The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary October 22 – 26.

Summer accused Ronan, Adam hid Sharon, and Jack hired a CEO…

Nick told Phyllis about Adam’s baby and warned her to stay away from Summer. When Phyllis didn’t listen, Nick demanded a divorce. Summer saw Ronan with a boy and accused him of having a kid. Ronan claimed he mentored the boy. Summer stole the boy’s wallet, copied his info then returned it.

Phyllis and Christine had words again. When Paul got a continuation on his trial, Michael warned Christine to concentrate on Paul’s case – instead of suing Phyllis. Christine promised to clear Paul by finding Ricky’s murder video.

Noah told Nick a girl tore his heart out in New York. While Noah worked as a bartender at the club, he admitted to Nick he was worried about Sharon. Meanwhile, Sharon couldn’t remember starting the fire and fell into Adam’s arms confused. Adam kept lying to Chelsea, who called him on it, and secretly moved Sharon into a furnished cottage on his property. He explained she started the fire, and that she needed an alibi, but promised to make sure no one found out. Sharon wanted to confess, but Adam convinced her to stay quiet.

After Victor heard about the ranch, he vowed to rebuild it. Nikki agreed to remarry him there once it was rebuilt. Later, Nick informed Victor he wouldn’t help get Newman back – it was time to move on. Jack refused Cane’s request to become Jabot’s CEO, offered it to Neil and asked Phyllis to work by his side at Newman. Cane blamed Genevieve for Jack not promoting him and disowned her. Neil realized Kay was interested in running her own company again and accepted Jack’s offer. Jack declined Abby’s offer to hand over her entire fortune, $500 million, if he gave Newman back to her family. Billy delivered Newman files to Vikki but didn’t like betraying Jack. After an argument with Victor, Jack doubled over in pain, due to the bullet still lodged in his back. Phyllis went to Nick and offered to work with Jack in order to help Nick get the company back. Nick refused her.

Genevieve offered the mystery woman $100,000 for answers. Was she working for Colin? The woman denied it. Genevieve believed Colin was setting her up, just by the way the woman reacted to his name.

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