Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For November 15 & 16.

Confessions and doubts.

Brady spots Kristen feeling up his father’s hand. Once he gets his dad alone, he gives him a little lecture. When John defends Kristen, his son thinks he’s ridiculous. Brady swans off as Kristen heads over to Jenn’s, hoping to rekindle their friendship. Jenn’s not so sure that’s a good idea. Kristen hops off to church and bumps into Brady again. He declares that he’s taking over his father’s duties on the church board. He also cancelled the meeting so they could have a private conversation. He tells her to get out of town. She’s bored with this and walks away. He follows and they walk right into some muggers. Brady tries to rescue her but gets bumped on the head. Kristen calls 911 and John.

Nicole can hardly believe that Eric has become a priest. He assures her that it’s for real. She runs off when her family shows up. Sami warns him to stay away from Nicole. After the family gets over the thrill of having him around, John takes a moment to reassure Marlena that Kristen is out of their lives. She grabs his phone and deletes the incoming message from the other woman.

Elvis runs into Nicole and, though he repeats that he won’t go after her, rips her apart, leaving her even more of an emotional mess. When Eric finds her shuddering and sobbing, she offers him her confession. Meanwhile, EJ heads to work and informs Samanther that she’ll be working under him now. She assumes he’s stepping in to keep his sister in line and appreciates it. He doesn’t correct this assumption. Across town, Daniel paces and frets. He goes to see his mom to worry about talking to Jenn again. He thinks she didn’t react positively to his latest declaration of love. When he meets her, Jenn explains that she’s found a clinic that might be able to treat his hand tremors. He’s reluctant to even think about that but she passionately tries to convince him.

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  1. From karen webb

    why are you putting such stuff on the number i soap with Will and Sonny

  2. From dc

    yes, i want jenn and daniel back together but i read where daniel is gonna have some upcoming scenes with returning chloe. (they might be intense).
    sure hope the writers don’t put kristen with brady. he might end up like his dad did years ago.
    and my thinking is gabi would be better off giving her baby up for adoption. anyway, she should tell rafe, and will needs to tell sonny, before things go any further.

  3. From lulu

    If only Ej would dump Nicole on the river..a girl can dream isn’t it ? If only..and poor Eric, he will be subjected to Nicole..poor poor guy..he doesn’t deverve this.

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