Days Of Our Lives Daily Recap For November 12.

I Messed Up Again.

Hope is at Jenn’s, getting an update about Nicole. Jenn actually feels bad for what happened. The cop wonders what she’ll do and tells her that she’s not responsible for anything that happened. Meanwhile, Nicole is in her hospital bed recalling how Daniel tried to stop her from offing herself. “I messed up again,” she complains to herself. Brady pops up to say she still has him. She’s not in the mood for visitors. Snapping, she tells him she would do what she did again. He doesn’t believe that. She moans about how she constantly screws up love and ends up with nothing. Brady tries to hug her but she asks him to go. Later, Jenn shows up. Nic makes it clear that she won’t apologize. They bicker about Daniel. Jenn’s sorry if she pushed her to the breaking point. Nicole is not impressed. She mockingly claps and says they will never be BFFs and she will never forgive her. Nic orders her out. Back at Jenn’s, Hope tries on the family pilgrim hat. Daniel shows up. They chat about Jenn. She assures him that her cousin doesn’t blame him for any of this. He waits around for awhile. When he leaves, he runs into Jenn on the porch. She tells him things didn’t go well with Nic. And then she went to see the DA… Meanwhile, Hope shows up at the hospital. “You’re here to arrest me, aren’t you?” Nicole asks the cop.

EJ and Johnny are wandering around the square. Elvis tells him never to forget how much he loves him. Chad swans in and asks his brother how he feels about their sister. EJ sends his son away to play alone. Chad offers his sympathy about Nic and then asks him why he never told him that their sister was back. EJ’s not sure what to say about his sister. Johnny asks uncle Chad to come with them to the pub.

Marlena arrives at the cabin and finds Kristen sleeping on John. “What the hell is going on here?” asks the shrink. “I got way laid,” Kristen explains. Marlena turns away and tries not to gag as Kristen gets John to untangle her hair from his coat. Kristen leaves to catch a ferry, thanking John for last night. Marlena demands some answers from him. He makes excuses for the other woman. She obsesses and makes coffee. He insists they can’t let Kristen upset their lives. She’s miffed that he’s defending her. “This is not some human being, a normal person,” she tells him. He accuses her of being cynical.

Nick and Gabi are rolling around in her bed when his phone rings. He worries about his meeting with his parole officer. They go downstairs. Nick meets with his officer. Abby arrives. Gabi gushes to her about Nick and how she ‘more than likes him’. Things get awkward when they discuss Abby’s love life. The blond admits she’s still a virgin. Gabi’s sure she’ll find the right guy when she least expects it. Chad shows up with his brothers. He demands some menus and yaps with Abby about her mom. She wishes she could understand what Nicole did. He spots Nick with his parole officer. She asks him not to make trouble. When Nick finishes his meeting, he and Gabi meet up to smooch in the corner. Chad watches this and wanders over, accusing Gabi of sleeping with Nick so he’d stop her from going to prison. They are defensive. Chad accuses Gabi of being a ‘w****’. She sends Nick to the kitchen before he can deck Chad. Gabi blurts out that she loves Nick. Chadsworth tells her not to hold her breath for a fairy tale ending and threatens to blow up her happiness. After he leaves, Nick returns. She tries to brush it all off but then faints.

Johnny runs around the square. Abby wanders by and pays her condolences to EJ. He says he owes her mom an apology and pays his condolences for Jack. She tells him about how hard losing her father was. He tells her life is random and cruel but it teaches you what to treasure. They chat some more. “It was good talking to you,” he says. Meanwhile, Kristen runs into Brady at Caffeinated. She repeats that she’s in town to make amends and just live her life. He snaps at her. She asks him for a favor. Explaining that she spent last night with his dad, she asks him to give his father back his money clip. She took it by accident. He finds that hard to swallow.

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  1. From dc

    i read somewhere that someone is going to be missing. my thinking is it may be gabi (just because of what chad said today)..
    and gabi being pregnant, whose baby is it (will or nick)??
    i read where caroline is coming back the end of this month, just wish bo was going to be with her. i can’t see her coming back by herself..

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