The Young And The Restless Spoilers October 9 – 11.

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Summer can’t get the image of her mother and Ronan out of her head. She reports to her father and tells Nick that Phyllis lied… the affair wasn’t a cover – it was real. Summer isn’t the only one Phyllis needs to worry about, considering her trial begins soon and, not to mention, dealing with Nick, who confronts her about what Summer saw. After Phyllis is forced to admit that she had sex with Ronan, Nick seethes that she destroyed their family then walks out on Phyllis. When he runs into Avery, Nick kisses her!

Sharon may be out of trouble with the SEC, but she plans to make damn sure that Tucker goes down for influencing and scamming her. She offers to help the SEC put away Tucker McCall and gives them information about his share purchases and shell corporations. Meanwhile, Victor confides in Nikki that his company is slipping out of his hands and later hears from Sharon that she ratted Tucker out to the SEC. Victor laughs at Sharon and informs that Tucker gave him Beauty of Nature in exchange for her freedom – she back-stabbed her only friend! While Nikki lashes out at Tucker, with a smack, Victor looks to someone unexpected for assistance. Adam wonders if he’s the proverbial lynchpin now – now that Victor needs him. Across town, Sharon goes to apologize to Tucker, who’s being arrested! He’s stunned that she’s the cause of his arrest.

Wait, there’s more… Michael finally gets Chloe to crack and admit that Kevin helped Phyllis hide Tim’s body. Someone goes missing, and Jeffrey wants to spend time with Chelsea and his little grand-munchkin to be.

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