Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For November 12-16.

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Brady pays Nicole a visit. She isn’t sorry for anything that’s happened and sends him off. Jenn shows up to offer her some sympathy. Nic doesn’t want it and hates her guts. She kicks herself for snarking at her when she realizes Jenn could send her to jail. The Horton goes off to speak to the DA about that. She decides not to press charges. When she explains this to Daniel, he pulls her into his arms. He pulls away before this leads to anything more and admits to her that he still feels responsible for Nicole. She follows him to work and they agree to try being ‘friends’ again. The doctor bumps into Nic as she is being released. She assumes he hates her. He doesn’t, but he sure doesn’t love her either. She mopes away and starts to crumble in the square until Eric Brady suddenly pops up. He jogs off. She assumes it was a hallucination until she runs into him in the pub… and he’s now a priest.

Marlena shows up at the Horton cabin. Her jaw drops when she finds Kristen and John sleeping on the couch. They explain what happened and she controls herself. She admits to John that she thinks the other woman plotted the whole thing. He doubts it. Meanwhile, Kristen rubs this event in Brady’s face. She goes off to see Jenn and pay her condolences for Jack. She tells her old friend that she wants them to reconnect. Jenn’s not so sure about that idea. She’s not sure about a lot of things though. She goes back to work and tells Daniel they need to talk. He’s nervous. She explains that she’s found a clinic that might be able to treat his hand tremors. The doctor refuses to get his hopes up so she does her best to make him optimistic. Meanwhile, Elvis hunts down Nicole. He’s sure that she’s punishing herself more than he can, but he tears her apart anyway. Once he leaves her a hysterical mess, Eric shows up to comfort her.

When Gabi finally gets out of bed with Nick, Abby shows up. They chat about boys. Abby admits she’s still a virgin. Gabi’s sure she can solve that problem. Abby heads over to see EJ, who is hanging out with Johnny. She starts bonding with Elvis about how painful loss is. He promises that he’s not blaming her mom for his child’s death. Later, his sister shows up to give him more advice about his personal life. Marlena suddenly rears her head to rant. John drags her away. EJ’s impressed that Kristen can still annoy people so easily. His big sister impresses him some more by offering to stand down at CW so he can be the one on top of Samanther. However, she adds that she’ll only do that if he agrees to bring Stefano back into their lives. That’s a price EJ is willing to pay and he calls his father back to town. Kristen goes to tell John her version of this news. He’s impressed that she’s being so thoughtful. Their hands touch as Brady walks in. As soon as she steps away, Brady lectures his father and decides to take John’s place on the church board to keep Kristen away. She’s surprised when he cancels the board meeting and orders her to leave his father alone. She’s sick of hearing this and storms off. He stalks after her. She’s mugged. He tries to save her but gets clobbered by a second mugger. She calls John for help. Meanwhile, Marlena gets a text that Eric is back. The news starts to spread. Eric’s family gathers around him. Sami instantly starts warning him to avoid Nicole. Marlena and John join in. She takes John’s phone, sees the message form Kristen and erases it. When Sami heads back to work, EJ arrives and announces that he’s her new boss. He lets her think that this is his way of making things easier for John and Marlena.

Chad hears Nick is meeting with his parole officer. He plans to screw it up for him but Gabi prevents it. Across town, Will and Sonny each nervously look forward to their meeting. Will runs into his father and Sami first. He lashes out at Lucas, who won’t back down from his position. Sami backs up her son. Will leaves for his meeting with Sonny. He admits that he’s a screw up. Sonny already knows that and takes him back to his place.

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  1. From SandyGram

    With the help of Kristen’s manipulation EJ will be on top of Samanther so he can manipulator her even more as her boss. The writers know how to keep Sami totally dependent of Elvis, but then where’s the love without a little manipulation.

    Then Kristen gets mugged and Brady subsequently is mugged by a second mugger when chasing the first mugger…that’ll bring the sympathy out from John and probably Brady too! Could it be that she actually hired the muggers? It all sounds to planned to me!

    Yea Eric is in town, finally maybe Nikki can get the help she needs. And another DiMera trying to mess up someone’s life as Chad tries to cause Nick trouble when he goes to meet his Parole Officer. Maybe Stefano can find something more worthwhile for Chad when he returns.

  2. From MAB

    Soap Opera Digest’s article on Nicole confirms that when Nicole went to the Horton Square to confront Jen (and fell), it was not with the intent to hurt Jen. The scalpel doesn’t come into play until now, after Jen goes over to Daniel’s to confront Nicole (yet again), so Nicole thinking she’s gonna loose Daniel goes over to Jen’s to confront her, and when Daniel intervenes, Nicole tries to kill herself.

    There’s also a Melissa Reeves article where she explains why Jen became to angry as of late. I didn’t agree w/ much of it, as it all had to do w/ her blaming her actions of her losses. Well, what about Nicole’s losses? They can paint it whatever way they want to, but I think Jen is still partly responsible for all that happened, and she needs to confess to the part she played in all this. Bottom line, she stuck her nose in where it didn’t belong.

  3. From Delores

    MAN—Nicole sure do like to stay in the hospital alot doesnt she?? WHO is paying her bill???

  4. From Delores

    MAN—Nicloe sure do enjoy staying in the hospital alot doesnt she?? WHO is paying the bill???

  5. From lulu

    Oh my…so Nicole doesn’t pay at all, everyone is sorry for her..lam lame lame back in the day when Sami was discovered for her schemes she was rejected by all the town and humiliated IN FRONT OF ALL THE FREAKING TOWN !!! Why the double standards for pete’s sake ??!! Ridiculous..and boring this outcome seriously..

  6. From Delores

    sorry for the double posts. Did not intend to do that but it didnt seem to want to post either one of them, but, I see it did. LOL!! Sorry again friends. ;)

  7. From Delores

    Oh and P.S. I know about Nicloe and the “bill” and all, was just posting this as more of a joke. But it does seem funny she sure do enjoy the hospital lately. ;)

  8. From justine

    we are ready for some new stuff or is nicole gonna get pregnant again maybe by the priest so she can ruin him.and no one catches on to her being evil after all these times or not enough brains to stay away.repeats boring just differant couples .come up with something new,cant say I ever believed stefano was dead.

  9. From patty

    It looks like November sweeps are all about manipulations , false coincidences and dumping on Nicole to pimp Daniel and Jennifer. I wonder how long Kristen’s lies are going to work since no one in Salem except clueless John believes or trusts her. Really, sleeping on the couch with her? And Marlena is not to be suspicious?
    I am so tired of Jenn’s and Nicole’s bitching, is this ever going to end? I know people all grieve differently, but everyone in Salem uses it as an excuse for unexcusable behavior and both Jennifer and Nicole are guilty of that.
    So now EJ tells Kristen he is plotting his revenge but in a way that won’t make Sami suspicious, which is why he’s not going after Rafe but planning a little accident for Dan and Nicole in Maui. Not that Sami doesn’t already know what he’s capable of but he must keep up the false pretenses to win her back. That is how it is done in Demira world.
    These spoilers just confirm that we’re in for more of the same desperate actions with not much excitement in sight.

  10. From Cougar

    I’m watching Days now and the priest is looking familiar. Is it Father Mulchayhy form Mash?!

    Are thy going to have a funeral for Nik’s aby. Seems wrong if they dont. Also, sorry to say but Nik using the miscarriage to get Dr. jonas is the equivilant of dncing on is grave.

  11. From TerriK

    Im a big Nicole fan and a Samantha fan for that matter. regardless of what Nicole has done in the past doesnt mean she deserved the loss of her child. Im sick to death of Jenn’s whining. How about you mourn the loss of your husband, take care of your daughter and let everyone live their lives. shes a bit of a vigalante if u ask me. And an absolute head case. We are always comparing the sinners/saints on this show,but the bottom line is they have all sinned at one point. So why do others get the free pass that the beloved Saints like Jenn and Marlena constantly get. Without our villains, there would be no drama and therefore no need for DOOL.

    nice to read all your thoughts. I miss yackin with u ladies! xo

  12. From MAB

    TerriK – ditto!

  13. From betsybee

    After watching Days Cast on Jeff Probst show yesterday we should not have too many complaints about the characters. These actors work hard and long hours to portray their characters just to please the fans. We, the fans, do nothing but find fault with them. Sure some actors are better at their trade than others but do we have to use such foul language and horrible adjectives to describe how we feel about them. My God they are just trying to make a liveing like many of the rest of us…. The WRITERS are the biggest problem and lets hope and pray that they improve in the next few months. Granted this show is taped three months ahead (which is wrong IMO) but apparently we can’t change that. The actors have to be so careful what they say or answer our questions in case they give away a certain plot. This three month thing is ridiculous. Imagein, they have already done their Christmas session and here we are trying to figure out which families will be together and those who won’t. LET THERE BE PEACE ……

    I do not come on here very often but I do get a kick out of all your rantings and remarks about this particular DOOL soap. Keep them coming.

    EJ and Sami will soon let us al know about LOVE !!!!!!!!

  14. From dc

    from what i just read on days cafe for next week, ej is gonna become a “real” dimera again, at least that is what he tells stefano..
    the writers should have never put nicole in the position of getting pregnant the 2nd time knowing she would never carry a baby to term (at least that is what the doctor told her after she lost the 1st baby).
    and eric is returning next week.
    just wish we could hear some good news (like bo returning)….

  15. From Shani

    I have to admit I have it in for Nicole because she used her dead baby to try to get Dr. Dan & to send Jennifer to jail. I don’t know why the baby would have died, or if they can tell from the autopsy, but maybe it has something to do with why she was told she couldn’t have children in the first place. All the stress fearing EJ could have had something to do with it, certainly couldn’t have been good for her, & that was her choice.

    I felt Jennifer was calm & in control of herself today & she finally said it was Daniel’s decision to be with Nicole or not. I understand why Jennifer went to see Nicole. Things Sami said got Jen thinking & she had to put it into words to Nicole that she knew Nicole probably heard her voicemail to Daniel & then sought her out to confront her at Town Square. Jennifer put her nose into Dr. Dan & Nicole’s business, obsessed with protecting Dr. Dan, but to me what Nicole did was inexcusable. In the first place, she should have owned up to the baby’s death when she first knew. A devastating loss for her, yes, but then she used it for malice.

    Cougar 10 I agree they should have some sort of funeral or memorial for Nicole’s baby. Maybe they will now that an autopsy has been done.

    John, wake up about Kristen! So glad Marlena has figured out, with Kayla’s help, that Kristen is trying to set her up to look bad to John. I thought Kayla looked very nice today. I think she is a cute woman!

  16. From emma

    Well i enjoyed Sami as a schemer because she really had consequences, even these last years when she did something against Ej he did seek revenge but Nicole..just NO like with the Arianna story it is just glassed over..doesn’t make me root for her at all if she just go away with everything..Ej has been shot, beated up Sami well you know all the humiliation she suffers FOR YEARS but Nicole just NO everybody will be ‘sorry’ for ‘poor’ Nicole and kind and beautiful Eric will save the day for what a punishment really..

  17. From Shani

    I just read SandyGram’s Nov. 9 spoiler on the other page that says the autopsy shows no one is to blame for the baby’s death.

  18. From Leah

    I know there are some who are hoping or should I say spreading rumours of an EJ/Abby connection. To be honest I find this quite GROSS and I for one don’t wanna see it! It was horrible when they had Abby in Austins orbit. He looked more like her father. I mean a young, inexperienced, naive girl with a man 15 years or so more her senior? YUK!
    Abby’s age on the show is portrayed as being around the same age as Melanie, Chad, Will and Gabi’s. So no this viewer don’t wanna see it AT ALL!
    PS: Just had a thought though… maybe the powers to be are going to have Chad and Abby reconnect and they are going to use EJ as a instrument in that storyline. EJ will like Abby and go to bat for her with Chad. Now thats more likely and much more pleasant.

  19. From Cindy

    If Eric is a priest who gives it all up for love, it is reminiscent of Marie Horton. She became a Nun bakc in 1977 and quit around 1980-1 when she fell back in love with Alex.

  20. From Shani

    Leah 18 good thought about EJ being the vehicle to Abigail & Chad getting back together. I really would not like to see her with EJ romantically, either.

  21. From Arlene

    Cougar, you are right. Soap Opera Digest says that the guy from M.A.S.H. who played the minister, is coming to Days to also play a minister.

  22. From dc

    yea, i can see chad and abby back together.
    has anyone heard any good news about, maybe, bo returning in the future??

  23. From MAB

    Tee – yep, Jen no doubt played a part in what happened, as I’ve said all along. I knew Jen didn’t push her (on purpose that is), but she was partly responsible for the fall. I also knew she wouldn’t go to jail for it in the end, so I couldn’t have any sympathy for her at all. And although Nicole brought most of this horror on herself, I do feel sorry for her for loosing yet another child. Also, I’m glad you are on here giving us your insights on the show, and letting us in on things that will happen. You must have good sources, because so far, you’ve been right about everything. I certainly don’t think your sources have misled you in anyway, as it was indicated. It’s usually the spoilers that are misleading because it’s obvious some take them out of context, just like the Abby/EJ thing. Anyway, keep it up Tee! I enjoy your posts and your insights.

    If EJ seeks revenge or not, it will be up to the writers. No one can predict what EJ will or will not do, or if he will change or not, unless the writers make it happen. The constant mantra of saying what one “knows” EJ is gonna do is old & played.

    I didn’t like Victor throwing Brady under the bus just to save Daniel. Why does everyone treat Daniel like a little boy? He is a grown man who can make his own decisions.

    Jen, ugh, that girl can’t leave well enough alone. She may have acted calm w/ Nicole, but I still think she’s disturbed, and had no business going to see Nicole. And like Tee said, Nicole will be outcasted for her actions, while Jen will play the victim because she’s a Horton. Always double standards for these characters.

    I think Kristen is lovely, and she wears some kick @$$ clothes too! I’m curious as to all the meanings behind the stuff in the box, that is unless the only purpose of it was the key. I like the flashbacks of her & John…boy was he hot back in the day! I like how John is handling things. I don’t think he trusts Kristen at all, but he’s trying to understand her and give her a break. He’s giving her the benefit of the doubt, but I’m sure if she crosses him, he will show that other side of himself…the John Black that you don’t mess with! Like he said, she can only come between him & Marlena if they let her. As for Marlena, she is always gonna be skeptical of Kristen, w/ good reason, but instead of acting paranoid, she needs to use her brain and handle Kristen the right way. Marlena is smart, and should be able to come up w/ an alternative way to act. Spoilers say she is gonna go to extreme measures. I just hope she does it the smart way, doesn’t go overboard, and act like a crazy woman (like Jen acted w/ Nicole).

  24. From kat

    I would have like to see the Video of “John Jr.’s” first bath.
    Wonder if EJ will turn out to be Kristin and John’s child after all.
    That would ruffle some feathers, but I do like that he is Stefano’s son.

  25. From jolie

    #9 Patty, if John were my husband, he’d know he’d be better off sleeping in the woods in a porcupine den than in the cabin and on the COUCH with Kristen. What the heck is in his noggin? I too am just sick of Jenn, Nicole, Daniel story. I hate the way Nicole is being used by the writers but things will change and with Eric here, maybe sooner than later. Stupid coincidences, dumber manipulations. And you are right, there are so many in Salem acting all desperate right now. That is just less entertaining than what you’d think.

    #11 Terrik-hello! Jenn has never slowed down to grieve over Jack…too busy flitting all over town worrying about Dr Feelgood. Now that sounds a bit nasty but just tired of it.

    #15 Shani, Nicole was wrong to use the baby for sure but desperate as well. Hope this will be over soon for her and she can use her acting skills for something happier. I just want this whole thing to go away. And I will not be happy about Elvis lighting into Nicole about the baby and this scam. She has had enough. If Elvis had kept his drawers on instead of doing the horizontal, he’d have been right there for the whole pregnancy, good or bad. Don’t continue to kick her while she’s down. John seems to have his head stuck up his sleeve lately. Sometimes I think about the Scooby Do cartoons my kids watch when he is missing all the clues about Kristen!

    Chad needs to get over Nick and move on. Is that just a time filler or will Chad/Nick become a story in itself? Another wait and see.

    Elvis as Sami’s boss. Go for it. Sami will less likely to screw things up and cost him if he is close by and watching her.

  26. From Kat

    Today, Kristin talking about Marlena and that She John’s child,
    makes me think even more, The Kristin and John’s child might be alive, and is or not EJ.. Could there be another child out there,
    or will it be our EJ…..Something could be up, the way it was brought up.
    Marlena and Kristin both could have children with John.
    Looked like EJ kind of blushed today, when Kristin tried to kiss him good bye..cute…

  27. From MAB

    Kat – it sure sounds plausible about EJ possibly being Kristen & John’s child. If they do have a child tho, I just hope it doesn’t turn out to be EJ. That would make EJ & Sami distantly related since John is part DiMera, part Brady. EJ & Sami are getting together, and they share 2 children, so there shouldn’t be any ‘family’ connection between them. That would also give some just another reason to trash them as a couple. Besides, I like EJ being Stefano’s son. And they don’t need to mess w/ that again since the idea was an unpopular one to begin w/ during the Ian debacle, which is why the new writers recanted the idea. Also, now that John finally acknowledged that he was a DiMera, why hasn’t it been mentioned since? Why don’t the writers acknowledge it, along w/ him also being a Brady? He always goes around talking about not knowing anything about his past, but he does. He finally found out who he was, but the writers don’t recognize it. Weird…

    If Nicole is gonna face serious charges, as Rafe says, then how are Rafe & Daniel exempt from also facing charges??? They aren’t innocent in any of this.

  28. From emma

    Euh MAB Nicole will not be outcasted at all; Daniel, Jennifer and Ej will give her a break whereas Eric Brady will be here for her..outcasted..not so much and to me it is a problem..back in the day when Sami schemed she did not go to prison but HER was outcasted and pretty harshly !! There is no real fallout, the only time there was a real fallout was when she went to prison but still it was because the actress came on maternity break and her travel in prison did last maybe two weeks salem time..what a joke !
    Jolie : Ej was not with Nicole when he slept with Sami, Nicole just dumped him ! It is too easy to blame Ej whereas he is certainly not the guilty one in this story, she even went as far as trying to frame him for his father’s murder.§.but everything is glassed over for ‘poor’ Nicole..ridiculous.

  29. From Shani

    jolie 25 I agree Nicole was/is desperate but using her dead baby the way she did really turned me off. Didn’t like the story anyway. I think Jennifer blocked out the pain of losing Jack by focusing all her attention on what she thought was protecting Dr. Dan. Maybe she will take time to grieve when this baby story is all over. Although it sounds like she will focus on Dan once again & getting him treatment for his hand. (When a friend of mine lost her husband, it was 6 months before she shed a tear & then they flowed non-stop.)

    Terrific scenes between Nicole & Jennifer again today. What acting! Oh, the look on John’s face when he sees Kristen standing at the fireplace at the cabin!!

    jolie, yes, my husband would NEVER recover from me finding him sleeping on the couch with Kristen!! Never knew John to be so dense before as he appears to be about Kristen but maybe he’s just keeping his doubts to himself so Marlena won’t freak out more than she already has. Creepy strategical conversation between Kristen & EJ!

  30. From kat

    MAB, I agree, I also mentioned that I prefer Stefano to be EJ’s fatha,
    but what if the baby Kristin thought she lost in Paris were to turn up…..just so strange that Kristin would bring up the Baby thing…I still would like to see, Baby John Jr’s. first bath, ha ha…

    Now how would Kristin have known that John was coming to the Cabin, and she got there before him,,,,does she have the town square bugged, where Hope was talking to John and Marlena,,, or something, maybe she has bionic Hearing.

    I also do not understand that these writers do not mention, that John
    is a DeMera and EJ’s blood uncle..etc. and cousin with Brady.
    He sure brought it up, when trying to go after the DiMera Empire, saying all that was his Birth Right.
    The writers should give us Fans a bit more respect, we all know it is a fact…and facts should be respected.

    I hear you about also being part Brady,
    not so good, concerning him and Sami.

    The Nicole Saga, and her involvement with Dumb and Dumber, what can I say, bring it to an end.
    Gaby got away with it, now Nicole, so they are all in the family, it’s not only the DiMera’s and the Kiriakis that get away, it’s anybody.
    Nicole and Hope prob. were the last two that actually served time, oh not to forget Nick.

    All I hope out of this mess, that Dr. Dan and his sidekick Rafe, learn that they been had by Nicole,
    and that Victor, ha, ha was right about her.

    Now we had for healing and redemption, hope that Eric will also be a good influence on Sister Sami,
    and will be part of a Sami and EJ courtship.
    Help them do it right.

    Confused when Roman said to Kristin, it’s been 14 years, what,,,! Just how old is EJ supposed to be,,, did I hear that right… why even bring up the number of years.
    John and Kristin were together before EJ was even born,
    and that would of course way, way longer than 14 years.

  31. From jolie

    Kat, I don’t think the writers would go there again, making Elvis NOT Stefano’s son when we just had that happen with Alice’s letter that turned out to be Creepy Ian’s letter. What am I saying?? Of course they would. I just hope not. Elvis is Stefano’s progeny. Writers…get that straight! But who else might fit that profile. What would the age be?

    #28 emma, Nicole and Elvis were working together and he was avowing his love for her, trying to win his way back into her confidence. To me, they were together. And just because my thinking doesn’t match yours does not make my thinking ridiculous, thank you.

  32. From Leah

    Don’t tell me Ejami are not popular or having pulling power…
    What other soap couple has this much appeal…. when Ejami made love in May 2008 two major youtube clips had around 1 million views. But yesterday while surfing the net I came across this one made in 2009. It has HAD over 6.8 million viewings… WOW! If you haven’t seen it already check it out Ejami – This Love. The song really does suit Ejami I would love to see it now updated with scenes from the last 3 years in it. Happy viewing!

  33. From Leah

    PS: Might have to retract the statement about wanting to see the Ejami – This Love youtube clip updated. Another three clips of Ejami have been made to this song again already this year.

  34. From Shani

    In The Salem Spectator Crystal Ball spoiler for the week of Nov. 12 it says Jennifer makes her decision after speaking with the D.A. I’m thinking these new circumstances coming out of Nicole knowing her baby was already dead before her fall even happened may cause charges to be brought against her for false arrest of Jennifer, since she knew all along Jen wasn’t guilty of anything. I am guessing Jen decides not to press the charges. Just my speculation.

  35. From emma

    Jolie, Ej was not with Nicole it is a fact. As for saying it is ridiculous, i will REPEAT it TO ME it is ridiculous to say otherwise and rewrite what was on screen because it is just innacurate. I could also add that Ej did blame himself for this story whereas he did not need to do that and Nicole was just ok to get it over and come back with him while still lying about the paternity child and once again rejected him when he did not do exactly as she ordered, the girl after that tried to frame him for murder and STILL lied about the paternity..while Ej begged and begged to make thing right to her so it is TOTALLY accurate to say that Nicole was totally the one to make everything a mess in this story and not Ej ! Ej should seek revenge and RIGHTFULLY if he was in character. Thank you.
    p.s: you are entitled to YOUR opinion as I AM.

  36. From MAB

    emma – yes, I know that they cut Nicole a break, I’m talking about how she’s treated in general. She is considered an outcast, and always has been. Nicole is viewed as this horrible person, while Jen is viewed as an angel, when she’s far from it. I just hate to see her trashed, while Jen gets the benefit of the doubt. Also, you’re right, EJ was not w/ Nicole when he slept w/ Sami. It’s fact, regardless of what some say.

    Looks like John’s being chastised for sleeping on the couch with Kristen, like he’s cheating on Marlena, yet excuses were made for Rafe kissing Carrie that he wasn’t cheating on Sami. Double standards!

  37. From kat

    31 jolie, I hear you about EJ being Stefano’s son, and I like that.
    What caught my attention today,
    then Kristin brought up, that John picked Marlena and also that THEY have a child together. So many times, Writers give some clues, about things to come. I might be so wrong, but on DOOL so many Adult children are “found”, like Lexie, Camerson, Chelsea, Dr. Dan, Melanie, etc.
    Could be a character that is not even on the show yet.
    Leah, I have to check out the U Tube..
    did any of you check out Roxanna and James Scott, Unforgotten…..?

  38. From Leah

    Sure did Kat :)

  39. From kat

    Leah, I did check out Utube- Ejami \ This love….
    Amazing, what powerful chemistry,
    and when you think, so wasted by the writers etc, for all these years. The most popular couple, it’s more than time, that they have their day in the sun…LOL

  40. From SandyGram

    Episode November 7th:
    A few things caught my attention today:
    - First, I don’t know if it’s because we now have a Priest in the Rectory, but now there with the references to passages in the Good Book, maybe it’s in preparation for Eric’s arrival.
    - Second, as several have already mentioned, in Kristen’s conversation with EJ she mentioned ‘Marlena had what she wanted; she had John and his child’. Without going back over history or You Tube Video’s I’m thinking Belle is that child. In the upcoming scene of Marlena seeing John and Kristen at the Horton Cabin may also bring back memories of Belle’s birth since (if I remember correctly) it was at the Cabin. John not only delivered Belle but when she stopped breathing and he brought her back to life, all with Kristen watching these very special moments between Marlena and John. But he didn’t know he was the father, Marlena was with Roman at the time.
    - Third, Marlena mentioning 14 years…yep if I was the writer I might have left that little tidbit out, the fan’s will be analyzing that piece of information till the cows come home.

    Now…what a performance by Arianne (Nicole) and Melissa (Jennifer), of all the harsh words spoken and fights they’ve had over the past month or so, today they brought everything to the table. I actually needed the calmer scenes of Brady and Maggie to slow down my heart beat. But I have to say like several have already mentioned, I can see where Jennifer’s many verbal attacks on Nicole could have contributed to the loss of the baby, especially since it was a high risk pregnancy.

    This must be a day for confessions. I even enjoyed Kristen and EJ’s bantering back and forth at the Pub. He is obviously becoming very captivated by her cunning personality. For me, although he didn’t want to seek retribution on Rafe or Daniel for concern it would affect the ground he has gained with Samanther and the Good Book reference ‘An eye for an eye’ says plenty about Elvis. And, his overall boyish charm when Kristen showed him affection was enjoyable, I like this softer EJ.

  41. From Kat

    Question, what is “Placenta rupture”, the cause 0f why Nicole’s baby died in the womb…

  42. From Arlene

    Kat, I think that may be when the placenta becomes detached from the uterine wall, which can produce a stillborn baby. Not sure if that’s the term that they use for this condition, but I know this type of thing can occur in a pregnancy and cause a baby to die.

  43. From Tee

    Hey all I posted from my new tabet earier but Having issues.


    Abruption of the placenta that is not caused by some kind of trauma is usually caused by the clotting of the lake of maternal blood which is normally behind the placenta. The cause of that clotting is usually an inadequate blood volume, which results from inadequate nutrition.

    So there we go Trauma or not eating properly is main cause

    Sandy so true about Jen, She bullied Nicole during her pregnancy and probably caused her much un needed stress in her high risk pregnancy, and there are soe things out there saying stress can factor in to the placenta rupture as well as the baby is under stress from either trauma or lack of nutrients already any further stress would just be way too much.

    I am liking this side of EJ he is contemplating what he would normally do and trying to not do it to show Sami he is not that way anymore. I think he is growing and it will not all be over night. He has shown much restraint already.

    Leah thanks for the video I enjoyed it sooo much.

    Emma you are right Nicole is to blame for what she has done, and I think it is fitting EJ confronts her and says his feelings and they move past it So both can moveon with their life.She should be lucky he is not doing worst as we know old EJ woud have. He knows as well she has suffered enough andm ore then he coud have ever made her due to her own scheming and lying.

    Mab so true Jen Is a Horton so therefore a Angel ughh I think she needs to won up to her part in Nicoles stress, and bulyingh er al the time whie she was pregnant. I remember that baby kept kicking like crazy around that time and probaby because it was in distress so much.She should be embarrassed she harrassed a high risk pregnant woman like she did.
    More in a bit

  44. From Shani

    But I think we have to also remember Nicole’s encounters with Jennifer were only a short part of her pregnancy, while Nicole’s stress over keeping the baby daddy a secret from EJ was ongoing throughout the pregnancy from the very beginning. & remember those quick bites of something to eat she would grab on the run or while hiding in her hotel room. Maybe the baby had not developed properly & nature took its course. The writers have probably solved this by having the autopsy show no one was to blame.

    I don’t think any of us are chastising John in the sense of him having cheated on Marlena. At least I’m not. I don’t think he was really doing anything inappropriate at all but at the same time, he could have slept elsewhere, like on the floor. I can understand Marlena’s reaction, according to what we’ve read, to what she sees, & my own initial reaction would be the same, but after John explains himself, I hope Marlena will accept it. I stated in my post 29 that my husband would NEVER recover from a scene like that but of course I was joking with exaggeration. If he had a seriously good explanation I would accept it & I hope Marlena does too.

    jolie 31 my memory & my mind set match yours that EJ & Nicole were together at the time he took a roll with Sami. That’s why it was such a huge deal to Nicole & she felt so betrayed.

  45. From MAB

    Great scenes between Nicole & Jen yesterday, although I just about upchucked from listening to Jen’s babble. I SO wished Nicole would’ve smacked the taste out of her mouth, as she certainly deserved it! Funny how it always seems Jen is the physical one tho, and not Nicole…she once again started jerking on Nicole & standing in front of her stopping her from leaving the house. She doesn’t seem a bit sorry for anything she’s done, nor Nicole’s loss. Granted, Nicole is not blameless for concocted this stupid plan to keep the baby a secret from EJ, but Nicole never had that much stress (that she didn’t inflict on herself) until Jen stuck her nose in and made it her mission to take down Nicole, knowing she had a high risk pregnancy. No, Jen didn’t push her (on purpose that is) and that wasn’t the cause of the baby’s death, but that doesn’t change the fact that Jen has done nothing but bully Nicole, and caused more stress for Nicole at the end of her pregnancy than anyone else. No wonder Nicole lost the baby. She made Nicole’s business hers, and that alone was bad enough, but to go to the lengths she has gone to has forever tainted Jen in my eyes. They all come to the conclusion that it’s no one’s fault, and tho that may be true, in the general sense, nothing will change the fact that Jen’s treatment of Nicole was horrific, and no doubt in my mind that it played a part in Nicole’s overwhelming stress level, which more than likely caused her to loose the baby.

    I didn’t like Maggie making Jen’s actions all about her loss of Jack, because at this point, Jack doesn’t even seem to be a thought in her head. It’s been all about Daniel, and her hatred for Nicole. Just another scene to make excuses for Jen’s behavior, when there is none.

    I loved Kristen & EJ’s talk. How he’s grappling w/ what to do over the loss of his child, if anything at all. Perfectly reasonable feelings EJ is having. There was no definite mention of offing Daniel, just running thoughts around the table so to speak…thoughts anyone would probably have over the grief of loosing their child. Also, very cute when she kissed him bye!

    Yep, saying if it was your husband sleeping on the couch w/ another woman and how you would react, pretty much chastising John for doing it…yet Rafe willingly was involved in cheating on Sami by kissing Carrie, but nothing but excuses were made for him. Again double standards, when John could’ve slept somewhere else, Rafe also didn’t have to kiss Carrie.

    Absolutely not! Nicole felt betrayed by EJ when they got back together, well AFTER he slept w/ Sami, and Nicole asked him to not lie to her anymore. And she found out much later when EJ was about ready to propose and Rafe & Sami showed up and told her. That is when Nicole felt betrayed and walked out on him. That is how it happened, fact!

  46. From MAB

    It also must be noted that the spoiler about the scalpel was misleading to all of us, making us think Nicole was going after Jen to hurt her, when in reality this never happens. The scalpel never once comes into play against Jen, although she upset Nicole enough to want to use it. Nicole tries to use it on herself only. There is no attack on Jen by Nicole.

  47. From SandyGram

    It’s been mentioned in one of the posts that Nicole meant Jennifer no harm the day of her fall. My recollection is what pushed Nicole over the edge mentally was after she heard Jenn’s voice message to Daniel asking to meet him in the HTC. She headed to the HTC to stop Jenn from talking to Daniel. As she approached Jenn sitting at the table her hand was in the side pocket of her purse with the scalpel in her hand appearing as if she was going to stab Jenn. But when Jenn turned around and saw Nikki she put the scalpel back into her purse and they began arguing which led Jenn to the stairs and the ultimate fall. So there was a moment where it was Nikki’s intention to stab Jenn and I think more than one moment as we saw her handle the scalpel more than once with Jenn on her mind after she left the hospital.

  48. From Shani

    Well, let me put it this way, I can’t speak for anyone else but I do not think John was cheating with Kristen by sleeping on the couch with her & imo it was not really cheating that Rafe kissed Carrie. No double standard there! BOTH men could have used better judgement. No kiss – sleep on the floor – would have been best in both cases but they are actually two entirely different situations anyway. Some did consider Rafe’s kiss cheating so ok.

  49. From jolie

    Did anyone else get the feeling that Kristen is trying way too hard with Elvis? She practically told Stefano that she didn’t care for her ‘brothers’ saying something like Brad and the other one. I know she has her own agenda and anyone who stands in her way will be mowed down. I wanted to tell Elvis to run!

    Jennifer lately reminds me of the old saying about poking a stick at a bear in a cage. Sooner or later, you might forget to latch the door. Jennifer has poked and poked at Nicole who is just about over the edge and yes some of it tragic and some of it her own making. Nicole is apparently in a fantasy right now. That bubble is ready to burst. The bear is coming out of the cage.

  50. From Shani

    47 I think you are correct SandyGram & we were given the impression from spoilers & those scenes back then that you describe that Nicole was going to do something to Jennifer with that scalpel. Just like the other day on Jen’s porch when Nicole was handling the scalpel. I was glad nothing ever happened any of those times. & I’m glad Nicole is not going to succeed in killing herself with the scalpel now, either.

  51. From Kat

    I considered Rafe kissing Carrie cheating, because he had feelings of Love and Lust in his heart for some time already, before the Kiss happened, and him declaring his feelings of Love to Carrie after that, on and on,
    to me he was cheating.
    John, even though I have not seen it yet, sleeping on the same couch with Kristin, how stupid,
    I wouldn’t blame Kristin one bit, if that could put more ideas into her head. Stupid move John, xplain that to Doc. Just maybe if I actually see those scenes today, I might get a different take…John, I thought Gentlemen slept on the floor, like near the fire… ..stupid, but effective for the SL, when Marlena walks in…. Pow, right in the Kisser…
    The Baby dying from placenta abruption/
    rupture (??), caused by stress among other things, then I can see, that Jenn was partially responsible, the other big part
    would be, the lifestyle Nicole chose, Hotel living, lying through her teeth, always looking over her shoulder, that the truth would come out, worrying about how to hang on the Dr. Dan. Her fears about Jenn and Dr.Dan, did not help either, she became obsessed about it.
    The whole situation from beginning to end spelled doom and gloom.. All IMO

    The scalpel was there, and I think Nicole was tempted to use it several times, but thank God she did not.

  52. From MAB

    I’m sure Nicole thought about harming Jen, obviously being how ugly Jen is to her, but just because Nicole had the scalpel doesn’t mean she intended on stabbing Jen, thus no proof she meant any harm to Jen the day of the fall. She had it in her hands yesterday too, but didn’t use it, and just because you think it, doesn’t mean you’ll do it. Much like EJ having the idea of offing Daniel. It’s a thought, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to go thru w/ it, and apparently he doesn’t.

    Of course both men could’ve used better judgment, when it’s a form of cheating (John & Kristen on the couch), or the blatant act of cheating (Rafe & Carrie kissing). Just like EJ & Sami…Sami cheated on Rafe, yet some see it as nothing more than purposely cheating, when it was not, but make excuses for others. Different circumstances, yes, but cheating is cheating in any form.

  53. From Cougar

    Kissing being the same thing as cheating is a hard call for me to make it seems not quite as bad as actually doing the deed. However . . . I do remember my Chatacism classes and there is a commandment that addresses this. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors wife, man servant, maid servant, cattle, property or anything that is thy neighbors. Putting it in that context it is a sin and wrong.

    Nicole’s baby. Is it essential that we lay blame to a tradgedy in all circumstances. I though it was stated somewhere that it was not Nicole’s fault the baby died and she did nothing wrong. nothhing she did could have prevented it. To always find a scape goat is to some degree whats wrong with our society. Its the blame game, always finding someone at fault to blame, sue or place in jail. I recall a few years ago a Dr. mistakenly administered an adult dose of medication to infant during a surgery or a proceedure of some sort. It resulted in the baby’s death. The Dr. was so distraught it said he literally curled up in a ball in the OR. A fellow physician said that he would delver the news to the parents. The Dr. responsible said the he would do it himself. The media got a wind of this quickly, pre HIPPA days. The family was asked if they intended to sue; they said that they were not sure. A few days later the family made a statement. They said that they will continue to see this physician, he is a good Dr. but made a terrible mistake and that it will not bring back their child and that they forgive him. That takes a a very big person to be able to reach deeply with in themselves to find the compassionto do something like that. Not many people like that waling around anymore.

  54. From jolie

    The scalpel seemed to be staged to give Nicole an opportunity to do Jennifer in and get her out of Nic’s face and to scare us with some melodramatic props. It did. And luckily Nicole as distraught as she is and as invested as she is in her fantasy about life with Daniel did not give Jennifer a stick with the scalpel. I am on the verge of giving Jennifer a stick with a large pin or something but that is beside the point.

    John has lost his mind. That is all that can explain his laxness around Kristen. If the last ferry was gone, he should have swam away from Kristen instead of piling up on the couch. No way, no how was this a good or smart move.

    And what is it with the ferry and the Horton cabin? Any time a couple who do not belong together and should not be there together go there together, the ferry isn’t running and the phones aren’t working. Marlena should have had her spidey senses working better than they are and should never have allowed John near that cabin without being in his suitcase herself.

    Do all rectories look the same and have the same pictures and decor or was the room at the church also the office of Sister whoever that Rafe, Sami, Nicole dropped in on during the 1st Sydnapping story?? And the actor who played Father Tobias looked really good. He has aged very well and is very believable. He was always a favorite on MASH.

  55. From MAB

    Kat – I think you even explained it better than I did. Rafe kissing Carrie was blatant cheating, considering his feelings for her. John…not so much. While sleeping on the couch w/ another woman is stupid & should be considered a form of cheating, he isn’t in love w/ Kristen. I do think John may have unresolved feelings for her, but I doubt that makes a difference in his feelings for his beloved Doc. John is being judged more harshly for simply sleeping on the same couch as Kristen, but Rafe’s actions w/ Carrie were excused by some. Different circumstances…

    I still say spoilers misled fans about the scalpel. They said she went after Jen w/ it, and she never did. Obviously, she thought about it, for several reasons, but never acted on it. There is a difference.

    Yes, doing the deed is the ultimate cheat, but kissing runs a close second IMO. Kissing is a VERY intimate act, and one I could never take it lightly…especially when there are feelings involved, and 2 parties kissing each other willingly usually means there is.

  56. From jolie

    Cougar, very true your post on all points. We are a society of blame and litigation. Nicole was a high risk pregnancy. She should not have been under so much stress as it likely helped advance whatever went wrong.

    The cheating thing…we have beaten that poor horse to death here. We all see it differently and that is OK. Main thing is that cheating of some manner or degree has pushed the buttons on many characters and made them make hasty decisions, good or bad. Some were the cheaters and some were on the other end of being cheated on. Neither can be a good thing in real life but it makes Salem spin like a top.

  57. From SandyGram

    As we always say, Nicole lost her baby because that’s the way the story was written. Now if it had been written to where blame could be placed, for me, it would be Nikki paid more attention to keeping Daniel than knowing what was going on with her pregnancy. She told the Doctor she hadn’t felt this very active baby move since the night before….if she wasn’t so distraught over Jenn working so hard to keep Daniel in town, lack of movement should have been the first red flag something was wrong. Then of course there is Jenn’s bullying of Nikki that didn’t help; nor did it help that Nikki (whether justified or not) was afraid what EJ would do to keep her from the baby since she didn’t want to be with him; plus the stress of getting caught for changing the labels on the DNA test samples.

  58. From MAB

    I haven’t really seen anyone say Nicole is blameless. I’m sure the autopsy will prove it wasn’t anyone’s fault. Like I said in the general sense, that is probably the truth, but in these circumstances, knowing what a high risk pregnancy she had, Nicole & especially Jen are both at fault in some ways for the added stress Nicole endured…there were too many uncalled for acts that happened that I believe led to the death of this child. Rafe & Daniel aren’t to blame, even tho they went along w/ her. EJ isn’t to blame, as he was barely around Nicole for the better part of her pregnancy to cause her any stress. But Jen’s actions towards Nicole, and Nicole’s stupidity for her decisions can very well be considered reasons why the baby didn’t make it.

    There are times were mistakes are made, as indicated by Cougar, where there is simply no one is to blame. Unfortunate accidents do happen, yet even in those cases, some people still feel the need to lay blame.

  59. From MAB

    I looked up causes for Placental abruption for those who are interested:

    The specific cause of placental abruption is often unknown. Possible causes include trauma or injury to the abdomen, from an auto accident or fall, for example, or rapid loss of the fluid that surrounds and cushions the baby in the uterus (amniotic fluid). Placental abruption can be a serious condition for you and your baby. Bleeding usually occurs, and a large amount of bleeding can be dangerous for you both and can deprive your baby of oxygen and nutrients. Placental abruption is diagnosed in up to one in 50 pregnancies. It’s most likely to happen in late pregnancy, or when you’re in active labor.

    Now, what I don’t understand is why Nicole wasn’t bleeding if this was the cause of the baby’s death???

  60. From Cougar

    What is with ha ferry to the island that has the orton cabin. Always thought that it was uninhabited . . . so why is there a ferry? Don’t get that. If there are there cabins there warrenting a ferry passing back and forth there should be other cabins passably with people there now. John could find somewhere else to go to for the night, even find a nieghbor staying at their own cabin get away.

    I have always though Nick was a little goofy looking, kinda like Jerry Lewis’s kid brother. He still is goofy looking but he must have worked out in the prison weight room to get those washboard abs. I’m impressed, he’s grown up a bit since last on Days.

  61. From Kat

    Really like Kristin’s outfit today, I have always liked wearing long sleeve white blouse, black skirt and that kind of a belt… She looked beautiful sitting by the fire…
    And yes, I am beginning to think, that John also has some unresolved feelings.. His dream prior to knowing about her return tell me a lot.
    Kristin is back, to spice up the SL’s with John and Marlena.. this is a soap, and it is high time for some action.
    I would like to see Susan at some point, we all know that she was made to look like Kristin by surgery etc. She could look very good and I would like to see some inter action between EJ and his Mother. But in the meantime I do enjoy seeing Kristin and EJ, love when he get’s all blushy.She might be his “sister”
    on paper, but he just met her and she is a beautiful woman, but then again, she also reminds him of His Mother…
    I think it is funny, Mother, Sister, so much look alike.
    There we have it, placenta rupture, Dr. Dan said it…
    and stress can play a big role, among other things.
    57 SandyGram, I agree with all you said, I have pretty much said the same things in my blogs…
    55 MAB, thanks, well that’s the way I see things, MO.

    Still think that Nicole finding out her child was dead inside her,
    needed somebody to blame (among other things)
    in order not to think that maybe she did something to cause the baby to die. Desperation over the Top, and of course hanging on Dr. Dan.
    Hope we will see a little service for the little boy.
    Sorry to see however, that nobody seems to give a hoot about the Father of this child,
    he has feelings, like other fathers would have.
    EJ has shown a lot, lot of restraint IMO under the circumstances, to find out about all the Betrayal he had endured by so many people in this town. So called good people, yak.
    I would like to see for him, EJ, to just let it out at some point, no good to hold it in.
    Seems everybody else is getting their moment,
    and it was Not their child that died….

  62. From Kat

    59 MAB, well we know that the fall Nicole took, was Not the cause of the baby dying,
    so I would go with the Stress factor, which can also be a cause.
    Didn’t Nicole today talk about the blood…
    Still very sad, for both Nicole and EJ, having lost two babies now…

  63. From MAB

    Kat – I haven’t seen today’s episode yet, so I don’t know what Nicole said about the blood. She wasn’t bleeding when she went to the hospital, that’s for sure. She went for her routine check-up, and was fine, only saying she hadn’t felt the baby kick since the night before. Then the ultrasound, and the doc telling her the baby was dead. I would think there would’ve been some kind of symptoms, but apparently not.

    I’m sure Nicole has been going over & over as to what she did to loose her child. This is twice now. She has to be so overcome w/ every emotion in the book. I hate to say she brought many things on herself, but I can’t help but feel sorry for her. In her desperation, she made many mistakes, including blaming Jen, but that still doesn’t excuse Jen’s behavior.

  64. From MAB

    Almost everyone seemed to have a hand in what went down, but in the end, I guess no one was really at fault, per se. I assume the writers want it to be just another unfortunate loss. I’ll just be glad when this exhausting s/l is over and everyone moves on. But I still think everyone needs to accept the responsibility for the roles they played in this tragedy, apologize for all the heartache their selfish acts caused one another, and remember there’s a little child who has been lost here.

  65. From MAB

    I meant to say: “I’m sure Nicole has been going over & over in her mind if she did anything to loose her child”.

  66. From SandyGram

    Episode November 8th:
    Isn’t it funny, Gabbi was so hungry for sex when she was with Will, now I think she may get more than she can handle with Nick. It must have been a nice way to for them to spend their break, but not to shower before going back to work and especially in a restaurant….EEEWWW! There’s one of those little details again!

    I suppose Sami and Gabbi will become BFF now that she knows Gabbi and Nick are splitting the sheets. And there she was right on queue to let Gabbi know ‘keeping secrets can be fun too’, even though that hasn’t worked well for her. It kind of sounded like Nick would take the Countess Wilhelmina job offer from Sami, but Sami had to check in with the boss first.

    I’m thinking this time that Kristen did not know John was going to the Horton Cabin. She had the key Alice gave her and she just wanted to get away and remember a happier time in her life.

    What a nice visit between Hope and Marlena: With the ultimate visit between Marlena and Sami. Mother talking to daughter like an adult and yes Sami acting like one. Nice to see!

    Finally, over to the Horton House where everyone (Daniel, Jenn, Abby, Brady, Rafe and EJ) seemed to be ganging up on Nicole. Once again terrific acting by Arianne Zurcker (Nicole). Back to the tissue box I went when she was explaining the death of her two children. Where with her first loss there was pain and blood she knew something was wrong; but, not with Daniel Rafael. Other than noticing he hadn’t kicked overnight she thought everything was fine. Nicole’s pain went right to her psyche and with the continuous bullying of Jenn, her fear of losing yet another baby either by death or by having the baby taken from her by EJ she was pushed to her limit. Although Brady said nothing, everyone in the room but one person was causing Nikki more distress by trying to force her to tell the truth that she knew the baby was dead before her fall. And it was Rafe who showed her compassion allowing her to face the awful truth (more tissues here).

  67. From SandyGram

    Episode November 8th Continued:

    OOps..forgot one comment about today’s show. What a missed opportunity for the writers to of had EJ show Nicole the compassion she needed to get her to tell the truth. It could have went something like this: EJ could have gone to Nikki, knelt down in front of her holding both hands and let her know he shared in her pain. First he could have told her how sorry he was not to have been there for the loss of their first child. And, he knows she would have never done anything to hurt their little boy, and that he was there for her now and now it was time to tell the truth. Or something like that… Yep….I would of like to seen EJ in this very vulnerable position.

  68. From SandyGram

    Excerpt from Article: Blake Berris Interview, dated 11-8-2012:

    Entire Article is available on Days of Our Lives

    At the moment, Nick’s working at the Brady Pub, but Sami has offered him a job at Countess Wilhelmina. Does that mean we’re eventually going to see Corporate Nick?

    Blake: Yeah, you are going to see that. A few weeks ago, I finally got clothes that weren’t Brady Pub clothes. I was like, “Alright! Cool stuff. I’m moving up in the world.”

    Well, Nick is a brainiac, so it is a logical move.
    Totally. The longer you watch, the more they start bringing in that genius side of him, that very cunning side of him.

    Cunning? That’s intriguing.
    Well, anybody who is that smart, is capable of being quite manipulative.

  69. From Kat

    66 SG, first think that came to my mind, Nick and Gaby after all that Sex, No Shower, they didn’t even wash their hands, but returned to the restaurant with all glow and…. of their Afternoon delight… Yak, Yak,
    but then again, they hardly Ever show any of the people taking showers after sex, they just their cloth back on, and are on their merry way. LOL The writers could at least give the illusion, that is a “clean up” once in a while.

    I think that when Dr. Dan got into EJ’s face, for a reason or not,
    EJ pretty much decided to stay back,
    but it would have been nice, if the writers would have let EJ, the Father of the dead baby, go to Nicole and talk to her, and I think he could have been great, after watching her total melt down.
    Still proud of EJ, after all “They”did to him, he showed great restraint.
    I will never buy the scenario that Nicole had to fear for her baby from EJ,
    that is a lot of bunk IMO…
    Look at his kids, they are fine, and EJ is fine when the women in his life treat him half way right,
    to Me, EJ is more … when it comes to the women, a Reactionary, somebody about the kids always screws with him first….
    Other stuff, yah, he had been bad at times, but about his kids, he is not the only bad person in this scenario… Lousy Women had a lot to do with it.

    MAB, yes .. I also wonder about the blood,
    let me know what you think I heard/or not…
    take care friend..

    NeeNee and Shani, are you guys still in Culture Shock about the Election… or maybe I am assuming and you are in Hoag Heaven….???

    Peace…. I like it that way….

  70. From Leah

    I don’t think EJ needs to show Nicole any compassion. He’s been burned by her in so many ways in this ONE area. Lets see we had the whole first pregnancy where she used it to keep EJ and EJ away from Sami knowing EJ would wanna do the right thing. Then we had the whole losing the baby and pretending to be pregnant for months. To then stealing Ejamis child Sydney and then passing her off as her own. Then the lies about an adoption when some of the truth was starting to come to light. To then watching EJ and Sami mourn for a child that wasn’t theirs. Then we had the whole lying to Mia saga and then denying Mia and Chad the right to mourn for their own child by not telling them the truth. Then to wrap it up she plans on running away with Sydney. Now we have the second pregnancy… first she hid it from EJ and then she declared it was Rafes. Then we see her fall in love and enter into a relationship with Dr Daniel. Switch paternity tests and then wanna name the child Daniel Rafael. Then one of the worst things of all blaming Jennifer for her childs death. Lie after lie and lie. Through Nicoles own actions she has shown us she hasn’t learned a thing. I think apart from the pain of losing a child I think the only thing Nicoles regrets here is being caught out. And you want EJ to show compassion towards her? If I was EJ I’d be running for the hills.
    The one thing I don’t like about Nicoles character is she never seems to pay for all her deeds or not for very long. People end up feeling sorry for her and yet she has done just as many wicked things as the rest. Maybe though thats more of a testimony to Arianne Zuckers acting ability than anything else.

  71. From Leah

    PS: Oh and I forgot to say…And why is EJ this way towards Nicole? Simply because while part of EJ loved Nicole she is not the love of his life. Sami is! Thats why know matter how angry EJ gets at Sami, know matter how many times EJ declares Sami is out of his life, know matter how many times he tries to fight their connection and love… EJ always DOES eventually forgive Sami. Thats why when Sami asks EJ for a favor he says he’ll do anything for her and thats why EJ has told her she will never be alone and then provided her and the kids with a place to stay. Nicole has been spot on herself saying “Its always Sami, Sami, Sami. Its like EJ comes to life and can breath with Sami in his life.” EJ himself declared the two most important things to him in life are A) Sami and B) Their kids!
    So no I’m not surprised by EJs reaction towards Nicole. Simply put she’s not the one for him and never has been.

  72. From Kat

    Have to say one more thing in closing,
    From what we saw on the screen, it came across that Nicole made her “obsession” with Dr. Dan, after the famous sex on the desk,
    just a bit more prominent than her baby, not saying she didn’t care for her baby, never would say that in a million years,
    but at a time like, high risk pregnancy etc. her MAIN concern
    should have been her pregnancy,(in real life), not a Man.
    Thank God the doctor told her, No more Sex and Dr. Dan went by that,
    not Nicole she wanted more, but didn’t get it..

    I guess we could go on forever, who, what, when, where,
    but I would like to hear just once, that EJ was not at fault, would that be so hard to say….

  73. From gerri

    #59 MAB,
    I was going to make a comment,regarding The Medical Reason,the baby died,but you got the same reason,I did.working as a nurse 36 years this was so farfetched
    the medical scenes on this show are hysterical,in the 1st place,this would have been a medical emergency,requiring a c-section stat,as Nicole would have bled to death otherwise.
    and we we never saw any sign of bleeding.
    anyway,she like Kat said,took many unsafe chances(sex on the desk)stress from the cover-up,and stressing about Jenn/Daniel.but she was a high risk pregnancy,and she knew It,she didn’t act responsible at all.But she has done a great job,with this,seems so real,and I hope she will get a nomination and Emmy.She deserves one.

  74. From Kat

    Back again,
    let’s face it, in real life,
    the doctor in with Nicole would have had a nurse around to take care of the chart,
    another thing, even if the doc was in be herself, I have Never had a Doc in my Life time, that left a chart in the room with a patient. Especially in Nicole’s case with a dead baby, a nurse would have been there immed. called by the make sure that Nicole was scheduled for a follow up appointment to take care of the….. well you know what I mean, can’t say it…
    This episode was about as un realistic as anything I have seen, but it had to be in order to work for a soap.
    Leah, I also liked your take on things, let’s face it, there are so many ways to look at this.
    I am learning more with every post I read, and can see/or not their points.

  75. From Vivian

    Great Show today…thanks to one absolutely great actress! Would have been nice to see EJ “care”, but it is not in him..the writers have never allowed his character to exhibit that trait.If you remember in the hospital when he was bedside “grieving” with her he was taping the conversation. The only time he is not selfish and thinking of only of EJ is when he is with his kids…

  76. From Kat

    really thinking about it,
    I blame Dr.Dan most for all of this mess.
    He tackled Nicole on his desk,
    had sex with a high risk pregnancy woman, led her on, but We all knew, that his whole heart was not in it, and that after a while, he was Not to comfortable anymore to be with Nicole, but his
    conscience sort of .. I think made him stick with her.
    Nicole over and over, kept hanging on to him, counting on him, but of course good old Dr. Love, was only half way in it.
    It was not his love for Nicole that made him decide to go with Nicole to Hawaii, it was his love/protecting Jenn, that made decide to sacrifice himself to be with Nicole….wow…
    For him, one of the main reasons of Nicole’s desperation to get into EJ’s face the way he did in Jenn’s house, was not called for. He was ad doctor and out of his lust/whatever,
    he violated his oath as a doctor,
    and did not protect Sacred DNA.
    We all should be able to trust Test Results….
    Rafe was a schmuck by lying in the first place, he got the ball rolling,
    but Dr. Dan, really messed up and hurt a lot of people, incl. Jenn and Abby, and in the End, most of All Nicole and of course EJ, the Father, if that means anything anymore…
    To many words, I know, but I was on a Roll,…sorry.

  77. From Tee

    Hello all!!

    I have to agree with some other posters I think Nicole was in a high risk pregnancy, and her fighting with Jen, and scheming and stress was not good for her, Though i think they are leaning towards no one is to blame and I think that is fine. I still want Jen to own up to her bullying a high risk pregnant woman.

    #72 Kat EJ is not a t fault
    Just wanted to say that for ya lol

    Leah #71 Well said, I think he was upset and still trying to figure out the situation, obviously but he is gonna feel sorry for her and he is still gonna like Kat said she wanted tell her how he feels and he deserves that Abby, Jen,Dan they all had their go and this is EJ’s baby here he deserves to have his say and move on from it,Closure so to speak. He will have that next week.
    Kat #69 I do think they should have allowed EJ to say something to her, after all he is the father of her baby. I guess they figured this was also about her Dan as well, but then Rafe was one who got to calm her so to speak.
    I agree with you post all of it. I will have to watch again to hear about the blood, but I thought she may have been referring to when she gave birth.

    Nick and Gabi must not be taking great care of Caroline’s pub they have sex, on break return form break and go do it again umm ok. Who is watching the pub??

    #66 Sandy I do not believe Kristen knew John was going there either. I think after her conversation with EJ, and Roman she decided to go there and John showed up. I think some of the times they run into each other is coincidences, maybe not all. But surely when John came to CW and her and Sami were meeting there how could she know John would need to come see Sami? There really was a meeting there and it is where she works so she has a right to be there. I also do not see how she could predict Brady will argue with her after seeing a moment with ehr and John, and chase after her. So no I do not think she planned to be mugged, besides mugging has been a thing in Days lately lol where is that SPD?

    Kat #61 I love her clothes as well, I guess according to Eileen and James Susan is from a time of days they writers do not wish to pursue again, so they say she will not appear, but I hope she does someday. I would love to see EJ and his mother interact.

    I know Dan tried to get Nicole to go with him and do this privately but why did Jen follow when Dan told her it was best for her to go away? Nothing like a suicidal woman having the audience of the people who are her biggest triggers there. Jen should not have been there IMO, she knows she upsets Nicole and she went anyway.

  78. From Lacey

    Todays show. Poor Nicole! Sure lying and blaming Jennifer was so wrong. I’m talking about the deep raw emotions of a woman who lost yet another nearly full term baby! Heartbreaking scene. And God bless Rafe for being the one in the room who cast all judgement aside and went to a weeping, broken Nicole and wiped her tears, stroked her cheek and showed human compassion to a very mentally unstable woman. Another reason I love Rafe. What a stand up man. EJ on the other hand, throws the crumpled piece
    of paper towards Nicole’s face just missing her. What a difference between these two men. I
    only hope good things for Rafe and that EJ also
    get his just rewards too. You reap what you
    sow! And totally off the subject why on earth
    doesn’t someone wash that mantle clock in
    Alice Horton/Jenn/ living room? Can it be any
    filthier? It drives me insane as I am a clean freak. Would any of us here ever have such a disgustingly dirty clock on our mantles? I think not!

  79. From jolie

    #59 My own granddaughter was delivered by C-section after her mom started losing the fluid and for no apparent reason. She did not have any bleeding, just fluid. And no stress or anything out of the norm in her life. Luckily we have a healthy child out of it, unlike some poor folks. God bless all the pregnant moms right now.

    #60 Cougar, I think Nick is just sorta nerdy but in a very endearing and sweet way but still nice looking. I think that over the last couple of years he has become more handsome as he matured. And his washboard abs don’t hurt a bit.

    The Nicole story. I think this is being written to take Nicole as far down as she can go and still get back up. That is likely why she is being shown little sympathy from some folks. Of course this is a dastardly thing she has done about the baby but when you think about the situation, Nicole is running on empty and desperation. It doesn’t make her right in the least but makes it a little more understandable. I’d like to sit Jennifer on a shelf for a while and tell her to shut up. Just me I guess.

    Rafe did himself proud. He is a stand up guy and it shows. I think Rafe and Nicole will continue to be friends when all is said and done. This will probably rub Sami the wrong way in the future.

    Elvis’ reaction. I am taking the high road here. I know he is disappointed in how this has turned out. First, he doesn’t have a child. Second, he really doesn’t have anyone on whom to seek revenge and that throws him as there is really no one at fault here just terribly misguided actions by Nicole. Third, compassion isn’t Elvis’ strong suit and he is hurt and vengeful and doesn’t have any compassion in him right now to show Nicole. Hopefully at some point in the future these two can sit down and have a minute to make some peace over the passing of this baby.

  80. From Shani

    Nicole’s comment about the blood was that she knew something was wrong with her baby last time because there was pain & bleeding but this time she didn’t know anything was wrong.

    Wonderful & emotional show yesterday. Terrific acting by everyone & Ari was simply outstanding, as always. Jennifer had it right when she told Dr. Dan it was all pretty horrible. I saw everyone in the room have a stake in this awful situation. Nicole was so pitiful, Dan was shaken & infuriated at the lengths Nicole went to, Jennifer finally had her answers as to what really happened & I think I saw on her face some caring for Nicole. Abigail lashed out in defense of her mother, Brady stared in disbelief of what Nicole had done, & EJ was understandably, I think, frustrated & angry at not knowing exactly what was going on – only that it was about his dead child. Then Rafe was so gentle & compassionate with Nicole, getting her to admit to the truth.

    I may be sorry later, but I believe Kristen this time that she didn’t know John was going to be at the cabin. Could be those things she said about herself while standing in front of the fire were heartfelt. It softened John. May be the last time we see her that open & honest! – if she was! The flashback of John & Kristen was sexy, as all their flashbacks have been. Most of that is how great they were together back then but I think it’s also because sex scenes were handled differently then. It’s all so out there these days & not much, if anything, left to the imagination.

    So glad Marlena apologized to Sami & gave her her vote of confidence & that Sami responded the right way . . . at least she did after a few minutes. The light went on for Marlena real quick when Sami said she had not been able to reach Kristen!!

    Speaking of sex, it is definitely on the front burner for Gaby & Nick! I watched the show this morning & my husband walked through the room & commented how “put together” Nick is. & he has hair on his chest! Don’t know what’s up with guys these days doing away with that?!

    Ciara so adorable & the actress is growing right up!!

  81. From SandyGram

    Well it looks like Kristen doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt some us of gave her for showing up at the Cabin not knowing John was going to be there also. According to Days Cafe spoiler…’Marlena shows up at the cabin to see Kristen and John on the couch, just as the cunning Kristen planned’. This must mean she has the whole Town Square bugged how else would she know John would be at the Cabin. Well maybe one way, John would of probably told his secretary at Basic Black. Still it’s more intriguing to think she has the where with all to bug all of Salem.

  82. From Shani

    kat 69 some kind of shock over the election, that’s for sure. Although not completely surprised with the outcome, I did still think up until Tues. that it could go the other way. Sorry it didn’t & I think we are going to pay dearly. But the election is over & I have no further comment.

    kat again. I agree with what you have said about Jennifer, that although what she did with Nicole was bad, I think she ran way from her grief for Jack & instead made it her mission to protect Dr. Dan from Nicole. At least what she thought was protecting him. She said several times she was going to protect him in a way she couldn’t protect Jack. I think she deeply regretted not being able to save Jack & she believed in what she was trying to do for Dan. People can go kinda nuts, at least for a while, when they lose their spouse – their soul mate. I haven’t lived through it but I have friends & family who have. Their lives are completely turned upside down, at least temporarily, but for some it even lasts forever & they are never the same. Regardless, the loss must always be there. So I have cut Jennifer some slack. I think I see signs that the writers will have her be ok.

  83. From Cougar

    Lacey I too have noticed the filmy face on the Horton clock. Just one of those minute dtails that drives me crazy! No one in their self respecting mind would allow something that looks that bad in their home with out cleaning it or replacing the glass face front.

    It also struck me as odd how everyone congregated around the Horton living room during this dramatic scene. they all looked like the only thing missing was
    Jen walzing around with tray of Hordeovers (spelling?) I know so go ahead and laugh on how I spelled “horse divers” as a friend”s pronounced it once. I’m laughing with you.

    Not funny though, Ari was great an deserves a day time emmy. She did a superb job of showing a grief stricken Nicole becoming unhinged as her lies unfold and Dr. Dan and Rafe urger her toome clean.

  84. From Shani

    SandyGram 81 yep, there the spoiler is in black & white – “just as Kristen planned”. Well, I did give myself an out by saying in my post that I could be sorry later for believing her. LOL! Given some time, that woman could make Kate start looking like a saint!!

  85. From MAB

    I think it’s obvious Kristen didn’t know John was gonna be at the cabin. She found the key amongst her personal items in that box, and left her hotel room to go the Horton cabin. I think she was there to relive memories, as she said, the last time she was truly happy. Now not to say she won’t use the situation to her advantage, but I think she was surprised to see John. I also think there is no doubt that John has unresolved feelings for her. He was crazy about her, and he admitted he hasn’t forgotten.

    I enjoyed Hope & Marlena’s talk, and Sami & Marlena’s too…nice to see them getting along. I just hope they both make a real commitment to their scarred relationship. Marlena talking about seeing Hope w/ Ciara, and missing that time w/ Sami…she needs to tell Sami that.

    Nick & Gabi, nothing to comment about, not that interested.

    I know Nicole made mistakes, but I felt SO sorry for her yesterday. That girl can cry better than anybody, not to mention her amazing acting…Ari deserves an award! It was nice of Rafe to console her, and not be his usual smug self, but I have to commend him for his compassion towards her. Although, I think it should’ve been Brady consoling her, since he was w/ her the first time, and as he told Maggie, he knows what having a child meant to her. I’d like to know where Daniel gets off controlling the room, and everyone letting him? What…just because he was the one who found out the truth about the baby, he gets to stand there and mouth off to everyone? And where does he get off saying anything to EJ? He knows EJ from squat…all he knows is what he’s been told. EJ had every right to question what was going on, as he’s been in the dark about everything thanks to the scheming Nicole, Daniel & Rafe did. EJ is the father of that poor baby!! He has a right to speak his mind. Maybe EJ should’ve talked to Nicole, maybe not. I don’t know at this point, because he was lied & deceived by basically everyone in that room. He’s angry, and don’t know what to do about it. But he has shown much restraint, as he could’ve nailed them all for what they did. Maybe he should’ve called the cops and had all of them arrested, and in hindsight, that is probably what he should’ve done. It would serve them right to be carted off to jail, especially Daniel after his self-righteousness attitude. He is the one that would be in the most trouble over the paternity tests since he was the doctor. Daniel was way out of line, so maybe he should keep his opinions about EJ to himself. Or maybe EJ should just punch his lights out…while Nicole punches Jen. Thank heavens Jen didn’t say anything, or I might have thrown my TV across the room. We know where Abby gets her mouth, she just loves to rant & rave like Jen. And speaking of Abby, she needs to get a grip! She is too immature IMO to be saying anything to anyone, least of all Nicole. Yes, she was rightfully mad that Nicole lied about her mother, but after Jen’s behavior, the Horton women have no room to talk. And she even attacked Brady. What did he do, but tell the police the truth about what he saw, as did Billie. Dial it back Abby, you have your own problems to worry about, and that includes growing up. Nicole hates Jen, for good reasons, and during her confession, it’s obvious how bad Jen got to her…just another reason Jen needs to be held responsible for her actions too. I’m so done w/ Daniel & Jen. I used to love them, now not so much. Put them together already, they deserve each other, and their sanctimonious attitudes!

    I also will never believe Nicole’s fear for the baby from EJ. She did what she did over EJ’s betrayal sleeping w/ Sami. Otherwise she would’ve never asked him to leave Salem w/ her.

    Uh, it is absolutely in EJ to show he cares. He definitely carries that trait, and has shown it many times. For Sami, Lexie, his children most of all, his ‘lost’ children too, and yes even Nicole. But after a while, when you’re constantly lied to, well maybe he just doesn’t care enough to show it. Nicole lied to him about yet another baby of theirs. He has every right to feel deceived, and be angry about it.

    Kat – yep, Daniel holds a lot of blame in this now that you mention it. He no doubt led Nicole on, and as soon as Jen was ‘free’ again, he changed his tune. I was always willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, but not anymore. I agree w/ those of you who have called him Dr. Feelgood, and how he always seems to take advantage of his patients by jumping in the sack w/ them. He’s a user and just throws women away when he’s done w/ them.

    Tee – glad EJ will have his say next week. He deserves it.

    Well, it you reap what you sow, then Rafe should also get his too. He once again plotted to keep a child from it’s rightful father. Maybe once he has his own child, then he’ll get it, and maybe realize how it would feel to have your child kept from you.

    gerri – thanks for sharing your knowledge about the medical stuff. I guess we are just to overlook the nonsense of how this was handled, just like pretty much everything else that happens at hospital.

  86. From Steph

    Where is the funeral for that baby! That is a terrible omission.

    Anyway – my mom may be on to something – she said that Kirsten bugged Marlena’s phone when she took it for that short time (we all know she did) and that is how she knows all that is going on and where to be.

  87. From MAB

    SandyGram – I still think Kristen didn’t know John was going to be at the cabin, because if she hadn’t found the key, she may have not gone up there. But like I said, that doesn’t mean she won’t use the situation to her benefit. She knows Marlena will probably show up, so why not take full advantage?

    Jen not being able to save Jack is not even the same league as her excuses for trying to save Daniel. Jack risked his life to save his daughter, that was noble, where as Daniel schemed w/ Nicole, changed paternity tests, and defied his oath as a doctor. Daniel is a big boy who made the sane decision to deceive another man by keeping his child from him, while leading Nicole on in the process. I have no sympathy for him, he didn’t deserve any kind of saving…nor does Jen for sticking her nose into Nicole’s business. I think loosing your child would make you even more of a basket case then loosing your spouse. So if Jen’s behavior can be excused, then so can Nicole’s.

    Oh, I didn’t even mention Nicole on the stairs. She was so distraught, to the point of pulling out the scalpel, which is the first anyone has seen of it. She never used it against anyone, which again, should be noted, as the spoilers made it seem otherwise. She may have thought about sticking Jen w/ it, but she didn’t.

    I don’t know if I’d go as far as saying Kristen is worse than Kate. Yes, Kristen did some horrible things, but it was condensed to Marlena over John, as I say it will be again. Kate on the other hand has double crossed half the town, not to mention nearly ruining her own hildren’s lives, tried to frame & kill Sami, tried to kill Chloe, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

  88. From MAB

    I wouldn’t doubt that Kristen probably bug Marlena’s phone, but that still doesn’t explain how she was already out on the island before Hope even asked John to go out there. You have to take the ferry out there, so she had to be out there way before John made the decision to go.

  89. From Tee

    Hello all!!

    Sandy Most people put their own spin on spoilers they write up, like we get a comical spin here and some even have their own likes and dislikes clearly drawn out in them. I love spoilers here because I love how Matt writes them and feel he is fair when writing them as well.

    I do not believe Kristen knew John was gonna be there as Mab said she has had that key and took off with it before Hope even mentioned anything to John/MARLENA.

    Mab #85 Great post. Today EJ and Dan have a discussion and he tells him he saved his sons life and he is grateful, but never cross him again. He will not press charges on him as he saved his sons life, and his.

    Nicole will lose sympathy fast again just wait for it. Though I THINK Ari should get a emmy she played this well. You could really feel what she was. She brought a lot of emotion to the screen.

    Shani #8 Thaks for clearing up the blood thing for us all.

    Tomorrow will have EJ/Johnny in some beautiful scenes.
    Abby comes to talk to EJ about what went down and offer her sympathy on loss.

    She leaves with a guarantee no charges will be pressed, or revenge seeked on Jen for she is not at fault.

  90. From TerriK

    Well i gotta say….I love that Kristen is back. She’s one stunningly beautiful woman..and a great addition/return to the show. Sick of John & Marlena and their mushyness started to bore me. Its intense between her and John..see ya later Doc. What’s up now?
    I’m also impressed with Jenns apology to Nicole today. Im glad that she owned up and realized that the pressure she put on Nicole did probably contribute to the loss of her child. I know everyone wants to scrutinize Nicole for lying about her baby already being dead, but let me tell ya, in real life…her reaction woulda been spot on. She wasnt in her right mind..give her a break i say. sensitive subject for me i guess. Shes done a lot of bad, yep, but shes also been through hell herself.
    Have a good weekend all.
    MAB- Happy to be reading all your posts again!
    Jolie- hello to you too!
    Kat!!!!!!!! Hope all is well gf!
    Tee- keep the awesome posts coming!
    SandyGram- love your spoilers as always


  91. From jolie

    #81 Sandygram, every time we think it is safe to stick our neck out about something, the writers prove us wrong. So Kristen planned the pj party at the cabin?? I think the timing is off a bit but that has never stopped a thing on this show, has it. It will be interesting indeed if we ever find out how she accomplished all that she has done as an army of one. Stefano is like that too. He knows all and sees all…well, except didn’t see thru Creepy Ian but we’ll overlook that one as inconsistent writing. And I was so danged sure that he was in control all that time he was held captive by Ian and supposedly killed by Elvis. I thought he’d just blow right in with the world on a string. Curve ball.

    #83 Cougar, I used to fuss about the grimy windows in Stefano’s living room when there was lots going on there, just distracting once you notice it. But Mary was taking care of children when Caroline wasn’t and had to keep the Dimera couch clean and that is a full time job if you get my drift. Ari has done a fantastic job with all of this. It has to be heart rending to pour yourself out like she has done lately. And Jennifer too, while it has not been as horrible, her scenes have been full of drama. I just can’t help but feel sorry for Nicole while thinking of how crazy this scheme was. Hopefully things will go better in 2013 for Nicole. 2012 was terrible to her.

    #84 Shani, might take a while yet for Kristen to make Kate look like a saint but she has her looking over her shoulder! I love it how all the older characters come into their scenes saying something to the effect…I just saw Kristen Dimera, all beware!

    #86 Steph, well, give your mom a hug. That was good thinking. If Kristen didn’t do it, she should have.

  92. From MAB

    Tee – thanks…and glad to hear EJ tells Daniel to never cross him again! Can’t wait to see the EJ/Johnny scenes. We don’t get to see the kids enough anymore.

    TerriK – haven’t seen today’s show yet, but I’m glad Jen finally owns up to what she did to Nicole. I’m not so forgiving tho. Jen was horrible to her, and I just don’t think I can see her in the same light anymore.

  93. From Shani

    I kind of thought the charges Nicole could face would be the false arrest of Jennifer & I posted about that, & after today, that seems to be the case. But from a spoiler saying Jennifer had a decision to make after speaking with the D.A., I think Jennifer will have the charges dropped. Don’t know then if Nicole will face anything else or not, like the legal costs of Jen’s false arrest that Rafe spoke about.

    I liked EJ & Daniel’s talk today. Didn’t think I was going to the way it started out but it ended up ok. EJ grateful for what Dr. Dan did for him & for Johnny. I like that this storyline has ended with no one being at fault & it seems like it’s going to have a clear cut ending.

    Putting together Kristen’s portrayed innocence about being at the cabin with John quite by accident, then the spoiler saying “just as Kristen planned”, & then the idea 86 Steph’s mom had about Kristen bugging Marlena’s phone, I had a hard time believing anything Kristen said to John today. Sounded a little like a sob story to me or I could have been reading into it. But one way or another, we’ll find out which is true.

    Jolie is right about how much Stefano knows about EVERYTHING all the time & maybe Kristen learned from the best.

    T’s friend, Audrey, is very pretty & I thought she had good screen presence. Maybe she should be added to the cast permanently.

    patty, where are you recently? I need your day ahead fixes!!

  94. From Tee

    Hey all!!

    Shani I too been wondering where she is hope she is ok.
    I can do a little days ahead for ya. Key things.
    If you dont want to know what happens tomorrow yet dont read below till I say done in big letters Thanks all.

    Nicole is going back on what she has done, and wonders what she has done she has lost everything. Brady walks in and attempts to get her to talk to him she does not want to but Breaks down and he embraces her. Brady suggests if she dont talk to him she needs to talk to a lawyer, To which she says no she is not depressed, or crazy she knows what she did to Jennifer and would do it again.
    Lots of emotional scenes from Nicole.

    EJ is spending day with Johnny and says they can do whatever he likes as His sister is sick and his mommy is taking care of her it is just the two of them.Johnny tells him he just likes being with him, and they ahve some very touching moments. EJ asks him to promise him he will neer forget how much he loves and cherishes him and his siter. Then comes Chad who wants to know if he cherishes Kristen they talk. Johnny then wants to go to Great Grandma Carolines to eat and invites his uncle Chad and off they go.

    Marlena is not happy and John believes Kristen really wants peace and forgiveness. Kristen leaves after removing his jacket and realizes his money clip is stuck to her key, starts to walk back in but decides against it.

    Brady is at pub and Kristen asks him to return the clip as to not upset Marlena, anymore. She thinks it best if Brady would just return the clip to his dad for her.

    EJ is now at pub with Chad and Johnny.Abby is there with Gabi.
    EJ asks Gabi how Caroline is some nice things are said, and Johnny is pleased.

    Later Abby sees EJ alone while JOHNNY is playing and approaches him he is looking at a photo of Stefano on his phone.She says she did not want to keep him but wanted to say she is sorry for his loss.EJ thanks her and says he owes her mother a apoligy as well He tells her he was looking for someone to blame and it is not a excuse to which Abby then shares how she blames herself for Jacks death and EJ gives her some good advice, Abby then parts.

    Jen comes to visit Nicole and apologizes to Nicole for pushing her over the edge, she places her hand on her hand and Nicole seems touched till she flips out on Jen telling her she will never forgive her and she knows she is here acting all sincere but she was not so sincere before.

    Forgot to add Abby and EJ conversate about chaging and how he is trying and has not been to successful.

    Lots more but there is the key points for ya Shani of the show.


    Mab Jen owns up on tomorrow show, but I am glad she does. I was looking for that and she does.

    SHANI I was happy as well how Dan and EJ talked he seemed fair with him.

    We are gonna see him next week yelling at Nicole though we must all understand he is hurting as well, and has the right to express his feelings he does feel she has suffered enough at her own hands, and It seems to put closure on that part as well. So closure for Dan and Nicole so far it seems from EJ side anyway. He has already had words with Rafe and told him he has no plans of revenge or ending his career but who knows they may get a scene as well not sure.

    Kristen seems innocent in this one to me especially when you see tomorrows epi

  95. From Cougar

    Sweeney sihting alert. Just heard that Alison was going to appear on the Jeff Probst show next Monday.

  96. From Cougar

    I know that they say we aare not to see Susan while Eileen is back but I wish that TPTB would throw us fans bone. After all it’sjust mean, mean, mean that Susan doesn’t get to come back for a quickie visit over Thanksgiving to see little Johnnie and Sydney. I would love to see Susan sitting across from Steph at the Dinner table.

    By the by when Nicole was informed that she could go home in24 hours doesn’t tht seem rather quick for someone threatening suicide. How long do they usually put one in psyc ward after an incident like that?

  97. From gerri

    the election didn’t turn out like I wanted It to.I read Texas could recede the union,and become their own country,as they have a port,best medical and other technology,many top rated businesses, schools and colleges,I want to move there.this is my only comment on the election.

  98. From SandyGram

    Episode November 9th:
    Although I knew Nicole would be stopped from hurting herself my heart was in my throat through all of Nicole’s scenes. It was interesting the writers left out a detail to what lead Nicole to the place she was in today and only concentrated on the loss of the baby, Jenn’s bullying and her fear of loosing Daniel. They forgot the original reason which was her fear that if EJ knew he was the father of Daniel Rafael he would take the baby from her which started this ball rolling when she first found out she was pregnant.

    All the looky loo’s looking on while Nicole held the scalpel to her throat so perfectly positioned at the bottom of the stairs with eyes wide open, great directing.

    Then of course at the hospital we got the Brady apology to Jenn. While EJ and Daniel had there talk which I like the way that was handled. EJ reconsidering filing charges against Daniel for saving his life and taking care of Johnny was admirable. To bad he couldn’t have left it at that, but EJ, being EJ, he had to add in his threatening way ‘don’t do it again’. It will be interesting if later on EJ will call up Dr. Dan for a favor for the kindness he is showing him now.

    ‘T’and Ashley are cute together. But in the end we find out T’s real motive for wanting Will and Sonny back together, Ashley’s brother is gay. How quick ‘T’ changed his mind when he’s trying to use his friendship with 2 gay men as a means for getting a girl.

    Now, for me, to the writers blooper. At the bottom of the stairs Nicole accused Jennifer of pushing her down the stairs. Jennifer was arrested based on that accusation and Billie and Brady’s witnessing Jenn pushing Nicole. When Roman came to the hospital to take a formal statement from Nicole, she said she was mistaken and recanted her statement and Jenn did not push her. The DA did not file charges against Jenn and certainly Nicole was not charged with giving a false statement to the police. NOW…Rafe is saying Nicole could face serious charges for falsely accusing Jennifer and the cost to the taxpayers… anyone else as confused as I am?

    And by the way, in the truths Nicole told today it all started when she was told the baby was dead, her tremendous feeling of loss and her need to keep Daniel in her life. If it was a thorough police report it would take one giant step backwards to were it all began…the lying to keep EJ from knowing he was the father of the baby with a big ‘Ah Ha’ moment the fertility test sample labels were changed….but that’s just me over thinking the truth!!

  99. From SandyGram

    #96 Cougar
    I’m with you…I’ve always thought for a person trying to commit suicide it’s a 72 hour automatic hold. Not only that, like Nikki said ‘go home where’. This is where I’d like to see EJ show some humanity and offer her a place to live. I think EJ should show Nikki some compassion even though she concealed the parentage of the baby. As I listened to Nikki talk about all the tragedy’s in her life today look how many of them have something to do with EJ. Now’s an opportunity for EJ to display that ‘better man’ he’s trying to be.

  100. From Kat

    Have not seen today’s show yet,
    it got interrupted, so I just turned the TV off..
    Watch it tomorrow, in full, on the computer, they are always a day late…

    Ah Ha,moment, yes I agree,
    when is Somebody going to ask the big question…
    Wait a minute, If Rafe was not the Father of Nicole’s child but EJ..
    then How in the world could the DNA test show that Rafe was the father.
    All that has happened between Nicole and EJ,
    I will Never buy her “Horror Story”, that she was afraid of EJ for her Baby… Bunk, big Bunk, just dont buy it.

  101. From SandyGram

    November 9th Episode:

    Forgot about Kristen and John. All Kristen wants is forgiveness, I’m not thinking so. I was almost ready to believe her, but when John laid his jacket around her shoulders and she smelled it and pulled it closer….Run John Run I suspect this Femme Fatales elevator does not go to the top floor! She’s stuck on Floor 14!

  102. From Kat

    Lost my writings….

    Here we go again..

    Poll Results Oct. 29

    EJ, Sami, EJam…. No 2 for 26, 34, 21 weeks

    Bo N0 3 John No. 5 Marlena No.4

    (Thanks to the Kristin Story)

    Sorry, but Rafe not listed at all. The guy needs a good SL.

  103. From SandyGram

    #100 Kat
    Nicole was not afraid of EJ for her baby, he would never do the baby harm. As she said so many times she was afraid he would take the baby from her and keep her from the baby. And why wouldn’t she suspect that since he did it to Sami before he gave full custody in July 2011 to Sami after his life started falling apart as a result of the Arnold (Rafe imposter) incident where the kids were traumatizing and loosing Taylor. So I could understand Nicole’s fear that EJ would try and take the baby and keep the baby from her.

  104. From grandma to many

    I think to start with Nicole was really p. o’ed when she found out about Sami and EJ ‘s grief sex and that was initally why she didn’t want EJ to know he was the father . They were about to get re engaged when Rafe arrived with the news and Nicole didn’t know that she was pregnant yet . Later she came up with the idea that she could punish him by not letting him know and yes when everyone who knew talked about it all over the place like HTS it was a no brainer that EJ would find out . Harsh words were said on both sides and I do believe Nicole was afraid of the Dimera influence because she saw first hand how Sami was dealt with . Kind of snowballed from there , but I do feel as wrong as Nicole was to so many people that taking another baby from her was cruel. Tempoary (or not so tempoary ) insanity ? Well I guess I could have reacted the same way none of us know how far we would go if the pain was that unbearable .

  105. From patty

    Kristen is sooooo up to no good! How much more obvious can she be? SandyGram’s spoiler just backs up what I’ve known all along, Kristen is still as cunniving as ever.
    I say the more crap they pile on Nicole, the more we love her. If all this was suppose to make us hate her and make us root for Jenn and Daniel, it sure didn’t work. I hope Nicole continues kicking a$$ and that Ari wins her well deserved Emmy.

  106. From patty

    Tee and Shani, would you believe I’ve been busy finishing up Christmas shopping. Glad that’s out of the way so I can avoid the rush later.
    As for my take on the day ahead, it was pretty well as Tee described except I don’t believe Kristen and I thoroughly enjoyed Marlena giving John the cold shoulder. He is being such a typical man, acting like it’s no big deal being caught sleeping on the couch with a woman who tried to murder his wife.
    It was good to see little Johnny again and Chad got a brush cut for those who didn’t like his hair. His Demira side came out when he threatened to ruin Gabi and Nick’s relationship. Gabi fainted after he left.
    Elvis was almost human today and I thought I saw some kind of connection between him and Abby. Whatever it was, he was very nice to her and he actually later asked Gabi how Caroline was doing. I guess there’s a first for everything. He can do nice really well, too bad he will turn into an ogre again when he rips Nicole to shreds.
    Loved our Nicole when she told Jenn what she could do with her applogy.

  107. From Kat

    what I meant in my blog, Nicole was afraid of EJ for her Baby,
    I Did Not mean that he would harm the Baby, of course not,
    as has happened in the past, there are times when I do not get my point across the right way. So I hope I cleared that up.

    Also EJ taking Sami’s kids, is so old by now, he saw the light and gave them to her, full custody.. he moved on..
    Nicole just blew this “Reason of hers” way out of proportions.
    Did it just then occur to her that she was she was living in Stefano’s house, and got prego There two times.
    She has been there over and over again willingly, messed with the election on her own…
    I do not buy her fear of the DiMera’s anymore.
    All the children are safe, and EJ would have worked out a solution for both of them, if She had been honest from day 1. but IMO she used the Baby to punish EJ. Women have been know to do that, use the kids to punish the straying fathers…or get even for what ever….

    What a mess now, but it was a SL, very sad ending. So many people hurt, all because of a stupid lie about an innocent baby.
    Wonder what the tombstone will say…
    Daniel R. Hernandez, or ……. DiMera (little EJ.).

    I am enjoying the Kristin/John/Marlena triangle.

    They needed something to justify their being in Salem. some good story..
    Poor John, he is so not completely over Kristin,
    it shows, a la the dream etc. Hope some real good stuff is ahead.

  108. From Tee

    HEY ALL!!

    Patty~ I have started my Christmas shopping as well, and thanks for adding about Gabi, I had forgot that and it is important.

    A little refresher here EJ took the kids because Sami shot him and threatned he would not see his kids again, so he told her he knew she shot him and to sign over full custody to him and she did. Originally he had no plan to even use this on her but she was not gonna allow him to see his kids. I t was like a domino affect. She lied to him and kept Grace form him, who they believed was their child, so he hid Sydney from her, she shot him so he took full custody then he feeling guilty gave her full custody, which she has had since then. On and on they went.

    EJ and Abby talking is similar to when he gave Will advice the episode is all about Family and you can get that by the conversations, EJ has with Gabi, Chad, and Abby. It is all to sorta get him to call his fatha in a sense. And it also will make him see Family is important not just Stefano, his kids, Sami and Chad perhaps even Kristen. That is theme for episode.

    Why is everyone allowed to express their selves to Nicole but EJ? He was the father of that baby and has every right to be upset, I think it is also about closure for everyone involved in this story line. Daniel had his go, as did Jen, Abby, but the one who deserves answers is EJ and maybe Jen. EJ is really having a hard time with not being able to get closure on this, He said he was ok when Jen was gonna pay because he thought some kind of justice was going to be served, but now No one is, and I dont mean just for death of baby which as it turns out Noone is at fault. But he let them all go on their lies, but now Nicole is using their dead child and disrespecting that by using it to get a man and that is not right.I remember a fe weeks back when people thought EJ was gonna use his dead child to get Sami and the things that were being said about him doing it,But Nicole is one who is using her dead child not EJ and suddenly she is a saint in some’s eyes. I sympathize with Nicole for her loss, especially since this is 2 times now, but it does not take from the fact she used this child to try and get Dan. Do I believe she is suffering some depression from it oh yes I do, but she is not the only ne who lost a child so has EJ and I think he is trying to make good decisions, but in order for closure and to wrap this up he is gonna tell Nicole how he feels and that will be it. I feel he has that right. Why when Nicole screams at jen is it ok? EJ is suffering as well, and he has been sympathetic to Nicole if anyone watched the scene and watched him he was biting his nails, he was asked by Dan to stand back and he did, he did not scream at Nicole, I am sure he has a lot to say but feels it was not the right time. Heh as to have his say They suffered a loss, Not Rafe, Not Dan, or Jen but EJ and Nicole.
    It seems despite how much he shows he is trying to change, and he even said it to Abby, People will always plot his demise or what evil move he will make next though he has made none.He and Sami have had what 1 or 2 short conversations since he played the tape? He most certainly is not using his dead child to gain her sympathy or try to get her back.

    Grandma #104 Lots of good points, the actress herself as I posted a week or so ago in a interview said it was because she was still mad at him and it was the reason she kept the baby from him. She was upset about his cheating with Sami, or rather sleeping with Sami because I believe if memory serves me right the two of them were not in a relationship then as Nicole said she filed for Divorce and was gonna keep the election stuff strictly business.

    If anyone would like to see on this sites sister site or any site the reason EJ took custody I will be happy to post links for ya.

  109. From Tee

    Litttle late night treat here is a link to watch some clips of Alison on Jeff Probst. She is so beautiful and wonderful with her fans.

  110. From Tee

    Sandy #98 I thought it odd the DA would step in on those charges but not on the murder charges from Jen. It would not techncally go down that way in real world, but In Salem Jen is a Horton so of course they are ready to get the DA involved for her same as Brady’s. IF Nicole was telling the truth and Jen really did push her no DA would get involved as we seen, because Jen is a Horton.

  111. From Tee

    Was gonna wait but here you guys go
    First NBC promo on Gabi and her pregnancy

    Next some tidbits for week of Nov 26th
    From the guide
    Nicole is going to finally apologize to Jen
    Kate is gonna find Stefano (guess she is not happy he filed for divorce)
    Rafe is not happy Sami is gonna be working with EJ, and he brings her flowers(Funny he is paying her absolutely no mind right now)

    Eric fears Caroline is not as good as she says, Marlena confides in Eric about Kristen(Wonder if Caroline is back now by then?)
    Parenthesis are my own thoughts not a part of spoilers Thanks

  112. From SandyGram

    #108 Tee
    For me, as I tried to say in several posts, the writers missed an opportunity this week to show EJ’s tender side by having him show compassion toward Nicole, other fan’s didn’t seem to like that idea. But the writers unfortunately decided to highlight Nicole’s pain only and her need to be with Daniel; while trying to make Daniel the one that got her to tell the truth and talk her down off the stairs. It would have been nice if EJ had stepped into that roll, or even Brady who shared her pain with the death of her daughter. I’ve said on many occasions how enjoyable EJ is when his more vulnerable side is exposed. If TPTB could just be more consistent in this area. I was looking for EJ and Nicole to share a moment, less the grief sex, over the death of both their children, much like EJ did with Sami the night they thought Johnny died. That would have been a powerful scene.

  113. From bobby

    I’m not sure why anyone would take Nichole’s side over Jen’s. Jen was the only one that would take that coniving nutbag in when no one else wanted her. And how does she repay Jen? 1st she tries to turn Abbey against her, then starts in on Jen’s friends. When all else fails she sets her up for murder. MURDER! Life in jail away from her family and friends just so she can “do” Dr. Dan all day. #76 Kat-Dr. Dan made a move, but all Nichole had to do is say no-I’m having a high risk pregnacy and care more about my baby than a romp in the hay. Dr. Dan save Jen’s life. She knew Nichole’s reputation, and wasn’t the only one trying to stop her. The one I’m mad at is Brady. If anybody knows what Nichole is capable of, it’s him and yet—,gave her the benefit of the doubt. Have you ever noticed that Nichole and Sami do not have any female friends?

  114. From Shani

    I’m certainly not schooled in the legal system but what I think is that Nicole recanted her story so quickly about Jennifer pushing her that no legal process had time to even get started. Jen was out of jail about as quickly as she went in & there was no crime because Nicole said she had been confused & Jen did not push her. The D.A. wasn’t mentioned & if he was involved it was offscreen. But now the circumstances are much different & it has come to light that Nicole knew all along her baby was alreasdy dead when she falsely accused Jennifer. Nicole was not confused at all. It was a deliberate act of false accusation, & led to false arrest, which I think is a crime. The D.A. will be involved now but I think Jennifer’s “decision” the spoiler talks about will be that she decides not to press charges. Probably nothing will come of any cost to the city charges either, or someone will pay them for Nicole.

    I think Nicole wanted to prevent EJ from ever being able to take her baby from her.

  115. From Cougar

    I enyoy seeing the tender side of EJ as much as anyone but let us not foget his DiMera roots. The last glance he gave Nicole through the hospital room’s window was a mixture of pitty, saddness and disgust. If he was the man that Steph was . . . well in Stepheno’s own words with that magnificant r roll he uses for emphasis, “I’ll crrrrush you!” The ambilivence that EJ projects is probably about as good as it gets in a situation such as this. His walking away with that single glance is the symbolic end of their relationship.

  116. From SandyGram

    Spoiler…as we all speculated after Will and Gabi’s last romp in the sack….she is Pregnant. Sami is at the hospital with her when she finds out but she thinks it’s Nick’s. Of course the first person Gabi wants to tell is her good friend Will. Now the Mommy/Grammy/Great-Grammy story begins.

  117. From SandyGram

    Spoilers excerpts….Days Cafe…I find it interesting that next week Sami finds out EJ is going to be her new boss and she’s ok with it. Although his next revelation is to choose this time, the time he is trying to reconnect with Samantha, to rejoin the DiMera empire. How long can his attempt to become that better man we keep hearing about and seeing glimpses of last with Stefano back in the picture and Kristen maneuvering around with her agenda. But then there is also supposed to be a big shake up in all things DiMera, any bets on who comes out of top, for how long and who the collateral damage will be?

  118. From SandyGram

    #114 Shani
    Quote “I think Nicole wanted to prevent EJ from ever being able to take her baby from her”. That’s exactly how it all started, now as the story is coming to an end, it seems the writers have forgotten that in the script and has Nicole’s actions all about her not wanting to loose Daniel.

    And why would she feel that way about EJ? When EJ found out she was pregnant, he believed he was the father; he continued to apologize for hurting her and wanted her to move back into the DiMansion; begged her to come back to him; she declined with “we are not getting back together EVER”; she was over the top angry with him and couldn’t trust him. She insisted he was not the father and she had a lot of decisions to make and he reply with his all things DiMera voice (1) “I really, really, hope you’re not going to try to keep my baby away from me Nic” and (2) Don’t think you can keep me from my child. I promise you I’m going to be a very important part of that child’s life; don’t you doubt that for a minute.” This is when Rafe stepped in and said he was the father.

    As the story built EJ approached Nikki on several other occasions, but then backed off and actually agreed that Rafe was the father. And why, to keep Sami away from Rafe. He gave up fighting to be the father of his child for winning Sami over. If the writers had only went down a different road, but they didn’t. And now over the past couple of days, in favor of showing Daniel trying to do what ever he was trying to do with his begging and pleading to no avail to the hysterical Nicole, the writers missed another opportunity to bring EJ to the forefront as the equally grieving father, hating what Nicole had done, but understanding and helping her through her loss and pain. Ok that’s my take on the story, just wishing for a better ending.

  119. From Leah

    SandyGram…. I don’t know about you BUT I’m well and truly over people getting pregnant. Does anybody in Salem believe in having safe or protected sex? The way they all play musical chairs with their partners and have unprotected sex all the time I’m surprised we are not having storylines of lots of visits to the Drs for sexually transmitted diseases!
    No sorry just HATE the idea of immature, insecure, wacko Gabi being pregnant (to probably) a man who is discovering his sexuality. This poor kids not gunna stand a chance. Hopefully they will do the right thing and put it up for adoption.
    Can’t the writers think outside to box and be more creative than that. We just seem to go around in circles from one unplanned pregnancy to another. Thats not romantic or fun to watch.

  120. From SandyGram

    #119 Leah
    I’m with you….Gabi being pregnant is a very disappointing story line, especially after Nicole’s tragic loss. When Nikki hears about this, it should really put her into a tale spin. At least it sounds like Gabi has the sense to go to Will, but where it goes from there…woah…I think I’ll back off on that speculation it’s too exhausting to think about.

  121. From patty

    I agree about unplanned pregnancies on the show. We just got our fill of a sad baby drama and to have another one thrown at us this soon just doesn’t make sense. No way can Nick be the daddy this early in the game. Even though it has been quite a while since the Gabi/Will sex happened and Gabi should have shown signs earlier than this, it has to be Will’s child. I don’t know how this will all play out but we can safely assume that yet another innocent baby is going to be used as angst for the selfish and immature adults of Salem.

  122. From Tee

    Sandy~ Great posts above and yes It would have been nice to see EJ talking her from that ledge, but the writers are probably not trying to ful the EJOLE fans. Though he had the right there I agree.He did seem nervous and scared for Nicole he was biting his nails.
    I think like Cougar said in #115 They are over. He did give her the look of pity and you could tell he felt sorry for her, and he took the high road for now, he knows it is not the time to tell her how he feels and Cougar you are right EJ is a Dimera but EJ is not as bad as Stefano and they have been showing him being more his own man I like that. I don’t expect him to be a complete do gooder he was raised by Stefano and molded but for him to show the qualities he has lately shows he is more grey then evil. I am sure he will still do some bad things, most on this show do.

    Sandy EJ agrees to forgive his fatha as he should, that is his father. Same for Lexie she may not want to be what he wanted but she loved him all the same. He is gonna remain his own man, and plans to not allow his fatha to control him anymore. He may even take over Dimera enterprises as he sees fit, that is what it is looking like. It cannot be Kristen because she is not his blood, and Stefano stated clearly it must be a blood child that is why he removed EJ from everything before because he thought he was not his real blood son.So yes in a sense EJ will agree to speak with fatha but he has his own terms so to speak.

    Sandy #118 Very true except EJ said Do you think you are gonna keep another child from me? He then said Please Nikki. then as you said He said he would be a very important part of his childs life. Now he did not say I will take that child from you, someone saying they will be a part of means exactly that a part which is not a whole. Meaning he was saying he would be in the childs life that is hardly him threatening to take it as some think here. He had the right to say that she did indeed keep him from a child before in her shananigans, though Grace turned out not to be his or Samis it was still what she did.Yes he made a statement at Samis to Rafe asking how Rafes child was but then we seen him in next scene after he leaves Samis arranging to have tests done and to get custody, so he made the statement once and never made it again. He actually reverted back to it being his child, EJ is innocent in all this and I know some cannot see it. He will get his say and be done with it. As Cougar said him and Nicole are over with.

    Someone recently told me not to always pay attention to spoilers coming out because they are sometimes misleading, to pay attention to character reactions, and little things. The little things as everyone here knows I have always done but the actual reactions I have not so I will start that now.
    I would have to agree by EJ’s reaction he feels pity and sad for Nicole and even disgust, but reactions show there is nothing more left there.Had that had been Sami at any time he would have pushed any one out the way to get to her.
    Pay special attention to character motivation and the overall story especially in Wilson/Gabi/Nick stuff but in all. It tells the bigger story so I hear.

    I am tired of the pregnancy stories right now after Nicoles losing her baby as well.

    I will say this If I remember correctly it is said Gabis initial thought on who is father is not really the father. I will look it up and confirm. I think Sami thinks it is Nicks but who does Gabi think??

    Here comes ERIC yayy!!

  123. From Kat

    This Nicole Baby Saga got to be so mixed up, it truly showed to me, that one set of writers started this, with one thing in mind, and the next set of writers came in and changed course.
    That’s why nothing “fits” to good,
    and has not really made a lot of sense to Me.
    All of the players acted a bit out of character on and off,
    but maybe that is just me.
    Along with Nicole, (and I am not totally with her) the other person hurt the most is of course the Fatha “EJ” and he has behaved absolutely admirable under the circumstances.
    Picture any other guy, Brady, Dan, John, Rafe etc. etc. if their child was
    “stolen” from them, and then the child ended up dead….
    and that is the only way you find out, the child belonged to “YOU”…
    I hope EJ gets his moment with Nicole, to let her know how he feels what she did to him, lying etc. the 2nd time around….Priceless. Get it out of your system EJ, everybody else has had their turn…LOL, no better Crying out loud…

  124. From Tee

    Patty rememebr they tried to play it off and make believable Rafe and Nicole slept together and next day she found out she was pregnant noone on show questioned the dates.We knew they dates would not match up but they could do that and really make her pregnant with Nicks baby either way the big reveal is gonna happen at the wedding.

    My spec is this. Nick and Gabi will get married because big brother Rafe will preach to them about providing a family and marrying blah blah, So the January wedding will be theirs, When the real paternity comes out at wedding and maybe it is Nicks. Or second scenario Gabi tries to pass it off as Nicks and maybe Will agrees to it, someone finds out and stops the wedding. Or the wedding is a Dannifer wedding and Chloe breaks it up. Though I heard it was a gay eets straight wedding, wonder if Wil marries Gabi and It comes out as nicks at wedding. That is what I am leaning towards,Will may do it because he wants to give his child what he never had a stable family and Rafe may be upset, maybe he gets suckered in he is still volnerable right now It is Salem lol anything is possible Though if I remember correctly Sami and EJ are not at this wedding but the Hortons are so hmm then we have Hope who will bring Sami over some jewelry, and it is around wedding time Let me look that up they may just be hush hush about those two whereabouts because it could spoil things

  125. From patty

    Ok, high road and admirable don’t go in the same sentence as EJ Demira. Period.
    Tee, as much as your intake is well appreciated , may I suggest you get a new keyboard because it’s getting hard to follow your posts. Either that or you’ve been imbibing on this fine Saturday night, which is fine by me . :)

  126. From Cougar

    Tee 122 That was my pont exactly he is a DiMera but no where near as bas as Stepheno. Ej has taken the high road on more than one occaision. One of the earliest examploes of that is when he helped to get John out of Stepheno’s dungeon. And I agree with Tee that had it been Sammi instead of Nicole he would move heaven and earth to be by her. I don’t like to think of Sami as EJ’s Kryptonite (and please no comments from the peanut gallery about spelling) but rather catnip. EJ’s like a cat and it’s in his DNA he he finds it simply irreistable. He cannot help but role round in it.

  127. From Cougar

    I think there as missed oportunity for an assylum sl. Nik is uncooperative and winds up in a sanitorium. Jennifer continues to act out and winds up in th same joint as Niki. Shades of Laura Horton and Vivian Alemain. Eric can make pastoral calls to the facility, throw in a few mental patients and a sadistic facility worker taking advantage of patients. Nik could plat agains Jen or the opposite they could bond together over their plight. At any rate they haven’t done a really good mental health awareness sl for a long time.

  128. From Tee

    Patty~ I have actually said many times I am waiting on my laptop to be shipped back from me, and I have been using my tablet some which is touchscreen and sometimes has a mind of it’s own, scrolling up at my post I seen a mistake in #122 It looks like it left out a e in the word Fuel when I was referring to EJOLE fans. So no I am not drunk and it seems my posts seem readable but I do know that at times It leaves a letter out, I have to deal with this which sucks, and makes my writing my articles harder because I have to go over it so many times due to that. I try to here but sometimes I miss something. Either way my laptop is on its way back which I am so happy for.

    Cougar#126 Great post and yes he has taken it many times, and proven he is willing to change, it is usually when he feels he lost everything he reverts back because he has nobody.
    Kat #123 I absolutely agree. EJ deserves his say and to grieve, and story line has been shifted around due to writers changing, most likely.

    Back to imbibing on my Mountain Dew more later all

  129. From SoapSk

    i do think that Nicole’s baby storyline has become all about Daniel. What about EJ, the real father of the baby? Or, Rafe the one that sacrificed so much and agreed to help Nicole and pretend to be the father of the baby. And Brady…if anyone should have been able to talk Nicole out of hurting herself with the scalpel…it should have been Brady! He is the only one that truly knows how Nicole felt when she lost the baby cause he was with her the first time it happened. Nicole and Daniel have had the shortest relationship compared to her and the other 3 guys (EJ, Rafe and Brady). Yet for the writers, Nicole is all about Daniel, ALL the time!

  130. From Cassie

    Excuse me, I have been in cabins and they have beds JOHN. LOL! Why sleep on the sofa with this woman?

  131. From Clear

    To cold to go in the bedroom? They had to stay close to the fire for warmth?Plus he was married to her once so some of those protect your sleeping woman instincts must be coming out.

    I tried to post a couple times before, but it did not go through!

  132. From patty

    Sorry Tee, I was just kidding about imbibing. I understand that those touch screens are kind of tricky and I did get most of what you were trying to say…I think. :) Hope you get your laptop soon.

  133. From murdog

    I’m sorry but I still think Jennifer is still kind of responsible for Nicoles baby on some part, she knoew that Nicole was going through a fragile pregnancy and she continued to constantly argure and fight with her also Dr.Dan and Rate was also letting everyone argue with her and never spoke up and told them to leave her alone, so that why I hold them somewhat responsible too..

  134. From bobby

    #119 leah-totally agree with you and everybody else that is tired of the baby stories. Who’s the daddy?? is just not a mystery that anybody cares about anymore. We need a little more meat to these story lines. Back to big corporate fights. Scandal at the hospital. Getting the newspaper up and running again. (good job for Abby) John acting like a moron around Kristin is just an insult to Marlena. And having her look like a jealous wack is beneath her character. She just had to come to terms with John and Hope still being married. Roman needs to flirt a little and snap John out of it and get him back on track. If Will is the father of Gabbie’s baby, that makes Marlena and John Great Grandparents. Do we really want to see them in a love triangle? Yuck! There are too many predictable story lines going on. Let’s spice it up!

  135. From Kat

    Yes, Under The CIRCUMSTANCES… EJ behaved ADMIRABLE, more than the rest of the gang, knowing what They tried to pull on him.

    133 bobby, I agree with a lot you said…
    Tee, lady, nice to see, that You also took the high road…no need to explain anything IMO. I thought we were all done with that stuff..

    We all know, that Kristin and John will become Involved, one way or the other, We need a good SL and Drake and Deidra prob. are thrilled to get a front burner sl..

    I don’t want EJ to become an all good person, part of the character’s charm is being so conflicted. Same goes for Sami, don’t make her a goodie two shoe either. Keep the couple interesting, just on the edge, not evil…

  136. From Maryl

    #126 Cougar–loved your assessment of Sami being EJ’s catnip! Ha! I agree with that–only I see EJ, not so much as a cat, but more like a sleek, black, dangerous panter, with a soft side. Don’t know, however, if panters would be attracted to catnip, but they are considered to be cats so why not, right? Ha!

  137. From SuzanneQ

    Wasn’t the point of John going to the cabin to make it winter-ready, put on the storm windows, etc for Hope, a job that Bo usually does? Did he get anything accomplished? I have not been able to watch all the episodes lately but I have been loving the s/l with Kristen/John and Marlena. Also, Kristen is really good with EJ. Eileen Davidson is a wonderful actress.

    I am so not loving the Nicole losing the baby s/l and the aftermath with Jen. I know TPTB changed writers in midstream and decided to go a different route, and I understand that. But having Jen continually harass Nicole for weeks on end, and I agreee MAB, certainly had to do with her losing the baby. Stress has to play a large part in the loss of a baby just prior to the due date IMO. Ari Zucker has done a fabulous acting job and deserves a lot of credit for doing some very difficult scenes.

    I agree that the upcoming s/l of Gabi becoming pregnant coming on Nicole losing her baby is just plain wrong and here’s another Salem question of who’s the father. That was really good, Tee, questioning who is going to be getting married early next year. I will be looking forward to your Spoiler Alerts.

    I don’t post on here very often but I read everything that’s on this site. I’m a long-time Days fan. I love Nicole and am very disturbed by what’s happened to her and I hope that she finds some happiness. Maybe with Eric coming back, there will be something for her.

  138. From Kat

    135 Maryl, I like.. Black Panther, such a beautiful exciting animal, just like EJ is to the Human Race.
    Picture Sami, another gorgeous Cat beside him, all in Diamonds…
    what a pair, strolling together,
    and then, poof, changing back into EJ and Sami…
    Sounds like a Commercial.
    Maryl, think Big Cat Nip, good one Cougar, since you are in the “Cat Family” also.
    Looking forward to watch EJ have his Say to Nicole, the Man/Father also Needs Closure for sure. He lost as much a child as Nicole, not phycically but in Heart, Mind and Soul.
    I am sure, that most people agree, that Fathers love children just as much as Mothers.
    I hope, that someday, when Dr. Dan finds out, that Parker is indeed “his” child,
    he will understand what he tried to do to EJ was not to cool, no matter what.
    Rafe, well I truly would like to see him already having a child out there, or soon becoming a father of his own.
    Therefore IMO, to be put with Hope, she is just to old to have children anymore, I think..!!????
    Bring back Emily, and let’s have a great Love Story for Rafe and see what he’s got..fair enough.
    Wonder How They will explain Bo- -Not coming back. That better be a good one, in order for Hope to be able to move on, maybe.. Roman, keep it all in the Family, why not.

  139. From Cougar

    #135 Maryl I loved your analogy of a yummy sleek panther! I don’t have a panther but i have a black house cat. It’s true the catnip affects large cats. Remember hearing that at the zoo once. We have a 3′ X 3′ catnip patch by our garage for our two cats to enjoy and boy do they. Also dry some for each winter. We have bob cats and cougars in the area. There have been times that I discover that the entire cat nip patch has been rolled over. My husband and I have both wondered if t was the local bobcat’s doing.

  140. From Cougar

    Hey Kat its been a while since we conversed. I think Hope is a little old for Rafe but I think I see more of a deep friendhip developing. I could see Rafe with Nik. He was so gentle with her with during the confrontation scenes. I think they might be able to have a go at it with each other. It could be Sami all over again with Nicoles past history. However, they both were always second best in their last relationship; they certainly would be able to get each other.

  141. From Maryl

    Since writers seem to dip into sls of the past, I’m wondering if EJ might step in once again and come to Marlena’s aid in her battle with Kristen over John. EJ may have to reign in Kristen if she gets way out of conrol. I think EJ would do this for Sami if he had to. Especially the way his character is being shaped right now.
    I really like what the writers are doing with EJ’s character. He is thinking things out carefully before he acts, which is great. He is coming across as being more in control and powerful. He’s weighing his odds and discerning situations. He looks more confident and patient–yet you know he will not let anyone get the upper hand on him. Great qualities for this grey, complex, imposing character! I hope he doesn’t become too obvious to Sami that he wants her back and is secretly working on accomplishing that. He needs to keep his bait on the line until Sami finally realizes she wants and can’t resist him! Please, writers, no more stupid evil stuff from EJ–we have seen enough of that. Just let EJ and Sami both evolve into a great couple and family.

  142. From Maryl

    Kat, thanks! I noticed I misspelled panther! Ha! I thought it looked wrong when I typed it, and intended to check my spelling but than forgot to go back. Love the idea of Sami and EJ as the black panther and cat (with diamonds)Ha! Girl, you have a great imagination!! I love that!
    Cougar, your imagination doesn’t take a back seat to anyone’s either!!

  143. From Kat

    Hey Maryl, or whoever, I don’t care if anybody miss spells anything, I am the last person to sit in judgement since English is my 2nd Language, LOL
    Cougar,Maryl, let’s face it, I love EJ as a Big black Cat,
    look who is talking “Kat”,
    it’s all in the family, LOL again.
    Cougar, nice talking to you too,
    I always enjoy reading your post, even if sometimes I am not on the same page with you, very rarely….
    I also would be happy, if Rafe and Hope would be just friends and maybe partners..
    I have never been a great fan of Jennifer’s, and right now, I am here and there about Nicole and what she did, however I hope I get to like her again, the way I used to.
    Time will tell and heal all the wounds that that this disaster created.

  144. From AnnieQ

    Wow! Kat I was glad you were back posting as I enjoyed reading them..very funny.You also had a wonderful post about tolerance and understanding on the gay issue.But,You couldnt look at your President speak for ten minutes?
    Gerri 97, buh bye.don’t let the door hit you on the way out. By the way the word is secede! Racist much?

  145. From Kat

    143 AnnieQ,
    I turned off the TV, when the Newsman came on,
    didn’t matter what was on,
    just figured I do something else,
    and watch the whole thing ..DOOL, the next on the Computer.
    Had nothing to do with the President, did not even know till now, that it was him that interrupted,the minute I heard “Special report” I hit the off button, hope that is ok.
    Had plenty of other stuff to do…

    Thank you for liking some of my posts,
    but don’t assume, I just did that not to long ago, and had to back track on here.

    However, even if I did turn off the President, it would be my right to do so,
    has nothing to do with Tolerance and Understanding, could have been disappointment, that the Other guy lost…
    however I am not saying that is what happened. Enough said about politics,
    should not even have been brought up, why I turned off the TV.

    So AnnieQ, with that cleared up, I hope we can still be blog friends…
    Gerrie can speak for herself…

  146. From Tee

    Hello to all the wonderful bloggers here, or blog posters lol However it should be.

    Kat Yes The high road sometimes is the way to go. I also do not care if people misspell wrong I have been messing up words for a bit with this dang touch screen, and waiting what seems like forever on my laptop.

    Patty~ Yes while I love my tablet, the touch screen drives me nuts. Perhaps in time I will be a pro at it.for now My laptop can’t get here fast enough.

    Ladies I am loving the Panther stuff and Sami as a beautiful cat with Diamonds as well. Great imaginations.

    Susanne Q #136 Thank you and as soon as I can figure it out I will be letting you guys know. I do know it will either be Jen/Dan or Nick/Gabi or Will/Gabi.
    Those seem to be the ones that are coming out as the ones. What we know is the actors who play Doug and Julie The Hayes, say it is like Gay meets straight which made me think of Will and Gabi. I was only spoiled a month or so ago on wedding, then they did those interviews and Melissa Reeves posted pics of a bouquet.
    I have heard rumor Rafe will be mad that Will even slept with Gabi when he knew he was gay. So lots of spec to go on till we get more info which may come soon.Remember the spoilers that a couple gets engaged for the wrong reasons, besides Mel and Chad? Well Will and Gabi would be for wrong reasons, maybe even Nick and Gabi.
    I first thought Dannifer and Chloe would interrupt, but the Hayes spoilers nips that in bud. Then theres Hope saying she is gonna bring Sami a piece of jewelry Here is the video for that for everyone to watch. Whats interesting is Sami asks Hope for a piece of jewelry it is around wedding time, and she says something happens in this apartment.

    Here is the Hayes interview, they are sweet. The spoiler on wedding is around 1:04 That’s one hour and 4 minute mark area.

    To anyone wanting to see the flowers heres link

    Yes ladies I am enjoying EJ’s softer side but I also like Kat said don’t want him to be too good. I enjoy a little scheming or bad boy from him.
    I know he is gonna still do things people are not gonna like and one of those things could happen in a few weeks, but remember he has no idea. I am waiting on a site to report more on it, as some are biased towards characters in their write ups. So once I see more popping up on it I will give more info.Most people say nothing is gonna come out of it,and it is just part of another plot.
    The spoiler says EJ will encourage Chad to go after Gabi. Another says EJ gives Chad advice on Gabi when Chad seems to want revenge. So I am sure this is all in the whole Chad will find out she is pregnant and tell Will or Sonny or something or who knows somehow it is tied into that. I dont think he knows she is pregnant when this happens either, but I will report more on it as it comes out which wont be till next week as this is 3 weeks out from now.
    In other spoilers Eric gives Nicole some advice about how to move on and heal and that is what has her apologizing to Nicole, she wishes to change.

    One important thing to remember is everyone writes their spoilers in their own ways and some like characters more then other characters, and you can tell in their spoilers. That is why I love this site, they try to keep bias out of spoilers and make it funny.

    An example of how people write spoilers different are ex.
    Ej encourages Chad to seek his revenge on Gabi
    EJ and Chad talk and Chad filled with thoughts of revenge seeks his advice to which EJ says if that is what will make you better go for it.
    EJ wrecks havoc
    on and on People have their ways of writing it up and that is how it is.There is nothing wrong with it everyone has their spin and that is what makes it unique, but that is why you have to read several spoilers and see what they say, then watch and from there you can gather which ones have biased or unbiased tendencies. Just some advice for spoiler hunters here.
    It took me a while to learn that.
    Sources still say Abby and Chad will be together but not sure for how long or when.

    Kat~ I still think Carrie will be back, originally they wanted to bring her back it was spoiled she was then spoiled she was not, but you never know.This is only my opinion. I have not been able to get any info on who Rafes new love interest will be only that he will have one. So I have to spec and my specs are still Hope,Nicole, Carrie coming back, maybe Emily will show up(that would be nice).Abby is ust wayyyy to young for him IMO.She is barely 18 right? maybe 19 and Rafe is older then Sami, Rafes sister Ari was closer to Samis age. Rafe is atleast a few years older then Sami but not sure exactly how many, and Hope was born in 1974 originally but was sorased so she could be either mid 40′s or 38.
    Sami was born in 1984, but she was sorased as well a few years I think she is supposed to be early 30′s now.Rafe is probably mid 30′s on show So he is actually close to Hopes age. The problem is we know Hope will move on and what is her choices? Roman, Rafe and Brady.She is related to everyone else theres John but he is taken.

    I thought Brady who was born in 1992 but sorased about 5 years would end up with Abby but I was told Chad so now who will Brady be with,? Chloe is only here for a visit when she comes, so IDK.Brady is about 25 on show.

    Any thoughts on this

  147. From Cougar

    Gotta say I like the picture they replaced Dr. Dan with. The golden phoenex with the DiMera characters nice piece of art work.

    Tee My thoughts would be that it would be nice for Nicole to be rescued by Rafe. Misery loves company and they both have had the short end of the stick when it comes to EJ & Samis affections. Untill TPTB put the kabosh on Nik & Dan I thought they had a lot of on screen chemestry and interacted together well. But, oh well that ship has sailed.

    Rafe and Hope, aside from the way they wave a magic wand on soap land and pair people and age them, I have a hard tie visualizing them togther. I still see them as commrades in arms like Det. Bensen and her former partner. They loved each other but not in the romantic or sexual way but as trusted, loyal and true friends.

    I think the wedding is one of three options, Will & Sonny, Will & GAbbi or Nick & GAbby. The gay meets straight comment makes you think Gabby & Will but it could be a red herring.

    I could see Abby & Chad heating up again. I liked them together before Days played game a musical chairs with their writers and they decided to break that off. I also see the even though EJ will never be completely squeaky clean I think that they will evolve Chad into a real bad ass. I think so for afew reasons. One: not many years have been invested his persona yet. Originally, he was kind of a jerk to pregnant teen Mia; that has been part of his personality. Second: we really do need a monster to relace Steph that still has certain likability quotiant. Third: I think he has the chops to hang his hat on being that type villan. He has always struck me as EJ light but I can see him as really trying to give EJ a run for being fath’s favorite son.
    Meow says this Cougar. By the way I’m not really a cougar that was my nick name way before Cougar became part of the modern slang.

  148. From SandyGram

    #147 Cougar
    For me, for Chad to develop those true DiMera ways he has one big hurtle…controlling his emotions. He is too quick to judgement, too publically emotional/tempermental and needs to work on his finesse. DiMera’s are cunning, sly; they hold things close to the breast with long time goals, not short term satisfaction.

    He also needs to get past is anger of Gabbi and rethink the real reason Melanie left him. Like with the other DiMera men and their women, he kept a big secret from her, Melanie couldn’t trust him.

    But all in all, Chad has the chops to become a DiMera, but then what kind of DiMera does he want to be?

  149. From patty

    I just hope that after taking EJ’s advice to seek revenge , Chad doesn’t do something to Gabi that will harm her baby because there would be hell to pay from Rafe and Sami both. Sami is with Gabi when she finds out she’s pregnant so she will be protective of Gabi and her child, especially if she knows it’s her own grandchild.

  150. From Nancy

    I may be in the minority here but I hope that Jennifer and Daniel do not get together. I really think they don’t really have any chemistry together. They should let Jennifer get over her loss of Jack before she becomes involved with another man.

  151. From MAB

    Tee & Kat – I agree, that no one should be called out for misspelling words, although it has been done before. I think it’s a rude trait to have, because no one is perfect. Also agree w/ you both that EJ should never be all good. Just like Sami, she is not always good either. They both need to be just the right amount of good & bad…and for them to be together.

    Tee – just a thought, but Sami could ask Hope for a piece of jewelry if it turns out to be Will’s wedding. After all, she is the mother of the groom. Maybe Will decides to marry Gabi if she’s pregnant w/ his child. Also, about the spoilers, I agree w/ what you said. I read them, but I don’t take too much stock in them until I see it happen, because most of the time, the spoiler turns out to be misleading.

    Maryl – glad to see some posts from you, and ditto on what you said about EJ & Sami. EJ is once again showing his good side, the one that cares, and I think that’s got a lot to do w/ Sami. He’s is thinking before he acts, and trying not to make the same mistakes again. Lord knows he has enough ammunition to wipe out Nicole, Rafe & Daniel, but he’s taking the high road, and I surely call that being very admirable of him to just let it go (over this baby disaster). I’m SO ready for EJ & Sami to evolve into a great couple & family…can’t wait!

    Wow, Friday’s show was ALL Nicole! I don’t care what she did, I feel sorry for her. She finally told the truth of how she truly felt, and I hope some of that sank in w/ Jen so she realizes the role she played in all of this (but that remains to be seen). What a performance…kudos to Ari Zucker! Initially, all of them, EJ, Brady, Jen, Abby, Rafe & Daniel seemed concerned as to what was happening to her. EJ looked so nervous biting his nails, Brady was nearly in tears, Daniel talking her down & getting her to drop the scalpel, and then Rafe came in and stopped her from jumping. Rafe has been good to Nicole in all this as of late, even when questioning her, so I have to give him props for that. Daniel seems to be really worried about her, but he still is acting self-righteous. EJ looked at her thru the hospital window w/ the look of sorry on his lips, but probably felt it best to leave her bee. I think her desperation of being at the end of her rope will be the reason Jen will drops the charges against her. Spoilers say Nicole apologizes to Jen, but will Jen apologize to her? I completely agree w/ Murdog, Jen is still somewhat responsible for what happened, and she needs to take responsibility for it. And then there’s Abby, that little snot, saying she was glad Nicole didn’t take the easy way out (by killing herself). The nerve of that brat! Like I said, she’s too immature to know anything about life. She needs to keep her mouth shut. She has no room to be talking anyway after what she did to Austin.

    SO glad EJ told Daniel off! But he is letting him off the hook because he saved his life & Johnny’s. But Daniel better watch his step, because next time, he might not be so lucky. Heed EJ’s warning, Daniel, don’t cross him again! Love it!

    I enjoyed John & Kristen, and their talk. Good stuff!

    The teen scene, boring, no comment, pretty much seems like their scenes are a filler.

    I agree, Rafe is paying Sami no mind as of late, but as soon as he finds out she is gonna be working with EJ, he brings her flowers. Desperate much? It just shows how jealous he is of EJ.

    Yes, the spoilers say EJ plans to join the DiMera empire, but as usual, some automatically think he is just gonna go right back to the way it was. Well, apparently this isn’t the case, as it’s been said (in further detail) that things aren’t what they seem, and apparently EJ isn’t going back to the way things were, as he lets Stefano knows where he stands.

    Cougar – so agree about the pic replacement on this page. The Daniel one was funny at first, but it got old fast. I like the Kristen pic, and everything surrounding it. As for Rafe & Hope, I don’t mind them working together, but I hope they don’t go down the romance road w/ them. I remember what Hope & Bo said to one another before he left…they said partners for life…and that is the way it should stay IMO. I think Hope can have a s/l w/o being involved w/ anyone romantically. I just don’t want to see her w/ anyone but Bo. They already split up Kayla & Steve, we don’t need to split up Bo & Hope too. Also, Rafe needs someone like Carrie, or for Emily to return. He needs a s/l of his own. I agree about Chad too. He just may really become a DiMera now. I can certainly see it happening, although he’ll have a lot to learn and Stefano will be more than glad to show him. And that would eventually come between Chad & EJ. I would like to see him & Abby back together, but w/ her being so self-righteous, it probably won’t work if he goes full-on DiMera.

    Chad doesn’t need EJ’s advice to do something to Gabi. He hates her enough now to do it on his own.

  152. From Cougar

    OMG watching Days right now. I’m waiting for Marlene’s head to spin around 360 degrees and spew pea soup at any minute.

  153. From Kat

    150 MAB, great posts, agree about 96%, but still love it…
    we are a little bit apart about Nicole…I feel totally bad about her, but boy is she still trying to be a bitch, still bent on Sending Jenn to jail,,,, not called for…she was on her way to the police, when she was in Jenn’s house, tried to leave to go there, but was stopped by Dan walking in…..
    Now on to Kat’s log for today,,LOL
    Spray tans seem to take over Salem,
    now even our mousy before… Jenn is spray tanned to blend in with “Orange Dr. Dan”, and they are not the only
    ones …Brady, Hope, etc. they all seem to be Spray tanned…
    Jenn did look good in her tan and black dress, looks like her ward robe lady went over to see Marlena…LOL
    I know it can cause cancer, but I think I will give it a shot just once for the holidays, why not…
    Like Abby having gone all blond, just like the Orig.Abby.., let’s not forget Abby and Chelsea graduated from High School together
    quite a few years ago, History is History.. at least for us long time watchers.
    EJ talking to Chad about Kristin,
    EJ has never met Kristin at all, Lord he was just born, when Kristin left Salem, pretty close at least for him to have any
    memories at all.
    Abby and her loss of her Father, it still sticks in my mind, that Cameron let the door close on Jack, to run over to Abby and Jen, one thinks, he could have held that door open to get Jack out. Blame the writers, that’s what we saw on screen…
    As far as Marlena and John are concerned….
    No Strawberries, Whip Cream or Standing Up Orgasms tonight, or for quite some time..
    Good, I am so looking forward to a good NEW Sl, and please Stefano come back for heavens sake, I miss you, and your Grrrrrrrrrrrreat Inputs on all the characters in Salem..
    Never the Same without you, you “little Devil”.
    Thank God, this is a soap, because in real Life, I would put you behind bars myself, a long time ago.
    But in Soap life, I absolutely enjoy Stefano, EJ, Kristin, Sami, even Nicole, they are so bad, and that makes them so GOOD. Long live the “Bad Characters” because they make Soap’s so Great…

  154. From Shani

    I thought Jennifer’s apology to Nicole today was classy & sincere. Nicole didn’t accept it but that’s understandable right now. Nicole needs to re-examine the past few months & what she has said & done. Jennifer looked nice today, dressed much better than they’ve had her lately, and her hair & make-up were good. I have a fettish for big earrings & loved the ones she had on.

    I liked Abigail & EJ’s conversation. They each had words of wisdom for each other – but will they each live by them?! I liked EJ telling Abigail he owed her mother an apology. Too bad Abigail has to be haunted by not being able to save Jack, when Cameron was actually the one who let the door close on Jack when he ran over to make sure Abby & Jennifer were ok.

    Kristen sure didn’t do John any favors the way she acted & talked after Marlena arrived. We can only guess at this point whether or not Kristen turned up at the cabin on purpose knowing John would be there but she sure used it to her advantage. Even her time with Brady was rubbing it in, while returning John’s moneyclip. Yeah right!!!! By the look on Marlena’s face, I think if John thought it was cold in that cabin overnight, he doesn’t know the meaning of COLD just yet!!

    I don’t like Chad getting back at Gabi by trying to ruin things for Nick. SandyGram 148 you are right that Chad needs to rethink the real reason Melanie left him. Gabi is responsible for what she did but Chad is responsible for how he handled it with Melanie, which was not well at all.

  155. From patty

    It looks like Gabbi goes straight to Will after finding out she’s pregnant.

  156. From Kat

    153 Shani, you know something,that was a good post…bravo.
    Chad using Nick is not cool, his Beef is with bad girl Gaby, and what she did to Melanie and the town of Salem….

  157. From patty

    If EJ encourages Chad to seek revenge against a pregnant Gabi, he hasn’t changed his Demira ways and is taking a page right out of Stephano’s book. Nice advice to give your young brother, I hope he doesn’t advise little Johnny like that as he grows up. I don’t think Sami would be too impressed if something happens to her grandchild because EJ suggested to Chad to go after Gabi.

  158. From Kat

    Of course Gaby should tell Will,
    there has Not been enough time, for Nick to be the father of her baby, LOL…
    They just started to have sex, and it takes at least a few weeks to show what’s UP>>> LOL.
    I am sure I my Mind that Will is the Father, because of him now being Gay, this is the Only Way Will will ever be a Father,
    and him having a child is great for the SL, and why not, so he is gay, but he will also be a Dad…
    Good Plot, I like it….

  159. From Leah

    # 140 Tee… Your comments about the way people interpret and write spoilers IS SPOT ON! And I also agree that some of the spoiler sites are bias and have character favourites which then bias the way they see things. I know many a times I’ve read spoilers and thought one thing only to then to see it played out on the screen and see the spoiler writer over dramatised it or took a line, a scene out of context. So I’m with you I read the spoiler then wait to see if it actually does play out that way on screen.
    I agree with comments about Rafe and Hope. Yeah I don’t know if they have “it”. Maybe after seeing more interaction between them I may change my mind. Time will tell. I wish they would bring Patrick back for Hope. Patrick has an edge which gave Hope a bit more spunk. IF and this is a big IF the Days powers to be refuse to bring Emily back to tell us that story the only one I see him having good chemistry with is Nicole. But I’m a Brady and Nicole fan and am also looking forward to Eric arriving back on the screen.

  160. From Kat

    158, Leah, that is one reason I have never cared for spoilers, because they have always “spoiled” my way of watching the daily goings on of DOOL.
    I like to see for facto every day what happens, not a “million” different takes to spoil my enjoyment on the tube, when it happens for real, that is MY JOY.
    But then again to make sure, that Is MO, and no problem form me,
    to Each his Own, I don’t really care.
    So Spoiler on or whatever, I don’t care..

    I still don’t care to see Rafe and Hope in a romantic relationship,
    unless it is short lived..
    Hope, let’s face it is to old to have
    babies with Rafe,
    and I for one would like for Rafe to become a Father in his life time, for real, not always somebody else’s children,….
    So and affair with Hope ok, but then get the guy a real love interest for lifetime
    (well as long as lifetime lasts in Salem) and have some babies..

    I don’t care, bring back Emily, Carrie,
    Chelsea, wow…Carly.??,I am reaching,help me out here.
    Brady and Nicole, I know a lot of people still like them together, but I think that boat left the harbor,
    maybe they can be friends now, but to much has gone against them. Nicole chose EJ, just to be with his children, but I thing she also chose EJ…
    Let’s Face it, even Brady deserves to be No. 1, and he has never been that in Nicole’s orbit, she always went back to EJ.
    A new love or little in between adventure for Brady right now, might just be the ticket, to soon for another Real Love,
    but not to soon for an adventure with
    with our gorgeous Kristin…
    I really would love to see that,
    and in the process I would like to see John’s Toes curl all over the place..

    Kristin my Dear, you would Not be making our John’s “Pretend Clint Eastwood’s) day
    that is for sure. I am loving it.

    Tee, I put my pic with my grandson on the other site you frequent…
    I am as always having so much fun… never take a Soap to serious or to Heart…

  161. From bobby

    This part they have John playing just doesn’t make sense to me. Where is his allegiance to Marlena?This man has sworn over and over again about what he would do to anyone who harmed Marlena. He professes to love her day in and day out and they are velcroed together. So, why would he not stay by her side now and protect her from a Dimera. Why isn’t he understanding her fear of Kristen? Why would he put their relationship in jepordy after all they have gone through to stay together. Would he have been so understanding if it were Marlena and Roman shacked up on the cabin couch? Put Kristen in her place and stand up for your wife!

  162. From SandyGram

    Episode November 12th:

    Now if Kristen wasn’t up to something she would have turned around and walked those few steps to the Cabin door and given John his Money Clip. And what’s wrong with John and Marlena, why didn’t they take the Horton Cabin Key from Kristen? I too was waiting for Marlena to cut loose with a few head spins, a guttural growl and regurgitated pea soup. Then there was John, eating crow; willing to accept Kristen is trying to change; all while Doc is having nothing to do with this. Back in Salem Kristen has changed into a pretty green dress. She runs into Brady at Coffee House and turns on those beguiling ways to let him know she has just spent the night with dear ole Dad. And so innocently asks Brady to return his Dad’s Money Clip.

    Chad’s new haircut makes him really look like EJ’s brother. Now we will just have to wait and see if he goes down the path to being a true DiMera; or is he a DiMera, that stays his own man. It doesn’t look like the agreement he signed with Nick is working either the way he stepped right up into Gabbi’s space with his name calling and threats. He was more than a jerk today.

    Nice to see little Johnny on the scene today spending time with Daddy EJ. And EJ’s talk with Abby was warm and heartfelt. Another wait and see moment to see if he follows her advice and pauses ‘to remember what really matters in life’.

    I’m all critiqued out when it comes to Jen and Nicole; so I’ll just say love Jen’s clothes, her nice do and pretty jewelry.

  163. From Kat

    160 bobby,
    ‘just Maybe… John is not all
    the way over Kristin yet…
    in soaps all is possible.. let’s face it, they both were once upon a time, having a baby together, which Kristin “Lost” in Paris.
    There is a bond there… no matter what..
    Marlena and Roman did shack up once upon a time in “Melas” and she got pregnant…

    John knew, he Did nothing wrong, neither did Kristin all night long…. LOL
    So what was he going to say…poor schmuck.
    As far as John was concerned, How was Kristin supposed to know, what him and Marlena were going to do,
    or for that matter, just him as it turned out… I will be stand corrected of course, if we will find out that Kristin had “Bugs” every where…

  164. From Kat

    John and Marlena had No right to take away the Key from Kristin, given to Her by Alice Horton,
    the same as Kristin could not take away the keys from Marlena an John…
    Those keys were given by Alice Horton.
    Nice to see little Johnny today,
    would have also been so nice if Nicole could have carried her little boy full term, stress free, with EJ looking out for her,
    and then we could have seen little Johnny down the road playing with his little brother, I know.. wishful thinking. but It could have MAYBE BEEN,
    IF Nicole would have thought about the Baby first….who knows,, just wishing..
    EJ would Not have hurt her or the Baby,
    that is for sure IMO

  165. From patty

    Bobby, I totally agree. What have they done with John and since when has he become so dense? Isn’t the guy trained to smell bs from a mile away? I can’t wait to see what Marlena’s underhanded maneuvers will be and I hope she manages to take Kristen’s fake and phoney act down a notch or two. It is getting super annoying.

  166. From Kat

    John is not dense, he also still has apparently unresolved feeling toward Kristin the almost Mother of his child she lost…
    Marlena was allowed to have unresolved feeling for Roman for how long…..
    John truly loved Kristin very much, when she was truly a very good and nice person, and she was,
    she was Not Always bad, only after she lost her Baby .. did . she become desperate ,how many allowances are given to Nicole right now and to Gaby… Gaby, how many people are dead because of Her??? how come we do not ever talk about that..
    I don’t know what Kristin is up to right now, I am willing to wait,
    and then go for it….
    but no matter what I will like the excitement… LOL I am not annoyed, I am looking forward to a great
    new PLOT, isn’t that what we all want, great new plots, etc. Not Boredom…

  167. From patty

    Unresolved feelings or not, if he can’t see what Kristen is up to, he is dense. Marlena is his wife and has good reasons to fear Kristen so John ‘s place is to stand by and protect his wife, not cuddle up on the couch with the enemy. Kristen’s calculated moves are so obvious, why is everybody else on to her except John? If he’s having feelings for Kristen, that means he’s cheating right? Or does that just apply to Rafe. If so, that is even more reasons for Marlena to be suspicious and I hope she kicks her butt.

  168. From Kat

    Not like Rafe at all,
    John has something going on that needs to be resolved,
    after all once upon a time Kristin did carry his child, and he was Crazy for her…but that is in the past, let him work it out.
    Rafe fell in Love with Carrie, head over heal, he kissed .. he wanted her, pregnant or not,
    he said he was in love with her,
    until a few moments before Carrie was to leave with Austin, Austin was not sure if Carrie would show up to go with him to Switzerland…
    Carrie and Rafe were in love and wanted each other….
    not the Case with John and Kristin,
    so please NO Comparison at all to Rafe and Carrie, not at all…period.
    John is not lusting after Kristin, the Way Rafe did full and well after Carrie,
    John, as said,Might still have unresolved issues with Kristin, such a big difference IMO.
    HE loves Marlena, and she should know it..

  169. From SandyGram

    #166 patty
    I’m with you on this one with one exception, it’s not clear yet if John is having unresolved feelings for Kristen. Oh he’s raised his eye brows on occasion, he’s had a dream about her, he’s been understanding that she has tried to change (remembering what she said to John about him being able to change after some of the horrible things he has done as the Pawn and a Mercenary) , but unresolved feelings are yet to come. Don’t get me wrong I fully believe she is cunning, conniving, a vixen, quietly scheming toward her hidden agenda that even Stefano knows nothing about. And if it turns out John does have feelings for Kristen then I’d say yes he is a cheater if he violates his vows to Marlena and he becomes all consumed with Kristen. For me though, I wouldn’t call dreaming about a past love cheating there are many things that could trigger a dream and that’s all it was, a dream. Heck I still have dreams about my high school sweetheart and I don’t feel I cheating on my sweet hubby. But then I dream about everyone.

  170. From Tee

    Hello fellow bloggers!!

    Looking forward to a great week on Days.
    Patty #156 I dont believe EJ will even know Gabi is pregnant.
    Sandy we have not seen Chad go full on Dimera like they keep saying he is gonna do, so I am thinking we may just get that. I Will also say Gabi is still prego next year so I am guessing nothing comes of whatever Chad does end up doing.

    Sandy #161 One can look at that ways. 1 being she did not go back in as to upset marlena anymore then she already was 2 She wanted a excuse to see him again so would return it at a later time.What we seen her do is give it to Brady, so she could have done this herself in order to see John again, that would be a free visit unplanned for her. Instead she had Brady give it back. I think Kristen does want to change and we seen her turn Stefano down over and over to even come to Salem. So I think she has unresolved conflicting feelings, but does want to change and cant help but want to get under Marlenas skin. I Also believe John may have unresolved feelings for her, but it is not cheating because he has not acknowledged it like Sandy and Kat said.If he acknowledges it and still acts this way then yes he may be guilty of emotionally cheating on Marlena.
    Rafe was guilty of emotional and physical cheating because he acknowledged both with words and a kiss while with Sami.

    I agree Kristen was actually a good person heavily involved in church and charities and stuff.Marlena even acknowledges Kristens right to be on Church board because she always was that way and very involved. She became crazy when she lost her child, not that she was never guilty of a little scheming they all were.

    Kat I agree about Gabi and Nicole in you #165 post.
    I have said many of times Gabi has not been redeemed yet,and Nicole may be suffering from losing this baby some depression but she has always been like that, this is not her first go round so to say.Kristen so far has only used some coincidences to her benefit at most.Time will tell what she will do though, but I will say if Marlena starts in with scheming and going crazy Kristen has every right to respond. As far as them asking for key back that key was given to her by Alice, and they have no right to take it back, when Stefano sent her belongings to her it was a few days before they mentioned going she took key out and left with it, so she planned to go there first as far as we can tell.

    Sandy #168 Well said

    Kat #167 Well said

    KAT #163 i Enjoyed seeing Johnny and even Ciara lately it is always good to see the kids sometimes we dont get to much because of the fact it is hard on kids on set.

    Sandy #161 I love your all critiques out on Jen and Nicole lol
    As far as the agreement Nick and Chad signed it was illegal anyway, and It was one crime covering up another, and it has to come out sometime, which we all knew. I thought Gabi would find out seeing as she went snooping around. Time will tell.
    YES Abby and EJ talking was all about what is important and family. That was the moral of the show actually with all the family talk, from EJ with Johnny, Gabi, Chad, then Abby.He does not want his fatha in his life because as he has said he became someone he did not want to be,but it is his fatha and so he needs to forgive him but maintain his own self, IT WILL be a struggle with him still. We know what is most important to EJ is his kids and Sami, but I think he will want his brother Chad, and even Fatha closer but because they are family. Chadis mad at Ej and thinks he is out to set him up still, so perhaps his advice to Chad will be his way of making up for last time when Chad asked his help and Ej used it to his advantage instead of helping him with Gabi and getting Mel back. CHAD was mad he let Gabi off the hook because he made a deal with Rafe,so yes Chad wants revenge and I am sure Ej will not want to make him mad this time as he will want his forgiveness.We have seen already Chad is not ready to let this go, EJ may be taking the high road right now but Chad is not wanting to.

    Kat #159 I am hoping Carrie comes back, or perhaps we get to meet Emily.
    Rogue,source, or FL kat?
    I too am leery of the Hope pairing they may be ok age wise but I also would love him to have his own kids, unless of course the writers dont want that he has always been the one to want to take others kids, so who knows. I like him with Nicole and think they may do a triangle there even because those 3 Nicole Rafe and Eric share a lot of scenes together in the future. We know they will do a whole forbidden love thing with Eric being the priest and falling for Nicole but will they have Rafe involved as well and if so who will win her? Will Carrie or Emily show up someday?The original plan was for him to be with Carrie, but since she left I was told he is planned with someone else, and not Sami bt who? Nicole is looking likely but then you have Eric, Brady will be tied into the whole kristen thing for a while at least.

    I am gonna be a bad girl lol and suggest/spec that when Rafe brings Sami flowers, or sometime in future he sees EJAMI in a compromising position and runs into the arms of someone. Lol That is what I think will happen someday soon, but just my speculation here.

    This long wait for EJAMI sucks, but I am glad Sami did not go running straight to his arms after Rafe. The slow build up is better, and I am just happy with knowing it is coming, of course I knew back in summer, I also knew Rafe was temporary and about closure, but waiting does suck.

    KAT#157 I like the SL as well, and it is good plot.

    Tomorrows epi has our first glimpse of Eric yayy.

    Nov/23rd will be a flashback episode to 1997 they originally planned not to air that day but no Hockey game so a classic epi will air. I guess it will be a Kristen epi
    Below is a interview on radio with Eileen Davidson she mentions the epi and other stuff enjoy

    She talks about changing and stuff as Kristen, and says Kristen really does feel sorry for what she has done, Nice interview enoy

  171. From Tee

    Cougar #147 Great post

    Mab I too been leaning more towards a Will wedding, but I was also thinking it could be Will and Sonny, perhaps their prank on KATE is a prelude to that and it may be to gain custody of the child as a married couple, IDK and perhaps the gay meets straight means in the battle for the baby. Our Will and Gabi, maybe Rafe will go ballistic and claim he needs to marry her which would be wrong IMO but I hoe to find out soon.

  172. From patty

    SandyGram, of course John is not cheating and I don’t think he has unresolved feelings for Kristen either. I was adressing the double standards here that it seems to be ok if he does have feelings for another woman but when it was Rafe, he was a cheater. Kissing someone or spending the night cuddled up on the couch with them is pretty well one and the same. While Rafe would have still stood by and protected his wife and her children, John is being a blind fool, making lite of Marlena’s fears and Kristen will most likely end up causing trouble between him and his son also. She definitely has an agenda, she’s a Demira, they all do. Kristen isn’t just guilty of a little scheming, she emprisoned and tried to murder Marlena. I get a kick out of the pages long of excuses for the Demiras and how it’s ok if they’re bad because they are meant to be bad but a pregnant Gabi still needs to pay. Again another example of Demira men picking on women. I hope Rafe will make mincemeat out of scrawny Chad Demira if he hurts his sister or her child.

  173. From dinky

    Ej and Nicole are great together. Best couple

  174. From Cougar

    Haven’t decied for sure if I think Kristin has changed but I’m leaning to not. She sure enjoyed rubbing it in Brady’ nose that she “spent the night with John” along with other statement tha held double meanings. And John! I also think whether John actually beleives she has changed or not he is being awfully thick about understanding how Marlene feels and completely dense about her needs in this.

    Gotta say I loved the uncharacteristicly domestic moment of watching Marlene picking up that ancient coffe pot gronds basket. I could literlly hear the younger views go “what is that thing?” I recall workng and anattendance ward in an elementary school about 20 years ago, an old corded rotary phone set up for students who needed to use the phone. This was pre everyone owning a cell phone days but every one had push button wireless handset by then in their homes. You would pont tothe phone in the corner and the kids would get a puzzled look on their face, tentatively reach out to the recieverc resting in the cradle, pause and look at us saying, “How do you use this thing?” Hilarious!

  175. From Cougar

    Patty I respect your opinions even though so don’t take this the wrong way. Chad doesn’t know Gabby is pregnant yet. I agree you however, in that Chad is a DiMera and he will certainly extract some sort of revenge on GAbby. He will get his pound of flesh from her in some way; lets just hope it’s not going to result in physical harm.

    Yes, DiMera’s are ruthless but in “Days” of yore they were cunning and sly and found ways to make people pay other than by by breaking knee caps all the time. Blackmail, planting evidence, bankrupting, manipulation, ruining reputations, wiping out furtunes and liberal use of Dr. Rolf were Stephano staples. Hopefull the writers will be more creative than that and groom Chad into smarter villan tham one that resorts to violence on a woman. Since Dr. Rolf appears to have retired to Florida it will be up to Chad either on his own or perhaps with brotherly or fatherly help to hatch some convuluted plot.

  176. From emma

    Some once again rewrite stories..Ej was not happy with Nicole before she lost the child the first time, yep he was happy to be a father but that’s all..Stefano ordered him to built a life with Nicole and sever bridges with Sami (the woman he still loved, thought about, pinned for) therefore we had the break-up/phone conversation between Ej and Sami when she was in witness protection..Ej at this time was Stefano’s he almost always was when he settled for Nicole because it was REALLY THAT : a settlement..this relationship was sad and pathetic since the beginning. Ej was maybe doting Kat but his heart was on in it at all, he was just happy to have a family to finally having the chance to raise his child without interferences but he was certainly NOT in love. Ej and Nicole were a pathetic and boring nighmare..Nicole was certainly not at her best dinky she was needy, pathetic, a doormat, manipulative, smug and quite for Ej he was quite controlling and abusive (and i love Ej but it is what it was..rewatch you will see)
    I hope they never come back to this disgusting and boring story, enough is enough ! Ah some really like to rewrite what was on, you have fanfiction for that..

  177. From MAB

    I loved seeing EJ & Johnny yesterday. He’s such a good father. Johnny is a cutie, and it was so sweet saying how much he loved being w/ his Dad. Of course there were a couple of interruptions, but I guess that’s normal. EJ was sweet when talking to Abby. I don’t know why he would consider taking any advice from her tho. What the hell does she know? She is the one who needs advice as to how to stop being a little twit and grow up. I think EJ already knows what’s important, he don’t need her telling him that. I didn’t agree that EJ was looking for someone to blame, like he searched out Jen to purposely blame her. He was told it was her fault, had no reason not to believe it, and reacted accordingly. Now he owes her an apology, and I’m sure will deliver. I highly doubt we’ll see childish Abby apologize to Nicole tho.

    Chad certainly doesn’t need anyone giving him advice as to what his plans are for Gabi. He is gonna do what he wants w/o help from anyone. Someone giving advice doesn’t make them responsible for someone else’s actions…people are responsible for their own actions. So no matter what EJ says to Chad, it’s Chad who is responsible for what he does. Of course, I’m not surprised some want to hang this on EJ too, as they do everything else. At this point, Chad, nor EJ, knows Gabi is pregnant. Either way, I don’t think Chad would physically hurt Gabi on purpose, and certainly wouldn’t if he knew she was pregnant. So despite what kind of advice EJ gives Chad, I don’t believe Chad would physically harm her, pregnant or not, or that EJ would condone that, or encourage it. I believe Chad is gonna regret this vendetta against Gabi in the end tho. He needs to realize maybe Melanie wasn’t the one for him after all, and Gabi can’t be blamed for her leaving.

    I’m glad Brady came to see Nicole, and let her know he is still there for her. I hate she pushed him away, but right now, she is so raw from the recent events that she is at her wits end. Then along comes Jen…and what bad timing! Jen’s apology was warranted, and I’m glad Jen she admitted to her part, but going to the hospital the very next morning after what happened the night before was stupid. Did she think Nicole was just gonna forgive & forget? Did she think Nicole was in any shape to see her? Jen should’ve gave Nicole a few days to regroup, and waited until she left the hospital to approach her. I think Hope was wrong trying to validate Jen’s behavior towards Nicole. Nicole is being blamed up one side & down the other for her treatment of Jen, so why does Jen get a pass, just because she’s a Horton? I think not. I’ll be glad when these 2 work things out between them, and hope it’s w/o any interference from anyone else.

    I guess now Daniel & Jen will be tap dancing around each other. This is gonna get old fast. They should reconnect slowly, but don’t drag it out. Let them get on w/ it.

    I still think Kristen didn’t know John was gonna be at the cabin, but she sure used it to her advantage once Marlena showed up. I think Marlena kept a level head, but you could tell she was reeling inside. I can see both Marlena & John’s side of this, at the moment. Marlena is right to be suspicious of Kristen, but she won’t listen to reason to anything John has to say. John obviously has his guard up, but he is giving Kristen the benefit of the doubt because he did truly love her at one time. But just like he said, Kristen will only come between them if they let her, and it seems to me if that happens, it will be Marlena’s actions that will allow Kristen to slip right on thru.

    John did nothing wrong at the cabin. He was on one end of the couch, and she was on the other, until morning came and she had he head on his shoulder. John was still in the same position, so he didn’t ‘cuddle’ up to her, and he certainly hasn’t kissed her. He isn’t lusting after Kristen, or giving Marlena any reason to think he wants her (all that is what Rafe did w/ Carrie while married to Sami). And why is John being blamed for not standing by Marlena’s side and protecting her? He hasn’t left his post, and I’m sure if Kristen tries to physically harm Marlena, John will take her out, but nothing has happened thus far. He is not dense, he’s being open-minded to someone he once loved. What…can’t John have a past w/ a woman that didn’t involve Marlena? Marlena certainly had her past, and John doesn’t go around feeling threatened by Roman. If Marlena loved & trusted John like she said, then why is she mad at him? There is nothing wrong w/ him having his own thoughts, and thinking Kristen has changed. I think he does have unresolved feelings for Kristen, but that don’t mean they’re romantic, and I don’t think those feelings will override his relationship w/ Marlena.

    Oh, one last thing about John. I don’t think he got any work done Hope asked him to do!

    Leah – ditto! It’s obvious some sites are bias. And I’ve been saying for a long time now spoilers are misleading. I read them, but don’t put much stock in them, until I see what happens.

    Kat – I don’t think Nicole knows what having a #1 guy is, unless that changes when Eric returns. I think Nicole loved Brady just as much as she loved EJ. I think Nicole & Brady will always be friends, like Sami & Lucas, and for me, I would still be ok w/ Nicole & Brady getting together, but assume they are heading for Nicole & Eric instead, which I’m good w/ too.

    Tee – that’s what is gonna make things so interesting when EJ & Sami get together. Sami will have to deal w/ her family’s disapproval of being w/ him, and EJ will struggle w/ his DiMera family, and his family w/ Sami & the kids, albeit Sami & the kids will win tho. But he has every right to want to maintain a relationship w/ his father, brother & sister. They are his family and nothing is gonna change that.

    I would think some would get tired of their own rants…the constant posts trashing the DiMeras (mostly EJ), eluding to things that never happen, or haven’t happened, and all the while defending Rafe at ever turn? Well, if Rafe has done no wrong, then why do you have to keep defending him? That’s the difference in EJ fans. We defend him, but don’t excuse his behavior. Either way, there would be nothing interesting happening if it weren’t for the DiMeras. Just facts!

    I hope everyone got to see Ali Sweeney on Jeff Probst on Monday. She is a beautiful woman, not only on the outside, but on the inside too. She seems like a great person, and very down to earth. She revealed (which I think most of us already knew) that she has signed for 2 more years w/ Days. She talked of how she loved playing Sami, and Jeff had a spot from James & Galen talking about her. It was funny, and she laughed at them, and called them goofballs!

  178. From Lisa/St. Louis

    I agree dinky #173.

  179. From SandyGram

    Excerpt from Days Comings and Goings dated November 13th:

    “It’s hush-hush, but there’s another big return on the show’s horizon. A popular actor/actress from yesteryear is resuming their previous role. Look for their first appearance to be sometime in February.” Ummm….something new to shew the fat about…so what do you think?

  180. From Shani

    So Jennifer told the D.A. she has no interest in justice if the price tag is revenge. What a novel idea in Salem!! Great show again today!!

  181. From MAB

    Tee – any news on who the big return is coming in Feb?

  182. From Maryl

    I really wish TPTB would leave yesteryear alone. IMO, we do not need any more characters in Salem. What we really need is good SLs for the present characters. This influx of old characters doesn’t seem to help the SLs or the ratings. They are written off as quickly as they are written in, usually contributing nothing to the SLs. Unless a character is powerful, like Kristen, who can stir up story plots, it’s my opinion that it would make a lot more sense for the writers to be able to concentrate on good Sls for all the characters we have right now and to complete plots that they started instead of dropping the ball, leaving things hanging and unanswered as they do so many times.
    I am glad that Eric is being brought back and I like having Kristen back, but I don’t get too excited about all the yesteryear couples being brought back.

  183. From SRK

    What I do not get is………..John Black is a Dimerah??? Making him an uncle to Kristin right??

  184. From SandyGram

    Episode November 13th:

    Today is what I call a filler, filling in what’s needed to go forward to the next group of story’s: Gabi being pregnant; who’s the daddy; Sami being involved in Gabi’s pregnancy; can Nick handle Gabi being pregnant by Will who he doesn’t approve of his life style; Jenn and Dan shake on being friends; Dan in no uncertain terms, in fact no words at all, letting Nicole know he doesn’t love her; Nicole seeing the considerably buffed Eric (for the glance we got); Will taking responsibility for his life; the next step for Will and Sonny; and Lucas being somewhat right about Sonny.

    I didn’t like the way Hope addressed Nicole in the Hospital. She delivered the message from the DA that Nicole would not be charged, I would of liked it better if she would have just stepped away. Now with Bo gone, I sure hope Hope does not become a busy body and the next Salem advice lady.

  185. From SandyGram

    #183 SRK
    As always when John Black being a DiMera comes up, he is not biologically related to Kristen. Stefano adopted Kristen and her brother Peter. Not only that, at the time he was in love with Kristen he didn’t even know he was a DiMera.

  186. From louise

    I disagree with you Julia/st Louis.

  187. From SandyGram

    I’ve never been pregnant so I had to look it up, but apparently you can tell your pregnant with a test 2 weeks after. If you don’t test after intercourse then you’ll probably have symptoms 2 to 3 months after. So with that in mind:

    08-23-2012 – Will and Gabi had sex for the 2nd time after he announced he was Gay

    11-02-2012 – Nick and Gabi had sex for the 1st time

    So if the Dr. Davis says she is more than 2 weeks pregnant…Congratulations Sami, your a Grandma.

  188. From Leah

    Whose coming back?
    Well I had heard the original actor to play Roman is coming back to take over the character after the current actor playing the role has left. Wonder if thats what they are eluding to?
    Otherwise characters I’d love to see come back Tony Dimera, Philip, Rex and Mimi.

  189. From Christoff

    #144 AnnieQ…I noticed your rude response to Gerri’s comment in #97. Why did you ask the question “racist much”? She just said she didn’t like the outcome of the election. You don’t know how she voted but you chose to accuse her of being racist. Lots of people didn’t vote for the president but you choose to think that it must be because of his race? And which race would that be since he’s just as white as he is black? He’s got an equal amount of “white” blood as he has “black” so aren’t you being racist for automatically considering him to be just “black”?

  190. From SandyGram

    #188 Leah
    Where did you here that about Wayne Northrop the original Roman was coming back to take over for Josh Taylor. Of the two I really liked Wayne as Roman and Josh as Chris Kositchek. It was always awkward for me to have Chris step in as Roman.

    It would be interesting if the mystery character that’s supposed to return in the New Year was Taylor, Nicole’s sister. She was after Eric when she was young.

  191. From SandyGram

    In Network 54 Days Ahead it does say Dr. Davis tells Gabi she is 9 to 12 weeks pregnant so that answers that question. Will will be the father of the baby.

  192. From Kat

    Since Gaby is now having symptons,
    it looks like Will is the Daddy,
    and of course that would make a far better, complicated SL than if Nick was the Dad, and Gaby had symptons 11 days after their first encounter… Yes, Congrats. Sami and Lucas….
    I agree with SandyGram…
    Leah, did you hear that Josh Taylor/Roman is leaving the show..
    and if Wayne Northrup is coming back, just maybe he will become part in the John/Kristin/Marlena/Roman sage….Or Not…
    Tee- TS…

    I agree, today was a Filler Day…

  193. From Tee

    Hey all!
    Tommorows epi is great!
    Dont read below if you dont want spoilers on it.
    Marlena Nonchalantly interrupts Kristen and EJ at carolines pub, puts her arm around back of EJ chair on him and tells him to run from Kristen! Umm Marlena suddenly is protective of EJ? lol Sami would love that

    Gabi is 9-12 weeks prego estimate, so seems to be Wills, and she swears Sami to secrecy and not to tell Rafe, she talks abortion Sami tells her to talk to the father whom she thinks is NICK.btw sami is not in room when Gabi finds out how far along she is
    Will and Sonny consumate their love, GABI shows up needing to speak with Will.

    Nicole calls Marlena to umm ask for therapy to which she is turned down, but will be refferred elsewhere, she goes looking for Eric and finds him, neat flash back to a scene of Eric

    EJ has a moment over Stefano he does not want to be in his fathas life, and stares at apick of Sami him and kids and says for her he will do it he strugles but gives in for his loveof his SAMI and kids. He tells Stefano he will take over CW for him but the first sign of anything he is out, and his businesses and dealings are his and he makes it clear he is his own man. Stefano agrees, they talk audit reports for end of year.

    Ohand Marlena’s excuse to John is I came in and there she was, dont you see John she is stalking me, um Crazy much Marlena.
    Kristen tells EJ even if he does not take over CW she is still quitting. EJ sees through Kristen and knows why she is doing this, He knows she is doing this to please John, and seems to be up to Kristens schemes, he is very reluctant he dont want his fatha in his life and tells Kristen she has no idea what his fatha has done to him.After the phone call EJ struggles with his decision and says he can do this for Samantha.


    OK ladies back to normal discussion

    MAB As far as who it will be. I know JJ is being cast, but he is a new cast.
    I have been speculating Carrie, or Mel will return.
    I will also say slight chance of Taylor, only cause Nicole was gonna go there, but I am thinking Carrie, or Philip, as Chloe will be on in January about paternity of Parker, so could be Philip.
    These are the ones that have been circulating for a while now, Carrie, who was spoiled to return at a later date then later it was said she wont, but the actress has been doing some interesting tweets about Days.
    Melanie, who it was always said was not permanent.
    Though the yesteryear is confusing since it means the year before, so seeing as this is for next year it should be someone who left this year.It is also used less to mean past.
    SO we have Jack, Bo, Mel,Carrie,Austin. Who fit original def of yesteryear. I Doubt it is Bo, as they film 3 months advance roughly and so I am gonna go with CARRIE.

    Christie Clark ‏@Christie__Clark
    All I can see is gluttony for #Days . Just had dinner at my fav restaurant in SF #Saison . Merriment is a happening! OCT 27TH

    Christie Clark ‏@Christie__Clark
    @Kristi_CTfan just like to use the word when I can. No big announcement , at the moment.just buzzed rambling.

    She also tweeted to MANSI something about being neighbors, notice she said no big announcement at the moment. This would put if her appearing around February. BUT this is only my spec.

    The nurse who walked in on Nicole will be coming back next year as well, but I dont see this being about her.

    So no I dont know yet, but I think I may be able to find out soon,and if it is February we should know very soon who it is.

    I hope it is Carrie I have been hoping she would return for a while now another possibility is Mel though.Hope its a female we need more
    I do doubt it is TAYLOR as this is supposed to be a very popular character who has been around from what I hear.

    I forgot back in July it was rumored Shawn Brady will back, and with them needing to explain Bos disapearance it could be, because Bo was gonna go see him.
    So my final spec is narrowed down to Shawn Brady, Carrie, Mel. Jack it will not be unless they decide against bringing in JJ as jj’S Casting calls has him having issues with Jen over Dan.
    Caroline will be back on screen in SALEM on Nov 29th, without Bo. But I am sure it will be said Bo is off chasing down Dimera stuff, then February someone will come in and report him missing or whatever.

    Rafe will most likely be tied up in romance with Nicole a bit while she fights feelings for Priest Eric, then Rafe will have scenes with Hope as they will be partners, and start a relationship around March of next year.UHH I miss Bo.

    Kates big story also starts around February as she is shooting them now. So Philip could play into that IDK.
    Ok final list Shawn, Carrie, Mel, Philip.

    Sorry I went back and forth but I had to remember stuff I was told a few months back as well and so changed it up.

    Thoughts anyone else on it?

    MARYL#182 SO TRUE but they are running out of people to hook up, most are related on this show, except the Hernandez family who is related to no one.They have more leeway with them.I say Roman needs a gal pal. Poor guy has been sinle forever.
    KAYLA/Abe will hook up
    Brady will be involved with Kristen but will they hook up?
    EJAMI hook up
    Rafe is getting a woman but who
    Nicole will eventually be with Eric but it will not be soon so Rafe will most likely fall there a while.
    Hope will be Boless
    Abby may hook up with Chad, but what is reason for recast of Cam?
    Chad may end up single if she goes back to new Cam
    Rafe will be single once Nicole picks Eric and they give in to their forbidden love if they pair him with Nicole. So single Rafe.
    Lucas has no woman either.
    Roman he has been single.
    MAB #177 great post I agree with all.
    Chad is responsible for himself he is a man not a child.
    Once you see tomorrows epi you will say how right you are about EJAMI having to struggle with acceptance, and EJ being his own man. I hope even his haters will see he trully does not wish to be apart of his fatha and wants to change, it shows it so well. He calls him because of his love for Sami, and he does not do it lightly at all. Sami and EJ will have to overcome this and I think he can with her by his side, she is what gives him the extra strength to be better, to be the an he wants to be.All this talk of how evil he is when you see him struggle with even a call to his fatha and the words he says it shows his true intentions are good.

    Patty if I see John lusting after Kristen, and kissing her I will be the first to say he is cheating on Marlena. They were in a cold cabin and feel asleep on couch no lusting, as far as we know and no kissing or anything else took place. That is the difference with Rafe he kissed Carrie, and lusted ater her while married to Sami. Big difference to me.

  194. From patty

    Gabi is 9 weeks along and realizes Will is the daddy but she hasn’t told anyone yet. She runs to Sonny’s apartment and interrupts their love fest. The show ends with Will asking Gabi to tell him what’s wrong. Will have to wait to see if she does.
    Kristen keeps up with her games and even EJ sees through her act. She urges him to take her job before Sami and Rafe work things out again. She visits John wearing her fake smile and using that sickening simpering voice and pretends she’s leaving her job out of concern for Marlena. Of course dumb John buys into it.
    Marlena is saddened by John defending Kristen and tells him if anything happens to us because of Kristen thats going to be on you.
    Nicole follows Eric around until she comes face to face with him and sees his collar.
    Rafe is daydreaming about Sami and they bump into each other …again.

  195. From Tee

    Kat~Your grandson is soo adorable,Great pic. I love that place and the guy who writes it up is wonderful.

    Patty~ Yes Rafe daydreaming of Sami being his waitress made me laugh so hard for so many reasons. Wonder what his reaction to this all will be?
    I also wonder if Gabi tells Will in front of Sonny

  196. From missy

    Why everyone is focus on Sami being a grandma ?! The most important thing should be that Will could be a father and by the way i hate this lame story, poor Will doesn’t need to have a child with boring, obnoxious, whiny pathetic Gaby..hope she dies before the baby came ! yep i said it, it is just a fictional character that i loathe.
    Andrew should be the one alive and she should have dies last summer…such a waste.

  197. From Shani

    I don’t think John did anything wrong with Kristen at the cabin, other than use poor judgement by sleeping on the couch with her. Not good even though they were at opposite ends of the couch until head-to-head in the morning but it still was not necessary & he should have found another option. In the past, haven’t we seen scenes in a BEDROOM at the cabin?!

    As far as Kristen, I now do believe she is plotting in several directions & one of them is to weave John into her web & the question is if he will end-up snagged or not. So far (what was the name of that movie?) he has his “eyes wide shut”! I have never cared much for Marlena but I’m with her on this.

    Will be gone for the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!

  198. From patty

    Yes, it is funny for two grown men to act so pathetic over a woman that is not worth spit. One is having visions and the other is willing to accept his crazy sisters help to help snare the girl. You’d think they were in high scool. I believe however that the Rafe/Sami/EJ triangle is not over yet and that the lock, stock and barrel ending some are waiting for is not happening anytime soon, if ever. Galen has said in an interview that Sami and Rafe have all kinds of crazy stuff coming up. Spoilers have it that EJ wreaks havoc, some speculate and hope for an EJabby storyline. Rafe will hopefully move on to better things, whether it is with Hope or anybody else, as long as it doesn’t involve EJ breathing down his neck. I hope it’s the other way around, Rafe will always be protective of people he cares about and will always have the Demiras in his sight.
    Spoilers also state that Kristen tells Marlena she has played right into her hands so yes Kristen has a plan which has been obvious from day one. If Marlena’s underhanded tactics are only that she deleted texts from Kristen on John’s phone, then it wasn’t even worth mentioning. Compared to what I imagine Kristen has up her sleeve, that is nothing and was probably part of her plan anyway.
    It looks like the next few weeks will consist of everybody warning Eric against Nicole or to rub salt in her wounds, which we know is to pimp Jennifer. Daniel and Jenn are just bleh.
    As for the upcoming wedding, my only guess is that whoever it is , it probably won’t work because right now, no one in Salem would marry for the right reasons. Lies, secrets and obssessions are not the stuff of fairy tales.

  199. From Kat

    Sounds like we’ll some exciting and new stuff coming our way.
    John and Marlena are finally getting some juicy SL’s, so long over due. In the unwritten Soap “Rules”, it’s about time, that something/somebody will come between the Strawberry/Cream Couple. Let’s have their Love tested,, why not, it’s a soap.
    Brady caught in the middle, by his own choice, should make it even more delicious to watch.
    I am sure the actors Drake and Deidre are thrilled to finally get a “Story Line” with some “meat” in it.
    And Stefano coming back, will complete things again. Never the Same without him.

    Thanks to the writers, for finally kicking things up a notch.
    And now, Nicole, our Fallen Angel and the Priest….
    And of course, Sami and EJ on the Slow Boat to Love, Romance and Happiness, so long over due.
    All IMO, but that’s How I like a Soap to go, never a Dull Moment…

  200. From Kat

    Tee, thank you, I think so for sure..
    Did not mean to send the group pic. puzzled what button I hit wrong….

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