Days Of Our Lives Daily Recap For November 13.

Friends Again.

Gabi nearly faints at the pub. Nick keeps her awake. She claim she’s fine bur he insists on taking her to the ER. Meanwhile, Lucas shows up in Sami’s office. They yap about the Nicole business. When she says their son will be dropping by, he says he has to go. She guesses he’s avoiding Will. He complains that Sonny is pushing their son. Will arrives. He tells his dad that who he sees is not his call. The men bicker. Lucas insists that this isn’t about him being gay. Will stomps off. His parents bicker. She accuses him of being a bigot. He thinks Sonny is ‘bird dogging’ their son. Sami urges him to try to be a good guy. She runs over to the pub looking for Nick. She hears he’s at the ER with Gabi so she calls Rafe. Sami jogs over to the hospital. Nick is waiting in the hall and and picking his teeth. Sami runs in and decides to burst into the exam room. She begins questioning Gabi, who isn’t happy to hear that Rafe knows she’s there. Cameron comes in with the results of her blood work. He asks Sami to go. “Is something wrong?” Sami interrogates. With Gabi’s permission, the doctor breaks the news that she’s pregnant.

Hope arrives in Nicole’s hospital room. “Did you bring your handcuffs?” Nic asks. Hope tells her she’s free and she has Jenn to thank. She gets righteous about it. “You got the news but you did not get the message,” snaps the cop. Nic tears into her about how much she has suffered. The cop backs down and leaves.

Will arrives at Caffeinated as Sonny does his hair. They sit in a corner and Will gushes apologies and begs for another chance. “That’s what this is,” says Sonny. He explains that he wasn’t totally honest with him and he’s hardly been a monk since he came back to Salem. Plus, he did deliberately send the boxes to his apartment to get Will there. Will cozies up to him and gives him a kiss. He says he didn’t need to be lured anywhere. Taking Sonny’s hand, he leads him out. The lads head back to Sonny’s and make out.

On the Horton porch, Jenn tells Daniel that she will not be pressing charges. He hugs her. She asks him about his feelings for Nicole. They stare at each other. “I guess it’s all over,” she says. He walks away. Hope shows up and informs her of Nicole’s reaction. Jenn’s sure that Nic is still miserable. They chat about how great and self-sacrificing Daniel is. Jenn runs off. Over at the hospital, Daniel catches Nic as she’s getting ready to leave. He thinks she should be happier that she’s not going to jail. She asks if he hates her. He doesn’t. They realize she has no home. He explains how the baby clothes showed him the way to the truth. Sobbing, she walks out. In the square, she stares at the steps of doom and yells at the people passing by. Slumping over, she cries, “Why did you have to make me this way?” She leaps up when she sees someone familiar jog by. “Oh my God! Eric?” she blurts. Back at the hospital, Jenn finds Daniel to say that things didn’t end right between them. She doesn’t want their friendship to be over. They shake on being friends again.

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  1. From dc

    (2) things about todays show.
    gabi is pregnant, but who is the father??
    and we saw eric (from a distance). someone for nicole to go after. i read where he is a priest, but is he really? and why did he come back to salem?

  2. From Sheila

    Get offended by the guys kissing alot. I don’t think it has to be that explicit. Granted I am really old fashioned, but I have been watching since 1967. Things like that could be implied. Two wonderful actors, especially if they are not really . Yuk. Glad this isn’t prime time. I turn it off.

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