Days Of Our Lives Poll: Character Assassination.

Abrupt changes.

Since the new writers took over, it’s been hard not to notice that the characters have been changing a lot and without a great deal of explanation. Either that, or they’ve reverted to what they were a few years, as if their recent history was irrelevant. Which character do you think has borne the biggest brunt of the changes at the top?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would have chosen? Tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section.

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  1. From Fifi LaRue

    I think you meant to pose the question here, who has “changed” the most and not who has suffered the most.

  2. From Ari

    need the option of many…completely changed Lucas and Jen but can see how Sami, Rafe and EJ are acting out of is so discouraging to watch..a character need consistency in their role, audience do notice and many times it doesn’t make sense leaving u with a what?

  3. From Casey

    Nicole is getting terrible storylines and Sami is getting all the good ones as usual. Surprised they haven’t re-named Days the “Sami Show”.
    Stefano has always disliked Sami and now he wants her and EJ together? Why??
    The show makes no sense now.

  4. From Bobby

    I think that Kristen is really Susan. I sometimes wish I could write the story line

  5. From Rocky

    “I wanta be your baby’s daddy” said, Rafe to Chloe. I tried to to be a daddy to Sami’s kids and then to Nicole’s baby they finally told me to go find some other person to be their daddy’s baby. Now they want be just to be an uncle to Granny Sami’s grandchild. Please hear me Chloe, I think they are planning on having Cameron to thin my bush of an eyebrow and cut my hair. If that doesn’t work for my character that is so hated by the fans, I need to be your baby’s daddy! EJam now!From a fan for more than thirty five years.

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