The Young And The Restless Spoilers October 5 – 8.

Temptation and romance…

Temptation seeks out many in Genoa City… Tucker can tell that Devon, Katherine and Harmony are looking to lay into him and warns that they’ll have to take a number and stand in line. In fact, he has other people to worry about – like Jack and Genevieve who are threatening to go to the SEC if Tucker doesn’t sell Jack back Beauty of Nature. Katherine won’t be silenced and announces that Tucker is out of her will – she’s leaving her entire estate to Devon! Across town, Nick warns Phyllis to give Summer time then leaves to take care of his kids. When Ronan arrives Phyllis is tempted not to let him in but does. As they kiss, Nick returns and sees them!

Victor and Nikki have found their way back to each other yet again, and it is clear romance is in the air. Nikki pays Jack a courtesy call to inform that Victor is about to propose to her – and Nikki plans on saying yes.

Sharon makes bail and announces that she will not allow Victor to push her around. Avery goes to Michael with undeniable evidence to prove that Sharon not only had a pre-nuptial agreement, she signed it. As she and Leslie look on, Victor arrives. Sharon warns she plans to challenge the validity of the pre-nup. Victor doesn’t think it much matters and reminds Sharon that she still committed fraud and manipulated stock.

Come Monday… Phyllis informs Ronan about her trial. Tucker goes to Victor with something he wants – Beauty of Nature. When Genevieve warns Jack not to underestimate Tucker, he asks if she plans to double-cross him.

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