The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary October 1 – 5.

Paul found the knife, Nina slapped Phyllis, Sharon was arrested…

Eden was hypnotized again at the crime scene but only remembered how nice Ricky was that night. On the street, where Ricky fell to his death, Paul spotted the knife in the sewer. Ronan reported the knife was free of prints. Later, Eden told Kyle she remembered Paul telling Ricky, “This ends here.” Eden kept it to herself and asked Kyle to do the same. Heather went to Ricky’s grave and heard flowers had been delivered every day since Ricky died with a note reading: I won’t forget.

Phyllis confronted Daniel about dating Heather, which he denied. Daniel confided the truth in Chloe, as Heather did to Kevin. Kevin and Chloe couldn’t keep the secret from each other and gave Heather and Daniel their blessing. Danny and Christine confronted Phyllis about the hit and run. After Christine told Nina Ronan slept with Phyllis, Nina called Phyllis a slut. Phyllis reminded Nina how Chance was conceived. Nina slapped Phyllis! Phyllis publically slipped that she saw Christine and Danny kissing years ago, giving her motive for the hit and run. Later, while Christine and Danny made love and agreed to a second chance, Nick spotted Phyllis kissing Ronan at the penthouse.

Nikki received her divorce decree from Jack, and Victor planned to annual his marriage to Sharon, who’d been arrested. Nikki told Jack she intended to accept Victor’s proposal. After Sharon made bail, Avery presented Michael with proof that Sharon had signed a pre-nup. She threatened to challenge its validity, but Victor reminded that Sharon still committed fraud and manipulated stock. Michael offered Sharon a huge fine and three years in prison. Sharon instructed Leslie to free her of the mess but to pursue a lawsuit against Victor and to stop the annulment.

Lily and Cane snuck off for some alone time, while Katherine told Tucker that he was out of her will – Devon was getting everything. Jack threatened to call the SEC if Tucker didn’t sell him back Beauty of Nature. Tucker challenged Jack to do it – and Jack called!

Sarge told Harmony, who didn’t remember, that he’d seen her at a past party in Pittsburgh. Later, he privately looked at a letter reading: I am so sorry – signed: Yolanda.

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