The Young And The Restless Spoilers October 26 – 29.

Lies and emancipation…

Adam has been keeping things from his wife, and Chelsea knows it. When Adam refuses to tell her what he’s really been doing with his time, Chelsea walks out on him. Sharon overhears their argument and refuses to come between Adam and his wife. She wants to confess to Victor, about the fire, but Adam convinces Sharon to lay low for a while.

John Abbott appears to Jack again, as Jack pops some pain pills. John warns it’s payback time – and Jack’s body knows it. Jack can’t get his father’s words out of his head and admits he’s afraid of losing everything. Meanwhile, Phyllis tells Nick that Jack offered her the chance to work side by side with him at Newman and suggests she work on the inside so Nick can get Newman back. Nick refuses her but assures Phyllis it’s her decision if she wants to work at Newman with Jack – it never stopped her before. He can’t make it any clearer for her that he wants a divorce. Phyllis finally agrees not to stop him from getting it and leaves in tears.

Ronan irks Avery when he calls her out for getting cozy with Nick. He also informs her that Phyllis broke things off with him, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want Phyllis just as much as Avery wants Nick. Later, Ronan runs into Phyllis. She admits her marriage is over. When Ronan invites her out to dinner, Phyllis turns him down but suggests he keep trying.

Summer informs Avery that she wants to sue her parents for emancipation. Though Avery can’t represent her, she promises to help but warns the teen will have to support herself. Is Summer ready for that? Summer wishes her mother was more like Avery.

Come Monday… Neil and Harmony say goodbye. Victor and Nikki make plans to move forward, and Nick and Noah connect Sharon to the ranch fire.

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