Days Of Our Lives Daily Recap For November 15.

We’re both pregnant now.

At Caffeinated, Rafe prods Sami to tell him why she called him. She thinks of Gabi swearing her to secrecy. Sami claims it was nothing. He was hoping she needed him. This is awkward. He drifts off. She gets a text and gasps.

Gabi interrupts Will and Sonny romping. She notices Sonny lounging in bed and tells Will they need to talk elsewhere. Will puts his socks on and promises his boyfriend that he will be quick. “We have all the time in the world,” says Sonny. Will and Gabi take a walk. She blurts out that she’s pregnant. He hugs her and says it will be okay. He doesn’t look okay when she tells him he’s the father. They have to sit down. He assures her that they can figure out what to do. His head almost falls off when she tells him Sami knows… but not that he’s the father. “We’re both pregnant now,” he tells her. Nick shows up and wonders what’s wrong. He fusses and asks Will to make Chad back off. After Will wanders off, Nick suggests that the other man is using her. When Will gets back to Sonny’s, he doesn’t want to talk about what just happened.

At the office, Brady interrupts Kristen and John. He lays into his dad. Kristen putters away. John tells Brady this is none of his damn business. Brady hands him the money clip and warns that ‘DiMera quality trouble’ is on the way. “She’s probably responsible for the Greek economy too,” John jokes. He insists there is no threat. Brady thinks he’s being a fool.

Jenn returns to work at the hospital with Maxine. They tease each other. The nurse unveils the welcome back banner and cookies. Daniel pops up to welcome her back too. Jenn asks him to stop by her office later. After she goes off, Maxine teases Daniel. When Jenn gets to her office, Kristen is waiting for her. She pays her condolences for Jack and says she still cares about her. She’s been extending olive branches. John seems understanding. After she leaves, Jenn rolls her eyes. Kristen heads over to the church. Father Tobias has to bustle off and take care of something. Brady shows up and announces that he’s taking his father’s place. Meanwhile, Daniel goes home to shower. His mom shows up with chowder. She’s relieved he’s staying and hugs him. Maggie begins probing about Jenn. Her son asks her to leave it alone. Then he admits he professed his love to Jenn. She suggests Jenn might be ready to move on. He heads back to the hospital to see Jenn.

Nicole follows Eric into the pub. “What the hell?” she blurts out when she notices he’s a priest. He makes it clear that this is no joke. “Is it still okay to hug?” she asks. He says she’s more beautiful than ever and he’s back for good. She asks him what happened. He explains that he got tired of being a journalist and wanted to make the world a better place. Eric admits he’s heard about what she’s been through. When she sees that he still cares, she runs off. Marlena and Roman arrive to welcome him back. Nic slips outside. Eric tells his parents he plans to take mass for the family. Roman looks for something to toast with. Sami arrives and hugs her brother. When he mentions running into Nicole, she snaps and warns him to stay away from her. Meanwhile, Nic calls her sister and explains she’s decided to stay.

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  4 responses so far...

  1. From dc

    good show today. great to see eric again..
    i hated that gabi told will about the baby (even though it was the right thing to do). now will should go ahead and tell sonny before too much time passes. he needs to come clean with everything. and i know i read where gabi wants to keep the baby. i am not so sure that is a good thing.
    and if i have said it once i’ll say it again, don’t like kristen back, did not like her when she was on years ago and nothing has changed (at leasdt for me)..

  2. From Patty

    Pretty obvious that Nick is a homophohic and will reject the baby abd Gabi. who cares about John, Marlena and Kristen – so last decade! SOOOOO tired of the Rafe, Sami, EJ triangle. Too much.
    Have to give Will and Sonny credit for their acting but do not enjoy watching their love scenes! Do we have to have such detail?!?

  3. From Sonia G.

    I agree with you dc.I couldn’t stand Kristen years ago & I still can’t stand her. The writers keep bringing back some of the old characters to try to improve the show, but it’s just not working. I have been watching Days for 35 years and it’s getting worse.

  4. From dc

    sonia, i have been watching since 1968.
    some of the characters that are returning are ok but some i would rather not see again. (chloe’s mom for instance).
    glad chloe is coming back, wish philip was coming back too. and wish bo would return. maybe even shawn, belle.

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