Days Of Our Lives Poll: The Baby.

Bad timing.

Gabi is pregnant and her boyfriend is not the father. Will this baby destroy Will’s relationship with Sonny or Gabi’s relationship with Nick? Could it bring them all together or is this doomed to end badly?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would have chosen? Tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section.

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  1. From dc

    from what i am reading nick, gabi and will form a pact (sonny does not know) but these (3) know will is the father. nick will ask gabi to marry him and raise the baby.
    to me, this sounds like a good plan..
    but will should not keep the secret from sonny..

  2. From Sonia G.

    The truth always comes out, look at what happened to Sami when she hid Will from Lucas. I think they all should be honest and tell the truth.

  3. From dc


  4. From Kat

    Will needs to tell Sonny, after all their “grief sex” between, Will’s and Gaby’s, happened Before Wilson became a couple.
    Without honesty between them, nothing to build on, the lie will destroy them sooner or later.

  5. From Lissa

    They should just be honest from the start but it looks like in the beginning Nick and Gabi plan to raise it as their own. In the future though I have suspicion that it will be a ploy to have Will and Sonny raise it because it adds to their controversial storyline and Gabi just isn’t an iron clad character for the long haul. I personally think they should just accept it is what it is, be honest and respect everyone’s position and raise the child together. Everyone would get past the shock eventually and have lots of love for the baby to give. This crap with the lying is just setting Will up to get burned for awhile when he really does care.

  6. From gaelyn thomson

    all four is to much for one baby nick isn’t the real father will is no judge in his right mind to hand a baby over to a drug user convicted murderer and homophic bigot and a kidnapper you get nick and gabi sonny should adopt the baby start a famley with will and get marryed and live happley ever after

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