The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary September 24 – 28.

Jack sold to Tucker, Sharon accepted a proposal, and Victor returned…

In order to meet financial obligations, Jack sold Beauty of Nature to Tucker. In LA, Sister Celeste brought Genevieve to Victor, who hadn’t died. Victor knew Genevieve’s real name but couldn’t recall who she was. She tried to help Victor regain his memory.

As word spread Nikki had briefly spoken to Victor, through a number from Billy, Sharon confided in Tucker how nice it was to be able to trust him – she hadn’t had that since Dru. For the company’s sake Nick supported Sharon at the press conference, where Billy announced that Victor died in an explosion. Billy explained to Vikki he’d gotten a lead on Victor, but was too late, and warned Genevieve and Kevin to stay quiet about the real story.

Sharon went to the morgue to identify a burnt body. She didn’t think it was Victor but ordered it cremated immediately. Tucker planned to takeover Newman and proposed to Sharon, who accepted. Everyone was furious about the cremation and quickie funeral. Sharon arrived in a white dress and announced she and Tucker would marry right after. She said her goodbyes to Victor, refused to allow anyone else to then stalked off with the ashes. Alone, Nikki cried at Victor’s gravesite and was stunned when he appeared! Victor admitted he knew everything Sharon had been up to.

Katherine refused to attend Tucker and Sharon’s weeding, but Nick appeared, as did Genevieve. Just as they were pronounced husband and wife, Victor appeared, with Nikki by his side, and objected since Sharon was already married! He ordered Sharon out of his ranch and seethed that Tucker paid to keep him away. After a press conference, Victor welcomed Nikki back to the ranch. Later, Victor privately told Billy he appreciated what he did for him in LA and only wanted him and Vikki to be happy. When Victor arrived home, after Nikki tried paying Sharon to leave town, they found that Sharon was suing Victor for abandonment. Across town, when Tucker refused to sell Beauty of Nature back to Jack or to Nick, Genevieve offered to help Jack get the company back.

Danny returned and confronted Phyllis, who stormed off. Meanwhile, Lauren was sure Shelia was the one who signed Daisy out. Paul questioned if Patty had seen anything, but she only sang then later told her stuffed kitty that she wasn’t as crazy as everyone thought.

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