tries to help Summer with her guilt over Adam’s baby, but Summer counters that Phyllis should be the one feeling guilty. Phyllis is stunned that Summer is blaming the accident on her.

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