Days Of Our Lives Daily Recap For November 14.

I didn’t agree to that.

Elvis meets his sister at Caffeinated. Marlena arrives and starts sneering. She issues a warning to Kristen. The DiMera tells her this is all in her mind. John arrives. He leads the shrink away. “I came in and there she was,” she complains. He’s baffled and leads her out. EJ tells his sister how impressed he is by her ability to upset Marlena. She changes the subject to Sami. Kristen wants him to be Sami’s new boss. He wonders what’s in this for her. She claims she just wants to make the whole family happy. Working for CW means he’ll have to talk to their father. He likes his current ‘bitter and estranged’ relationship with Stefano. After some prodding, he agrees to think this over. He takes a walk and calls Stefano. They discuss him taking over CW and EJ makes some demands. Getting off the phone, Elvis tells himself he can do this for Samanther.

Marlena lectures John in the square. He thought they’d agreed to disagree. “I didn’t agree to that,” she says. She rants, assuming Kristen must be having him followed. He tries to be logical. The doctor doesn’t think that works and warns him that if anything happens to their family, it’s on him. He heads to work. Kristen shows up, hoping she can help fix things. They agree that Marlena will never trust her. She offers to walk away from CW to make Marlena and Sami happy. He thanks her. They shake hands.

Nicole is in the square when she notices Eric jogging by and gasps in disbelief. She’s about to lunge over when Maxine suddenly materializes and warns her to stay away from Jenn. When Nic gets rid of her, Eric is gone. She searches around and flashes back to him telling her he was leaving town. Nic calls Marlena and asks for her help. The shrink offers to refer her to someone. “I’m not crazy!” Nic declares, hanging up. She wonders who else she can call to ask if he’s back. He darts across the square again. She follows him to the pub. When she approaches him, she shocked to discover he’s dressed as a priest.

Rafe sits at Mandalay hallucinating about Sami. He notices he has a call from her. Over at the hospital, Cameron informs Gabi that she’s pregnant. He has to run off. “That’s some news, huh?” Sami says. Gabi’s jaw hangs open. Sami tells her she’ll be okay. “Birth control, it’s not foolproof,” she adds. Gabi begs her not to tell Rafe. Sami goes off and calls Rafe, claiming everything is actually fine. She turns to Nick and urges him to head back to the pub to help Eddie. Meanwhile, Cam returns to see Gabi. He explains that she’s around twelve weeks along. That makes things worse. She recalls grief sex with William. The doctor plods off again. Sami returns. Gabi tells her the baby is a very big problem. Sami says she felt the same about Will. That doesn’t help. Sami gushes about how she should give Nick a chance. Sami bustles off and the doctor comes back again. He gives Gabi an OBGYN referral. Later, Sami bumps into Rafe at Caffeinated. He asks her what’s been going on. She tells him to leave it alone.

At Sonny’s, he and Will kiss and pull off their clothes. After sex, they tell each other how perfect it was. Will fondles his hair follicles. He feels like he finally knows who he is and where he wants to be. “I think we’re both exactly where we belong,” Sonny says, cuddling him. They enjoy some post cuddling chips and Gatorade. As they make out, someone raps on the door. They joke that it must be Lucas. They try ignoring it. Gabi yells through the door. Will finally opens up and wonders what’s going on.

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  1. From dc

    missed the 1st half the show today due ti the presidents speech but i read days cafe yesterday.
    last half of show was good. tomorrow appears to be even better.

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