Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For December 3-7.


Daniel is told that the radical treatment has failed. Now he is doomed never to get rid of his tremors. Jenn blames herself. Maggie and Nicole blame her too. She tries apologizing to the doctor and he tells her to get lost. Nicole tries to comfort him but he’s not interested. After she goes on a rant about Jenn, she goes to see Father Eric for a little comfort. It’s clear that the priest is hiding something. He’s been having nightmares but won’t talk about them. Meanwhile, Maggie goes to see her son and fumes about Jenn. She suggests that he leave town. He thinks about moving out to the island. Later, Jenn catches him signing out of work. He doesn’t want to talk to her. She badgers Maxine to tell her where he’s going and then stalks the doctor to the island. After an awkward run-in with Maggie, Nicole discovers where the doctor is too and heads off. She throws herself at him until Jenn barges in and then she throws Jenn out. Daniel gets between them. He makes it clear to Jenn that he doesn’t want to see her. She collapses. She has appendicitis. The doctor realizes he needs to get into her fast.

Brady admits to Kristen that he heard her confess that she had feelings for him. She tries giving him the boot but the booty cannot be resisted. After they’ve knocked boots, she decides it was a big mistake. She sends him away and calls his dad over. Her call pulls John away from another fight with Marlena. He drops some lipstick as he walks out on her. Marlena is confused. Kate pops up and notices that the lipstick is a prototype from CW. Billie then pops up to tattle that she saw John heading for the inn where Kristen is staying. The shrink bustles over. She can hear the moaning through Kristen’s door so she barges in. Marlena is shocked to see her old nemesis rubbing bacons with Brady. Kristen spots her dropping her jaw before running. Brady is too distracted to notice. Kristen contemplates telling him what just happened but decides to use her mouth for something else. After they do it again, he suggests they give a relationship a shot. She doesn’t think so. Meanwhile, Marlena runs off to see John. He repeats that her fears of Kristen are unfounded. She’s about to blurt out that she saw his son with his ex lover when Brady shows up. Marlena keeps her mouth shut. In the meantime, Brady’s in a good mood and putters off to see Maggie to tell her how swell his life is going.

Nicole and Eric get closer as they start working together. EJ and Sami meet them to discuss the new school. Sami is nauseated to see her brother with Nicole. She doesn’t hesitate telling him. He doesn’t hesitate reminding her that she’s even worse than Nicole is. While the siblings bicker, EJ mocks Nic. Sensing he’s chasing after Sami again, she mocks him for that. He later meets up with his sister and they compare notes about their strategies. He wishes she’d try distracting Rafe for him but she insists that her hands are already busy. After she gets a call from Brady and learns there was no blow up from Marlena, she decides to confront the shrink herself. She makes sure to loudly make some cryptic remarks to her so John can overhear. Marlena covers by confessing that she broke unto Kristen’s room. John gets called away before he can react. Kristen and Marlena bicker but the shrink refuses to rock the boat. The DiMera decides to take another stab at it. She calls Brady over to her room for some more rumpy pumpy. Once they catch their breath, she suggests he come clean with his father. However, he’s decided it’s best they keep this a secret for now.

Will is gobsmacked when Nick tells him that he wants to marry Gabi and raise the child as his own. Rafe arrives. He’s supportive when his sister says that Nick wants to marry her. After he plods off, she keeps working on trying to talk Will around to her plan for the baby. Meanwhile, her brother spots Sami and EJ together. That gets his nose out of joint. He bumps into Father Eric and they yap about Samantha until Gabi shows up, announcing that she is going to marry Nick for sure. He doesn’t think that’s a great idea anymore. She doesn’t care. He decides to ask Sami to put some pressure on Gabi to rethink her choice. And Will bumps into his Uncle Father Eric. He bluntly informs him that he’s gay while Sonny tracks down his boyfriend to apologize for being suspicious before. He just had a visit from Gabi and Nick, who told him about the baby and getting married. Sonny assumes that’s all there is to it.

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  1. From dc

    i can see kristen and brady together. she will probably do brady just like she did john (way back when). i hate to see brady get hurt..
    and here we go again with jenn and nicole fighting over daniel.
    maybe it will be better for everyone if nick and gabi marry and raise her baby. but i think will needs to come clean with sonny about the whole thing..

  2. From lucy

    oh please Sami is certainly not worse than Nicole ! Eric; your crush for Nicole makes you blind dear..

  3. From SandyGram

    Seems like I’m saying this a lot now a days…but Oh My! More Daniel, Jen and Nicole, EEEEgads! Now Jennifer is going to have an appendicitis attack on Smith’s Island….can you see it coming…Daniel with his shaky hands will probably have to do the surgery, enough all ready.

    You would think it was Easter, Kristen hopping in and out of the bed with Brady like the Ever Ready Battery Bunny! But for me, it’s all about her scheming to get John.

    And obviously, hiding the parentage of yet ANOTHER child, I can only wonder if this is from the new writers or just a carry over from one of the past 2 writing teams. I would like it so much better if everyone knew Will was the father. Where Sonny could go through a period of feeling cheated on, but in the end they would all work it out where Gabi, Nick, Will and Sonny would do what was in the best interest of the child. Concealing Will as the father is so out of line with Will’s character being raised the way he was.

  4. From SandyGram

    Thought I better clarify my comment about ‘Will’s character being raised the way he was.’ I’m not commenting on what Sami did, I’m commenting on Will’s up bring as a child who had no stability in his young life as Sami, Lucas and Kate were in constant battle over his custody.

  5. From MAB

    Why is Daniel mad at Jen for the treatment not working? He has a mind of his own and decided to do it, regardless of Jen’s persistence. I’m not surprised Nicole blames Jen, but Maggie? She needs to stop being overprotective of her grown son!

    Ugh, Brady & Kristen, sorry but I think it’s disgusting. And after they do the deed, he suggests a relationship? Paleeze! This is exactly what is wrong w/ his character. The writers insist on making him stupid when it comes to women. They are wasting an amazing talent in Eric Martsolf! Give him a good s/l already, and a suitable woman too!!

    I’m glad Nicole & Eric will be working together. They already have chemistry IMO. It will be nice to see EJ & Sami together, even if it is just about the school. Not enough of them lately for me…need more EJami!!!

    As for the baby dilemma, simple, everyone needs to come clean & deal w/ it!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. From Shani

    I voted no, I don’t think Kristen will actually fall for Brady.

    I hate it that no one will know Will is the father of Gabi’s baby. I don’t like having another go around with this kind of daddy secret storyline.

    Marlena is so right about Kristen but Marlena needs to get her bearings & fight fire with fire & be cool about it. Not the crazy things she’s done so far. I am no fan of Kate’s but I thought Stefano was just downright cruel to her today. I liked the very caring way Rafe was with Gabi. & I loved Sami & Rafe’s interactions the past several days.

  7. From grandma to many

    looks like Stefano and Kate are really done . Daniel is not really the biggest prize in Salem and it kind of bugs me that the writers try to make him out to be .Won’t the nosy people of Salem start to wonder when Gabi starts to show soon and a baby born 3 months premature but fully developed even John with his not a clue self lately would have to notice that . And right there at Caroline the dna switchers pub ?Come on Gabi , Nick and Will , you need to come up with a better plan !

  8. From MAB

    For those who don’t know:

    The role of Steve & Kayla’s son has been cast. Played by five-year-old Jadon Wells, who is set to make his debut as Joey Johnson in December.

  9. From MAB

    I don’t think Stefano & Kate are really done. Lauren Koslow told fans to “stay tuned”. Tee, do you have any info on them reuniting?

  10. From Shani

    7 grandma to many I am right there with you about the baby lie.

  11. From MAB

    Tee – there is talk of another big return. Do you know who it is? I’ve heard Belle, Shawn & Philip mentioned???

    Why is Rafe so relieved Gabi didn’t get the abortion…what does he want to raise her child too? Just saying…


    Brady suspects Eric is still hung up on Nicole, and he is right. Eric is haunted by his past, has nightmares, and only Nicole knows???

    Even tho Stefano says he still wants a divorce from Kate, he is miserable w/o her.

    Looks like the upcoming wedding is Nick & Gabi.

    Sonny finds out what Gabi did, is not impressed, and starts treated her different.

    Daniel saves Jen – again.

    John catches Kristen w/ Brady.

  12. From jolie

    I am at a loss as to why we are still in the middle of a who de baby daddy story. The last one didn’t work out for any of us and now this again?? The characters, the actors, and the fans deserve better!

    And another round of Jenn and Nicole fighting over Dr Feelgood? And why is it Jenn’s fault the treatments didn’t work? These stories are not making sense.

    Brady and Kristen…not a fan of that. And how will she ever work that out to getting John back if that is indeed her mission? Or is her mission totally revenge on Marlena (that is working out nicely so far) and John?

    I liked the scenes this week in which Nicole truly appologized to Jenn for what happened. I thought the actress was truly wonderful. Now they’ll be fighting over Dr Dan again so it sort of nullifies that wonderful performance. I just do not get it.

    Sami has been so sweet to Gabi and so concerned and so danged sure that Will is only a concerned bystander in the latest Gabi saga. When she finds out the truth, I can imagine her going off the deep end. She’ll be ready to kill Gabi for 1)ruining Will’s life 2)lying to her 3)making Sami a grandma. I don’t see Sami taking the news very well.

    Grandma to many, I really hope Kate and Stefano eventually find their way back together but it appears to be a rough path ahead for them. Loved your comment about John and his less than stellar awareness lately. Also your take on Dr Feelgood being a large prize…I agree. He is a man-ho and needs to straighten his act up. Apparently he turns Maggie into a complete nutjob if she too jumps on Jenn because a treatment didn’t work on him. This does not make sense. Are the writers actually reading what they write?? And that Dr Dan still has tremors and Jenn falls right down with her appendix and we all know the last ferry has gone and there hasn’t been phone service on Smith Island since the early 60′s…well he’ll have to operate. And it’ll will certainly lead to true love again for them. That is what was missing from their relationship..he had not operated on her in some dire circumstance lately.

  13. From jolie

    So what is in Eric’s past that he is having nightmares over? Seems like if Eric had a superior at the church and if he knew the past between Nicole and Eric, Nicole would never be allowed to work closely with Eric. But I guess we have to get them together somehow. I just wonder where this is going for them. Will Eric eventually denounce his vows and go back with Nicole? Or is Nicole just going to get her heart broken again. I would like to see something good happen for her but for a priest to go back on his vows…not sure how I feel over that.

    That Stefano will grieve a bit over Kate…good. About time the gent gets a good run for his money! He needs to have to grovel a bit to her and worry a bit over her. Then she can take him back.

  14. From julie

    I prefer to see Daniel as a ‘prize’ than caveman and aggressive Rafe and by the way Rafe : leave Sami alone, you look like a stalker ! Pathetic and creepy.

  15. From Kat

    MAB, you might have missed it, but Chloe’s Mom Nancy will be back… maybe the “return”.
    I would think that Stefano and Kate will get back together, but let’s enjoy the road back to each other….
    Maybe on Smith Island, Dr. Tremmer, will find out, his tremmers are gone after all, because he has to save Jenn.
    It would have been to easy, if Dr. D. was cured right after the treatment,
    No drama there, they had to wait for a big emergency like with Jenn, to show that the treatment did work after all, I think…Haven’t we learned yet just how the Soap protocol really works…LOL
    I agree, New Found Mother Maggie, needs to put on the breaks a little bit,.. Dr. Dan is an Over grown child by now, old enough to be a Grandpa himself… Maggie, just chill a little bit. it’s getting annoying.

    We all knew right away, when Eric came back, and as priest no less, that he could become involved with Nicole again, and this would turn out to be a story about a Man conflicted
    between serving God and Loving a Woman…
    No surprise here..
    Let’s say Kristin is up to whatever…
    Marlena is making it so easy for her…
    but then again, we need a fun SL… watching Marlena fighting against the wind..poor thing..
    but in the meantime, Us viewers are getting a darn good Story to watch in the screen…loving it…

    Don’t know if Kristin will actually Fall for Brady, but wouldn’t it be the ultimate Kink in Her Plan, if she really DID….remember, the best of plans, can go …? forgot the word….help.
    More complications, I like it….
    And of course, sooner or later, I am looking forward to a wonderful, romantic, exciting, whatever Re-union between Stefano and Kate… bring out all the balloons and whistles and whatever, to make that a big event… Stefano, good to see you back more and more, and hopefully with Kate… Another Great Screen Couple in MY Opinion….

    The writers seem to be on the right track, unless they are going South again… hope not….

  16. From Sierra Sue

    OK, let’s see–Nicole will take the veil after Daniel “once again” rescues Jenn (barf bag needed).
    I vote to leave Dr.Dan on the island all by himself,so he can work on his tan,and give the rest of us a break !

  17. From Footballmum

    Someone please give Rafe something to do.

  18. From Brenda

    Just how old was Brady when John and Kristin were together? I hate the time line. It must have been in the 90′s . The old show on Friday got taped by me. I forgot how beautiful everyone was then.

  19. From Brenda

    Not sure if the same problem is involved as before when posts were not posted. will see

  20. From SandyGram

    #17 Brenda
    Brady was born in 1992 and Kristen and John was to be married in 1997….so that would make him about 5 years old. So to not cause further confusion in 2000 Brady was aged to late teenager/early tweenties….he was a College student.

  21. From SandyGram

    Spoiler Excerpt from TV Source Magazine……

    - Kristen offers some not-so-sage advice to Chad.

    - Gabi’s caught in a lie (Another lie or the same one she is in about the baby’s father?)

    - Sami is surprised by EJ’s reaction to her helping with Gabi’s wedding (I can only imagine that he will be mad at her because of Chad!)

    PS: Kat….I saw a cute picture on TV Source under the User Name ‘kat’, is that you with your grandsons?

  22. From Kat

    20 SandyGram, Yes that is Me, with Grandson, I post on there every so often pictures of me and my family…
    It’s so easy to do,…
    If you check in there every so often … I will keep on posting pics of myself.. so you will know, who you are debating with, at least you will have a little visual…., I never mean any harm to anybody, I just have a Dry Sense of Humor… sue me for that… anybody….

  23. From Kat

    SandyGram, I just posted another pic, when my boys were a bit younger….I just love them to pieces and of course my sunshine grandson, but then I think you picked up on that over the years.
    I had a pic with my grandson now… and me… he is so handsome I think of course…..
    Lovingly,, always Kat….

  24. From Sharon

    You people take all of this way to serious. It’s what you call acting. I find it all very funny!!! JM or JK They do the same thing in all of the shows make someone else the babys father, that what you call a future storyline. Come now we all can write this stuff.

  25. From Debbie

    I copied my response from last week’s blog because I meant to post it on the current week.

    I’m so glad that the abortion story is over. It was hard to stomach and I agree with those who thought the clinic scenes were cold. I heard an interview with a former abortionist who said the industry is nothing more than a business whose daily business is getting as many abortions done as possible. They get paid more by how many they do, so it’s kind of like a sick production line method (her words). At least it’s over and now everyone can deal with getting on with the aftermath.

    I was so sad to hear of Larry Hagman’s passing. I was looking forward to seeing what JR was going to be up to in January, but I guess he only finished the first six episodes. It’ll be interesting to see how they kill him off. It’s really the only thing they can do as he’s irreplacable.

    And I want to thank whoever it was (thank you, Kat) who mentioned the Galen Gering commercials. He was soooo sexy in the airport one! Galen’s definitely my kind of handsome. A nice mix of ruggedness and boyishness and I love the sparkle in his eyes.

  26. From Stephanie

    I gotta say seeing Brady and Kristen together is kinda weird. The last time Kristen was on the show, Kristen and John were together(sorta) and Brady was like a toddler…gotta love (SORAS) Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome.

  27. From Leah

    Food for thought… I reckon they should have kept Carly and her son in Salem. Alamains are part and parcel of Days and it would have been good to see the next generation on the show. I reckon he and Abigail would have been a good match.

  28. From Mandi

    I for one am kind of liking Brady and Kristen. I know it’s kind of creepy but I am trying to stay blissfully unaware ( for lack of better words.I really like her putting Marlena in her place I mean who does Doc think she is going into someones room and snooping around. Its really time for her and John to have some issues I for one am loving it.

    Loved that EJ and Sami are going to be spending alot of time together I really like them together they make the screen sizzle. Really glad that Will is there for Gabi too I just wish they would tell Sonny as a previous poster said if he can’t be ok with it then Sonny isn’t the man for Will or the person I thought he was either. He always seemed so understanding.
    I really don’t like the way Nick was treating Gabi in yesterdays episode why would he throw all that in her face? it’s just rude and uncalled for he didn’t even let her explain.
    Am I the only one that doesn’t think Eric is really a priest and is maybe hiding from something? or in witness protection or something could be wrong but I just can’t see him as a priest. Really enjoying the show lately though great job guys :)

  29. From MAB

    Kat – no Nancy’s return was announced a while back, I knew about that. This week, I just read about another big return. No names were mentioned, so not sure who it is, which is why I asked Tee if she had any info. Personally, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Philip’s return!

    Good show Tuesday! I loved Stefano & Kate on screen together again. She was hurt, and he is so mad fro her betrayal, but is obviously miserable w/o her. I’m sure their reunion will take time, but I hope they don’t wait too long. Unfortunately, we don’t know how many years Joe Mascolo has left (hopefully a long time but one never knows). I want to see Stefano back in Salem w/ Kate by his side!

    Ugh, Rafe’s rants are like broken records. As soon as Gabi walks out, he tries to lay into Will. I’m so glad Sami was there to protect Will…and I’m glad she kept repeating that this was Gabi’s decision and no one else’s (as it should be for any woman). I literally busted out laughing when Rafe told Will that Nick has a right to know that he is the father of the baby (even tho he’s not). REALLY??? He sure didn’t practice the same thing when it came to EJ, but that’s no surprise w/ the sanctimonious attitude he has. Of course he covered by calling himself a hypocrite for saying that, which is one thing he got right.

    I can’t wait until Rafe walks in w/ those flowers, and looks like a fool when he sees Sami working w/ EJ. Of course he’ll be his smug self where EJ is concerned & make snide comments to him. Get a clue Rafe, you don’t belong w/ Sami, move on & get a life!

    I think Sami being surprised by EJ’s reaction to help w/ Gabi’s wedding is that he will support her doing it. If he gets mad over it, that would be no surprise.

    Many of us have liked Kristen from the moment she returned, and I’m immensely enjoying her, and her putting Marlena in her place too. Marlena’s actions are stupid, as she is too smart to fall prey to Kristen like this, but she just keeps letting it happen, playing right into Kristen’s hands. Oh well, maybe the light bulb will go on soon enough, and she’ll wise up.

    I for one will never like Brady & Kristen together. For one, she was w/ his father sexually, romantically, etc. Also, she is too old for him. Not that age always matters, but I think it does in this case. Besides, Brady needs a REAL relationship for a change, and a woman he is compatible with.

    I didn’t like how Nick treated Gabi yesterday either. Not sure if he was judging her for considering an abortion, but if he was, then he is all kinds of wrong! Even if she did go thru w/ it, he has no right to judge her. This was HER decision (as a woman), and no one has a right to chastise her for it. But I think most of his anger was coming from the fact that he isn’t the father, and knew he wasn’t from the beginning. Of course, he’s thinking it’s Chad, and this is all tied to Melanie leaving. Although, it’s only been like a day, and he needed to allow her enough time to tell him. How was she supposed to know he’d find out the way he did?? I agree, he needed to allow her to explain before giving his two-cents.

    Mandi – good idea about Eric…what if he really isn’t a priest, and is hiding from something!?

  30. From SL

    all i have to say about Kristen and Brady is EWWWWWWWWWW. she is way too old for him – dirty old lady!

  31. From Kay

    I am glad Gabi finally decided against having the abortion. I hope Will tells his family and Sonny that the baby is really his and not Nick’s. I don’t like it that Nick is making all the rules. He is not the baby’s father and should have no say in this whatsoever. Even if he and Gabi get married, this is still Will’s baby and he should be acknowledged as such.

  32. From patty

    I agree SL, Kristen is a dirty old broad and is only using Brady to get to John. I am so glad Marlena is on to her and I don’t care how crazy Marlena has to get to prove what she knows for sure since the men are just to dumb to see what Kristen is up to. Marlena is being the smart one not to let her guards down with that witch.
    I’m thinking there is still something wrong with Nick. Between Nick and Chad, I don’t know which one is more nuts.
    Well it looks like Sami is still not over Rafe and EJ’s going to have to step up his manipulating games if he wants a chance with her. Of course with the help of his crazy sister , they can accomplish anything, even trap someone who doesn’t love or want them.
    Rafe was a wonderful supportive and understanding big brother to Gabi. Sami just stuck her nose in it so she could be in Rafe’s orbit.

  33. From Linda

    So frustrating as a viewer that Marlena is right about Kristen and John can’t see it, and Rafe is oh so right about EJ and Sami at times can’t see it. She’s still in love with Rafe, though. Rafe was great with Gabi at the clinic. Nick is a very strange guy!

  34. From Cougar

    I wonder if the writers are setting the stage for the next step in Rafe & Sami. Ex’es evolving into a BFF relationship between Sami & Rafe similar to what Marlene & Roman currently have.

    I also wonder if the writers are ignorant of the show’s history or if they simply choose to ignore it even when there is a creep factor such as the Brady/Kristen thing. As a long time viewer it’s hard to forget Brady was practically a toddler when John was involved with Kristin. It’s a son getting his fathers sloppy seconds with a cougar SL. Not cool.

    I enjoy seeing Marlene slip into the jealouse, irrational fish wife role. Makes her more human not always being so perfectly analytical. She will get a grip eventually and be back too normal; this behavior is just so unlike her smart savy self. Thats our Marlene.

  35. From patty

    Caroline has returned. When asked where Bo was, Hope says picking up his daughter then says everyone is finally back home where they belong. Still no clue as to how Bo will be written out of Salem.
    More of watching Brady getting snowed by Kristen and her syrupy fakeness around Eric and Father Tobias.
    And more of Dr Orange and his shaky hands, Maggie and Jen disagreeing over what doesn’t even concern either one of them and Nicole begging Daniel’s forgiveness. As far as I can remember, Daniel was the one who admitted taking advantage of a pregnant Nicole and decided to help her hide her baby all on his own.

  36. From MAB

    Marlena actions certainly makes her look rather stupid than smart. Marlena should be able to handle Kristen easily, if she’d just use her head. She should have her guard up, and no one’s saying she can’t dislike Kristen, nor trust her. I don’t even mind seeing Marlena tell her off, but she can do it in a way that will keep Kristen on her toes too. But instead she continues to play right into Kristen’s hands, and it’s Marlena who ends up looking like a fool. Like I said, she handled Stefano in the past, but she can’t handle Kristen? Makes NO sense!

    Sami initially didn’t stick her nose into Gabi’s business. She helped her out in the beginning because she cares about her. If it had to do w/ anyone, I think she did it because of Will, not Rafe. But Sami did stick her nose in when she told Rafe, but that’s just Sami. She would’ve done it, regardless of Rafe. She can’t keep something like that to herself. If it were EJ or Lucas’ sister in the same situation, she would’ve done the same thing. Either way, I believe the writers only put her into this s/l because Will is the father, nothing to do w/ Rafe.

    If Sami doesn’t want to be w/ EJ, she doesn’t have to. No matter what EJ does, which remains to be seen, Sami will be w/ who she wants to be w/ and it looks like it’s gonna be EJ!!!!!!!!

    Yep, Rafe was good to Gabi, but he left a trail of victims along the way, hurling threats, insults, and bullying Nick, Will, and anyone else who stood in his way, including an innocent receptionist at the clinic.

    Cougar – you may be right about Rafe & Sami’s relationship evolving into friendship, much like she did w/ Lucas, and that’s fine, as long as Rafe doesn’t butt into her business every 5 minutes. Right now, it’s like he’s stalking her, and only wants her because he’s jealous of EJ. If EJ wasn’t around, I guarantee Rafe wouldn’t be interested in the least. He proved that when he ignored her until Carrie left, and only all of a sudden wanted her back when he found out she & EJ were getting close again.

  37. From jolie

    I am a bit tired of the writers dragging Rafe thru it. Enough and move on. If it is going to happen between Elvis and Sami then do it but leave Rafe free and clear and quit with stomping his feelings. And Elvis, quit with the tricks and schemes and do it right with Sami.

    Nick is a puzzle. He seems to be spun out in one direction here and another there. Does this eventually lead him back into drugs and wackiness or is he on the level? I like Nick and am rooting for him but this hiding the baby daddy isn’t a good way to go.

    Marlena, go sit in the corner in time out for a few and think about what is going on, where it is taking you and who is in control. Then rethink how you are reacting. Poor Brady is like Nicole, being put right back into the fire. He hasn’t really gotten over Madison’s death and now he’ll be a pawn in whatever Kristen’s scheme is. Bet John’s eyes would blink wide open if he knew Kristen and Brady were going to get very friendly this week

  38. From MAB

    The wait won’t be too long, as John will soon find out about Brady & Kristen. I just wonder how that’s gonna go over. I don’t see how this is gonna help Kristen w/ John, so I’m not sure where this is leading. And Marlena, yep she has no doubt lost control. In fact, she never had it in the first place, ever since Kristen waltzed back into Salem. She’s let Kristen dictate everything that has happened thus far. Not too smart Doc! I don’t care what Kristen is up to, I just want Marlena to stop playing the victim, and acting like a ditz.

    I guess until the writers change gears w/ Rafe, he’s not gonna stop stalking Sami. We’re gonna have to continue watching him stick his nose into her business where EJ is concerned. Why is it that everyone wants to control other people’s choices? If Sami wants to be w/ EJ, it’s HER choice. Just like Daniel…Jen & Maggie are always trying to control him too. Jen won’t leave him alone to make his own decisions, and Maggie is just way too overprotective of him. Sami & Daniel are adults, and don’t need others trying to make decisions for them.

    Tee – where are you? We need your input on the goings-on!

  39. From patty

    I don’t see where Rafe is stalking Sami since she’s the one who called him over to spill Gabi’s secret then followed him around to the pub, up in Gabi’s room and then to the clinic. Rafe didn’t once ask her to come along and him showing up at her office with flowers to thank her for her support is hardly stalking. Neither is it scheming or manipulating like EJ is doing pretending at promoting lipstick. Ha! When Rafe tells Sami why EJ took that job, he is absolutely right isn’t he?

  40. From patty

    Jolie, I’m with you. I wish the writers would put Rafe out of the misery that is Sami Brady. She is so not worth it and if she’s going to be stupid and fall in the Demira trap once again, they should get on with it. Right now, there is no sign of her being remotely interested in Elvis so he sure has is work cut out for him . Of course, some menacing plot against Rafe is probably on the horizon, which is EJ’s only way to get his women and still makes him the interloper.

  41. From Linda

    I don’t see Rafe stalking Sami. Things went great between them over the whole Gabi almost abortion thing and he felt close to Sami and there was a closeness from her side, too, so he took her flowers, obviously to pikc up on that and see if they could give things another try between them. He had no way of knowing EJ would be there and is now Sami’s boss. I can’t blame Rafe for being taken aback. But can blame EJ for acting like a pompous arrogant idiot. I posted above that Rafe knows what EJ is up to. EJ doesn’t play fair, he manipulates to get what he wants. When Rafe won Sami, he did it with no tricks. Plain and simple two people falling in love. I don’t want Ejami to happen but if it does, it would be refreshing to see EJ win her on his own merit with no manipulating or tricks.

    I didn’t like the receptionist at the clinic. How rule happy was she?! When dealing with the public in such a sensitive circumstance as an abortion clinic, exceptions to rules have to be made. Will should have told her he was the baby daddy, of course, but even not knowing that, the receptionist should have gone to Gabi and asked her if it was ok if her friend came in.

  42. From MAB

    Some see it one way, some see it another. Rafe will continue to stalk Sami just so he can try to come between her & EJ, that is until he finds someone else to sniff around like Carrie, then he won’t give Sami second thought. And it’s obvious Sami has it for EJ, with the full display she gave during their conversation in her office when he told her he was her new boss.

    No evidence of any plot against Rafe, and at this point, who cares either way. EJ will do what he has to to keep Rafe from Sami, and I don’t blame him since Rafe can’t seem to leave her alone or badmouth EJ every chance he gets. But it is Rafe who dug his own grave this time around where Sami is concerned. EJ wasn’t the cause of the current break up…that was all Rafe and his lies. Maybe if he’d stop spending so much time being obsessed w/ EJ and trying to keep his children from him, then maybe he & Sami would be together right now. But that no longer matters…what matters is EJami is on the horizon, and I can’t wait!

  43. From Keri

    Sorry if this has been brought up before but are Dan and Jen biological cousins? Either way I’ve had enough of them monopolizing the screen!

  44. From Kat

    Refreshing to see Will stepping up, He is the Father of the baby..
    Nick’s re-actions at the beginning were normal, yes he assumed that Chad might be the Father, and why not, Gaby used to be crazy for him..
    but Nick also cooled, once he learned the truth.. so I am giving him the benefit of the doubt… for now….
    Kristin couldn’t plans things any better…
    LOL, Marlena just keeps handing “gifts” to her. Poor shrink, she is going a bit over board, but again, great SL finally for Doc and John…
    That’s what We wanted, better SL’s.. now we are getting them, and they are giving Us plenty to talk about.

    Poor Rafe, all upset about Sami and EJ working in the same office…LOL
    He should be, flashing back to times when Him and Carrie worked in the same office, yep Rafe, things do happen in an office, you have every right to “sweat” it…

    Let’s face it, The Heart wants, what the Heart wants…in the end,
    Nobody, no manipulations, or whatever,
    can make anybody feel Love, if it is NOT there.
    Momentary excitement, a bit of lust, yes, but in the End, Love has to be Love..

    and in the Endgame, I hope what Sami will feel for EJ is true Love and she knows it, and is sure of it, the same goes for EJ. That’s what I want,.. sure in the meantime we will have some game playing,
    some manipulations by EJ, etc. what else is new in the game/war for “Love”… it’s been going on for like forever..
    It gives us something to watch and talk about…
    it’s a story…
    Eric, good point, somebody mentioned that there might be more to the eye about him being a priest… Leave it to a Soap, to have more going on than meets the eye….

    Dr. Dan, I am almost sure in my mind, that yes, at first, for the big Drama effect, the Cure will not work for his hands….
    he will have to save Jenn on the island…
    more blame by all around that Jenn “Talked” him into something..blah, blah,
    but after all the drama, accusations, you name it, have played out…. wow, miracle, the Hands are working again,, that’s the way soaps play….
    But in the Meantime, Dr. Dan.. YOU made the decision … so live with it and stand up for it. Don’t blame it on anybody else…just like you made the decision to lie for Nicole, you did…

    MAB, well I am wondering also now, who could be the Big Return,
    Philip, maybe even Bo… never know….Melanie, why not, Stefano’s son Peter/Kristin’s brother…
    however different actor of course, competition for Dr. Dan.
    What about Chelsea, Nick’s former girlfriend ..
    Max for Abby…

    Whatever happened to Julie’s son David….
    What about Dr. Laura Horton…or Dr. Bill Horton, I would love to see him back at he “Horton” Hospital and back in the Horton House.
    We need a Patriarch…back in the House and in the Hospital.
    Dr. Mike Horton…. specially if Carrie came back, .. Mike/Rafe/Carrie….
    I had another good one, but darn, it went right out of my head..maybe it will come back.

    Stefano and Kate, let’s have a nice romance and get those two back together, Mr. and Mrs. Claus for the Holidays.

  45. From patty

    Spoilers have it that EJ arranges a menacing plot to distract Rafe from Sami. It also says that as much as Sami enjoys working with EJ(promoting lipstick!!) she is still pulled towards Rafe. Hmmm! And here EJ is doing all this for nothing. As Nicole will tell EJ, Sami will always love Rafe and not him. He doesn’t seem to get that through his thick skull but then again he doesn’t mind being second best.

  46. From SandyGram

    Episode November 28th:
    All the posts about today’s episode are great. But as most of you know I have to go with Marlena and Rafe being the only ones with sense enough and their eyes wide open to know just how conniving and manipulative the DiMera siblings are.

    Marlena is a victim, a victim of Kristen’s past evil deeds. Like a mama Lion she is going to do whatever it takes to protect her family even if it makes her acting ditzy. Her actions have been no less what the DiMera’s have always done to her and her family to create havoc and destruction. This was so apparent in today’s scenes with Marlena, Kristen and Brady. It wasn’t in what Kristen said because for sure she was playing it up for Brady, it was in the looks she gave Marlena. When Kristen is on the screen her body language and facial expressions tell more than her words do. Those sneers, jeers and quirky little ‘I got you’ smiles directed at only Marlena speak volumes.

    I’m a little confused how Rafe can be viewed as a stalker. I’m with jolie, patty and Linda on this one (37, 39, 40, 41, 45). It isn’t Rafe’s sister that set up her brother as Boss over the fair maiden Samantha so he could consume her time and run her lively hood. Nope for me, the Dimera siblings are acting their same normal selves, cunning, conniving, manipulative selves all to make Sami available to EJ. And there doing a mighty fine job doing so!! Just look at the advice EJ gave Chad….typical DiMera….Revenge is the only way to go!

    I may be feeling a little leery about Nick. His emotions changed so radically today, but understandable. And I was so glad to see Will step up and tell Nick he was the baby’s father. I just wish Will had also told Nick he would be telling Sonny as soon as he could. I hope the writers keep up this pace in telling this story. I wonder once Chad and EJ find out Gabi is pregnant will they back off of their Revenge plot since they know what stress can do to a pregnancy.

  47. From Linda

    From #44, “The heart wants what the heart wants”.

    Ah, but what the heart wants, if under false pretenses, can quickly turn to what the heart wantED . . . . past tense. A lesson EJ hasn’t learned yet!

  48. From bobby

    I think Nick was more hurt than mad. Gabi keeps saying she loves him and it’s the best relationship she’s ever had, and never turned to Nick for understanding about her decision. I know it was her and Will’s decision, but Nick just felt left out. I like the fact that Sami is going to find out what it’s like to have baby secrets kept from her for a change. Kristen/Marlena story-time waster for me. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree with John and Brady. When Kristen doesn’t work out is Brady he going after Marlena? Kristen is making such a fool out of all 3 of them. Almost takes the fun out of her game because they are so easy to minipulate. Will Stephano jump in and kidnap Marlena again after Kristen drives a wedge between her and John?

  49. From Mandi

    Episode wed 28th
    I really like Kristen and I am not completely convinced she is out to get Marlena, she used to be a good person when she was on the first time then turned looney. I would like her to be with John and although the age difference is gross I would like to see her with someone other than John just to prove that maybe she’s not out to get Doc. I would like the tables to turn and have John be the jealous one and maybe that will cause a rift between him and Marlena. That will not necisarily be Kristens fault but it will be entertaining.
    I really loved the Rafe dream scene today it was hilarious compaired to what actually happened. I love Sami and EJ together they are great and he actually loves her for her not who he wants her to be like Rafe. He should have left with Carrie imo. Too bad he couldn’t even have been with Nicole she needs someone to keep her on the straight and narrow after loosing her baby.
    I would like also to see Stephano and Kate back together as much as I dislike Kate her stephano were a great fit. They stuck together til Ian came along but they were really sweet together.

  50. From MsBoulderCO

    #35, remember when Don Craig went up to the attic and never returned? Maybe that’s what they will do with Bo and we’ll never see him.

    Also, as far as the whole Gabi/Nick thing, I say the baby will be born and need a blood transfusion, or it will be like Mickey and Mike and come out when he/she, the baby is all grown up.

    Last but not least, Kristen is playing it up and making Marlena look crazy but she really does want John. I also see Stefano’s hand in this cause he always has had a fascination with Marlena.

  51. From SandyGram

    #50 MSBoulderCO

    I think that was Tommy Horton Jr. that went up the stairs in the Horton house and Don Craig went out to mail a letter….both never returned.

    I did read a spoiler that, after Caroline has returned, Hope makes a comment about Bo going to pick up Ciara from school. But that’s all. So it seems like that would happen in the next couple of days since Caroline is due back on screen tomorrow I believe. TPTB have been really closed mouth on hope exactly Bo does leave .

  52. From gerri

    Patty,SandyGram,Jolie,and Linda,
    I see things just like you guys do,
    EJ has had to used trickery,ond scheming to try to rope Sami In,and I don’t see where any of it has worked,very short term only.
    I enjoyed these past 3 days,with Sami/Rafe coming together for Gabi,but I agree If Sami can’t make up her mind,which one she’s wants,please give Rafe a relationship with someone else,and leave Sami alone,to be miserable for these quickies with EJ She has to learn at some point that there is so much more,in a relationship than Physical attraction..

  53. From Leah

    # 44 Kat…. good point about Rafe being concerned about Ejami working together. Yes of course he expects the worst. Rafe and Carrie are meant to be saints and yet look at what developed between them when they started working together. But yet again… Rafe said it out of his own mouth to Sami recently “For some reason you can’t be trusted around EJ.” You got it in a nutshell Rafe. Time for you to then take the hint and move on. You have been fighting this Ejami train ever since Sami came into your life. Pre relationship, relationship, pre marriage, marriage AND NOW post marriage/divorce.
    I hated the scenes yesterday…. Rafe really needs to get over himself and his big ego. He really does love throwing his weight around. Oh how it must have hurt his ego to see EJ there and to hear second hand Ejami are working together. Yep seen the traits in him again yesterday that turn so many of us off his character. The smug, self righteous, big headed ego, bully. Rafe Sami doesn’t owe you any explanation. She is a grown SINGLE woman and can do what she wants. Must hurt you Rafe to see Sami standing on her own two feet and making her own decisions. Rafe has always exploited and loved Sami feeling needy, weak and dependant upon him. It feeds his ego and makes him feel superior and needed. Rafe time for a change… you really need to close the Sami door and go open another!

  54. From Leah

    EJ and Sami lines and scene beginning of October…..
    EJ: All is fair in love and war.
    Sami slightly smiled and said: What is it this time?
    EJ and Sami understand each other and are two of a kind. Both have gone to extreme measures to win the love of their lives at the time. Some of you may not like it but its a fact. Thats why Ejami deserve each other. Why oh why you would want Saint Rafe with someone like Sami who is so his mismatch and opposite is beyond me. You can’t have a selective memory of EJs deeds and not Samis. Go Ejami and Ejami family. Go Rafe… find another woman who better suits you. Emily would be a good place to start Days writers I reckon :)

  55. From Lisa

    Im kinda liking Kristen and Brady since the John/Kristen/Marlena storyline is kinda been done in the past and it was done brilliantly and time to move on.
    My question is didn’t everybody in Salem think Kristen died in the pool but it was actually Susan’s pretty sister Penelope and Kristen was living with Marlena pretending to be Susan and Susan was the one who got Kristen kidnapped and held prisoner in Saudia Arabia? But Im 99.9% sure the town of Salem thought Kristen was died in 1998

  56. From Lisa

    Didn’t the town of Salem think Kristen died in the pool but it was actually Susan’s pretty sister Penelope???
    And Kristen was living with Marlena pretending to be Susan and Susan ended up having Kristen kidnapped in 1998 and then Eileen Davidson left the show but 99.9% sure Salem thought Kristen had died

  57. From bobby

    #50 Ms BoulderCo-Kristen isn’t going to get John back if she boinks his son Brady. Can’t see where that would score points with John and make him go rushing back into her arms. And, PLEASE-don’t let her end up pregnant!! No sense in Rafe getting another woman-Sami would only get jealous and realize she wants him back.She loves having 2 men fighting over her. E.J. and Rafe should both dump her and teach her a lesson.

  58. From patty

    Leah, nobody ever says EJ and Sami don’t deserve each other, what most people believe is that they don’t belong together because of the horrible things he did to her and everybody else. And it is only an assuption that Rafe fans want him with Sami, most want way better for him. Sami is the one who wants Rafe and still loves him. Rafe showed his disaproval at her being in EJ’s orbit again because he cares for her and he knows what EJ is up to and what he is capable of, as do the rest of Salem. If Sami goes the Demira road again, it is only a matter of time for the girl to be reduced to a shadow of her former self by threats and manipulations and jump to EJ’s bidding out of fear. Nicole was better equipped to deal with that, Sami is not. What EJ feels for Samanther is not love, it is an obssession to control and own her. Now Rafe might roar and grumble but nobody is terrified of him or fear him like they do EJ. He protects people he cares about, EJ destroys them. That is why EJ turns so many of us off.

  59. From patty

    bobby, so true. Sami needs to grow up, make up her mind and stop playing with men’s feelings. Whoever she ends up with, it will not feel real at this point because of her going back and forth for over a year now. A strong independant woman she is not.
    As for Kristen, I think her agenda is to destroy John’s family.

  60. From Mandi

    #58 Patty I respectfully disagree I don’t see Sami ever fearing ej or needing to do so. They have both done awful things to each other in the past but if they can get past it they could be great together. I see Sami pushed around and belittled by Rafe, Making her feel not worthy of him in the least in the meantime he’s the biggest hypocrite of them all. What he did with Carrie is not acceptable in the least bit and Sami shouldn’t have to feel if she doesn’t live by his guidelines that she will lose him. She can be herself with EJ :) and he loves her for it. I have not seen him try to control her he lets her be herself.
    I would really like Lucas find someone though because at this point I’m not really sure why he is still in town, but I’m having a hard time thinking of someone to go with him. I would like to see Nicole and Rage together though I thought they were great together even if they were not romantically together. Thought it was rude of Rafe to be tolerant of Nicole when he is not so much of Sami.

  61. From Linda

    Some on this site seem to want EJami at all cost. I would like to see a cleanly won romance, not manipulation. But so far EJ has only been capable of the latter, and it appears from spoilers that he will be at it once again.

  62. From bobby

    #60 Mandi-Again-apple doesn’t fall far from tree. Stepheno has always been obsessed with Marlena, and E.J. has always been obsessed with her daughter Sami. What perfume do these two wear? Unforgettable? Obsession? Sami shoule practice the old-fool me once-shame on you——-!

  63. From Cougar

    Kat #44 No onw enjoys seeing Stepheno & Kate together more than I but Mr & Mrs Clause? Oh honey you got the spelling wrong it must be Clause with a W as in Mr & Mrs Claws. After all they are both naughty as well as nice! LOL

  64. From patty

    bobby, exactly! Sami has plenty to fear from EJ and the Demiras, to put herself and her children back into this situation would be ludicrous. That is what the ones who care about her try to warn her against but like you said, shame on her for making the same mistakes over and over.
    Mandi , Sami must not feel belittled by Rafe since she’s the one still wanting him. Speaking of rage, have you ever seen EJ lose it? Now ,that is scary and out of control rage. Nicole still looks like a scared rabbit everytime she runs into him and I have a feeling she doesn’t scare easily.

  65. From Shani

    Did somebody really say they’ve never seen EJ control Sami??!! He does it all the time & he’s about to start doing it again!!

    63 Cougar love your post!!

  66. From Maryl

    I would love to see EJ and Sami reunite without the schemes, but it doesn’t seem to be what the writers want. I’m not sure where TPTB are going with EJ and Sami this time around. I hope Sami and EJ will realize that they love one another. EJ already knows–Sami hasn’t awaken to that fact–yet.

    It’s time for EJ’s and Sami’s story to be told–one way or another. The fact that Rafe is still trying to hang on to Sami, seems to fuel her idea of this “love” for him–but the question with Sami (being Sami) is–does she truly love him or is she just in “love” with the idea of loving him–her knight in shining armor–the kind of man she should want and the kind of man her family approves of?? I see this as being the case with Sami and Rafe because of the one thing that happened–the night she had to seek EJ out to help handle her grief and despair. She turned to EJ rather than Rafe. She still doesn’t understand why she did that! I can’t fault EJ for fighting for her because he knows deep down inside–Sami loves him. Being a DiMera, EJ will do whatever it takes to reunite his family. I just hope he doesn’t get too stupid in his attempts to win her over. Please writers make things between EJ and Sami finally work.

    I read a Podcast interview with Alison Sweeney and she expressed her feeling about her SL’s with EJ and Rafe. She stated that she believes Sami and EJ would have the most interesting SL as a couple because of the DiMera/Brady history. Rafe, on the other hand, she stated was her childhood fantasy of a knight in shining armor, but she believes the best SL would be with EJ. I agree 100% with Alison!

    The Gabi pregnancy SL doesn’t excite me much. It appears that Days is trying to cram abortion, gay rights and gay relationships into one SL. Maybe it will get better.

    All I can say about the Kristian /Marlena story is —poor, poor Marlena.

    Rafe didn’t score points with me when he burst into the clinic, displaying his macho man personality–making demands and using his “cop” profession as a threat to get his way. He is in many ways a Neanderthal. After his tirade, he calmed down and won a few points for being understanding of Gabi’s predicament.

    Jury is out on Nicole and Eric–time will tell. This could get good. Just hope Nicole is out of EJ’s life for good.

    It’ time for Hope to get a great SL, so come on writers, put Hope back on the screen and let her shine once again. I have always liked Hope, but lately the writers have not done much for her character! Sure wish they would bring Patrick Lockhart (Brody Hutzler) back for her. I thought the two were great together.

    No comment on Dr. Feelgood and Jenn. I guess because I could care less about their story! lol. Not the actors’ fault—just the SL.

  67. From patty

    I agree about the Daniel and Jen storyline. It is a lot of repetitious dialogue and nothing gets accomplished. Jen and Maggie have turned into nagging shrews who stick their noses in people’s business and I never seen Jen go through all that trouble to help Jack when he was seeking help for his PTSD . Daniel is being pimped daily and has them all knocking on his door to either apologize or tell him how wonderful he is. Really??? Dr Boink Patients on his Desk Jonas? Ewww!

  68. From SandyGram

    In a Darrin Brooks (Max) twitter message he says “To Days or Not to Days”….could this mean Max is returning to Days. And could that mean then that Chelsea would follow? I could see this happening they could come to help Caroline run the Pub and just in time for Bo’s finally disappearance. Right now according to the spoilers as Caroline returns today, someone asks where’s Bo and Hope says picking up Ciara….but we will never see him!

  69. From jolie

    #38 MAB, poor Marlena hurled all her training and advice that she dispenses like Band Aids as far as she could out the window when Kristen showed up. I can see that it was traumatic but we are grown women here. Yo Marlena! Gather up yourself and put on your big girl drawers. Time to stand up straight!

    And I think I have figured Tee out. Tee is short for TEA with Elvis. OK, I have been sick and might be running a fever but I think TEE is getting her spoilers from Elvis over tea. And she has been so very careful to hide it! Busted gal!

    #39 Patty, I don’t think Rafe was stalking but rather like you said, saying thanks. Sami did a little double take when Elvis plopped right down later and said (just like Rafe anticipated) that they’d of course need to work thru dinner. I thought it was weird that we went from a scene in which Gabi was very upset to Gabi helping Sami with the kids…or again, maybe I was running a fever and was just mistaken on that point. I’d like to see Rafe and Sami as friends if that is all they will be. Sami will need someone to lean on because Elvis will rejoin Fatha and Kristen has her own agenda. Sami may need someone’s help in the future who’ll not be afraid to help her. Rafe will be that guy. I just hope he is smarter than Lucas to be drug back into her drama and bed. Be done with it and get on with friendship.

    Sandygram, good post, my friend. Marlena and Rafe have felt that dog bite and remember how it feels. I think Kristen is getting away with a lot right now but sooner or later, perhaps she’ll slip and fall back in it. I can’t wait for that. And Kristen and Brady…not looking forward to THAT! Not sure Chad or Elvis will have any feelings what so ever as to stress on Gabi due to pregnancy but we can hope they’ll remember what they have been thru. Chad, bless his heart, needs to get a life. He is such a cute guy and has a lot going for him. Still wish Kate had taken more interest in him and became his Mama-figure while Stefano is out of town doing whatever he is doing. Looked to be sitting in a small old ramshackle café drinking grappa.

    #47 Linda, you nailed that one squarely. I don’t understand why Elvis is still doing backhanded things to keep himself in Sami’s orbit rather than just be the man he should be to put himself there. Of course it is in the writing and they are writing true to his character. Just difficult to understand his motivation at times. Does Elvis give a fig for CW or lipstick? No, but he’ll make Sami work late with him and arrange it so. He’ll allow Kristen to bow out and take her place as Sami’s boss. Again, sort of deceitful and I thought their relationship was supposed to go in slow and be true this time. I am not sure that I am buying it.

    #48 Bobby, I think Sami’s head will spin like the exorcist when she finds out she is a grandma. That ain’t going to be a pretty scene! And you are right about how easily Kristen has had it with John, Brady and Marlena. Good point to that Stefano might put a new chapter in on his old obsession and snatch up Marlena. Kate would kill him.

  70. From jolie

    Maryl and Patty, couldn’t agree more on the DR Dan and Jenn story. That boat has sailed for me. It appears to be going no where and few have bought tickets to see where it ends.

  71. From Kat

    63 Cougar,
    you have a point.. ha, ha.
    I took my cue from a spoiler,
    that It’s Christmas and SANTA Stefano is full of surprises….
    so in the spirit of wishful thinking, and it’s Christmas, I gave Santa Stefano a Wife, thus
    Mr.and Mrs. Claus… That’s all,

    Maryl, didn’t Patrick Lockhart end up in jail…
    I would like to See Dr. Dick Baker come back for Hope.. To me, there was chemistry, or am I the Only one..

    I really don’t care, just how EJ and Sami get back together, as long as it is mutual love. All is fair in love and war, at least it used to be, now we have rules of engagement. Ha, Ha..
    it’s like a board game, relax out there, I am having fun.

    Again, I am watching soaps, for being outrageous, a bit unreal of course,
    complex and being able to get under viewers skin….what would we talk about if everything was so perfect….
    Look at Kristin, driving our perfect Doc up the wall, I love watching it, now that is entertainment in a delicious way, in a fictional town of Salem, where all is possible…..
    Adult Fairy tales, with witches, bad Kings..good prines… fairy princess, white knight, black knight,
    well, no 7 dwarfs… the village inn.
    Fairy Godmothers..(Maggie), and at Christmas Mr. and Mrs. Clause/Claws whichever…LOL

    And guess what, now that I am an Adult, no more nightmares from the fairy tales,
    oh I forgot the big bad wolf … Like Vic, that married the fairy Godmother….

  72. From jolie

    #71 Kat, to the contrary, Dr Dick has a slew of fans here! I too have always advocated that we see him back with Hope as a good place to start. I loved them together. Brought out an edgier Hope. And she was so beautiful dressed like a sleepwalking kitty burglar! So sign me on for those 2 together.

    Also loved the comment of Big Bad Wolf (Victor) marrying the Fairy Godmother (Mags). That is one to give you pause..paws.

  73. From SandyGram

    #72 jolie
    I too love Dr. Baker. It should be about time he got out of prison he was only their for buying the supplies for Hope to set fire to Bo and at the time he didn’t know what she was using them for (if I remember correctly). Much less of a crime than either Nicole or Nick’s and their already out, of course Nicole’s was not because of good behavior but blackmail.

  74. From MAB

    Kristen is so sly! I loved the looks she was giving Marlena. Twas funny! It is obvious now that Kristen is playing Marlena. But there are those of you who sympathize w/ Marlena, and I wonder why? Kristen’s agenda is working out just as she planned, but that is because Marlena is allowing it to happen. I feel no sympathy for Marlena. She isn’t a victim, she’s playing the victim. Again, there is no reason why Marlena can’t handle Kristen. She’s handled Stefano before, and he is way more diabolical than Kristen could ever be. If Marlena keeps playing Kristen’s games, she will continue to be the fool. Wise up Doc!

    Writers, please, give Rafe something to do other than bullying & ranting at everyone! It’s getting SO tiresome to watch. Where does he get off asking Sami why didn’t she tell him EJ was her boss now? What a joke! She owes him zilch! He is no longer her husband, and frankly it’s none of his business! He’s just pissed because he walked in there and got a surprise, EJ! HA! And what does Rafe do? He proceeds to lurk around to grill Sami, instead of letting people do their job, and blame everyone else in the room because things didn’t go his way. Oh well, Rafe, the world doesn’t evolve around you. I guess he thought he was just gonna waltz in there yesterday and Sami was just gonna fall into his arms. Well that didn’t happen, did it, and why? Because Sami has changed. She is finally concentrating on what is important. She has a real job, one she actually goes to (unlike Rafe), and children to take care of. She has more important things to do than to worry about what rampage Rafe is on that day. She is no longer his puppet, or the wimp he once turned her into. She doesn’t need him anymore. It’s obvious her feelings for him aren’t the same. She no longer sees him in the same light, or as her hero, and the fact is, Rafe is responsible for all that. He ruined whatever he had w/ Sami on his own, no one else to blame but himself. And by the actions between them yesterday, it certainly seems as if it is Rafe who wants Sami, not the other way around. I’d like to know where some get their information that Sami wants & loves Rafe. Sami has given no indication since their last fallout that she still has those feelings for him. Sami acts different around him now. I don’t think she loves him like she thought she did.

    Good for EJ, I hope he does plan something, anything to distract Rafe from Sami. Someone needs to do something. Rafe is annoying, and needs to get a life! Of course, it still remains to be seen what this so-called “menacing” plot turns out to be, that is even if it comes to fruition. As usual, most spoilers are usually misleading &/or biased.

    Who cares who Sami’s boss is! Sami has a mind of her own, and can make her own decisions, as she made that abundantly clear to Rafe yesterday. And when & where is EJ running Sami’s lively hood? She comes & goes as she pleases, is finally doing something productive (her job), and raising her children. Sounds like she’s running her life to me. EJ isn’t up her wazoo 24/7 like Rafe has been, and that is a form of stalking! Rafe totally ignored her for months, then as soon as Carrie left town, and he found out Sami was getting close to EJ again, he stuck his nose back into her life. He’s so desperate & obsessed w/ Sami & EJ it’s pathetic. He’s an egomaniac who can’t stand the thought of a woman choosing another man over him. Well, it looks like that’s gonna happen sooner than later!!! Also, there is nothing wrong w/ EJ wanting to be around her. She already knows how he feels, so it’s up to her what transpires between them now.

    Fact – EJ never said revenge is the only way to go. There is an operative word that is missing from that statement. He said “sometimes”. See how just one work makes a difference???

    Kat – since they’re calling it a big return, I don’t see it as just being anyone. A big return for me means someone who will impact the show tremendously, and I don’t see Carrie, Melanie, Chelsea, Max doing that. I think it would be more of a major character like Bo, Philip, Shawn.

    I’ve seen time & time again where Rafe fans have blatantly said they want Rafe w/ Sami. No denying it when it’s written in black & white, but as soon as Sami leans towards EJ, they start playing the “I want better for him” card. That’s just flip-flopping. You either want them together or you don’t. This is just a soap opera, not rocket science. I’ve always wanted EJ & Sami together, always will, no matter what the cost, and nothing will ever change my mind. I don’t deny it, and I don’t care how it happens. I just know that it is gonna happen for real this time, and I can’t wait! Of course how it happens remains to be seen. I don’t rely on the spoilers, as they aren’t very accurate. I will let it play out on screen, because that is the only true way of knowing for sure. But regardless of what is or isn’t done, I believe Sami has always loved EJ, even when she hated him, and that love will soon surface again. It’s inevitable.

    Mandi – good post! EJ & Sami will be great together, they always have been. Rafe is the one who has always bullied her, and turned her into a shadow of her former self…that self in which seems like she’s getting back to now, finally. Rafe is definitely the biggest hypocrite of them all. He thinks he does no wrong, and makes excuses for it.

  75. From MAB

    Maryl – just the point I was trying to make. I don’t think Sami feels the same for Rafe anymore. She’s acting different around him since their last fallout. I’m not saying she hates him, I just think she don’t see him the same way anymore. I think she thought he was her hero, and her family would accept her for being w/ him. Now that he’s none of that to her anymore, I think she is looking at things more realistically. That’s why I think this time around for her & EJ will be the real thing. Yes, there may be schemes, but we’ll just have to see how it plays out. These 2 aren’t perfect, and I wouldn’t expect them to be, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have true love, and finally be together w/o any reservations. Oh, and about the interview w/ Ali, well she knows Sami better than anyone, and she is absolutely right about her relationships w/ EJ & Rafe. No doubt EJami would have the most interesting SL, like a lot of us have been saying forever!

    Hmm, I wouldn’t mind seeing Max return, run the pub, and get involved w/ Abby (the way things happened in the beginning for them). I for one can do w/o Chelsea.

    jolie – “Yo Marlena! Gather up yourself and put on your big girl drawers” – that statement is hilarious, and so true!

    I know Rafe went to thank Sami. And I didn’t think that was stalking. I’m not talking about one incident here, I’m talking about how he’s been since Carrie left. And what is EJ doing other than becoming her new boss??? And this is the first time EJ asked her to work late. Some tend to forget this is the same man her sent her home just days before to be w/ her kids.

    Kat – ditto, it doesn’t matter how EJami get back together, as long as their love is mutual, and it looks like it’s gonna be!

  76. From jolie

    #73 Sandygram, I am ashamed to say that I would have bought those supplies for Hope to set fire to Bo when he was with Carly myself but that is another woeful tale so I’ll just keep that to myself and let our poor misunderstood Dr Dick take the heat. And at the time that Nicole got out of jail, blackmail was good behavior for her…I am just kidding. I love my Nic!

  77. From patty

    If Sami loves EJ she sure has a funny way of showing it. Besides a makeout session in the last year and working on lipsticks and powder puffs together, they’ve had no romantic interactions whatsoever. Now nobody was standing in their way but she chose Rafe over him so that tells me the obvious, she prefers Rafe. Now if Rafe was smart, he would walk away from her for good but spoilers indicate even though she’s working along side EJ , her thoughts are on Rafe. Rafe may not like that she’s working with EJ but he’s not stalking, obssessing over her and is not trying to trick his way into her life, never did and never will. That is EJ’s style and it usually doesn’t work.
    Sami is not a self sufficient, independant woman, she’s holding on to her job by the seat of her pants and has nearly ran it into the ground. Everybody else is taking care of her kids and her men do the rest. Now she wants Rafe to need her, need her for what? So she can keep stringing him along, that’s what. Meanwhile, EJ will keep plotting to hold on to her, how pathetic.

  78. From Kat

    74 MAB, well said, I totally agree with you.
    Trying to think who could be big enough, to return….well I mentioned Bo and Philip..
    What about Lawrence Alamain…he is after all John’s adopted Brother, and that could lead to Carly, Melanie and maybe Nicholas’ return.
    All in the family..
    72 jolie, I have always had a soft spot for Dr. Dan, he could turn into a real great character if the writers would do it right..

    Is Nicole really done with Dr.Dan and Jenn? Her actions and looks today, made me wonder, what is she up to now.

    When you look at the whole history,
    Nicole has done sooooo many more Bad Things in her time in Salem
    than Kristin ever could. Her crime was
    she wanted John, used a baby bump, and tried to get rid of Marlena.
    She ended up in a Harem, what punishment..
    Need we count all the things Nicole has done,she never stopped, not just one crime, over and over crimes.
    So IMO, they are going a bit over board with this Marlena thing, it’s been so many years, as Elvis is old.
    Marlena is acting, as if She is the only Victim that lives in Salem.. The city is full of them, the good, the bad and the whatever, are committing crimes every day against each other…
    Father Eric should give Kristin the same consideration that He is so willing to give Nicole, specially since it looks like Nicole is the bigger monster here…
    Just MO, nobody has to agree with me, ever….

  79. From Maryl

    Kat, you are right–Patrick did go to jail. He sort of turned himself over to the law because of the feelings that he had for Hope. That’s when our EJ was being a bad bad boy to please fatha and Patrick and him were in cahoots to bring down Bo–I think, not sure anymore. I agree that Dr. Dick Baker could be a good candidate for Hope also. There are a lot of possibilites, so writers start pushing that pen. Just please don’t make Hope a busy body with no life. Give her an exciting new life!!

    MAB, I’m on board with you–give us EJ and Sami in love with each other and reunite them as a family!! Whatever it takes for that to happen–I know the writers can figure out the right way to do this!

  80. From Shani

    Another great episode today & one of my favorite parts was how Abigail handled Nicole. You go, girl! & now with her apologies out of the way, Nicole’s scouting out again what the situation might be between Dr. Dan & Jen. That’s our Nicole!

    Marlena is so right about Kristen. Now get yourself together, Marlena, and get ‘er good! I’m just sorry Brady is going to get sucked in by Kristen.

    Do you suppose Daniel will have a delayed cure after his shot & that he will perform surgery on Jennifer without any tremors?

  81. From Kat

    I have said several times now,
    that Dr. Dan will have a delayed cure….Of course we have to go through all the hoopla thinking that the Shot did Not work.
    We need all that Drama first, all the accusations etc. and then,
    all of a sudden, bingo, the Hands are working again.
    That’s how it works in soapland,
    to have an instant cure/results would be to boring.
    Shani, hope I am right..
    Maryl, it’s funny how many things we forget
    So far I have not seen any big/bad things done by EJ to Sami..
    but I constantly read things about him and what he is doing, or more like What He Might be doing…
    Let Sami have closure on all the Rafe/Lucas stuff, take a deep breath and then slowly open herself up to exploring her feelings/or not for EJ, once and for all, without interruptions.
    Let Her Heart rule…

  82. From Cindy

    KAT: Didn’t Carly kill Lawrence? Isn’t that why Vivian was out to get her? Of course, being dead never stopped anyone from coming back to Salem. Maybe the final episode will reveal that they are all dead just like on Lost.

  83. From MAB

    There’s just no way some can watch this show everyday in it’s entirety, because otherwise all the romantic interactions between EJ & Sami that have been happening for quite some time now wouldn’t have been missed. She supported him during the time he was being framed for Stefano’s death, was caught in the explosion together, went into hiding together…then all the time he lived across the hall and them spending time together…all of those times included plenty of romance, and not hopping in the bed together like she does/did w/ Rafe & Lucas. You can love someone w/o jumping their bones every 5 minutes. And the only reason I believe she chose Rafe this last time was because she felt guilty for cheating on him (w/ EJ nonetheless), and wanted to make it up to him…and he was the safe choice, a choice that would appease everyone else. During all this, she never once told EJ she didn’t love him, or want to be w/ him either. But she knows what heartache everyone would give her by choosing EJ. She can’t even be in the same room w/ EJ w/o someone, notably Rafe, accusing her of doing something. And that is what she needs to do – stop trying get everyone’s approval. I’m just so glad she made it very clear to Rafe that she can make her own decisions. She doesn’t need him anymore running her life like he did throughout their entire marriage. Oh, and working women everywhere have to have someone else to take care of their kids so they can work to support them, especially when you have deadbeat men out there who can’t hold a job. Which is why Sami had to go to work in the first place (and another thing Rafe wanted to control). Rafe couldn’t hold a job because he couldn’t follow the rules.

  84. From Leah

    # 60 Mandi COMPLETELY agree. The only thing Sami has truly FEARED with EJ is her feelings for him. Sami even recently admitted what we fans have known for a very long time…. She has continually tried to deny, hide, ignore and suppress these feelings for EJ. It hasn’t worked and this is why when the going gets tough EJ and Sami (in spite of everything) turn to each other and are there for each other.
    Lucas had long known it… Lucas to Sami “I think your afraid. I think deep down your afraid Sami that something on the inside of you has EJs initials on it.”
    Lucas to Sami “Sami when are you going to tell EJ the man that you love that your again pregnant with his child?”
    Lucas to Sami “There you go again acting like the jealous wife (when she and EJ were married) and thats twice in the short space of time since I’ve been back here.”
    Lucas to Sami “You and EJ have unresolved feelings towards each other. I only gotta mention his name and you fall to pieces.”
    Then of course we have Rafe… Rafe to Sami “When EJ married Nicole today did you wish it was you marrying him instead of Nicole?” To which Sami answered “Yes!”
    Then theres the recent Rafe line to Sami “For some reason you cannot be trusted around him (EJ). If you know something sooner or later he’s going to know about it. You just can’t help yourself.”
    Of course then we have lots of great lines about Ejami from Stefano, Kate, John, Marlena, William, Nicole, Brady, Hope, Chloe etc etc. So while some of you other fanbases wanna stick your head in the sand and deny it, it seems all the characters in Salem know SAMI HAS A THING FOR EJ!About time it was played out I reckon.
    As for Rafe…. for you Safe fans who think he deserves better. Bring on Emily I say :)

  85. From Leah

    I reckon the young Alamain should have stayed along with his mother Carly. I reckon he would have been a good match for Abigail. Another missed opportunity by Days.

  86. From Clear

    Interesting posts here that are better than the show. Not much to invest in on the soap because the good guys seldom ever win, no one is ever happy completely, and there is never justice– much less loose ends tied up. I may be better off with a good book. I find the Kristen torturing Marlena and getting with Brady distasteful to say the least. I hope Marlena gets her in jail, but she is a conniving Dimera getting away with everything. Do NOT like it.

    Not Jenn’s against Nicole again! Move on Nicole. The other baby daddy thing with Gabi is sad, but couldn’t they once show how she can marry Nick whom she loves, and let them be happy. First though truth about paternity needs to come out for all the baby’s family too.

  87. From Blaze.

    #83 Kat: “So far I have not seen any big/bad things done by EJ to Sami.” Does that include the whole rape thing?! :\
    #83 MAB: “especially when you have deadbeat men out there who can’t hold a job. Which is why Sami had to go to work in the first place.” It’s been pointed out numerous times that Rafe has no children of his own. Is it Rafe’s responsibility to support EJ and Lucas’s children? Shouldn’t EJ and Lucas be paying Child Support through the wazoo?
    And, doesn’t Sami live in one of EJ’s apartments rent free? She needs to budget her money a little better!!
    Fantastic Day All!! :)

  88. From Blaze.

    OOPS, Sorry Kat!! I meant #81!! :)

  89. From jolie

    Not really complaining because normally when I see Ejami or EJ/Sami/Rafe in the same sentence, I don’t read much further which probably leaves me out of a lot on this post but we keep seeing the same old arguements about the same old stuff. I know some of you have some really valuable thoughts about something other than Rafe vs EJ topped with a dose of Sami. Sorry but I have been away due to illness and the same old same old when I got back. Again, not downing anyone but some of it could have been written last week, last month,last year and was. So please don’t take offense just use that imagination and energy for something new.

    It was great to see Nicole really laugh when Eric offered her the job for the church. Yes, it is a bad idea but she really and truly laughed.

    I know many of us are really really tired of Dr Dan and Jenn but his nicely toned abs surely did look nice today without his shirt. Yes, a bit orange in the torso but so nicely turned…go Dr Feelgood.

    Maggie seems to be taking a page from Marlena’s handbook and going off the deep end. And there is one thing that is very consistent about Dr Dan and the women in his life…he has no control over any of them and they all act nutsy at times. Must be that he is absorbing too much Vitamin C from his orange skin. Mags jumping all over Jennifer, who’d have ever predicted that one?? About a week ago Mags was encouraging them and now she wants Jenn to butt out.

    Could the big reveal be that Stefano is bringing someone back with him when he comes? Maybe Dr Rolf? I am sure they have a few notebooks of projects they have not completed.

    Where is Tee? I still think she is off having TEA with Elvis.

  90. From Kat

    83 Blaze, I know this comment would come back to bite me.
    what I was trying to say, NOW in this current SL, EJ has done nothing to Sami that I can see…

    Not going back over all the years, the rape… the shooting in the head, etc. etc. whatever…
    EJ and Sami have forgiven each other for all these things, so why can’t We move on as well.
    Yes Rafe did not have children of His Own, but he sure did his very best always to deny the real Father His children.
    But he still lost his job, and Sami needed to go to work.
    EJ and Lucas, I am sure, Never ever did deny to support their children..
    So maybe, EJ and Lucas indirectly also supported Rafe when he lost his jobs.

    88 jolie, as long as there is an EJ/Sami and Rafe, people on here will write about it, and so will you, you just did.
    No offense, but those characters make the story…

    82 Cindy, yes Lawrence got “killed” by Carly, but like you said, is anybody ever really dead in Salem..

    83, 84 MAB and Leah,
    again spot on… I so agree.

    Just saw this blind man on the street, and He told me… even I can see, that EJ and Sami belong together, I can feel the energy between those two…
    I gave him a buck, and told him, I will make sure, that he gets invited to the wedding of the century, when EJ and Sami finally get it right….

    Dr. Love/Dan is soooooooooo orange, it is not even funny anymore.
    All that spray tanning, isn’t it also risky for cancer….
    It looks like most of the cast is sprayed anymore, some more than others, but Dan….yak

    P.S. Jolie, hope you are feeling better again….

  91. From SandyGram

    Episode November 29th:
    What a great laugh Nicole has….we need more of that in our characters….not all doom and gloom….or trickery. She must have had her 5 inch heels on today as she towered over Father Eric. And gosh I hate to ring my own bell, but in an earlier post I did mention living near Eric in the Rectory, but I sure didn’t think it would be the Convent. Great apologies all around today from Nicole. First to Abby, but only to find out if Jenn and Dr. Dan were together. Then to Dr. Dan, more to find out how connected he has become to Jenn. Although, she did seem sincere as well as conniving. Then ‘There’s Maud’….oops wrong show, then there was Mom bringing her son Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies (one of my specialties by the way); and ‘Who should appear’….no, no, the wrong story again….just the ‘Ghost of Christmas Past’….sorry just Kristen with that ‘Oh’ so look of innocents breaking into Marlena’s space once again and without the decency to tell the good Father she’d come back later.

    Caroline looked great. Happy, Happy all around and as she mentioned, even with the treatment she is still having memory losses just not as frequent. At first I thought she didn’t remember Eric, but it was only a moment. That and seeing Eric as a Priest, combined with reading Nicole’s story in the newspaper seem to intensify her feeling of guilt for changing Parker’s DNA test? Suppose it’s just providing the back story for Chloe’s return in January.

    Enough already of Maggie and Jenn and now adding Nickie back into the fold, as Sami said yesterday to Rafe “I’m a grown woman and I can make my own decisions”….so should Daniel make that perfectly clear to these 3 Musketeers. “He’s a man and he can make his own decisions”. Oh right, he has, but it fell on deaf ears.

    Brady, Brady, Brady…..getting slowly pulled into the Black Widows Web…..enough said!

  92. From SandyGram

    #88 jolie
    Nice post….you mentioned there being an illness surely hope everything is OK with you and your family.

    I like the pace at which the show is going and we seem to be seeing more interaction between all the characters and all the families. In the 38 minutes of story time a day, we either see only a smidgeon or some of the characters aren’t seen as frequently as we would like, but all in all it’s the right pace for me.

  93. From Tee

    Hello everyone!!

    I have missed chatting here over last week or so, I have been sick.Doing much better now.

    Mabon the rumored return it is Darin Brooks who played Max Brady.
    It is still in talks no final decision yet…though I am sure he will.
    Jj will also grace Salem next year as well as I reported months ago.

    Most of the stuff they have keep very secret like no one knew Nancy would be back until she started taping(Patrika Darbo)

    One thing I want to clear up is EJ does not scheme he meerly makes a comment saying he wishes Kristen could distract Rafe,Kristen will claim she has enough going on right now and that ends that.Same as when spoilers had EJ gonna plot Daniels demise and umm he did nothing to Daniel in fact he thanked him for saving his sons life,though he said never to do it again.We are gonna see EJ struggle with his old and new self, if we did not it would seem more fake he has somewhat changed. He has manipulated no one to get Sami, least not her.If Sami falls for him, then she does, no one can force that.
    So let me give a little spec to ya all on Rafe and why he is still in Samis orbit
    Nick tells Gabi tomorrow that he wants to raise this baby, she tells him it is Wills and Sami and Kates grandbaby as well and he says Will, is not gonna be supportive and bets he never even offered to be there for her,which we all know he did he convinces Gabi who says she will see what Will thinks.Will hesitates and does not really want to do it, in end he will allow it for Gabi.
    So heres how it will probably go down.Sami is gonna help plan this wedding, meanwhile Gabi is hiding her grandchild from her and Rafe will find out the truth and not tell Sami, or back Gabi and her decision based off Will being gay which is bs if he does, and that will be the final nail in the coffin add that to Chad telling Sonny what Gabi really did and what secrets she hides, the whole town will find out eventually.I can imagine a very mad Maggie,Dan, and Jennifer,Abby, AND so on.

    Sami does not know what EJ had on Rafe and she will find out that and the true paternity, which will spell OVER for SAFE for good.The writings on the wall, Sami told him the truth about Gabi, and he is still going to lie.

    Some interesting wedding info there will be a stunt double there, fighting is gonna happen.
    Gay meets straight as the Hayes said.Sonny and Will are gonna bust in and sto the wedding Sonny will reveal Gabis secrets, Will is gonna claim his child and sami and Salem will go nuts lol. My predictions.

    This triangle will not completely be laid to rest until the truth comes out, mark my words.

    Ejami was said to be lock stock and barrel but this is not in terms of right yet, there are things to settle first. No one wants them being thrown together yet, and they wont be it wll be as James Scott said a slow build because of their past. I believe Corday,Scott and Sweeney on this one.

    If Ej acted like a fluffy marshmallow he would be out of character he is gonna thing of plots and schemes but he has never done any recently that spoilers said he will do.The show puts out info to people they share it, it gives us all conversation.As you then watch your screen you see it is not always exactly how it says.For example spoilers said Bo and Caroline return but yet where is Bo?
    EJ’s conversation with Chad as spoiled was not same as what really happened it was part of it a small piece in a puzzle dont mean the spoiler is wrong it means all puzzles pieces are not there to see clear picture always.Chad was upset and says he cannot move on until he gets revenge and EJ said sometimes revenge is the best medicine,Chad goes on and o about his need for revenge and how he is tired of Gabi, EJ tells him to do something about it if he feels that way.
    Whatever Chad does is on him, though neither know she is pregnant, and nothing is gonna happen to her baby at least not as far out as January when the truth is revealed.Past what has been taped we dont know what the plans are,

    All writing on days is by current writers and they are using their own writing.That has been made very clear by the old writers who had official letters drawn saying that and lets say they were being associated with current story lines and when ratings were bad and they threatened lawsuit over what they thought was sludging their name.Other then to say that I will say no more but the new writers took over after daysaster I believe but not sure exact date and old writers stories are not being used. I will add I odnt believe the person the letter was written to sludged their name or blamed them for anything and with that I will end that conversation.

    Blaze #86 I do believe EJ provided Sami a hone free of charge fully furnished and all as you said so seem he does make sure they are provided for.Why should Sami sit on her butt anyway if she can work?Men are not responsible for 100% of all her and the kids needs it is 50/50.
    Lucas does have visitation with Allie, as does EJ gets his kids I believe it is 1 day on and 1 off or something to that arrangement like.

    Sami was dependant on Rafe and did not work because he did not want her to as he has stated over and over again in past.

    Why is anyone still debating something that was done 22 writers or so ago?The characters are over it so I am as the audience.

    Kristen so sly she is I wonder if she really will love Brady in the end?My guess is yes.It may be too late as I see John being a tad jealous over their relationship in the future.

    Leah#84 Great posts wanna add these recent ones as well.

    . Rafe: You know the only reason EJ is here is to be close to you. Sami bangs her desk and gets up: You know what, I have had it! I don’t care what EJ’s agenda is. I am a grown woman and I can make decisions on my own, I’ll have you know. I don’t appreciate the implication that I cannot handle a working relationship with EJ if I choose. Rafe : hmm, I hear you. EJ always seems to get what he wants. .Rafe: And with you it is only a matter of time. rafe: You can deny it all you want, but you are only kidding yourself.

    Oh seems Rafe knows in due time Sami will be EJs seems he also tells Sami EJ is working with her to get her and Sami says she does not care it is her choice if it is gonna be business or not.Yep nips that in the bud for ya Rafe.Sami is not dumb and as she said her choice, if anything happens no manipulations can make her do anything she dont want to.Since when does she owe him any explanation anyway they are over she owes him no explanations nor does she need to tell him who she works for, and he does go back and stal her again because he catches her and EJ is a moment.

  94. From SandyGram

    #92 Tee
    One question…don’t you think Kristen stepping aside and putting EJ into her position at Countess Wilhelmina so he can be in Samantha’s orbit all day, or should I say as many hours necessary to get the product out, is scheming? Could he not on his own merit say call her on the phone or knock on her door and ask her out for a date. No it takes him to be in her sight and close to her all day.

  95. From patty

    So what you’re saying Tee is Sami dumps Rafe for good over something Gabi does and then falls into EJ’s arms because he and his family do no wrong? I’m also wondering if this idea that Rafe will know Will is the baby’s father and doesn’t tell Sami, is that something you’ve assumed or is that a spoiler? It does get hard to defferenciate what is just your speculations or actual spoilers from your post.
    If you don’t like people debating something that happened 22 writers ago, why do you bring it up? Insisting that Sami didn’t work because Rafe didn’t want her to is not going to make it true. It is not. Sami didn’t work most of her life because she didn’t have any skills and couldn’t keep jobs.

  96. From Kat

    Wow if Kristin stepping aside and letting EJ be Samis boss is scheming, I am all for it. What’s wrong with that… it’s still up to Sami, no matter what EJ does, if she will have feelings of true love in her heart for the man.
    I have worked with a man in the office, just him and I for 23 years, and believe me, nothing in this world could make me care about him, yak, even though he tried LOL…

    Tee, welcome back, I think the same way, EJ and Sami will happen, and they will happen in the right way.
    Rafe will fade away in Sami’s life, bit by bit..maybe some kind of friendship will remain, or not.

    I also think that Kristin right now, might be using Brady, but once she realizes she really fell for him, it might be to late.
    In the meantime I am so enjoying the ride, give me their Lust, etc.
    and Marlena’s agony, and John’s just “Maybe” little bit of jealousy… So delicious…

    Ladies enjoy this forbidden pleasure of a soap, don’t take it to serious, I am enjoying the wicked Romance novels on TV, don’t buy the books, why would I, have it on DOOL, and after that,
    I have my regular life, with true blue people
    like my family, my friends etc.
    DOOL does not “Run” my life, it is just a distraction and entertainment..LOL

    But I am sure, so many of you feel the same way about this Life in Salem, as I do…Entertainment…

  97. From Tee

    This is the spoiler people are taking and saying Sami wants Rafe with

    Sami and EJ enjoy working together, but Sami is pulled towards Rafe

    Now if they read on that could many things since this also happens
    Rafe is speaking with Eric when Gabi announcess she is gonna marry Nick, Rafe decides to ask Sami to help change her mind.

    They will be pulled together for this baby drama story but it does not say she loves Rafe it is vague and pulled could mean anything
    I could see it as Rafe waling in on a moment between EJAMI, he uses Gabis nuptial plans to be around Sami by asking her to get involved and talk to Gabi pulling Sami back in.Time will tell what pulled means butin no way does it say she loves,chooses or wants Rafe more.

    To also add to the fact Sami supposedly ran the company in ground actually Kristen lied, even EJ said he already signed and submitted all that but Kristen needed a way to get her to EJ and to take over CW. She needed to show EJ she could send Sami to see him so she said EJ never signed and he really did.

    I could really wanna sit and read a book,which I enjoy but be pulled to do dishes or something else at the time.

    Pulled became thoughts,love etc crazy how one word can change a meaning sometimes.

    Rafe is so indecisive hmmm seems he is all for the marriage then decides he needs Sami to talk sense into Gabi lol

    I have said for so long Gabi has show nno remorse and it seems she will pay eventually. I am happy her secrets will come out,and I cannot believe she is all gung ho to keep Will, who has been nothing but suportive from being this childs father.I dislike her more for that until she shows redemption one day I guess.Will even offered to marry her, though he is in love with Sonny.He offered to quit school and work to support her anything it takes.

  98. From Tee

    NO kristen was going to step down anyway, he never asked her to do it for him she volunteered. also Sami will not be with EJ unless she wants to be, being around her more is not gonna make her want him unless she already does. You cannot make someone love you,want to be with you or any of that.In the end she must chose that as she told Rafe it is her chose, and she is capableof making it herself, as to what kind of relationship they have.She is aware he may have done it to be close to her and she answered with who cares I make the decision on if it is business or not.As Leah posted above he told her before all is fair in love and war. She is aware how EJ operates and she even told Rafe that before.If EJ made Rafe disappear then yes that would be very unfair and perhaps manipulating because he is removing that option. He has not removed Rafe, and she can make her own decision.
    We are talking about Sami here not Mary Poppins, she is the master of manipulation herself and will also not stop to scheme and put herself in a mans orbit to get him if she thins she can. Perhaps Sami is aware she cant call kettle because she is just lie him, they can each anticipate each others moves so well in that.Sami has stated over and over she has no problem with EJ operating on these types of schemes as she would as well.Recall when she told Rafe EJ will be plotting his next move on getting her and she could go spend time with him and help Rafe.

    Sami says to Ej you are being so nice to me. EJ says well all’s fair in love and war. Sami says what is it this time? He says I think you know. I love you. I have always loved you and I always will.

    Sami says I know you love me I just have to figure out. EJ says yo uhave to figure out how you feel about me. She says I just need to figure things out.

    Sami never said she dont love or want to be with him only she needed to figure that out, she chose Rafe after E blackmailed Rafe and she even told Ej how she was herself with him and only him, she was very dissapointed and hurt.

    Before that it was her trying to see who she wanted and those conversations took place last month.

    We may not seeit the same Sandy that is fine I only wonder when Rafe draws Sami in to “help” with Gabi will you also say he is scheming to spend time with her I wonder or will it be any different since it is Rafe?

    Sandy I dont feel it is because 1 Kristen made that decision and was going to do it any way.So who else would be over Sami if not Kristen, or EJ?Sami as she said doesn ot care why EJ did it she can make the chose herself if anything happens or not.She also is and always has been aware how he operates as she told Rafe before EJ must be plotting how to get her back right then and there and she could help Rafe get information.
    Sami cannot call the kettle because she is just like EJ and would do the same thing if need be.She has many times before.That is the beauty she knows what he is gonna do and expects it as does he her.
    She asked him not to kidnap, clone or lie to her and he has not.Even when she asked him about his true intentions of coming to CW with her He said lets just say it benefits both me and Kristen.He admitted his blackmail as well and told her he did it because he wanted to win her over.He made no excuses.He told Sami and she is aware as well that he is most likely working at CW To be close to her.She did not deny that to Rafe and she is fine with it because it is her chose what happens.You cannot make someone love you, or be with you.
    Remember this
    Sami says to Ej you are being so nice to me. EJ says well all’s fair in love and war. Sami says what is it this time? He says I think you know. I love you. I have always loved you and I always will.
    Sami says I know you love me I just have to figure out. EJ says yo uhave to figure out how you feel about me. She says I just need to figure things out.

    She never said then she chose Rafe, she said over and over she needed to figure itout as Will made her promise to make a decision and stick with it that was last month.
    She chose Rafe after she learned Ej blackmailed him, though she did not know with what, and her conversation with EJ said it all

    Sami chose Rafe here,but doesnot deny her choice was different either.

    EJ: Samantha we were starting something together.
    Sami: I was making a mistake, a mistake I made before
    EJ:A mistake! You were not
    Sami: I was being me with you, I was not playing games with you. She is tearing up. The same games when someone hurts me or when I am scared, I was not doing any of that I was being me.
    EJ:They are in each others face now,
    And it was wonderful.
    Sami crying , I was trusting you
    EJ:Samantha it felt incredible, it felt wonderful and it was real. Sami: But you weren’t being real with me.After many touches, longing glances, and tears
    Sami: you tell me you love me, but those are empty words, because you are empty. Rafe knows what real love is, I belong with him. I am going to be with him.
    EJ: I see what you are doing here You are pitting me against Rafe. Darkness against light. Because it is easier. Because it is safer. Because it is expected. You may even like the fact, that he is claiming paternity of another woman’s child. Gives him an edge doesn’t it. He is a liar and he will be caught
    ej Pulls Sami in to him she does not pull away and he tells her he did it to have her but Rafe is lying to take another mans child and urges her to ask him and see if he would honestly admit his lies to her.Sami does ask Rafe over and over and over.

    So see she did not chose Rafe out of love it was because she was hurt EJ did that and thought he threatened Gabis safety, after she told and believed in him that he was changing.

    I guess Rafe could have even been her second chose because EJ blackmailed him so Sami chose him then.Because he thretened Gabis safety so she believed which actually was not the case as she will find out soon.
    That writing is on the wall
    Sami will not understand at first EJ’s reaction to her helping Gabi with the wedding, and so she will wonder why he has that reaction and will eventually find out why along with why Sonny has the same reaction.Perhaps that will fix that one for her in the end who knows, they are obviously addressing it for a reason.

    We may not agree Sandy it is fine, but I do ask when Rafe decides to pull Sami in to “help” Convince gabi will you feel he is also trying to do what EJ is being accused of.Me I could care less if he asks Sami because in the end it is her choice, if she spends time with Rafe and what she does or does not do as Well as EJ.

  99. From Tee

    PATTY~ My posts clearly say over and over it is my speculations
    So heres how it will probably go down.

    My predictions

    Those are key words telling you it is what I think will happen it does not say spoiler.As I usually say when it is.
    The only spoiler in there is about the stunt coordinator for the wedding episode and I separate that fro the rest by space

    As far as saying I brought up something from 22 writers ago actually I did not another poster said Ej raped Sami and so I responded by saying I am not gonna judge a character based off something 22 writers or so ago and that the characters moved on therefore I as a part of the audience have. I dont care who debates what That is just my opinion on it, I dont and have not condemned Jack on the rape he committed years back I was a big Jack/Jen fan,I dont condemn Sami either.It was eons ago on this soap and done by many writers ago. I look for redemption on this show, and as I posted before I seen that in EJ and he and Sami discussed it a long time ago and both moved away from that.I dont harp on Marlena being possessed either.

    Most of Salem did not go to college especially the older crowd, does it really matter who does or does not.They only go to college when it is convenient for the show ie they need a lawyer on show, or doctor or need them off screen.

    I do believe Rafe has told Sami many times he did not want her to work, I recall specifically when he lost his job and she went to work he tried stopping her.So yes I remember that very well.

    It is once again my speculation, opinion on what will happen and yes some of that is based off things I have been told and came to the conclusion on but it is not a spoiler but my opinion, to be clear again as my post says This is what I think will happen, or In my opinion or that’s what I think mean it is my thoughts on it.
    I would have said SPOILERS below especially to something that big.You are perhaps wondering because a lot of times I give my spec and it is indeed what happens, but perhaps sometimes I do not share all spoilers because it causes issues on the board and some still will spin it their way and not believe anyway.I am not saying all as alot of people appreciate spoilers I bring and knowledge of stuff, I am not saying you do Patty I am just speaking in general.
    For example I have said I cant count how many times, Rafe is gonna be paired with a different person and SAFE WAS temporary and still people harp on how Sami and Rafe are gonna be together.The producer and actors say EJAMi is coming and some think that is just not so but they play the part and produce the show.So when I see things get crazy to avoid conflict I dont spoil for a bit, or I just spoil minimal.

    Some spoilers below I know and perhaps are out there already
    Spoilers below
    Sonny will find out its Will’s baby, he will also know the truth about Gabis other secrets.
    The wedding will be filled with Drama
    Sami is gonna blow her top, and feel betrayed as she is gonna be helping Gabi plan this wedding, and Rafe will ask her to help talk to Gabi.
    This wedding will have drama and fights galore.
    The truth will come out.

    Now why I based my opinion saying I think either Rafe will back Gabi in keeping this baby;s paternity from Sami, the grandmother after she bends over backwards for Gabi and even gives her Something important well, Sami has been truthful with Rafe they are making it clear, they could have made the slate even by Sami keeping Gabis pregnancy from Rafe so to speak(though I feel it was Gabis business to tell), but they had her tell Rafe.So I think Rafe may either find out the true paternity and not tell Sami, or back Gabis decision based off crap IMO. As I said above the writings on the wall In my opinion.

    Hope that clears that up

  100. From Clear

    Rafe seemed fine till he saw Sami and EJ together. Then instead of fighting for her he just acted out in jealous green!

    Not liking Kristen torturing Marlena and John and Brady being stupid men!

    Also, no more Jenn against Nicole please!

  101. From Kat

    Tee, you are a nice lady, but trust me, you will never get through to some, they are locked in, and it does not matter what the facts are. People will believe what they want to believe,
    I will not try to change anybody’s mind, only give my Opinions as I see it…and let everybody else believe what they want.
    However having said that, I really do appreciate all the time and effort you put into your blogs, to let us know what is coming up. Thank you for that.
    There is a blind dislike for EJ, that will never change, and Rafe
    of course can never do wrong.
    So what else is new, nothing, same old same old, just like jolie said…

  102. From Tee

    Sandy~My #97 I thought did not go through, so I wrote it up again and it seems it posted in same post sorry.

  103. From Tee

    Thank you and so very true as well, I sometimes love to bring in facts and give the actual text to show what is a fact as to show my point.Some do forget facts sometimes, perhaps I have forgotten some of them over time but never deliberately, usually it is if it has been so many years ago but As I have done before I will go back and watch again when possible to check what happened. I sometimes enjoy those trips down memory lane, it has made me see differently about so many things I may have liked or not liked on the show.I love this blog even when we dont all agree, and I love reading your insights Kat as well as every ones else’s

    As this so called triangle will go on a bit more until a real decison has been made we will all debate it I am sure and hope we all remain respectful while we do it, I am thinking the debates will get a tad more stronger here soon as EJAMI have more interactions.They are playing it right by not immediately throwing her in EJ’s arms, It will be a slow burn, has been going on for what since the old writers started bringing them closer so very slow burn. Fans of both sides should be sated a bit since she will spend time with both and has been lately,even if not exactly romantically.
    In the end though some will not be happy but as I say this is a soap and what lasts forever even Marlena and John are facing battles again. We do at least know Marlena and John are end game so it has always seemed.

  104. From Leah

    Don’t know where my other post disappeared to but basically this is what I said in a nutshell….
    I don’t get fans who fight for Safe. I mean one minute its all Safe, Safe, Safe. Next minute its Rafe deserves better and then the admission Ejami are two of a kind and deserve each other. So which is it? Safe? Rafe deserves better? Or Ejami are two of a kind and deserve each other? Talk about ducking and weaving….

  105. From Lissa

    I think Nick is still a nutjob. He has shown symptoms that he is not as changed as he would like to think he is. Sure he acts all doting and concerned in the honeymoon phase of his and Gabi’s relationship but he has shown signs of being controlling and aggressive as well. Hate that they are going to have Will pretend he is not the Father and get them married so that he has no claim to his child if born while she is married to Nick. Everyone would get over the initial shock and accept it but oh no Nick can’t so there you go. Only child Will may ever have(which I know it will come out sooner or later but there is enough drama just having a kid with a gay guy IMO) Nick is a manipulator and Gabi is in for it with him. He will be using that child for his own agenda in the future and making sure Will is disrespected and kept away from the kid. I would bet on that.

  106. From Maryl

    I did not get the impression that EJ was scheming to take over CW. It was all Kristen’s decision. As a matter of fact, Kristen had to sell EJ on the idea. He didn’t respond to the offer immediately. He thought about it and was going to decline the offer because of his feelings toward Stefano, but when he considered Sami, he naturally chose to do it. He looked at a picture of Sami and the kids and said, “For her, I can do this.” I do think he was glad of the opportunity to be around Sami, but I think he also thought about taking Kristen’s and Stefano’s reins off Sami.

    Can’t blame EJ for wanting to be around Sami–he loves her, so why wouldn’t he want to be close to her. He did nothing wrong in accepting Kristen’s offer and if he does things in an attempt to impress Sami and tries to win her over–I say more power to him! Rafe, on the other hand, is using his caveman mentality around Sami. Will this kind of behavior be what Sami chooses and wants in her life—I guess we will soon find out. Sami needs to wake up and realize that Rafe and her just don’t see eye to eye and never will. They have tried and failed because of their conflicting personalites.

  107. From Linda

    Been on here a short time but my observation is that everyone is pretty open-minded and fair about all the characters on the show, except the EJ fans will vehemently “fight to the death”, so to speak, to defend the indefensable where he is concerned, and at least one or two people have something negative about Rafe in almost all of their writings. I don’t understand that, because to me it’s pretty cut and dried that EJ is a bad guy who goes to extremes to scheme and get what he wants regardless of the consequences to anyone else. But to each his own favorites on the show.

    As far as Rafe, he knows EJ through and through like a movie he’s seen 30 times, and went through his own Hell at the hands of EJ, and he knows instinctively what EJ is currently up to. Rafe cares about Sami and tries to give her a heads-up. Usually she doesn’t listen. Taking advice has never been her forte. But I did notice yesterday she paused for just a moment when EJ said they would have to work late, possibly reflecting on the fact that just a few minutes before, Rafe had told her that would happen.

    #104 I have misgivings about Nick too and about him and Gabi getting married. But with spoilers outlining drama connected with the wedding, maybe they won’t be married after all.

  108. From patty

    Good post Linda! I for one will never be convinced that EJ is a changed and stand up guy. To say EJ doesn’t scheme is like saying fish don’t swim. The facts are that EJ raped and kidnapped and cloned…etc so if one wants to go by facts, those are it whether they happened yesterday or 10 years ago.

  109. From jolie

    Thanks friends for the well wishes. My family and I have dealt with a flu type virus. It is rough and is running thru the state of SC and others nearby. We all had a flu shot in mid October so this is not included in the vaccine. Take care of yourself and if you can get Tamiflu early enough, go for it. It was too late for me so I am still coughing and carrying on just awful! TEE, hope you are feeling so much better as well.

    #90 Sandygram, the thing I noticed about Marlena’s cookies were that she likely bought them at the bakery. Reckon she has ever baked a cookie in her life? Of course she spent lots of time floating over beds, locked in basements, being Queen of the Night. Difficult to hone those baking skills with that on your plate.

    Caroline indeed looked good and it was exciting as a homecoming. Confusing on Bo. Where’s Tee?? Is Bo really gone for good?

    Why do we still have Nicole sneaking around in Jennifer and Dr Dan’s business? Why should she be concerned? I am sure there is an end to all of this and it can’t come soon enough for me.
    I am just so ready to get past all this Rafe/Sami/Elvis drama. It has ceased to be the best part of the show for me. Sort of liking watching paint dry now. Sami is still the beautiful, vacuous-acting female at times. Elvis is still his self-assured, devious self and Rafe tries hard to be good and still do what he needs to do. None of them will ever please us all and certainly not on the same day. Is Elvis totally bad? No. Will he do something terrible again…most certainly. Is Rafe totally good, not entirely deceptive but tries too hard to be all to everyone. Sami tries to keep her men strung along with her helplessness at times, her deceptive tactics at times, her pure appeal at times. To continue to apply any other motivation and intention to what a character does than what the writers apply to the script on any day is just a waste of energy and imagination.

  110. From Linda

    I can already see the rebuttle coming my way so I should say Rafe went through his own Hell at the hands of EJ AND Stefano. But that doesn’t let EJ off the hook one bit!

  111. From jolie

    #106 Linda, very astute in your observations. Seems cut and dried but never that easy. I like all the characters but don’t like what they do at times. I don’t really understand the strong stands some posters take but respect them as long as all are respectful.

    I too have worries about Nick. I want him to do well out of prison but he is stepping off the deep end with Gabi and he seems to be trying to control the situation. That it will blow up and we’ll have a brawl or at least some large drama at the ‘wedding’…not surprising!

  112. From patty

    Jolie, hope you feel better soon. I also have a bad feeling about Nick and the way he is trying to manipulate the situation. I also have a bad feeling about Chad and his plans for revenge on Gabi. I like Nick and Gabi together but I hope he doesn’t turn into some kind of control freak again.
    I agree with you that the Rafe/Sami/ EJ triangle is getting old. I just wish they would make Sami stop toying with her men and give a chance for Rafe to find someone who deserves him. Just not looking forward to watching EJ fool Sami once again, that is not just old but it is sickening.
    If we can’t blame EJ for wanting to be around Sami because he loves her, why was it so wrong for Rafe to bring her flowers? Like someone said all is fair in love and war, even for the Hernendez.

  113. From Linda

    I agree with you, jolie, about the repetetive round and round on here about EJ/Sami/Rafe. And it surprises me to be going over the same ground about them all the time because there is so much more substance to Days than just them. Having said that, I have to say I agree with patty 111, pointing out once again the double standard put up for EJ and Rafe.

    Jolie your flu sounds horrible so hope you can shake it soon.

  114. From Maryl

    Can’t accept that a soap opera character with the help of writers could possibly change and redeem himself?? Is this not fiction we are watching?? Even in real life, however, it is possible for someone to change to the better and it’s something to be celebrated when it does happen. Should we now be so judgmental that even a fictional character whose history is no worse than his predecessors–all of them had committed similar things as EJ and they were supposed to be esteemed citizens of Salem. Rape, adultery, murder, kidnapping, deceit, manipulations,etc.–the list goes on. Read the history of Days’ characters from the beginning of the Horton and Brady clan and it will surprise you. Yet they were all washed of their crimes. EJ was controlled to think the way he does because unfortunately he was raised by Stefano. At least that is somewhat of a reason for his lifestyle. We can forgive Nicole, and Sami, but not EJ. They are quilty of crimes, manipulations just as bad as EJ’s. Yet we feel sorry for them and believe that they can change?

    The real problem with the Safe fans right now is that they still want Sami with Rafe. That’s why they keep stoking the notion that EJ will never change. Is this because they don’t want him to? Sami is the pick of the crop for Rafe? She is also a rapist, has tried to murder, has been an imposter, has kidnapped, manipulated things to serve herself, been deceitful and unfaithful. Yet she can change and be redeemed in Safe’s eyes–why?Just so she could be suitable and worthy of Rafe?

    IMO, that’s what is really bugging Safe fans–they say they don’t want Sami with Rafe, but turn right around and indicate the opposite.

  115. From Maryl

    patty, I never had a problem with Rafe bringing Sami flowers, but I do have to ask why would you Safe fans want him to since Sami is not good enough for him as some Safe fans have stated over and over?

  116. From SandyGram

    Tee….Thanks for the history lesson on the never ending saga of Sami, EJ and Rafe. I know you put in a lot of time and effort to bring the facts to this board. For me, it doesn’t negate the fact that although EJ think of it or didn’t plan it and EJ initially didn’t want to go along with it….for me, these are only excuses for his continued effort to put Sami in his close vicinity so he can further influence her, stroke her ego and consume her time. And that doesn’t mean Sami can’t make up her own mind, whether she makes good or bad decisions, they are hers to make. I have yet to see him have any relationship with Sami that isn’t tied to some scheme or manipulation of some kind. Yes even the night Sydney was conceived Sami went to bed with EJ freely and yes they made passionate love, although she would have never been in the DiMansion if it wasn’t for her agreeing to marry EJ to stop the vendetta against the Brady family. Actually this time I think Kristen has a lot to do with controlling the situation and EJ has fallen for her charms, like it appears other Salem men are beginning to do, under the heading of ‘she’s trying to help him get the woman he loves’ and in her assignment from Stefano to bring the family back together. So with that said, I’ll stick with my view and give him the benefit of the doubt when I think the writers have given me something to go on that it is through his own merit he has earned Sami’s love. And I’m more than ready to move forward and discuss what I see on the screen each day.

  117. From patty

    The problem here is that EJ hasn’t redeemed himself, he’s still playing the games, now with the help of his crazy sister. He hasn’t paid for any of his crimes and is still walking around putting on a facade so he can pull Sami in.
    Sami is the one who should make a choice here but as we all know, she’s not the shapest tool in the shed. No more than a month or so ago, she dumped EJ without a second glance, she was running all over town looking for Rafe to declare her love to him, dumbed him and now is sending mixed signals to both men. She probably won’t and I don’t really care if she doesn’t end up with Rafe but excuse me if I don’t buy the happily ever after EJami ending either. Let her become a Demira and watch his family destroy her family.
    Now that being said, I’m out of here, this is just a show and I do have a life outside of it. A nice weekend to all!

  118. From Maryl

    patty–EJ hasn’t redeemed himself yet–but we don’t know what’s in his future, do we??

    As far as EJ paying for his crimes, he may have not done time in jail, but emotionally he has paid a very high price over and over. So much despair at times that he tried to kill himself over losing Sami and his kids. Blame the “no time in jail” on the incompetency of the Salem PD. Rafe is incidentally one of them. So why doesn’t he bring him in? But then, he would have to bring in his sister Gabi, and Sami too–that would only be the right and fair thing to do?

  119. From MAB

    Blaze – I see I need to explain since you only pointed out part of my comments, and how you perceived them. My comment about deadbeat men was a general consensus of how the world is today. I never said Rafe was a deadbeat man, and he isn’t, he just couldn’t hold a job for breaking all the rules which is what prompted Sami to get a job. And I never said Rafe was responsible for supporting the Sami’s kids, but having a job & making money was still an issue because he still had responsibilities. He was still responsible for rent & bills, as it was his apt. Rafe got involved w/ Sami knowing she had children, and according to him, he wanted to help raise & support them, so in hindsight, Rafe was partly responsible for the support since they were married and living as a family. And it is well known that Sami, along w/ Rafe, refused support from EJ for a short period of time, even tho I believe EJ had to provide support to his children for the most part. In a nutshell, Sami had to work when Rafe lost his job, and being the egomaniac he is, he didn’t like. He felt like he should be making the money, while Sami stayed at home. Sami had children to support, so getting a job shouldn’t have been an issue between them, but Rafe made it one. That is when their troubles initially started.

    Funny how some rant about EJ’s so-called lack of support for his kids when Sami was w/ Rafe, but when it’s shown he’s providing said support by giving her a place to live for free, he’s called out on that too, and that he’s trying to control her. Well, Sami’s been in that apt for some time now, and not once has he tried to control her. Just another example of how some will use any situation to find EJ at fault.

    I liked when Eric told Nicole he liked her company. You can tell there’s still something there between them. I think I’m gonna enjoy their journey! Nicole has been wearing those same boots for several days now, and you can tell when she wears high heels because she towers over nearly everyone. I knew she was wearing heels the first time she went to see Eric at the church, how much taller she was. Then when she walked thru the Horton square, you could see she had high heel boots on. She usually wears flats for that very reason, but I guess she can’t wear flats all the time. She was rocking those boots! Also, I get Abby is mad at Nicole, and has a right to be, but she has no right to preach anything to Nicole, especially after the nasty comment she made, saying basically it would’ve been better if Nicole had killed herself. That was lower than low, and Abby can’t keep using Jack as an excuse for her unconscionable behavior. Grow up girl!

    OMG, Maggie get a grip! I’m still mad at Jen for how she treated Nicole, but geez, she doesn’t deserve this grief from Maggie. Again, Daniel is a big boy who can make his own decisions, as he has told his mother more than once. I kinda felt sorry for Jen when she asked Maggie if they were ok? Maggie said she loved her, but to stay out of Daniel’s life? Uh, wasn’t she just the one who was trying to push them back together, and encouraging him to tell Jen how he felt about her?

    I think someone mentioned how Eric talked to Kristen, and why isn’t he giving her the benefit of the doubt (like Nicole) that she’s changed. Well, I think he did just that yesterday, but at the same time, priest or not, Marlena is his mother, and I think he’s gonna stay in her corner no matter what. I thought it was sweet for Marlena to bring Eric his favorite cookies. I think having Eric back will be good for her, hopefully, and maybe the rest of the Brady clan. Of course, Marlena made another mistake yesterday. When Kristen walked in, she should’ve told her to get out, as she was visiting her son. But no she walks out instead, and once again was left playing Kristen’s games.

    Ok, Kristen is gonna admit to having feelings for Brady. Brady overhears, and I don’t see how she could know he was there, so is she being truthful about this? Must be, cause I don’t see where this is in anyway gonna help her plans to get John back.

    Ugh, Caroline & Roman talking about Nicole “pulling her old tricks again”, and saying how badly she treated Jen. I’m SO sick of hearing this, and how the Brady’s & Horton’s act so high & mighty! They just assume Nicole was all wrong & Jen was all right. Well, that wasn’t the case at all, but of course I’m sure that is the picture Hope portrayed for them, along w/ whatever they read in the paper. Also, none of them seem to care that she lost another child…how callous.

    Great posts Kat & Leah! We are almost always on the same page.

    Tee – glad you’re back, and that you’re feeling better! Missed your insights, and I’m glad how you have clarified some of these so-called spoilers about EJ. Some continue to spin it to make him look bad, when it remains to be seen what really happens. I’m glad you also see what I’m talking about when I mentioned Rafe stalking Sami. So it looks like Max is the big return. I don’t really call that a big return, but that’s just me. Maybe he’ll get involved w/ Abby again. Also, EJ & Chad’s convo about revenge, some are of course blaming EJ when all he said was “sometimes” revenge is best. What Chad does has nothing to do w/ EJ. Lastly, Rafe & Sami being involved in the baby SL together is not surprising, but is probably why EJ’s comment about distracting Rafe from Sami is being taken wrong, and automatically assumed by some that it means EJ will go after Rafe again. The way I see it is that if EJ is scheming to be around Sami by being her boss, then Rafe will be scheming to be around Sami by getting her to help w/ the Gabi situation.

    Kristen stepped aside at CW to fuel her own agenda. HER decision just made it accessible for EJ to step in and be close to Sami, but he didn’t ask her to do it, and even wrestled w/ taking the position, as it would mean talking to Stefano and working for him again. EJ said and I quote “I’m doing this for you”, as he looked at the family pic of him, Sami & the kids on his phone. And that is not scheming on EJ’s part! I guarantee those who knock EJ for this, would think it is ok if this was Rafe and he stepped in and worked w/ her to be around her. In the end, it is Sami’s decision what she does, and she has made that perfectly clear. It’s obvious EJ is taking things slow w/ Sami as to not push her into something she’ll regret later. I don’t see any reason he needs to push a relationship w/ her right now by asking her on a date. The right thing is happening here, for them to go slow and move forward. He doesn’t have to pursue her like a neanderthal, or constantly take her to bed. Their connection goes way deeper than that, w/ just a look or a touch. The build up is what’s gonna matter, and build into something special & real this time.

    Lissa – I think I might agree w/ you about Nick. He seems to be trying to control this baby drama, and I don’t like Will is gonna let it happen. He knows from experience what it is like to grow up being shuffled around between parents, and now he’s gonna allow someone else to raise his own child??? Will has been great w/ Gabi, but he needs to step up, take control, and not let Nick do it. And if Sonny really loves Will, he will not judge Will for sleeping w/ Gabi, or at least not blame the unborn child, and support Will in being a father.

    Maryl – bingo, Sami & Rafe will never have a successful relationship because of their conflicting personalities, and Rafe’s need to control her, compiled w/ the fact that EJami can’t seem to stay away from one another.

    I have a feeling I may be one of the people being referred to as having something negative to say about Rafe in all their writings. And if so, that is not true. I only point out the obvious where Rafe is concerned, and if it’s negative, there’s a reason for it. I also give him credit when he does good, but I don’t make things up, twist the facts, nor make assumptions about what he may or may not do. Nope, that task is left for those few who do this a daily basis to EJ, never give him the benefit of the doubt even when he deserves it. You wanna talk one or two have something negative in almost all of their writings, well that is reserved for the EJ haters.

    Rafe thinks he knows EJ through & through, but in reality, he only knows what he’s been told by the Brady’s, and what he’s experienced in the last couple of years. There is no evidence he knew of the DiMeras before showing up in the safe house. He hasn’t known EJ as long as Sami, nor the rest of Salem, and most of his hatred for EJ is because he’s always felt threatened by EJ. EJ & Sami are destined to be in each other’s orbit. He knew her first, she’s always been drawn to him, has 2 kids w/ him, and has a long history w/ him. They’ve been able to get past most of the bad, and still can & want to be around each other. And it looks like that is gonna continue, regardless of Rafe’s desperate attempts to weasel his way back into Sami’s life.

    Most of the hell Rafe went thru was at the hands of Stefano, not EJ. EJ did participate, but it was mostly Stefano’s doing, and would’ve still been whether EJ went along or not. Also, Rafe has NO clue what EJ is up to now, and what EJ is really up to remains to be seen. And if Rafe cares so much for Sami, he wouldn’t have ignored her for months while he was sniffing around Carrie.

    If EJ redeems himself, it will be when the writers want him to. But he’s never gonna be perfect, and doesn’t pretend to be, unlike Rafe. As long as he has Sami & the kids, and he has their love & respect, that is all EJ will care about.

  120. From Linda

    I rest my case! (chuckle) Have a great weekend. . . .

  121. From Maryl

    Gosh, Linda, some of us never get to rest our case because we have to constantly rectify all the misleading spin that gets thrown into the criticism of EJ DiMera. (chuckle)
    Lucky you for being able to rest your case.

  122. From Beth

    On Thursday’s episode, Hope says BO is picking up their daughter yet I cannot find ANYTHING about Bo returning on any spoiler site. Do anyone know what’s going on?

  123. From MAB

    Well I see we have another instigator on here…

  124. From MAB

    #121 Maryl – LOL…ditto!

  125. From Kat

    107 Linda, Your whole first sentence, read it twice, and I had to chuckle… good word Maryl.
    IMO… Total biased, again IMO…


    — removed content by admin—-
    I don’t mind, so I will keep on talking about them, because they are Front Burner Story…
    I know EJ is bad, Sami has been and can be very bad, I know all that,
    that’s whay I like to watch them, because they also have Good in them,
    they make the show,…
    All I get from Rafe.. is BORING…
    I Don’t dislike Rafe, he just does not do it for me…
    I leave all the Name Calling to SOME of the EJ Dislikers…If that makes them feel better, more power to it.
    And the dispute will go on and on, and that is what the writers want. One Of Their goals is, to get under the viewers skin, and wow are they succeeding, just read some of the posts and one can see, the writers are doing their job..

    Out of all 4 Soaps, Again, ending 11/19… TVSource Pulse Ballot Results…
    they are the NO. ONE SOAP COUPLE….

    Rafe and Safe, nowhere to be found on the Radar…

    Sami.. NO. ONE Actress
    EJ… NO Three this week, but he will be back
    The people have spoken, the majority out there love EJAMI….. Good or Bad

  126. From Blaze.

    #120 Linda: Heheheh!! And, right back at ya’!! :)

  127. From Blaze.

    #122 MAB: I thought you were talking about Maryl, but then I saw your #123!! :)

  128. From Kat

    118 Maryl, same as MAB, Ditto and more ditto

  129. From MAB

    It’s being reported that as of right now, there aren’t any plans for Peter Reckell’s return, so expect to only hear about and not actually see Bo.

  130. From MAB

    Kat – so true what you said about the complainers! But just like Maryl said, we have to continually refute those who find fault in everything EJ says or does, and never gives him credit. And that is & always will be the difference. If I post something negative about Rafe, it’s the truth, not something I assumed or maded up, but in the same breath I also give him credit when it is due.

    If I want to post about how much I adore EJ, want EJami together, be honest about Rafe, then that is exactly what I’ll do. No one has to like it, or agree w/ it. Say what you will, but it seems the complaints only come from those who despise EJ. Bottom line, the general consensus here is that if you don’t like it then don’t read it.

    If you have an issue with a post, contact admin. Please note that we allow ALL viewpoints, and if posters want to bash a specific character, they are allowed to do so. Either fanbase. ADMIN

  131. From Kat

    ——— content removed by admin———–

    We should be friends on here, no matter if we like Rafe or EJ or Sami or Nicole,
    but I always sense that edge be EJ dis likers that they not only dislike EJ but some of us EJ Likers… So silly IMO, it’s a show,
    nothing is personal, we should be able to discuss our dis- agreements, and then “go out after” and have a coffee or what ever,
    but somehow my senses always tell me different. If you don’t like Rafe, you are “OUT”… LOL,
    but that is the way I see it. Okey dokey….

    And Yes, I do think and believe very strongly, That We All have a Life, after we leave this site… LOL so silly

    Please be careful not not to call out fans for their posts. If you have an issue with a post, contact admin, note that we allow ALL viewpoints, and if posters want to hate a character all the time they can feel free. ADMIN

  132. From MAB

    #130 Kat – yes I absolutely agree 100%! I have to ask tho, what is the meaning of SCHADENFREUDE?

  133. From Kat

    129 MAB, I always knew, that there is a Reason, why I not only like your writings, but I have learned to respect you as well.
    It comes through in the way you write, you’re vision is 360, compared to some on here, only matter what.
    We know and have always know, that EJ is bad, big part because of his upbring by Stefano, but we enjoy him, the good/bad boy, because he has charisma, which Rafe is badly lacking….
    also He can be so sweet and loving, that it can knock your socks off,
    in plain english, He’s got IT, and Rafe does Not..
    The Polls prove it over and over again, EJ is the Man, Rafe is the Bore, and EJ and Sami make the world go round and it is High Time those Two will get put together, to give Fans the delight of the Century,
    Lord knows, we have been waiting patiently for like forever,
    so Rafe fans, when it happens, celebrate that this Evil Witch, etc. etc.all the things you have called Sami,
    will be FINALLY out of Rafe’s life.
    You guys should be happy, Rafe will be rid of her.
    Us EJami fans will finally get our delight, morning, afternoon and night, on the screen, watching EJ and his Samantha trying to make it work every day of their lives…ha, ha, but we also know, it will not last forever…
    nothing on soaps does,
    but we take what we can, and maybe just maybe, between ups and downs, they will last a long, long time.

    P.S. Writers please, let Rafe find Happiness with somebody, let him have His Own children,
    so he actually will have a life/family of his own, so he does not always feel so compelled to latch on to everybody else’s life/Children…I mean that…
    The man deserves a life …
    and so does Lucas.
    Give Lucas a Night Club, so the Elite/Adults have a place to go at night, hang out and gossip, whatever..
    Let Lucas/Rick…. be the guy, that knows all the secrets, is in the middle of intrigue, you name it…
    and please Dear Santa, Send Lucas/Rick a “Bacall” that loves only him, and maybe even sings at the club.

    Would love to hear Brady/Eric sing, he has a beautiful voice….

    I hope that Gaby’s secret will come out,
    in order for her to ever have a Nightmare free life, she needs to face what she did
    and then move on.
    We always know what the DiMera’s did… all out in the open,
    it’s Not their fault, that the Keystone Cops always mess everything up, in their Ueber Eagerness to get the DiMera’s, and ignore the rules….Wise up SPD/Brady’s.

    Grandson and I starting to decorate the CHRISTMAS tree, so much loving fun. God I am so grateful for what I have…and now with the Season upon us, bless All the bloggers on here, no matter what their opinions, in the end of the game, it does Not Matter at all…

  134. From KAT

    130 Kat’s .. my post
    Yes Admin, thank you for that,
    you allow All Viewpoints, and I gave mine, No harm meant at all.
    But if you think I meant Harm, I do apologize, of course they are free to “Dislike” anybody they want. I thought the Word “Hate” was sort of banned on here, if my memory serves me right.

    Again, my regrets to all, any and all of you are free to hate and love characters all you want….
    Again, thank you Admin. for tuning me in on all the rules. It does get confusing at times….

    Thank you! I don’t think the word hate is banned. I don’t see that in the guidelines but appreciate the sentiment a lot. Admin

  135. From Leah

    # 114 Maryl…. GREAT POST! 100% agree :)

    # 107 Linda…. to be fair I wanna ask you a question in reference to your observations.
    Do you have a favorite character on Days? Do you have a favourite or preferred couple pairing on Days? Reason I’m asking is because I am want to see and am presuming all these “observations” you are making are coming from an unbiased stand point. Look forward to seeing your response.
    My personal observation on your comment above…. I think EJ fans can admit and see clearly all of his and Samis faults. But we love them in spite of it. We know neither of them are not perfect and we like it that way and don’t expect or want them to be. The thing I don’t like about Rafe is his inability to ever admit he was wrong. He has NEVER apologised to EJ for the part he played in keeping his “supposed” daughter Grace away from him. At least Sami did and felt very remorseful. Even Sami has said Rafe likes throwing his weight around and making sure everyone hears his opinion. In Samis words to EJ… You know Rafe, he does like to do all the talking. Over and over again on here we see Ejami fans admitting their mistakes something Safe/Rafe fans don’t ever seem to do. Rafe can NEVER seem to do wrong. This rubs me the wrong way and I hate it. If you can find me a statement or two from a Safe/Rafe fan acknowledging his mistakes and shortcomings and what I’m saying isn’t true I’ll happy stand corrected :)
    As for EJ vs Rafe debate I’m with you. Even though I’m an Ejami fan through and through I get fed up with it too!

  136. From MAB

    Admin – I don’t have care if someone bashing another character, but in the same breath complain that I’m doing it. I’m not gonna be told by another poster what I’m allowed to say. You’ve said before yourself that if someone don’t like another’s view, they should just skip it, and that is all I said.

    I’m sorry if I missed that post. You can feel free to send it to me as I would like to ensure they know that the same thing. Admin

  137. From MAB

    #132 Kat – thank you, and I definitely respect you as well, and love reading your posts too.

  138. From Cindy

    It makes me sad that we are back where we were before. We had quiet a good run of talking about the show without attacking each other. Maybe if we try not to repeat ourselves, it will calm down a little. I think everyone has been very clear where they stand on EJ vs Rafe, so maybe if we only talk about what happens each day and not continue to churn up the past over and over again, it will help keep things civil. After all, this is the season of peace.

    April CubtedH to all! (that is my captcha today- haha)

  139. From Shani

    jolie get well!!

    107 Linda good post & good insight!

    Caroline with Dr. Dan today made me teary. So gracious of Dan, & thank goodness for Eric, to put her mind at peace.

    After such hope being on Dan’s & Jennifer’s faces, (we haven’t seen Jennifer beaming like that in a long time!), it was sad to see both of them so concerned & disappointed thinking Dan’s cure didn’t work. But I still have a feeling he will have a delayed cure.

    Nick’s proposal to Gabi was sweet at first but then he started to pressure her. & he is all wrong about Will & what Will thinks. Not good that Will is keeping this from Sonny. And Chad is trouble with a capital T!

    I may be just too suspicious of Kristen but when Brady bumped into that picture today & it made a noise, & then Kristen passed back and forth across the doorway, I think she suspected he might be there, or that somebody was, & it seemed to me she really poured it on with her “confession” for the benefit of whoever might hear it.

  140. From KAT

    137 MAB,
    No disrespect to the Admin.
    but I do agree with MAB, you have stated that before….Peace…

    138 Cindy, things will never change,
    unless either Rafe or EJ leave the
    show…. that alllllllllllllll.
    and the writers want it that way, doesn’t anybody get that….LOL

  141. From bobby

    Yawn! Today’s show was slow. Remember when Friday was cliff hanger day? What’s going on with people getting so mean about fictious characters? I thought this site was for fun and picking at some of the storylines. Some are very frustrating and I like to read other posts to see what they think. Viewers like sandygram always has the history of Salem if we get real confused. Thanks sandygram. Ok-enough said.

  142. From KAT

    141 bobby, you never see me get frustrated about SL’s, I love them, the more absurd the better,
    I do agree with you very much, why do people get so mean and negative about fictious characters, like I said before, there are one or two on here, that absolutely despise EJ and they have made no secret about it…
    but again, it is their right, to do so….. and it is my right to enjoy my bad boy EJ…..I go for the one, that is more entertaining….To each, their own.

  143. From SandyGram

    #141 Thanks for the compliment bobby. There are several great board members who know the history of Salem or know where to look it up and there’s also a couple of good Days of Our Lives books. As I mentioned in an posting earlier in the week or last week, although some history plays a part in the current story lines I’m going to try hard to stick to commenting on what I see on the screen for the most recent story’s and spoilers of course. With so many writer turn overs it’s getting to hard to decipher what part of the past is valid today. But I do love going back and looking at history and watching You Tube Videos occasionally. Thanks again for the nice comment.

  144. From KAT

    Wow, after watching Father Eric in Action…
    please send him around EJ, Stefano, Kate, Brady, Kristin, and all the Sinners on this show, let’s not forget Vic, to give his confessions..
    and they all can be re-deemed ….
    not just Caroline and Nicole….

    All Sinners in Salem should get equal considerations….Just MO.
    and so should all Rafe/EJ Likers on here… period….
    Please do away with those…. Captcha,
    are they really needed, so many other sites do Not have them, and they survive….

  145. From SandyGram

    Episode November 30th:
    What a great moment between Caroline with both Eric and Daniel. It does raise my curiosity, why now is Caroline feeling so guilty about her switching Parker’s DNA test? It would seem that her illness has intensified her awareness of wrong doing especially after reading Nicole’s story in the Salem Spectator Newspaper. But then it may be just a way to reacquaint her with the grandson she hasn’t seen in years. And Daniel was very gracious when accepting her apology. I like it when he has lines where he has to smile. Shawn Christian (Daniel) has a great smile.

    I’m with everyone that is saying Daniel is going to have a delayed positive reaction to the shots he received today. I can see it now, when Jennifer has her appendicitis attack on Smith Island, as the spoilers say will happen, he will have to do emergency surgery on her and Nicole will act as his Nurse. This could be interesting and be just what Nikki needs to see how much Daniel and Jenn care about one another, then she can let go of being with Daniel and move forward. But, then we have Chloe returning in January, how will that affect Dan and Jenn, especially if Parker turns out to be Daniel’s son?

    Nick, Gabi and Will – anxious for the Wedding where we can only hope it comes out the Will is the father of Gabi’s baby. If the news comes out before the I do’s, will Nick still want to marry her?

    Not for a minute do I think Kristen “did not” know someone was listening to her confession to Father Tobias. The rattle outside the door, her pacing back and forth glancing at the door. The telltale sign for me, was when she was leaving the office, her DiMera smirk showing she was very satisfied with what she had just accomplished. And then the slightly open door of her Hotel Room while she was so quaintly positioned on the bed in sorrow for just the right someone to find and give her comfort. A Soapy Bubble Bath just waiting to happen…Blurp, Blurp says the shark to the fishy.

    More questions than answers drawing me back for more Monday. And finally, Chad….poor misunderstood Chad!

    Excerpt from Days Ahead Monday on Network 54 New Salem: EJ to Kristen “your plan to install me as Samantha’s boss is going very well”, sounds like an artful scheme to me. Planned by Kristen and executed by EJ!!

  146. From SandyGram

    #144 KAT
    Me too on the Captcha….we would get so many more board members posting if the delay between each posting wasn’t so long. The Admin response to my last email on this subject said the time delay is because of the Captcha and there is nothing they can do about it.

  147. From Kat

    145 SandyGram… last sentence about EJ to Kristin..
    so what is so wrong about that…
    EJ will still have to earn the love from sami,

    all he has is the opportunity to be near her….All is fair in love and war…. LoL
    Go EJ, do your best, and see if Sami will fall for you or NOT…. LOL
    And in the meantime, to be fair, let Rafe stop by the office everyday and bring flowers to Sami, take her out to lunch, whatever…yikes, whatever, and in the end let the better man win,
    or even better, let Sami once and for all make up her mind, which man she truly wants to give Her Heart to….I can live with it, either way,
    but what a missed opportunity, EJami..

    At this point, I don’t care some times…
    if not Sami, get EJ the best, most wonderful woman ever, not even on the show yet… but please do not make it another Taylor,,, please…
    make it a woman, equal to EJ’s looks, charm, intellegence, and over all “IT”,
    but I think, EJ and Sami will be together, so I can wait for a while…

  148. From KAT

    131 Kat post,,,
    Admin. glad to hear, that we posters, can post all of our Hate feeling towards any characters on the Show, totally and freely,
    just making sure, very sure,
    because this is not what I remember.

    OK, testing,testing, I just Hate Rafe……
    no I don’t, I am just testing…LOL

  149. From SandyGram

    #147 Kat
    There’s not a thing wrong with it! Just pointing out that once again a scheme is needed in EJ’s quest for the every illusive Samanther!

    And what happened to EJ’s commitment to Sami to make sure she got off work, including not taking work home with her, on time so she could be home for the kids?

  150. From Kat

    149 SandyGram, I hear you,
    but there is not a job, that can guarantee you, that you are Always home on time,
    I know, I lived it, many times I had to work late, that’s just how it works…
    so please, cut EJ some slack just once in a while, is that so hard to do.. A job is a job, and it does require at times extra time or commitment, really.

    Does anybody in Salem, in whatever job they have
    ever have to work Overtime, what a bad word that is, it is life, it happens. Just because Sami sits there and works an extra hour, does not mean she will fall in ove with EJ, she might recent him more, for making her work late..LOL
    It’s like looking for a needle in a hay stack, the way some are looking for something to blame EJ for..
    Just My opinion, just like all of you have your opinions.

    However SandyGram, I will always respect your opinions, does not mean I have to agree with them, fair enough.

  151. From Kat

    149 SandyGram
    what scheme is EJ doing…exactly,
    trying to win Samantha’s love,

    wow, why not … she is a grown woman, only she can decide if she Loves EJ or not.. so IMO Ej is taking a gamble, may he win, may he loose, so what… that’s the name of the Game…and what a glorious game it is, it’s been around for like for ever… God bless the game of love, bless Cupid, bless all the little tricks men and women have pulled to win their loves or not…
    Rafe has the same chance to play to win… doesn’t he now…so may the better man win, of course in my humble opinion, EJ is the Better Man for our very flawed/troubled/bad/evil, etc. Samantha, isn’t she now…

    Not good enough for St. Rafe, right
    Rafe fans…. so please root for EJ winning Sami’s heart, and Rafe getting his life on with a woman deserving of our Rafe…
    Everybody wins, and we can move on.

    My opinion, so what is yours,,, I am wide open, as always…..

  152. From Clear

    I just really like Sami’s character and the actress playing her. I watch the show to see why she will do next. She has made her mistakes, but does admit it. I liked her happy with Rafe, but she knows about EJ’s feelings. The triangle makes it interesting, but she doesn’t realize her power over EJ. Maybe she will now they work closer. Who will she choose this time? At the end of this courtship, could the writers let her be successful, powerful, in control and happy for a while whoever she chooses. Because of the Santo/Colleen backstory, I figure that she and EJ are the end game super couple whatever their history. We still do not know much about Rafe’s origins.

  153. From Leah

    # 149 SandyGram I really think it depends on how you look at it. A scheme or an opportunity? If anyone is doing the sly and has a hidden agenda here I would say it is Kristen. Stefano is the one who called upon her and gave her the command to bring the family back together. Kristen knew exactly what bait to use with EJ to get him back in the sheepfold and talking to fatha…. SAMI. We saw EJ struggle with the decision but when looking at Sami and the kids photo on his phone saying “Only for you.” And after his conversation with his fatha EJ said “I can do this.” Yep Kristen knew exactly what bait to use and EJ took the opportunity given to him because as we all know Samantha and the kids are the most important things in life to him. As for EJ scheming…. we will have to see how it all plays out. Still waiting to see how EJ is going to play it. But as Tee suggested EJ is going to struggle between his old self and his new self so I do expect to see some slip ups every now and again. If the powers to be at Days are genuine about their Ejami lock, stock and barrel comments I reckon it will pan out in Ejamis favour eventually BUT if the powers to be choose to sabotage Ejamis relationship yet again it will obviously not and yes we will see more schemes and plans. I for one am hoping for a change but only time will tell.

  154. From Leah

    #149/150… I might have to watch that scene again as I’m sure when Sami got Abigails phone call and Samis explanation EJ said ok lets call it a night. I thought it was Samis idea for them to work later. Her reasons… we can keep going after you kiss the kids goodnight and its a new space/place where maybe we can some inspiration.

  155. From Maria

    I can’t help but feel sorry for Chad, he’s in a really dark place right now, going after Will is not right but I can see why he’s thinking Will’s keeping a secret. He’s drunk, angry and paranoid, and really who does he have to help him get his life back together Stefano’s somewhere, Ej is too busy with Sami.

  156. From KAT

    132 MAB, Schadenfreude means, others delight/joy in somebody’s misery…

  157. From Barb

    Just how far did Bo have to go to get Ciara?Are the 2 of them going to join the ranks of the others who “went upstairs” never to return or will they show up sometime soon and Ciara will be in college?!

  158. From KAT

    154 Barb, a good scenario would be, Bo gets kidnapped by Stefano/or whoever……
    he will me declared missing after a while…
    gives the writers a lot of time to figure out what to do, should our Bo/Peter ever decide to return to Salem…
    Maybe, he has amnesia, and is out there, and someday somebody from Salem will run into him and recognize Bo, and there.. wow, he will be back again.
    But where will Hope be, at such a time, with a new love, ouch, what a beautiful dilemma or story that could be.
    They could find something bloody of Bo’s and assume that he must be dead..

    Writers, it’s in your hands, give us a good and logical explanation
    why Bo .. maybe never showed up at school to get Ciara…. or close enough to it.
    Abducted/or killed would be the best explanation IMO
    What are your ideas, ladies and gents…
    Richard, I would think, you could come up with some strikingly good ideas…
    hope all is well with you, since we have not heard from you in quite a while…

    GrandMa Judy, Christmas is upon us,
    if there is ever a time, to just let us know that You are Ok… it’s coming up now.
    Otherwise, I will always assume, that something bad happened to you or your family…
    If you read this, please just let us know, and I happily will be and A.., just to know that you are ok.
    So many of us, used to be so close for so many years, do you remember,
    yes we bickered and dis -agreed, but we never got personal, except for sharing some of our pains about children or whatever, and of course, that we like Merlot, when the occasion was right.
    Hope so much … that you and your hubby are doing well, very sincerely Kat.

  159. From bobby

    Kat #155 Do you think we have our own soap opera going? Do you think maybe Richard and grandma Judy ran off together. Or are they looking for Bo? Joking aside-
    Like you, I hope everything is o.k. with both of them.
    Do you believe it’s Dec. 1st already? Will Doug and Julie show up at the hospital to read to the children this year?

  160. From Tee

    Hello all!!

    Sandy~Yes I too prefer to discuss the show today as there have been many writers and stories have as you said changed or have been from so long ago.The thing is though is for example Many discuss EJ’s wrong past doings written by eons of writers ago, like the rape for example and so yes it then becomes always discussing his past because that is what people who dont like him us e in their debates, things like EJ raped Sami, or EJ kidnapped so and so and on it goes.Looking this year at EJ he has not really done anything other then a slight thought of a scheme and blackmail Rafe. I guess I am assuming you may enjoy the thoughts but feel I should not bring up those things in my debates but I have to because so many here are stuck in EJ’s past.
    I try to evaluate characters in the now tie or recent times,that is why I can dismiss most characters past, but surely when someone uses EJ’s past I then will be able to come back with others past to support my opinion.

    Kat Maryl Mab well said. I too agree and feel redemption can happen in real life and on show.Look at Victor he has committed way more crimes then EJ and he fell in love and reformed for the most part.I Dont want EJ to be a goody goody, and I too wonder how anyone can condemn EJ but sympathize with Nicole or even Sami.Sami is the queen Bee at manipulation, and schemes.She has been since she came to Salem.
    Nicole as well though she has kidnapped, schemed shot, killed, taken money over love used her dead baby to throw a innocent woman in jail accused of murder and get a man,Hired hitmen but she is considered a scared woman of the big bad EJ?

    To be honest I love to hate Nicole and Hate to love her. I may not always sympathize with her but she brings great stories and Ari plays her character so well. I love to watch her even if I hate what she does. I can root for her and do, I hope her and Eric work out great and can see myself loving them as I did Bricole.
    I don’t know how to root for Rafe most of his existence on this show has been to cause issues or involves EJAMI. The only time his main story has not involved EJAMI was Carrie and that indirectly had them involved.To me when a character is only a character based off another character I find it hard to root or like them.What is Rafe without EJ or Sami?That is what I want to see and know.Who is he then?He needs his own story and background.

    EJ has been in many stories without Sami, he is a main character on show even without Sami, he is involved in story lines involving many characters over the years, as Has Sami.Meaning EJAMi can survive on the show seperately or together as can most of the main characters on this show.

    I too wish they would stop this whole thing with Dannifer and their so called thing they have going on.It is over played now and They ust need to put them together or move on from it.I loved Jen with jack and perhaps could have liked her with Dan but after this long story and everything that has happened I feel it is at a need for a quick execution whatever that may be.

    I am also surprised at Will, but yet not surprised with him, after all he has gone through alot with coming out, and dealing with Lucas and perhaps he feels that people will shun him as a gay father I dont know what his reasons are yet. I know in end it will all come out and believe Will is gonna want to be the father, I think he is stuck between trying to be accommodating to Gabi as the mother and what he really wants.

  161. From Tee

    I posted this separate as to say Thank you to the Admins for clearing up the fact that we can discuss, hate, like who we want here.I would like to ask if it is possible to also clear up where many posters call out posters whom like to post on certain characters and say they are discussing them too much.I feel when certain characters are main characters of show or involved in story lines, or we just feel we would like to comment on them we should be able to. I feel most here do discuss many aspects of the show, but if I wanted to write a post and only wrote about EJ I would later see a post saying How tired someone is of seeing this happening or how we shouldnot be able to do that.I usually discuss many aspects of the show but sometimes I am responding to a debate or even stating something on only one character because that may be what stands out. I cannot count how many times I see people say I agree with so and so and this person or they need to stop discussing him so much or why are they discussing him more then others.We all have our favorites here and I am sure we all discuss many aspects of the show but we are all gonna discuss our favorites more that is just how it is you discuss what interests you.

    I appreciate that you have stepped in and let us know we may say what we want about a character on what our feelings are as that has been a issue here and then can turn ugly here.I know all here will not agree and it is ok,Thanks again I love this blog and enjoy talking/debating here.

    I did not email this in as I feel it needs a public response, since it comes up every single week.

  162. From KAT

    Hi, just finished writing a lot for my book for my children…
    and this time, my Grandson helped me, to put into a chapters some of the things he wanted to say… so sweet, I just loved it… Bing, bing, my heart, slow down..

    156 bobby, that is so funny, Grandma Judy and Richard looking for Bo…I love the thought..Hope Judy took enough Merlot along.
    But again, on a very serious note, I do hope that both of our Bloggers are alright.

    157 Tee, as always, I do enjoy reading your posts so very much…..
    Just like I enjoy MAb and Maryl, Leah, etc…. there are so many wonderful posters on here, and quite frankly, I don’t care if they agree with me or not, as long as their posts are straight forward, and make sense… I can take a look at other opinions, why not, that is the only way to learn,
    but if they do not make any sense to me…. sorry, I am out….
    But that should also be so ok…..

    Lordy, guess what, I just had to type in my own last name…. how funny

  163. From SandyGram

    #157 Hey Tee,
    I’m suppose to be writing the final Holiday Letter to my Hubby’s 7 cousins but I saw your post. How’s that for setting priorities.

    No I don’t have a problem with any one else discussing Days past. As you know I have done plenty of that myself. I’m just saying for me I think I can be more fair to all the characters when I discuss them if I stick to very recent history and what I just saw on the screen or what I may have read in a spoiler or Days Ahead article. I also try to personally stay away from the EJ/Rafe debate it just wears me out, but it doesn’t mean I won’t compliment a fellow poster for their comments on the subject. Using one characters past to justify another characters action, for me is also exhausting and a no win situation since as we all know every character has their own set of good and bad deeds through out the years. If you’ve notice I also ‘try’ to stay away from words that point fingers at other posters like ‘you said’, ‘some’, ‘are we watching the same show’, my most disliked word of all ‘hater’, you know those words that stir emotion.
    Your influence may be rubbing off on me, or at least I’m peeking from behind the curtain. As I am now trying to look at the more prominent characters, EJ, Sami, Rafe, Nicole, Kristen (no not Kristen just yet)let’s just say with a more open mind. Do I think any of their basic personalities given to them by the writers many many episodes ago has changed, not really. And finally, if the writers put everyone that had committed a crime in jail most everybody would be in prison. Besides Kristen will never be tried for her crimes against Marlena because the statue of limitations has past….then so may many of the crimes committed by the other characters. So this is me….I might think differently next week but for now….On with the Show!

  164. From Richard

    Where is EJ’s Dimera love for his uncle John, his Aunt Hope, his cousins Brady and Isabella?
    Where is Stefano’s Dimera love for his brother John, his Sister-in-law Hope, his Nephew Brady and his Niece Isabella?

  165. From KAT

    The best thing would be, lets not fret to much about who said what,
    past or present, a little future.
    we should just be able to say what is on our mind at the moment..
    Otherwise, where do we begin and end having funny “rules”.
    SG ,,, funny, you should bring up the word “hate” didn’t I just talk about that, I have never cared for that word, fictional characters, I really do not love or hate them, to much emotions invested in nonsense.. IMO
    However I must say, we have in the past had so many self proclaimed “EJ Haters”, but then when you turn around and call them by their self proclaimed name, you get called out..
    But yet again, the word Hate is not banned here, confused yet, yes I am..

    Anymore I think, give your hearts honest opinion, let it rip/fly whatever,
    and let everybody else on here do the same thing. We are not Clones/Robots,
    we all think differently, so what the heck, let everybody express themselves, without Malice to the next blogger..

    Be Yourself, don’t clone yourself after somebody else….write what you feel
    and stand by it….
    and give kudos, to some blogger, that you really like and agree with…
    The rest,if you don’t like them, ignore them and be happy….

    I have learned over the past few years, who I think are true Blues….LOL

  166. From KAT

    161 Richard, you are back…
    Like your question, where is the love…
    but then again where is the love
    from Uncle John to his young nephew EJ, why did Brady show his love to cousin EJ by trying to beat him to death.
    I think they all have a lot of family problems…Sister in law Hope, do you still think that a marriage that happened in another country, under false names is valid, I do not…
    Where is John’s love for his half blood brother Stefano…
    Richard, maybe this Christmas they all could take a deep breath
    and become family,,,, or Not, LOL

    No matter what .. Richard, believe me, I do enjoy having you back…

  167. From Clear

    The Bo dilemma could be that he has an accident–Stefano maybe? Then he could be missing and in a coma. That way if he comes back the explanation would be less complicated. He could return just in time to answer the question if anyone has any objection to this marriage–to stop Hope from marrying some villain! We need at some point to regain this super couple.

  168. From Shani

    I thought there would be a phone call saying Bo never showed up to pick up Ciara.

  169. From Shani

    I hadn’t seen this before but a DaysCafe spoiler says, like some of us have speculated, Dan’s hand tremers WILL be cured.

  170. From Kat

    They could bring back Mia for Chad, after all she had his child-Grace-, before Nicole took/bought/talked her out of it, whatever….
    so she could swap it for EJ/Sami’s child Sidney….

  171. From gerri

    Dr.Dan’s delayed positive outcome,is common,lot’s of time,being in the medical field,you see these kind of results,patients are told don’t start thinking negatively,some cures take longer than others,don’t ever let patients lose hope.

    of course if things are very bad from the start,patients do need to know the truth,so decisions can be made for their lives,and legal things.

    SandyGram love your posts,as always, are so wise.
    as human beings,we think and react differently,to different situations,we have our own opinions
    and likes and dislikes,and none of us will change,it would be a very dull and boring world,if we all thought and saw things the same way.
    I like Rafe,dislike EJ,I would rather see Nicole with EJ,and Sami(should she get her act together)with Rafe,but the show will go on,should neither of these things happen,but I’ll still feel the same way,regardless.

    I loved reading most of the posts,some more than others,but will read,just to see how the other posters see their favorites.

    Grandma Judy,as the others have said,just let us all hear from you,and know all is well.
    and to at least wish you a “Merry Christmas”

  172. From gerri

    #167 Kat…..good idea about Mia,I had forgotten about her and Chad’s relationship.

  173. From SandyGram

    #162 Kat
    Once the grandkids started getting older words like ‘hate, liar, lie, stupid, ignorant’ I work hard at keeping these words out of my vocabulary and out of my feelings and emotions. The first time I heard my granddaughter at age 6 tell her brother, in an unbelievable voice, he was a liar and hated his guts I was so taken back I had to go in the bathroom and cry and compose myself to then sit down and have a Grandma talk with them. Now at age 13 & 14 they refrain from saying these words, at least in my presence. And I know that’s hard for them because their mother uses the word liar quite freely and many times directed at them, we’ve had a talk also. Actually my 14 year granddaughter & I were talking one day and one of her friends jumped in with how she ‘hated that stupid pig’ (referring to another girl) and my granddaughter immediately told her that her Grandma taught her those are not words used by young lady’s. I was so proud of her.

    #168 Hey gerri
    I don’t know about being wise, like I said I just get exhausted reading through the banter about the same issues, but then I wouldn’t miss one post because I could miss something I really liked. But my love for the Show is stronger so I’m here for the duration. Other than Ian, I don’t really dislike any of the characters, like you I have preferences of who I like to see with who; but, there are story lines that are not my favorite….and we think a lot alike as you know.

    Just finished decorating the Christmas Tree and now we’re bring out all of the house decorations….I just love this time of year. Next week it’s cookie baking time and keeping my fingers crossed that the UPS man gets the final packages here on time. I like waiting for him as I do Santa Claus.

    Like everyone Grandma Judy…it’s Check in Time! If we don’t here from you…May you and your family be blessed with a Wonderful Holiday Season and Healthy New Year.

  174. From Kat

    170 SandyGram,
    Just making sure, that you know, I don’t care for words as you mentioned myself.
    My children and friends have always known, That I do not use swearwords etc…it is not me, never has been, never will be.
    That’s why I was surprised to hear that the word Hate is not banned.
    When I used it, it was only to quote what I have read on here.I am lucky, my grandson has no bad vocabulary, ha, ha, but I also raised him for a big big part of his life, and he never heard me use bad stuff.
    Be proud of yourself, we Grandma’s are very important in the upbringing of our grand children…So Kudos to you.
    Just wanted to make sure, that when I say write and be yourself, that I am not endorsing name calling, bad language etc.

    My tree is up, grandson helped me yesterday, was so much fun..
    But still lot’s left to do.
    GG, you mentioned once, and I am trying to be not to inquisitive, that you never went through child birth…your grandchildren, is there a a story?
    If I am out of line, sorry, just forget I brought it up….

  175. From patty

    Hi Richard! Good questions. You would think Stephano would have gone easy on John instead of making his life hell since he is his half brother. EJ didn’t hesitate to frame his “uncle John” when he stole and embezzled pension funds. I think the blood relation between the Demiras and John is a moot point since there will never be any warm and fuzzy family ties between them. The Demiras have always been the enemy, the good people of Salem have long since learned that the only way to deal with them is to fight fire with fire. If they retaliate and cross lines to fight them off, then I say good for them because relative or not, these people never played fair and have destroyed so many lives so if they get themselves beaten within an inch of their lives or shot in the head or induced into a coma they have it coming.
    SandyGram, great post as always! :)
    Good to see you gerri, hope all is well with you. I too miss Grandma Judy and I hope she comes and says hi. She was such a nice and classy lady, wishing her the best.

  176. From gerri

    I love this time of year,Christmas is my favorite holiday.
    Tree is up and windows and front door are all decorated.finished shopping.the only thing left is,planning a midday Christmas meal.all 4 of my daughters will be here,and only 5 of my 9 grandchildren,and 2 greatgrands,will be fun..we do Dirty Santa,which is always fun.

    I do hope on the show,we can go back to,some of the Family Christmas’s ,that we all love.

    Hey Patty,Love your day ahead spoilers.have you all had alot of snowy,cold Brr weather up there in Canada?has been in upper 60s to mid seventies here,have to remember,that It Is December,tho It don’t feel like It.Most of our cold weather is middle of January,to end of Feb….

    well I do hope Will be upfront and honest with family,re-Gabi’s pregnancy,whether Nick agrees or not.
    Don’t care for Kristen at all,and her plans,that we know is to break up John and Marlena,so Papa can try
    to trick and trap her back into the DiMera family,just wish Sami,had a better memory,of years past.oh well we fans don’t write any S/L’s,that said,I think we could come up with some better ones..

  177. From JANE PHARRIS

    I have watched days since BEFORE my kids started kindergarten. The oldest one is now almost 56 & the twins are almost 54. I also have a 43 yr old son. Now, I have a teeny complaint & that is when the show first starts McDonald Carey does the announcing but they just put something like “announcer” or man’s voice. I think they should acknowledge the fact the voice is that of “now deceased” Mc
    donald Carey. He and Francis Reed were the patriarch & matriarch of DOOL’s. The characters, of course come and go and sometimes it’s back from the death or whatever. Stephano is “The Phoenix” and that character will always come back. Take this to the bank, he and Katherine will get back together but may not get married. Right now, old Stephano is just trying to get his children back in the fold. I love DOOL. There are some story lines I do not care for but I can take that with a grain of salt. I LOVE ALL YOU GALS AND GUYS COMMENTS TOO. This is the reason Days seems almost real. We want to see everyone happy and content but then where’s the fun??? (I mispelled Frances REID’s
    last name earlier.) I remember so well when Hope & Bo got married and rode on the back of Bo’s motorcycle. They have not changed very much since then. Well, for a newbie to this congenial crowd I thank you for letting me vent my thoughts. May you all have a very good holiday season. And, God enrich your lives many times over.
    HO HO HO

  178. From Clear

    Gerri, I really like reading your posts, and am usually always right there with you! Ironic being that you are way up in the North, and I’m at the southern end of the states in FL. Send a little more cool air this way. It is going back up to 80 here tomorrow!

    Early Season’s Greetings to all!

  179. From Leah

    My Christmas lights are up outside, tree and decorations now done inside… thank goodness. Its alot of work but it always looks great when it is done. I notice some of you are talking about snow etc. Over my side of the world we celebrated the first day of summer on the 1st of December. While it is cooling down over there it is starting to heat up over here. Tomorrow we are expecting it to hit 40 degrees celsius. I’m sure I will be putting my feet up sometime during the day and turning on the air conditioner.
    Back to the show… not enjoying this pregnancy storyline at all. To keep the father of the child a secret… what immaturity on Gabi, Nick and Will’s behalf. I really do hope the writers consider making the hard decision and have the baby go up for adoption. I know Days likes to highlight issues in our society and the struggle of young immature people deciding on what to do with their baby would be a nice touch in my opinion. In my life I’ve been blessed to be able to have children but there are plenty of married couples out there who can’t. I reckon it would be a nice touch to this unplanned pregnancy story.

  180. From Leah

    What do you think is gonna happen between Stefano and Kate? Do you reckon they are going to get a divorce?
    Also a spoiler I read today said someone is going to be charged with corporate espionage. Wonder if Kate is going to go after Sami or is it someone else. Thoughts anyone…

  181. From patty

    In my neck of the woods, we almost always have a white Christmas. We had our first snow yesterday and it really put us in the Christmas spirit but also reminded me that I better get going with the preperations. As for the temperature, it does get pretty cold and I doubt we’ll be turning on AC anytime soon. More like cranking up the heat and throwing more logs in the fire.
    As for the day ahead on Days, Gabi , Will and Nick discuss Nick raising the baby as his own and have left the decision up to Will, which he seems to be considering. I don’t get it. Will of all people should know better.
    Sami and EJ lying on the floor discussing lipsticks, looks like hard work. Abby is babysitting the kids and has to step out so they take their work to the Horton house of all places. At least we get to see cute little Johnny who comes down to the living room in his pjs. Then EJ calls his sister to tell her how wonderful their little plan is working.
    More of Dr Dan and his tremors and then kicking out his women out of his place when they flock to his side to comfort him. You would think somebody died.
    Kristen and Brady hit the sack after a little game playing on her part. Poor Brady , not even aware that he’s being used. Easy on the eyes though.

  182. From Linda

    #135 Hi Leah and Happy Monday morning! I love your “I recon”‘s. Reminds me of my favorite aunt who used to say that.

    In answer to your questions, I haven’t been on this site long enough to be able to point out whether anyone else has admitted any of Rafe’s faults. For myself, I know he is not perfect and steps outside the law sometimes, and he has done other questionable things, usually for the good of someone else, not to benefit himself. But his level of badness is far from that of EJ, IMO. I mean, WAAAY far from that of EJ! It didn’t bother me that Rafe helped Sami and Nicole keep EJ’s paternity of their babies from him because I agreed with it. Even real life women can have good reasons to do that and I felt both Sami and Nicole did. I didn’t like Rafe’s relationship with Carrie, which did come about for the benefit of himself. I didn’t consider it cheating, per say, because Sami had pushed him away for so long, due to her guilt over her sex with EJ, and I thought Rafe went for Carrie on the rebound. The writers could have had it be any pretty woman Rafe worked closely with, and who was completely in awe of him like Carrie was, and the same thing could have happened. But with Carrie being Sami’s sister, I didn’t like it, even though they kept a lid on it and didn’t consummate their relationship. Rafe has that rogue-ish kind of manly personality, willing to stretch the truth or bend the law, and with a twinkle in his eye. In a way, he reminds me a little of Bo.

    When I wrote about Rafe and EJ in #107 it was because they seem to be the two characters people on here are most passionate about and I offered my view. To say EJ schemes and uses trickery, or worse, to get what he wants is not a bias AGAINST EJ, it’s a fact ABOUT EJ. I have liked Rafe since he came on the show and loved seeing his and Sami’s love story develop, but I could just as easily turn against him. For now, Rafe frustrates me because he needs to stop trying to save Sami from EJ and just really dig in and woo her for himself if he wants her.

    As for a favorite couple, no, I don’t really have one. Bo and Hope would come the closest to it. But now that Bo is gone, at least for the time being, we have to move on and I’m anxious to see what the writers do with Hope. For the others, I’m not heavily invested in who is paired with who. I liked Rafe and Sami together and felt he was the best man for her out of all of them she’s been with. But if they aren’t going to be together then I’m fine with that, too. If she ends-up with EJ, I will be sorry to see that, with him being the kind of man he is now, but I’m probably not going to fret too much and just watch everything play out. And who knows, the writers could change EJ and I’m open to that.

    My attitude about Days is pretty much whatever happens, happens, and this too will pass, whatever it is. That goes for any of the s/l’s and couples’ relationships, even though I may have day-to-day opinions about them. Things on the show are forever changing, and what might tick me off one week might change and have me all excited and happy the next. So I’m probably not going to get too deep into the weeds analyzing or debating everything. But I did think it could be fun joining this site.

    The s/l I’m most interested in now is between Kristen and Marlena. Strange, because I actually don’t care for either woman (the characters), but I’m anxious to see how it unfolds. The Will and Sonny s/l could be more interesting now, too, with Will and Gabi having a baby, and I don’t think Gabi and Nick getting married, if they really do, is the solution. I love DOOL and have watched it for 29 years.

  183. From MAB

    Admin – (regarding your reply to my #136 post) it began w/ post #107 and the comments made there, then if you read my #119 post, and the comment that directly followed it in post #120, it’s pretty much self-explanatory I’d say. I hope that clarifies it, because I have nothing more to say on this subject.

    Kat – I really don’t want to discuss the nonsense from the end of last week, but I stand by what I said in my #130 post. There was nothing in it that hasn’t been said before, and it was obvious I was referring to myself. I mean no disrespect to admin either, and I appreciate their statements on being fair, but there are a few on here that push everyday, and I don’t see anything being said to them. Oh, and thanks for the telling me what Schadenfreude means.

    I thought Friday’s show was boring. TPTB need to make more of a balance on each show to be sure there are main SL’s &/or main characters in every episode to negate the second rate stuff.

    Yep, seems Kristen knew she was being listened to, and I even think she knew it was Brady. Her smiling on the way out was definitely the tip off! Just goes to show tho how inaccurate spoilers can be, as there was nothing indicating she was aware someone was listening in. I thought Brady overheard her true confession, but as it happened, that wasn’t the case.

    I’m glad EJ being Sami’s new boss is going very well, but there is no scheming invloved. He still has to play by the rules, as it is still it’s up to Sami what happens between them. Also, as with any job & boss Sami would have, there are gonna be times where she is gonna have to work late, and as of now, this has only happened once, but again EJ sending her home to be w/ her kids was ignored by some.

    #152 Clear – SO true! I’ve always said that Sami doesn’t realize her power over EJ. Just like during the times they were at odds, if she would’ve just worked it to her advantage, a lot of things that happened between them in the past could’ve been avoided.

    Tee – I don’t think Nicole is scared of EJ at all, never have. I think that was just a ruse to get Rafe & Daniel involved in her lies & deception. As I’ve said umpteen times, if she was so scared of him, she would’ve never wanted to go back to him w/ the ultimatum that they leave Salem. I also agree w/ you 100% about Rafe. If he ever gets his own story & background, maybe then he will finally become a real character w/ some substance.

    #158 Tee – ditto! That was exactly what I was saying in my #130 post.

    I don’t see anything wrong w/ using the certain words on here. They are just words, the problem arises when it’s how they are used. Saying ‘some’ when referring to something someone said is a way to make a reference w/o purposely pointing someone out. I see that as trying to avoid conflict. Also, as Kat said, some have proclaimed themselves haters, etc. so it shouldn’t be a problem when that word is used either, when it’s used in a descriptive way, and not w/ harmful intent. And admin has stated that everyone can hate who they want. I don’t think no one person can say that they’re exempt from the banter. Everyone has been involved at some point one way or the other. And most are tired of it, and if the initiative was taken to stop the personal part (and yes it does still happen), then there would be no problems on here.

    Where is EJ’s love for his ‘other’ family, well where is their love for him? Stefano…I don’t think cares either way when it comes to John, etc., only if it’s his children, or maybe Kate.

    I’m surprised too that all of sudden Daniel is just told the procedure didn’t work. I mean this was a trial study that may not work, but everyone is different and who’s to say he just didn’t need more time? But it looks like he’s gonna find out soon enough that it did actually work. If I were Daniel, I’d have something to say to that doctor.

    Taylor, Madison & Ian were the 3 characters that I completely disliked, mainly because they made no good impact on the show, and where a waste of airtime. Although Ian finally did make an impact in the end when it was him who caused all the Stefano’s death drama.

    Leah – I don’t think Stefano & Kate’s divorce is gonna happen. I think Stefano will hold the papers, but of course, I could be wrong. If it does happen tho, I still think they will get back together eventually. Lauren Koslow told fans a while back to stay tuned, when asked about her & Stefano getting back together.

  184. From Tee

    Good morning fellow posters.

    Patty~It is usually quite cold and snowy here but we have had weather in the 60′s which is odd for this time here.I actually want the snow this time which is odd I am usually waiting patiently for spring.

    I agree about Will and the fact of what he will decide though I know he does not do it because he really wants to he actually does not but ddoes for gabi and because he thinks it best.Though I would think he would disagree,Either way in time he will change his mind I think anyway.

    I enjoyed the scenes with EJAMI and Johnny,I know many here wondered why Sami was gonna work late if EJ said he understood she had kids and needed to be home for them, so to that credit he told her to go home when Abby called and she came with the bright idea to finish work at Horton house, and said it would be good for the kids to see Daddy.I loved the scenes with Johnny and EJ,Did you notice Sami brought up Kristen taking one of the prototypes with her and EJ telling Kristen their new lipstick name. I get a feeling something will come of that and I think Kristen may play EJ in the end with it, or even give Brady that prototype and a name being the same one they came up with.

    I agree on dan and the tremors and his I dont want you leave me alone stuff I just wish they would unite him and Jen already I am getting tired of how the story is going I guess.

    Yes Bristen has hit the sack and I think Kristen may lose her heart here in the end, I also think John already has Kristen on the mind that is clear by his always remembering their embrace and his thoughts on it.

    Sandy~160 Thanks and I appreciate that you are able to look at stories a little different or perhaps give any character the benefit of doubt, and I also agree on the whole past writers and focusing more on the now, but so many do not and when People use that to discuss or tell me or anyone why someone is always gonna be evil,or none deserving of his child, or love etc I just find it unfair none the less their opinion but it does make it so much easier when we debate the present or atleast current story lines and current way a character is being played because though many writers have had charaters do crazy things it is just that a different writer and may not be same way the writers today are going.A prime example for me is the writers not wanting to approach Susan or any of the other personalities Eileen played as it is not something they wish to do again.Though we all obviously know it happened,its unlikely we will see Susan(though I would have loved to) I am sure we could look back on all the characters and say wow they did that, but I prefer seeing what they do today or in more recent past and base their character off that.

    I do believe EJ in past year has shown he wants to be his own man apart from his father, and though he may never be a goody goody I see he struggles at times with what he wants to be and what he was, and of course he will sometimes revert or think of schemes again they all do, imagine someone like him who was trained by the evil of all evils in Salem himself, he has done quite well considering IMO.
    Thank you for atleast considering some may not be as bad as they used to be.
    I too tend to not try to call out anyone or use hateful terms towards people or even characters, I may dislike things they do but as I have always said I tend to look and hope for redemption one day.The other thing I never do is tell people I dont like their posts, even if the particular poster is not called out and said I just would prefer if I dont agree with a post or what not I just skip on by and make no comment if I dont like it.I actually enjoy all posts even ones who dont agree with me as I like to discuss all aspects and views on the show, I think it makes it fun when you have varying opinions, and I never like to make any posters feel unwelcome in their views, I may not be a safe supporter but Most certainly they are welcome to posts and I enjoy reading their posts and even discussing our varying opinions.
    I guess I was raised that way and I respect those who have also stated or show great respect for others here, sure we get heated up on our views but in the end we all enjoy this blog and all conversation here, this is a great group of people here.

    Leah #176 I think it will have to do with Kristen taking a prototype with her when she left as Sami informs EJ,So I think something will come of that spoilers at end that may or may not have to do wit that. I also am leaning towards Kate and the fact that John drops a Lipstick from CW in front of her and Billie I believe and perhaps Kate steals it.

    Jolie I hope you have been feeling better and Thank you.

    Gerri Richard nice to see you guys posting.

    Random thought on show but Eric is having Nicole make amends with all she has wronged but why has she not apologized to EJ, that should be included as she lied to him, he has her apologize to Jen which I get, and Dan, which I think he more or less secretly wants her to get over him as fast as she can as he is jealous maybe lol, and Maggie?Why Maggie She owes EJ a apology if she is truelly trying to make amends and move on she should apologize to him.Perhaps some may feel he deserves no apology but as Eric is using a religious standpoint on this and her healing process, and God says you must not hate anyone and must forgive all of any who have wronged you, and that is very true in Catholic religion.So from a religious standpoint EJ would have been at top of her apology list as she wronged him as well.

    Patty#172 I guess the embezzlement story was tied into the paternity story and therefore dismissed now as the Alice letters have been. The setup was Stefano having EJ do it and of course later John finding out most likely EJ was his son, so the embezzlement is no longer valid IMO just as Alices letters are not, they have been dropped.Now of course we all know it happened but it is a prime example of new writers different directions.

    If I remember right Stefano has no idea originally John was his brother, though in truth who knows what he really knew. We were lead to believe he did not know Coleen lived till much later when other began finding out but who knows.
    I think perhaps he may have been jealous knowing John came from his fathers love of his life.I do wish they would explore John being a Dimera more, but in defense of Stefano John has not tried to be a brother to him either.So imo John is just as much in the wrong as Stefano for their being no relationship between them.
    Either way Stefano set EJ up with that embezzlement money and even stole it from EJ, only thing we got to know about that was that it had to do with EJ’s paternity which was dropped,changed or whatever it was by new writers,perhaps Stefano would have been father all along who knows.

    I have enjoyed reading everyone’s little Christmas tidbits how they are shopping, Kat with her book and Grand kids and putting up decorations.Such a cheerful Holiday.


    Next week

    Brady receives words of warning about his latest fling from Victor

    A vengeful Chad gives Sonny the scoop about Gabi’s past misdeeds

    Will’s alliance with Gabi tests his relationship with Sonny

    Salem is abuzz with preparations for Nick and Gabi’s wedding

    Jennifer’s life hangs in the balance, but it’s Daniel to the rescue
    Brady gives Kristen a special gift; Daniel receives some wonderful news about his condition.

    Friday (“Timing”)
    Sonny and Will argue over how they feel about Gabi; Kate gives Daniel a cherished photo.

    Wednesday (“Payback”)
    Chad reveals to Kristen that he is seeking revenge; Victor advises Brady to keep his distance from Kristen.

    Monday (“Saving Jennifer”)
    Daniel saves Jennifer’s life; Chad tells Sonny the truth about Gabi’s involvement in Melanie’s kidnapping.

    Tuesday (“Realizing the Truth”)
    Nicole faces the reality that she does not have a future with Daniel; Rafe asks Eric to preside over Gabi and Nick’s wedding.

    Above for next week and is from the guide as well as well as examiner

    Next fe weeks spoilers

    Gabi is caught in a lie

    Rafe apologizes to Gabi

    Jennifer tells Dan how she really feels about him

    Kristen makes a confession to EJ

    Jennifer walks in on a moment between Brady and Kristen

    Sonny thinks he knows the truth about Will and Gabi

    Eric has flashbacks to the Congo

    Below spoilers from Soap

    Sami inches closer to reconciling with one of her exes

    Marlena resorts to uncharacteristic measures to protect her family

    Chloe returns to Salem with unfinished business

    Nancy Wesley visits Salem to be at Chloe’s side during a time of need

    A new relationship is put to the test due to a secret pact

    Christmas tidbit for you guys.
    As I know some here only visit this site and therefore may not have access to this information I will share a bit of it here with you

    Hortons will have a few extras around this Christmas EVE
    Gabi and Rafe spend Christmas Eve with the Hortons until they go to mass that is where pretty much all of Salem will gather.

    Rafe does share a scene at Brady pub with Sami and her kids then Gabi comes and they head to the Hortons
    EJ is there celebrating with the Bradys and yes he is in the scene with them not looking in.
    Will and Sonny spend some time with Sonys parents then head to the Hortons for the celebration until mass.

    Lucas and Allie will be at Hortons until Mass.

    Christmas day will have Stefano in a Santa hat.
    Rafe will not be on that day.

    Sami will be seen with all her kids, well at least Allie,Johnny and Sydney all in one scene

    Sami and EJ share Christmas scenes together.

    Billie and Kate share scenes on Christmas as well.

    Hope you guys enjoy and one last thing to any EJAMI fans please watch daily as they have scnes not spoiled and you could miss some stuff if you dont watch daily.Today for example has nice EJAMI scenes.
    Good spoilers will be out for EJAMI in next few weeks so I hear.

    I too wonder what they will do with Bo and am not liking he may dissapear upstairs which makes no sense.

    Lucas brings Allie to share in Christmas Joy at Hortons as well.

  185. From KAT

    179 MAB, your sentence (second), when I first started reading, wow, I thought

    for a split second, is she upset with me…
    but then, I read it again, thought about it, and figured, No, it’s just the way it came out… So easy to have mis understood, but I know myself, that I don’t always get it right, in what I am actually trying to say…
    However, I went back and read it, and I agree with you.

    MAB, will it ever end, No, not as long as the drama on the screen gets taken to serious. It is fiction, but battles are being fought, lines have been drawn in the sand, etc… so funny..
    Please, note, this is just an observation/opinion of mine,
    but we all know, what we read every day.
    And Yes, I am a part of it, guilty at times, but never personal….

    It is amusing to read about EJ’s scheming, LOL, trying to scheme, the QUEEN of SCHEME. Scheming for the love and affection has been part of life, like forever. Nobody is condoning schemes that are hurtful/evil to others,
    but, if Elvis getting into Sami’s orbit by working with her, more power to him.
    Rafe can do the same thing, take her flowers, do little things for her, take her out, babysit the children, have dinner ready for her… etc…instead of acting bossy and controlling.
    EJ, so far has behaved beautifully, and yes taken every little advantage he gets.

    Let the Battles begin,
    and then of course Kristin/Brady/John and not to forget our Shrinking Shrink Marlena.
    Bring it on, keep me entertained…

  186. From MAB

    Kat – no never would I be upset w/ you. I was just talking directly to you about it as I know you understand.

  187. From KAT

    Tee, nice post..
    ha, ha, I told you guys, Santa Stefano will have surprises..
    As I mentioned, I had read that spoiler, Calling Stefano Santa…
    Clause or Claws,, LOL, again, good one Cougar.
    My opinion again, as long as it is respectful and not personal, we should be able to write “Whatever”,, Past, Present and Future. No disrespect Tee or anybody, just opining with the rest…

  188. From MAB

    I hope it’s ok to post this link. I think it is a vital read. Fans get a chance to reply directly to Alison Sweeney. All & all most are in favor of her & EJ. I find it sad tho that the few who aren’t in favor of her & EJ find it necessary to insult the actress & her character. Some people are just beyond rude!!

  189. From Tee

    Kat no offense and I dont care when people discuss a characters past as long as they dont mind when I bring up anothers past to counter or further my debate or opinion.I do try to base characters more of of recent story lines becuse of the umpteen writers that have been around.I guess a big part I was reffering to was the rape that Sami,EJ, and Jack committed for example. I believe in redemption and think EJ is so much different now then he was say 2 years ago even.He is his own man.

    Sandy responded to some videos or facts I posted on characters and I was happy she was able to be more open to how they are now and not base some of what other writers or their past were. I have no issues with anyone who wants to talk past present or future, I just base characters off more recent not what they did 10 years ago. I hope that makes sense.
    Everyone has their opinion it was just nice to hear Sandy be open to things she may or may not have before.Though I have always enjoyed her posts and think sh eis very fair and respectful
    Mab thanks for the link I got it in my email today she may have not thought before and I needed reminded to respond there.

  190. From Linda

    #179 I’m very sorry MAB to have offended you, or anyone else, in my #107. I didn’t mean to do that and perhaps if I had been heard saying all that, instead of it being read, it might have sounded different. But maybe not. In any case, I do apologize. My other comment “I rest my case” was just my attempt, failed attempt, I guess, at humor. I had just written about the EJ fans “fighting to the death” to defend him and how some posts usually always have so much negative about Rafe, and then, BINGO, 2 posts popped up doing just that. Struck me as a comical coincidence and I wrote a chuckle. #121 Maryl sent a chuckle back to me, which I appreciated and got a kick out of, so I haven’t realized until later that anyone was seriously offended. And I wasn’t on here all weekend.

    It’s possible that this site and our favorite fictional show is taken too seriously to be a fit for me. Again, I sincerely apologize for stepping on anyone’s toes.

  191. From Tee

    Kat~ Wanted to clarify my 189. I was telling you I took no offense in what you said lol.It came out wrong.Me and Sandy had been discussing the whole past/present thing See my #160 above on it.I cant remember where it started but that is what it was in response to so no offense to you at all. I had also posted some older videos not long ago.

    Sandy I used your name as to show what we were discussing In reply to Kat. I keep reading this over and think I typed it up wrong.

    Jane and Linda welcome to the site if this is your first times

  192. From KAT

    189 Tee, thank you.
    I like reading all your posts, nice and long and informative.
    Just keep writing what is on your mind.
    Just like MAB knows (and others), no problem,….. jumping to conclusions is never good,
    benefit of the doubt,.. like, let’s clarify first, could help All of us at times, here and in real life…

  193. From KAT

    190 Linda, from me, no problem,
    we all have our moments of being mis- understood. Trust me, I have had more than my share of putting things into words, and then realized, to late, that maybe that really is not what I meant to say….
    I am sure, it will happen again at times..
    Tee, never a problem…

  194. From patty

    Talking about bringing up the past, it seems that Eric hasn’t forgotten Sami’s past deeds and does bring them up in their argument. Loved how he calls her out when she tries to come up with bad things Nicole did and he compares every single one of them with something she did. He even goes as far back as when she kidnapped Belle. When she insists that he shouldn’t be working with Nicole, he says how can you be working with EJ then brings up his past deeds against her and her family. Go Eric! Nice to see Sami being put in her place and by her gorgeous saintly brother to boot.
    As for discussing things in the past here, I don’t think it should be a problem. It seems it is only a problem when it is EJ’s past that is brought up, then every other character’s past mistakes are brought up as to justify his actions.
    Linda, you haven’t stepped on anyone’s toes, you posted your opinion and you are welcomed to it. You are right, some take their fictional characters too seriously but don’t let that deter you from posting what you feel.:)

  195. From MAB

    Tee – whoa, you just may be onto something, that Kristen may play EJ & Sami and turn over their idea to Brady. I just hope Brady being the fair guy he is won’t go along w/ it if he knows it was EJ & Sami’s idea. Also, great observation about EJ in the past year. He’s definitely changed. But he will never be a goody-two shoes, nor should he be, and I don’t expect his fans would want him to be (I know I don’t). I also agree that if Nicole is making amends w/ everyone, then why not EJ? As for John being a DiMera, John did bring it up once when he decided to try to fight EJ of control of DiMera enterprises after Stefano’s faked death. Now that Stefano is alive tho, all that has been dropped apparently. I just wish they would address the issue once and for all and decide whether they want to acknowledge for real that John is a DiMera. I must say your posts are really refreshing to have around and read. You always see things in a positive way. I try, but don’t come close to how you do it. I like discuss things too, whether we agree or not, and for the most part it works, but unfortunately for me, I find there are a few I just can’t do that with (from past experiences) where things became personal so I find it’s best to no longer acknowledge those individuals.

    #190 – fair enough. I appreciate the apology, but not necessary. I said my peace about it. Regardless of who your comments were directed at, I just think there wasn’t a need to point fingers at a couple of people for their opinions about EJ & Rafe when we all have them.

  196. From Leah

    Good point…. How does dear darling Eric know SO much about what has happened in Salem or others peoples lives over the many years he’s been gone? Did he have a spy in the town who reported to him? For example he is jumping to conclusions about EJ without having even met the boy. Eric knows Sami and Nicole well. He knows their personalities and schemes so I reckon he shouldn’t jump the gun with his assessment on things. Thats putting the cart before the horse. Eric also has to remember EJ is the father of two of his sisters children. Eric think you had better go back and read the good book. Judge not, you not be judged – LOL. Understanding and forgiveness are not for the selected few Eric.

  197. From L.G.

    Man, the “love” scene between Kristen & Brady was one of the worst scenes I have ever seen on Days. Just terrible!

  198. From MAB

    Good for Eric to bring up Sami’s past, and everyone else’s too, although he will soon be the one in the hot seat himself when his past comes back to haunt him. I think talking about the past is fine, nothing wrong w/ it at all…the ONLY problem is when EJ’s past is drug up for no reason, other than sounding like a broken record. Rafe’s past isn’t brought up often because he really has none, yet his record speaks for itself. I don’t care for comparing the show to real life, because there is no comparison. Hmm, and I think one should take their own advice when it comes to who takes their fictional characters seriously. I for one take absolutely nothing about this show seriously.

  199. From Shani

    Dr. Dan is wallowing in self pity right now but I think he’s entitled to it considering. He sure set Nicole straight today. Spoilers say Jennifer tells him she loves him so I doubt the heartbreak she felt today will last long, & then when he saves her life & his cure becomes evident. That doctor was soooo wrong! Shouldn’t he be sued or something?!

    Sami & EJ today – PULEEZE – & EJ calling Kristen to tell her how well her plan is working for him! Kristen & Brady – eeewww! I don’t like Nick taking charge of the baby situation. Will obviously isn’t comfortable with the plan to let Nick & Gabi raise the baby as their own, & I liked how Will stood up to Nick a couple of times, so I hope it doesn’t turn out that way in the end.

    190 Linda a gracious apology. Like Kat said, we all have our moments. But I agreed with some others that your 107 was a good one & very well thought out. & you did acknowledge to each his own favorites on the show. Your post to Leah 182, wow, you sure can write! I like your “whatever happens, happens” about the show. I should try to feel more that way about it.

    I am off here until after the holidays. Have a great month of Christmas everyone!

  200. From Shani

    P.S. Eric lookin’ mighty good topless today! Or is it sacreligious to say that, even about a fictional Priest?! I am a hair-on-the chest woman, by the way. Don’t know why some guys remove it nowadays?!

  201. From patty

    Leah, that is exactly the point that Eric is trying to get across to Sami, she is in no place to judge Nicole because she did the same things she did. When she tells him he’s using lousy judgement for working with Nicole, he says don’t play that card with me, you’ve been using lousy judgement since you were three,you’re working with EJ, a man that has kidnapped your daughter. Sami goes on about how she has changed and EJ has changed. Eric says you have changed, EJ has changed and I have changed, why can’t Nicole change?
    EJ also tells Sami that he’ll make sure Nicole doesn’t hurt Eric. I wonder how he’s going to do that?

  202. From patty

    Shani,fictional priest or not, that guy looked good with his shirt off. :) Wishing a wonderful Christmas to you and yours!

    Leah, if I remember correctly, Sami has always been in touch with her brother and I’m sure kept him up to date to all the goings on in her life. The past that will come back to haunt Eric according to spoilers has to do with his stay in the Congos. I imagine that was in his days as a photographer where he possibly witnessed or was subjected to unimaginable atrocities. I`m guessing our boy will be suffering with PTSD.
    That being said, I still liked that he called Sami on her hypocrisy.

  203. From SandyGram

    Episode December 3rd:
    I am so with you Shani I’m not liking Brady and Kristen together physically. I can’t get the image out of my head that she was going to be his step mother when he was 5 years old. Then, for me, Kristen still seems to be channeling Susan’s facial expressions. He was so much more dynamic when in the romantic mode with Nicole and Madison. I know Susan is never, never, ever going to return according to the Days of Our article, but that’s who I most equate Eileen Davidson with.

    I just love how easy it is for Will and Gabi to reach out to one another with an arm around the shoulder, taking each other’s hand, wanting to know how the other feels. They are so close as friends. Now Nick was pushy today. I can only imagine if Will agrees to this scheme of Nick being the baby’s father, he will probably never let Will near the baby. And just wait, eventually there will be a time where the baby has an illness and the father’s blood is needed. Although there may be some DNA Markers that match because Will and Nick are cousins, it’s only a matter of time where the true parentage comes out!!!!

    Unusual for a CEO and President of a company to position them self on the floor to get their creative juices flowing to come up with a name for a Lipstick, but the scenes were cute. Johnny was adorable as always. The missing tube of prototype Lipstick is definitely going to come into the story soon. I can only imagine Kate gets a hold of it somehow and the spoiler we’ve been seeing of corporate espionage of a cosmetic giant going down could vary well be Kate. I thought Kristen had that prototype tube of Lipstick, could it be Kristen’s hands will be in this the debacle of setting Kate up to take a fall?

    Daniel, Jennifer and Nicole – Knock, Knock?…Who’s There? Just another one of those possessive women trying to run Daniel’s life.

  204. From gerri

    #182 Linda,
    girl you nailed it on all points.
    you totally took my thoughts and opinions and put them on paper.

    Clear,always love your posts,It appears we think the same as well,as does Patty,SandyGram,and Shani,we have our favs,and agree on the bad S/L’s.I don’t think we live too far apart,next state up,from FL,In the central part of our temperatures probably are close to the same,most of my family live close to Fl Line.

    I hate the Kristen/Brady S’L ,why after all this time,can’t the writers give him a decent Storyline?and Nicole,what Is going to happen with her?she has had a relationship,with pretty much every male on the show,

    I just can’t see Hope with someone other than BO so wonder what the writers have in mind for her.
    I think Doc Baker would inject some interesting things in Salem,
    and I would like to know why all the build-up to Will being Gay,and have him right at the beginning,sleep with Gabi and make a baby,why????

    I think Eric will become very tempted by memories of Nicole,and will slide….

    Update on my Daughter’s injury,to her fingers,she has accepted,that it is permament,and now even has friends and co-workers,calling them,cuties and has her laughing.
    I’m very thankful,that she shows no signs of depression,she has started back getting a manicure,on the other 7..and is learning she can still do many of the same things as before……..

    Hope everyone’s Christmas Plans are all coming together……

  205. From Kat

    Wow, good stuff on here, and I have not even watched today’s show yet…Been Shopping, spend money,stopped by my Son’s house on the way home, he even fed me dinner he cooked…but I gave him a quarter for using is facilities on the way home, it’s a joke between him and I….You got to be there…

    I have a feeling, like every year, with the holidays approaching, all/some of us we’ll be getting a little bit more mellow/personal, in a good way, and I do hope that is OK with the Admin. and whoever…If not, let Us know Now…Thank you…
    199 Shani, I always felt that, yes sure I would like to see this and this happen, LOL,
    but in my mind, it always was, Whatever happens, happens. DOOL does not, never has ruled my life, as I always say, it’s entertainment and I know my boundries…
    I have enjoyed your posts more than in the past,,, just being honest, and that is good.
    Maybe we all are growing…
    196 Leah, Yey, how does Eric Know so much….and my inquiring mind is asking with you…

    195/198 MAB, good points all around…
    To bad, that some of us people on here, will never meet in life, I think a big Round Table discussion, in person could surprise us all, I think..or not…LOL
    Shani, after I see the “Priest” topless, I will let you know. Personally, I do like Hair, not like an Ape, but hair…am I saying that right, or am I in Dog House again.

    Every year, across from Our House, the house is decorated to the “Limit”, and I get to sit on my couch, curtains open, and have the Best View of them All, Just hugged my neighbor and thanked him again, for doing such a great job, for 24 yrs. now.. unbelievable…I take a pic. every year and send it to the TV station.

  206. From Leah

    # 203 SandyGram…. great point. It probably NEVER would have crossed my mind that Kristen may use this prototype lipstick to set up Kate. Good thinking… and I certainly wouldn’t put anything past our dear Kristen.
    Personally I think some of us Days fans could give the writers a good run for their money with some of our ideas!

  207. From gerri

    It seems like there is One resident in every neighborhood,that,goes beyond to give the rest of us enjoyment,I love It as well.
    Last year(gosh time goes by so fast)at Christmas we shared some recipes,reckon we could do it again? I have just found one that I had filed away,It was one of Heloise’s favorite(remember her from her column in the newspapers?)
    It Is “Olive Nut Spread”,
    If anyone would like and If It’s ok with Admin.I’ll post, It is a simple recipe.

    Anyway I thought It was fun last year,It sounds like you have a wonderful family,with those funny moments you share…..

  208. From KAT

    You know something Ladies,,, the Easiest would be … Go with the Flow….
    but, none of us will ever do that,,,,, right, we will agree and disagree and b…. and complain, right, so will be the days of our lives… LOL…
    Do me a favor, laugh with Me…LOL

  209. From patty

    Did we see how John ended up with a tube of lipstick in his pocket? It fell out and Marlena found it when he left the coffee shop. Kate explains to Marlena that there is only about five prototypes made and takes one out of her purse. She says Sami and Kristen would each have one too so Marlena thinks the worst after Billie tells her she saw John at the Salem Inn. She heads on over to Kristen’s hotel room and barges in . I have a feeling all this is part of Kristen’s big set up.
    I agree SandyGram, Kristen seems to be channeling Susan’s facial expressions. Kristen does tell Brady there is something biblically wrong with what they did but it doesn’t seem to stop them because I’m pretty sure that’s what Marlena walks in on when she walk in Kristen’s room.

  210. From Kat

    207 gerri, I remember all the good times we had, what happened…
    yes all the neighborhoods have a Griswold……
    Yes gerri, I do have a happy life with my family, thank you God, but you never know what awaits around the corner for any of us..
    So enjoy every moment of your life,
    and Do not let Silly Moments on DOOL have to much influence, period, just enjoy and go with the flow. The writers decide after all..
    Looks to me, like “horny” little Brady is quite the aggressive person in this deal, and before anybody gets upset, I read horny on one of the blogs…

    Liked so much EJ and Sami on the floor in the office, what fun…
    then at the Horton House, how cute, it actually was Johnny and EJ coming up with the name “Proof”. Send the bonus to Johnny… LOL
    And, when EJ left, outside the door, he had just a very happy and content smile on his face…
    just happy… and yes telling Sister Kristin from his side,

    Yes the little scheme putting them both.. EJ and Sami in the same orbit is working, more power to it… but it still does not mean, that
    that Sami has to fall in love with EJ…she could still want Rafe,
    but I think we all know by now,
    Rafe will be HISTORY, about time.

    Only in a soap, will Nicole, former Lover of Eric, be in the Same Building, whatever, anybody know yet,
    on a daily basis,to tempt the poor and torn new priest, what a story that might turn out to be…

    They really are going for big Drama with Dr. Love/Dan/ whatever and St. Jenn (???)…
    to make them so torn in their feelings for each other, my God Jack just died,,,
    it’s only high drama, that will make it maybe legit, for those two, after all the Hand Problem, etc. etc.etc. to finally justify, that those two can fall into each others arms, and sucumb (??) to their feelings,,,, oh my heart…. Dr.Feelgood and Fair Maiden Jenn, after all that suffering,,, put them together….
    Like I have said so many times, I like to have fun…..

    207 gerri, would love to have your “Nut Spread” if ok by Admin…
    I am so glad, that You do remember the good times We Had….

  211. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    I thought Kristen stuck the prototype lipstick in John’s jacket when she hugged him..thought I read the spoiler that it comes flying out after a heated argument with M’lena.

    Finding new reasons to hate new writing. My stepson is eight years younger than me, so ugh, ick, I hate this S/L. If you parent a child, please don’t make him a conquest. Didn’t like Brady’s eavesdropping either. Man, there is no line these people will not cross.

    The Wibby baby, what gives? Man-up and be a dad. You hated it when it happened to you, Will. You hated it when your mom did it with Grace/Syd. Far more interesting for these two to face this road together than with an excon out of prison that you’ve known for 3 weeks. Blah. Dislike.

    Also, can they get Ali Sweeny some clothes that fit? If we need to take this executive crap seriously, don’t dress her like a tart. And her and EJ in business together, a real snooze fest, but then they’re always boring together. Kinda liked him talking to Abi. At least, it’s not a six year old non-romance. It was fresh.

    There’s not a single character on this show anymore that’s remotely likeable. I need somebody to root for!!

    Thanks #183 Linda. Well said.

  212. From KAT

    195 MAB.
    I agree with you, unfortunately, when you say, there are some that I just have given up on from personal experience, they have gotten to personal, and I also found it best, just not to inter-act with them.
    It works for me just fine…why bother, and get myself into trouble on here…
    Good decision MAB, let’s just enjoy, without problems…
    And again, to Each their Own, no problem

  213. From Kat

    200 shani, correct me, but didn’t Eric have hair on his chest…
    I like just the right amount of hair,,,
    Brady, for Me, is to clean shaven…
    EJ is great…
    I am forgetting Some “Body” LOL…
    I am making Apple Strudel for Xmas, my boys just love it…
    remember, you have to soak the rains in Brandy for a bit. lots of work, but so good, but I do have a short cut recipe for the dough part….

    GrandMa Judy, you heard we miss you,
    and some try to make you into a Saint,
    and you know,,,, not exactly, you had your
    snarky and spunky moments on here, just like the rest of us, so please, one more time, if your read this .. are you OK…

  214. From gerri

    Kat,here’s the recipe,hope it can be posted.would love your Apple Strudel recipe.

    “Olive Nut Spread”
    8oz Cream Cheese
    1/2 cup Mayonaise
    1 cup Chopped Salad Olives(Drained,Reserve Juice)
    1/2 cup chopped pecans
    2 TBSP Juice from Olives
    Dash Black Pepper

    Mix All The Above Ingredients Together.
    Chill….Serve With Your Choice Of Crackers.

    I love It,And Think You Will Too.

  215. From KAT

    214 gerri, Danke Schoen my lady, I will try it out, sounds good to me… but no promises, that you and I will always agree on the Characters on DOOL and their SL’s… fair enough, fair lady….

  216. From gerri

    Post your recipe for me…
    No I think It’s a given we won’t agree most of the time,on Days Characters and S/L’s ,but that doesn’t mean, we all can’t be kind to each other and the others ,that post on here,like I’ve said before would be a Dull and Boring world,if everyone was alike,I do think that we will all,have some satisfaction with our favs at different times tho,as It will never be all good,for anyone of us,all the time,it will bounce back and forth.

  217. From Clear

    Thanks, Gerri for great posts and the recipe? I shall label it under Days nutty olive spread! LOL! I hope you put your recipe in too, Kat.

    Alabama! I have cousins up in Northern part and around Birmingham!

    I figured that Nicole will somehow get around to trying to seduce the priest! I read that some catholic priests. -Canadian? are not celibate and have families?

  218. From Shani

    213 Kat oooo, yessss, Eric surely did have hair on his chest! Just the right amount to suit me, too.

  219. From patty

    Shani, spoilers say Eric continues having night terrors which means more shirtless scenes!!!
    Dyeing to be Blonde, thanks for clearing that up. That is what I figured when we kept seeing that scene where John and Kristen hugged over and over. Kristen is so creepy and yes she and Brady together are all kinds of wrong.

  220. From jolie

    #201 Patty, Eric can really call Sami down like no one else. They have a bond that definitely allows Eric to call her on her own sins…and I mean the twin bond and not that her brother is a Father. I hope Nicole does have a time of change. She has been thru it and has put others thru it. Time for some reflection and maybe just a new avenue for Nicole…that is if she and Eric don’t do anything to hamper his bond with the Church. And Eric in the Congo…I shudder to think about that. If there is a Hell on Earth..that would be a good candidate for it with the things that have gone on.

    #203 Sandygram, I just love your insight to the show. I like your fairness and the light way you view some of the scenes. Like the CEO and President and their son on the lipstick. It was a nice scene. That Kate ends up in the middle of the lipstick caper…wonder if Stefano steps in when it is time for her to go to jail again??

    I am not feeling the Kristen and Brady thing. I think Kristen is still a few bricks shy of a fully functioning load. That Brady jumps right in, that boy is so clueless over women! He sets himself up for hurt and disaster when he walks out the door each morning!

    Gerri, God bless your daughter on all her healing. She seems to have a wonderful mom so she is ahead of the curve already.

    #209 Patty, Marlena keeps being her own worst enemy lately but she needs to quit barging into Kristen’s room. It is illegal and if she gets her eyes too full of the wrong things, serves her right. I don’t think Kristen is innocent of anything since she arrived. I think she is in full control and is manipulating the situation but Marlena needs to cool it.

    #211 DTBB, I think you hit on it with your scenario on the Kristen/Brady pairing. There is so much sexual abuse in the news each and everyday and most of us hold family and our children as the most sacred thing on earth. It just seems wrong on too many levels to ever be right. I think she is using Brady for whatever her end purpose is and I don’t think we know what that is as yet or maybe I am thinking too deeply about it. I don’t think Elvis quite realizes what Kristen is about yet. She seems to be on his side but in the end Kristen will throw them all under the bus.

    Gerri, my mom used to make that spread when we were kids. We loved it. I’m going to give it a try again. Thanks for publishing! What a nice trip to Christmas past. I think she added some lemon juice, might have been in place of the olive juice, giving it a little tang. I can’t wait.

  221. From MAB

    Fabulous scenes w/ EJ & Sami, as always!! It’s so nice to see Sami smiling, laughing, and acting like herself, rather than the timid way she is around Rafe. When she’s around Rafe, there’s always an element of stress & tension, which puts her in a gloomy mood. But w/ EJ, she’s bubbly, feisty, and her mood is refreshing. As for them lying on the floor, I don’t find it unusual at all. I think it’s nice to see the CEO & President actually working and not just pushing papers or telling people what to do. Also, it must be acknowledged that EJ offered to allow Sami to go home to the kids, since he was criticized over her working late. And it was her idea to continue working at home, and w/ him. No scheming from EJ there, that was all Sami! Even w/ being her boss, he is not trying to abuse his power or control her, he is willing to work w/ her. Then they moved to the Horton house, and Johnny appears. He is just TOO cute! He so loves his Daddy, and they are so cute together…he even favors EJ! It was also cute when Sami was being the one telling him he had to go to bed, but EJ was smiling & agreeing w/ Johnny that he could stay up a bit longer. Then there were the looks exchanged between EJ & Sami, especially when he was leaving. She is still so completely taken w/ him. It is so obvious by the way she looks at him, and he looked genuinely happy about the it all. They both seemed satisfied to be spending time together, and working together. Great stuff, and am looking forward to more! But of course it’s not all gonna be good when we’ll soon be subject to more interaction w/ her & Rafe as he enlists her help w/ Gabi. And looks like he will be trying to take advantage of the situation involving his sister to score points w/ Sami. Now who will be scheming??

    It was Tee who first mentioned that the prototype lipstick could possibly come into play later on. It’s already known that Kristen had it (as Sami stated to EJ yesterday), but apparently she planted it on John. Now, I think either she just did that to use it to her own advantage, which comes down to Marlena thinking John is w/ Kristen, but when she gets there, it turns out to be Brady. Or she could turn on EJ & Sami and give it to Brady & Kate for Titan’s use. EJ left her a message, telling her the name of it, and she could pass it on to Brady (now that they are bed buddies). Of course, Kate would take it on w/o any reservations if it means taking down Sami, but I just hope Brady doesn’t fall for it and is aware what Kristen is doing, and that the idea belongs to EJ & Sami. Although, in the end, Stefano would probably have a fit if Kristen helps Kate in any way, so there’s a possibility this may not even happen.

    #196 Leah – I think Eric knows a lot about EJ because Sami has told him everything. I agree tho, w/ his current status at a priest, there is no need for him judge EJ harshly while giving his sister & Nicole the benefit of the doubt for their mistakes. But Sami telling Eric that herself & EJ has changed is very true. Now it’s time for Nicole to do the same, and Sami does back down after Eric defends Nicole. And yes, we all know now that Eric’s haunting past has to do w/ when he was in Congos, but what that all entails is still a mystery at this point. Nice to finally see his chest – youza!

    I think Daniel wallowing in self pity is nonsense. I know what happened was a disappointment, but geez, he’s no worse off than he was before. In fact, he’s right back to what he was, still working in the medical profession w/o being a surgeon. It seemed he had accepted that, and was somewhat happy, but now he’s back to the doom & gloom. He should be thankful he’s even able to work at all. Then there’s Maggie. Paleeze! She acts like Daniel is done for, and blaming Jen for everything. Too bad it wasn’t Maggie instead of Nicole Daniel was telling not to blame Jen for what this.

    Brady & Kristin – not interested.

    I don’t like Nick taking charge of the baby situation either. And Gabi just stands there and says nothing??? I’m glad Will is standing his ground, but it looks like he’ll eventually cave. Sad!

    #212 Kat – I agree, and said so as well, I have definitely given up on some from past experiences and will never go there again. I don’t interact w/ them, but I still see the backlash from time to time.

  222. From bobby

    #184 Tee-in your spoilers, it said Brady gives Kristen a “special” gift. I think he did that yesterday. Yuck! Aren’t you glad you updated us on all the spoilers and the site accepted it? Can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to re-write and re-send.
    #197-LG-thank you-I agree. Thanks to fast-forward, I didn’t have to suffer long. This little fling does not bode well. And poor Victor-once again giving the speach on going places that other family members have already gone.

  223. From Maryl

    Loved yesterday’s episode with EJ, Sami and Johnny! Sami inviting EJ to accompany her to work at the Horton house, was also nice. The interaction between Johnny and EJ was very sweet and touching. I was half way expecting Rafe to come barging in as he frequently does, but somehow the writers decided to leave him out of the picture in this instance and let EJ, Sami and Johnny have some peaceful and fun moments to themselves. Gold stars for doing it right this time, writers!

    Dr. Dan should not be too upset about the hand tremors–he can use that hand as a massage tool for pleasing all those women who are knocking on his door, taking space on top of his desk, and rumpling up his bed. Ha. I am glad, however, that he will be cured–delayed as it is–but of course, we knew that would happen.

    Wardrobe and makeup people still haven’t gotten Jenn fixed up to look her age. At one point, they make her look frumpy and aged and then turn around and try to make her look like a teenager with old ladies clothes. (A lot like my wardrobe!Ha)! What is with those “little girl” hair clips?? Please give her shoulder length hair in a more flattering style and give her some much needed color! Jenn is a lovely woman–wish they would bring that out. A while back she wore a black outfit and she looked great in it–they need to experiment with colors on her, both in clothes and makeup. IMO only.

    Don’t trust Nick–Gabi may soon be trying to get away from him and won’t be able to??

    The interaction between EJ and Eric remains to be seen and could get interesting. I’m not looking for it to progress smoothly. Eric, even though he is a priest, will no doubt have the same feeling that everyone has for EJ–he is, afterall, a DiMera. As a priest, Eric should not be biased and judgmental, but this is a soap, so don’t expect his actions to be that of a real life priest. A real priest practices forgiveness and understanding not preconceived judgments and condemnations of anyone–no matter what the sinner has done and he certainly doesn’t dole out forgiveness to only a chosen few that he thinks worthy of it. I don’t, however, expect such realisim in a soap opera! By the time Nicole gets through with Eric, he himself may be seeking confession and forgiveness–no doubt from the Pope himself or at least a Cardinal!Ha! Once Nicole sees that goregous man without his shirt, as we did, she will proclaim, “Let there be war upon the Catholic church”! Ha!

  224. From Kat

    What does big bad wolf have in common with Dr. Love, his Godson…
    Victor — Carly, Kate, Nicole

    With Grandson Brady…
    Victor — Nicole

    Brady and Dr. Dan — Chloe, Nicole..

    Brady and his father John… Kristin..

    Wow, that Nicole get’s around, she is part of all Families,
    incl. the Horton’s (Lucas)

    The DiMera’s (EJ)

    and pretty soon, the Brady’s, Eric.(Again)…how long will it take…
    Who and what am I forgetting.

    On the Apfel strudel, I found a short cut on line,
    my recipe is from scratch and sooooooooooo long and involved,
    so here we go..
    You can find the dough, which I just did in the Freezer section.

    The recipes are great, love the Wrapped Baked Brie with whatever sauce/compot, whatever/topped with slivered almonds, wide open. Of course Brie will always be good with a fresh baquett(??), grapes, pears and ice cold Chardonnay, LOL
    More, after I watch Today’s episode.

    Maryl, MAB, mega ditto..
    shani, yes to Eric

  225. From patty

    Wow, I thought Marlena was going to throw up seeing Kristen and Brady have sex. It is enough to make anybody’s stomach turn. The look on Kristen’s face shows that things happened exactly how she wanted it to.
    Will gives the go ahead to Nick and Gabi to raise his baby as their own but tells Nick not to rub it in. Gabi runs to Rafe to tell him the good news and they are both very happy. The Hernendez sure are beautiful people.
    Eric and Rafe run into each other and have a nice talk about how to handle Sami. Eric tells Rafe Sami was very happy when she was with him.
    Will and Eric talk about his being gay and Eric is very understanding.
    Sami and EJ are just boring, discussing lipsticks and little drawings from the kids and how much fun they’re having. Still waiting for the sparks.
    John tries to explain to Marlena how the lipstick jumped from Kristen’s hand into his pocket.I think that John is the one who needs to wake up here if he can’t see that Kristen planted that lipstick .
    Rafe goes to visit Sami and she’s happy to see him. He tells her he needs her and the look on her face says it all, even if it is only to be there for Gabbi.
    Kristen admits to EJ that everything that she put in motion by coming back to Salem is coming together perfectly.

  226. From KAT

    Want to see and hear something beautiful.
    Go to Utube… How Great thou are, Barbershop Multitrack – by Vance Perry Prod.
    Enjoy,..I did.

  227. From rab

    They could have will confide in EJ about the baby story .Miss the interactions between will and ej. Will could tell ej the truth about the baby and somehow trust he wont tell sami. then ej tells sami at some point and the truth comes out. dont like to have another baby denied of its true father. ???? good idea???

  228. From SandyGram

    #226 KAT

  229. From Tee

    Hello all!!

    Lots of great comments.

    PattyI actually thought Rafe looked nice when he came to the office.He actually is nice looking, I just dont find myself liking his character much as I think he has no roots besides EJAMI.
    Eric looked nice shirtless as well, look forward to seeing his story and what bad memories haunt him.

    Maryl#223 Great post. i enjoyed the EJAMILY scenes so much.I loved seeing them play around and be a family.I am not sure what is so boring about spending time with your kids and having fun, and those looks they gave each other wow.What great chemistry as always.

    Bobby though he did give Kristen a sort of gift that is not the actual one I meant he gives her a real gift, except John finds it so look for some interesting stuff from that.Brady is gonna fall hard, and Kristen though she is not planning to does as well.

    Mab#221 Great post and yes Thak you it was me who specced that Kristen or even Kate would steal or come up with/give away the prototype.

    I seen the scenes of Eric calling Sami out mainly to show she believes EJ has changed and so what is so different in him having faith in Nicole, and also that she is no better then Nicole.

    Some more spoilers here for next week and week of Dec 17th,2012

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