The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary October 15 – 19.

Sharon went over the edge, Chelsea faced a loss, and Christine vowed revenge…

The judged blamed Christine as to why he dismissed Phyllis’ case – since she hadn’t been a federal agent at the time of the hit and run. Christine vowed revenge, but Paul urged her to let it go. After Phyllis questioned Avery about her relationship with Nick, Nick told Phyllis he was filing for divorce. Michael found out Ronan tampered with evidence to save Phyllis but simply warned Ronan not to screw up his cases again.

Nick blamed Adam for the accident until he heard Summer’s erratic driving had been the cause. He thanked Adam, who pulled Summer from the car after she’d swerved at them and hit a tree. Chelsea and Adam learned their unborn son had died, but the doctor was unsure if the accident had been to blame. Adam seethed at Nick, stating his daughter killed his son. While Chelsea lashed out at Summer, Adam told Sharon he was being punished for what he’d done to her.

Jack took over Newman Enterprises then fired Victor, Nick and Vikki. Jack asked Billy to join him, but Billy turned him down because of Vikki. When Vikki found out, she urged Billy to take the job – to have someone on the inside. Billy agreed to spy on Jack. John appeared to Jack and voiced his disapproval of ‘Abbott Enterprises’. Later, Victor collapsed. A doctor reported it was due to a double concussion. When Victor woke up, he told the family he wouldn’t fight for Newman. It was up to the kids.

Sharon had a mental breakdown, went into the ranch and thought she heard the Newmans berating her. She called Adam for help and continued drinking while Adam kept the call from Chelsea. Before Adam arrived, Sharon lit the ranch on fire! Adam carried her out and lied to Chelsea about his whereabouts. He settled Sharon in at home, waited for her to fall asleep then left a note ordering her to stay quiet while he did damage control. Meanwhile, Nick and Nikki arrived in time to hear the fire department couldn’t save the ranch. Later, Adam promised Sharon, who thought she’d had a bad dream, that he’d fix everything.

Cane received another note and located the woman responsible. She claimed Genevieve had put her up to it, which she adamantly denied. The woman called someone to report everything had gone as planned.

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