The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary October 8 – 12.

Summer caught Phyllis, Chloe confessed to Michael, and Tucker was arrested…

Kevin posted a video on Daisy’s Faceplace begging her to come home for Lucy. After Michael grilled Chloe, she admitted Kevin walked into Phyllis’ penthouse after Tim kicked the bucket and helped hide the body. Kevin admitted the truth but wondered how he could trust Chloe for allowing Michael to pressure her.

Tucker offered to give Victor Beauty of Nature in exchange for Sharon’s freedom. Victor agreed if Sharon dropped her lawsuit and gave him an annulment. After Victor got Sharon to sign the annulment he found out she sold enough of his stock to ruin him. Meanwhile, Abby learned she became rich off the Newman stock she purchased. Genevieve told Jack the SEC gave her immunity. They realized both had recently purchased Newman stock. Sharon ratted Tucker out to the SEC then told Victor as much. Victor laughed at Sharon and admitted Tucker gave him Beauty of Nature in exchange for her freedom – she backstabbed her only friend! Sharon went to apologize to Tucker, who had been arrested and stunned Sharon had been behind it. Victor asked Adam to vote in a block with him, Nick and Vikki in an attempt to save Newman. Adam refused and sold his shares to Jack. Tucker offered to help Jack and forgave Sharon, who recanted her statement to the SEC.

After Phyllis and Ronan had sex, Summer saw them kissing but left unseen. Summer told Nick, who confronted Phyllis. Nick walked out on Phyllis after she admitted to having sex with Ronan then Nick kissed Avery. Later, Nick relayed to Phyllis that Summer had been arrested – for damaging Ronan’s car – and blamed Summer’s retaliation on their affair. Ronan agreed not to press charges. Everyone was frantic to find Summer and Fen missing. After sneaking off and spending the night in an abandon building, Summer left Fen. Fen located Lauren and Nick and warned Summer had run off. Nick connected with Summer by phone and convinced her to come home.

Phyllis was stunned to see Kevin take the stand at her trial. When the judge got dizzy he was removed and another judge appeared – and dismissed Phyllis’ case! Later, while Summer was driving home after lashing out at Phyllis at the courthouse, she swerved straight for Adam and Chelsea, who were also on the road.

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