Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For November 19-23.

Changing perspective.

Marlena hopes that Kristen is out of her life for good. Seeing that her old enemy is still sending John messages, she continues to delete them when his back is turned. Meanwhile, Kristen goes to see Brady at the hospital. He has a concussion from trying to fight off her muggers. She thanks him. He tells her to get out of town. When he tries to get his clothes on and stomp off, he woozily falls into her arms. John and Marlena arrive after hearing that his son was attacked. Kristen wonders how he never received her messages. Marlena has egg on her face. John confronts her and says that her paranoia is getting out of hand. She defends herself, insisting that Kristen is causing a rift between them. That opens up a bigger rift. While Brady admits to his dad that Kristen may not be so bad after all, the DiMera gets Marlena alone and tells her how bad she really is.

Kayla tells Hope that things are going extremely well for Caroline in California. It looks like Ma Brady and Bo will be back soon. Hope is thrilled. Abe arrives to hear her gushing about it. When he gets Kay alone, he worries about the quality of his parenting. She assures him he’d make Lexi proud. Later, Jennifer, Adrienne, Billie, Kayla and Hope meet up for their book group. They spend most of the meeting discussing loss.

Lucas pays Sonny a visit and they agree to a truce for Will’s sake. Meanwhile, Nicole unloads on Eric. She reluctantly tells him about the nastiness with Jenn and Daniel. He’s sympathetic for her loss, but encourages her to try and make things right with them. Nicole begins ranting about God’s injustice so the priest calms her down. After he explains why he’s chosen the priesthood, she heads to the square. She has flashbacks to her fight with Jenn and then decides to face her enemy head-on. Meanwhile, Hope runs into Eric and warns him to steer clear of Nicole.

“Days Of Our Lives” will be pre-empted on Thursday November 22 and Friday November 23.

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  1. From lucy

    I like Greg Vaughan (very beautiful man, too beautiful for Nicole imo) but these spoilers, stories zzzzzzzzzzzz it is really for November sweeps ?! Days is doomed..

  2. From SandyGram

    Quote “DiMera gets Marlena alone and tells her how bad she really is.” I wonder if that means how bad Marlena is or how bad Kristen is? I’ll go for the latter.

    A Book Group…since when does anyone in Salem have time to read a book? I don’t mind they talk about loss, but I sure hope it doesn’t become a pity party for Jennifer.

    Kristen to Brady….”come into my parlor said the spider to the fly”, better watch it Brady this is not your every day spider, this is a Black Widow into who’s arms you have fallen.

  3. From Kay

    Don’t like seeing them start to put a split between John & Marlena again. Kristin is as evil as Stefano and E. J. – just crazier. She already needs to go.

  4. From dc

    kay, i am with you. (my opinion only but i did not like kristen when she was on the show years ago and i have not changed my mind).
    i sure hope the writers do not put brady with her). when or if stefano returns i can see them trying to turn brady into another soldier (like they did john, back in the day).. he could be the person that goes missing that i keep reading about.

  5. From Kat

    Great, hope Kristin really livens things up a bit,
    they need somethings to happen to justify John and Marlena staying in Salem..
    Wouldn’t be surprised if Kristin uses Brady to get to John..
    keep it interesting, that’s why I watch this soap…

  6. From Linda

    Sounds like a snoozefest to me!!! A book group???? Is that the best these writers can do????

  7. From Mandi

    I really like Kristen always have. I would like to see Marlena knocked down a few pegs, she acts like she is above it all. I agree with Kat she will use Brady to get to John and I hope he turns all shades of green. Just wish Jason Brooks agreed to come back as Peter then Jen can have someone other than Daniel. I am also just wondering why everyone in the Brady and Horton families think Sami shouldn’t be with EJ because he is Dimera when Abby was with Chad and Jen was with Peter and noone really had any issues with that as far as I recall.

  8. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    #6 Not likely you’ll see Jason Brooks back, like ever, since his affair with Melissa Reeves and the whole breach of contract by NBC when she quit in the 90′s, was so scandalous. Maybe somebody else could be cast, but it won’t be JB. I’m guessing NBC won’t even bother going down that road again with Melissa’s character and Peter.

  9. From Stacey

    #2 SandyGram… I think somehow the “loss/grief” counseling will come into play because I think Bo and Ma will be killed off in a plane wreck …Or did I miss a spoiler about how they are permanently writing them out?

  10. From Stacey

    #1SandyGram – I take back what I just said (it’s not posted yet, so not sure if they will post it – but I mentioned Bo/Ma dying in a plane crash and I just read that Ma is coming back).

    Do you know how Bo is being completely written out? Since “Ma” is coming back – what are they saying about his absence? Any clues?

  11. From MAB

    Maryl – I understand what you mean about not needing any more characters, and agree w/ you for the most part, but I do wish they would balance out the couples better, instead of having 2 men to 1 woman, and vice versa. Like you said, bringing Kristen back was a great choice! She came on the scene, and automatically made her mark, stirring things up.

    Can’t wait to see Eric’s face, he certainly looked good from the backside! I think he’s gonna be a great addition to the show.

    Why does Sami need to be involved in Gabi’s s/l? I guess because Will will be the father of the baby (just answered my own question). Speaking of Will, he’s now turned the tables and is ok w/ his mother & nasty to his father. I thought Will was growing up, but apparently not. I agree w/ Lucas, he is moving too fast and is probably gonna get hurt. And I think it was totally inappropriate of how Sonny talked about taking things slow, and too slow. IMO, he is pushing Will to move things along sexually. I think Will is too immature for anything serious w/ anyone. Sick of people just hopping in the sack, and not develop a relationship first. But that seems to happen to all the couples now. Either way, I’m done w/ their s/l. I think it’s boring, and certainly don’t care to watch it.

    I didn’t like how Hope talked to Nicole. She delivered the message, ok, don’t salt the wound. I think she wanted to go there alone to get her two-cents in and bash Nicole about Jen. I know Hope will always defend Jen, but Jen was horrible to Nicole, and Hope didn’t see what went down between them. She really had no reason to comment on it.

    Leah – I would love to see Philip back!! I hated when he left. I would also love to see Tony DiMera, but he is supposedly dead, and probably should stay that way. If I had my way tho, I wish Bo would come back.

    I highly doubt Taylor would return, as they made the mistake of bringing her to the show in the first place. We don’t need second-rate characters like that to return. We need history-rich characters that have deep ties to the show that will make an impact, like Kristen has.

    Tee – as far as who is returning, it sounds major, so I don’t think Carrie, Mel, or Taylor is a big deal. Carrie would only be a good return for Rafe, but I don’t care anymore. And Mel to return, only to have Chad start acting like her whipping boy again, not interested. Don’t think it’s Jack, as I assume Jen & Daniel will be getting back together eventually. Shawn could be a good return since Bo is gone, but what about Belle & Claire? I still hope it’s Philip!

    I think it’s disgraceful for Marlena to turn Nicole down for therapy. What, is Nicole not good enough for Dr. Marlena Evans to treat???

    Good for EJ telling Stefano he is his own man! He is heading down the right road towards Sami!

    Tee – I wouldn’t count on EJ haters ever seeing him in any other way other than the one-sided way they see him now.

  12. From grandma to many

    Stacey interesting idea about the plane crash I wish the book club could have included Nicole as she needs more counseling than any one ( mother and 2 babies ) if Hope and Billie can make peace then there is hope for everyone although I thought Brady and Jennifer had decided the group thing didn’t work for them I wonder who is next on EJ’s target to destroy

  13. From MAB

    Stacey – the show has left an opening for Bo to return if he wants, as Peter chose to leave on his own because of lack of airtime. I say he’s gonna go missing eventually and possibly return one day. He is still determined to bring Stefano down so he’ll probably return one day after being held captive by Stefano. Just specualation on my part, but that’s the only logical reason I can think of as to why Bo wouldn’t return home to Hope.

  14. From jolie

    #2 Sandygram, I wondered the same thing…Kristen as baddie or Marlena. I know where my vote will lie. And book group?? I thought that was rather weird and the group is weird too. So do Billie and Hope both talk about loss of Bo?? Just a bit strange. And if Sami could read, they’d probably include her as well. Brady better put his thinking cap on when it comes to Kristen. What is wrong with just saying NO?

    #6 Mandi, good question but it all comes down to who and how they are writing the story that day! Or else the writers are not checking the family wall charts to see who is related to whom by blood, marriage, hook or crook.

    Eric’s return…Did no one know he was a priest now? Is this a surprise to everyone in Salem? Or does anyone here know that yet? I might be jumping the gun but I started thinking about him and wondered how priesthood was kept under wraps amongst the families involved.

    Sami is all over Gabster and I don’t get it. She never paid Will and Gabs any attention and surely didn’t give them any discussion on birth control but with the plethora of priests soon to be on the show and everyone in town on the church board, I guess birth control might be out of the question. Just a comment and not a commentary on how anyone’s doctrine. I just find it strange that Sami hops into the fray with Gabs when she has never paid her any real attention. Yes, it is just how it is written and it does get Sami into the baby story at the front. So here’s a curious question. Sami will have knowledge of Gabi’s pregnancy. Will she tell Rafe? Will Gabs swear her to secrecy and will Sami uphold it or will she tell it? Will and Gabi are both way too interested in jumping in and out of bed and relationships and are definitely not parent material. This poor child. What will happen here? Will Gabi’s mom come into the picture? If Sami were not slated to get back with Elvis, I’d think she and Rafe might take the child but that isn’t happening. I just hate that we just lost a child and sent a mother to be over the edge so far that she’ll find it difficult to come back (Nicole was wonderful in her sadness and despair yesterday) and now we find another pregnancy with another gal who was recently not too far from the edge. Writers…tap the brakes!

    I think Hope has overreached her authority and place in her talks with Nicole. If she didn’t come to the hospital to arrest her, stay the heck away. And she went right back over to Jennifer to throw gas on that fire and gloat. Or that is how it appeared. Hope needs to remember that she too has gone down a dark path a few times, once very recently. She has family to help pull her back and she knows the pain of losing a child. She might need to show some compassion and understanding. That she tells Eric to steer clear of Nicole…I am just this side of ready to pull her lovely hair!

  15. From patsy

    When are we going to see some exciteing EJami sceens a dream or something something to make us want more?

  16. From patty

    Jolie, I totally agree, lets cut Nicole some slack now, she has been through enough. Even Maxine sees fit to give a warning to Nicole and tells her Jen is like a daughter to her..huh? Since when? I hate this let’s beat Nicole while she’s down storyline , EJ will be ripping her to shreds, Marlena refuses to treat her, everyone will warn Eric to stay away from her like she’s a plague, Hope rubbing her face in it, they might as well stone her in town square. All this because Jen-Jen’s feelings were hurt? Jennifer needed to stay away from her but she had to be the warrior who saved Dr. Feelgood. He’ll probably be jumping his next female patient’s bones in no time.

  17. From jolie

    #15 Patty, I am just totally blown away with how the whole bunch can discard someone’s feelings and life like they have Nicole. These are supposed to be the good town people but if you remember old tales, more than one person has been turned out by good people to the wolves and lived to tell it. Nicole will bounce back. Some of these people will have to deal with her. Yes, Nicole can be a horrid person and has and probably will again in some shape but this is ridiculous in how they are all acting. Marlena might wish she had Nicole to rely on later when Kristen is in prime form and we know she will be and have control in some manner of John or Brady or Sami or all of the above. Marlena won’t seem so all that when that happens. When Dr Feelgood goes back to his wandering ways, and he will, Hope might need to be sitting there to help talk Jennifer down and not feed the fire. Chloe and Parker might be that next hurtle for Jennifer and Dr Dan. Wonder what Hope’s big advice will be then?? And Hope might need her appendix out and there is he is, Dr Feelgood, messing around in her insides and falling in heat again and with Hope. Tread carefully Hope. His next conquest could be you.

  18. From patty

    Jolie, Gabbi made Sami swear she would not tell Rafe about the pregnancy. As soon as she comes face to face with Rafe, he knows there is something she’s not telling him. We all know how good Sami is at keeping secret. Funny how she’s mad at Rafe for holding a secret about a baby and now she’s doing the same thing.

  19. From Kat

    I feel very sorry for Nicole and all…
    but looking from other people perspective …
    It’s not that Jenn’s feeling got hurt…which is blah, blah,
    Nicole was ready to send Jennifer to jail for “Murder”, not once but three times over, for something Nicole knew .. Jenn did not do.
    The first time .. after she fell, I could forgive that,
    but all the times after, NO way..
    and telling EJ, Jenn Killed the Baby…she knew, or claims to know, that a DiMera in grief could anything to Jenn. Not even so much EJ (??) but Stefano could have done away with her.
    So for me, Nicole is a mixed bag, my emotions towards her go back and forth.
    She needs big time help, and yes it stinks that Marlena would turn Nicole down, not wanting to help her… Conflict of interest
    or what…
    Didn’t like it either when Marlena “mocked” her own profession, when Kristin talked about having had therapy for so many years.
    Marlena laughed in her face, actually claiming that would not have helped/done any good at all…How does she know, there was not enough time yet, they just met again, to judge Kristin…She jumped to gun, prob. rightfully so, but she could have waited a bit and see.

    Of course all the Families will try to warn
    Eric, and why not, after what just went down with Nicole, the paternity, the baby’s death, all the people involved lying for her, etc.

    3 Kay, there has not been a split between Marlena and John in like forever… it’s about time, or at least let them try. They need a Story/plot, they are to boring anymore. Just MO

  20. From Kat

    Rafe was holding a secret when he was trying to build a new beginning with Sami, the truth and always the truth between them.

    Sami and Rafe are not together anymore, not promises of telling the Truth from now on…
    so IMO she can hold the secret about Gaby from Rafe all she wants.
    The are Not a couple anymore. No promises between them.
    The Truthful couple Rule does not apply anymore.
    However, anybody can think whatever they want.

  21. From Tee

    Hello all
    I do feel sorry for Nicole, she lost achild. At the same time shes been lying and scheming before she lost the baby.Ej has every right to be mad at what shes done this was his baby. Jen has a right to her confrontation she had as she was accuse. Glad she will take the high road as did EJ at first. Now she has used their dead child to get a man once again. He has right to be mad. If Ej was doing this he would be condemned. I remember when the reveal was coming people jumped the gun saying EJ was sick and evil and was gonna use his dead child to get Sami. Yea that never happened. Now its ok because its poor Nicole.Poor Nicole is gonna get screamed at by EJ the manshe lied too, the father of the baby she used to get a man.I agree Hope, kayla Etc none have a right to say anything, or kick her when shes down.They have nothing to do with what happened.
    For those waiting onEj to go all evil anytime soon, Its gonna be a long wait.
    Kat20 I agree andSami is not pretending tobe said childs father either.She is not supposed to be a gossiper.Rafe made promises to tell the truth, was with Sami, and keeping a father from his child,and claiming he was the father. Big difference.
    Sami told Gabi she needs to tell Rafe and she will,soon people will think her and Nick are having a baby I bet.Gabi was thinking of abortion,and Sami gave her advice and let her chose herself,as she was there for support.

    Marlena has really done it now by deleting that message and Kristn will let her know.

    Caroline will have some wonderful advice for EJ down the line.

    Ejami is coming soon to poster that asked. They are not using them much in sweeps, they will start picking up more in a few weeks andmuch more in coming months.
    They dont want Sami looking like shes running fromman to man or making Ej 2nd by running right to his arms after Rafe. So more of a slow meaningful build. No frets it will heat up soon.

    Jj will be the next hurdle for Dannifer.Which may push Dan into Chloes arms we will see.

  22. From Ninnie

    DAYS should get the story writers from DUCK DYNASTY and HONEY BOO-BOO. Maybe they could do a btter job at “REALITY” for this show instead of “IMAGINATIONS”.

  23. From Kat

    No full Dool Show today,
    will watch again on “Full episodes” on the computer… tomorrow.
    Thanks Tee, for understanding what I meant to say,
    about “truth” between a couple, that promised to each other, to always tell the truth….
    and Sami telling Gaby, it’s Gaby’s place to tell her brother.
    Now it’s Gaby’s place to tell Nick the truth, they are in a relationship, and Gaby if she chooses right now… does not have to “tell” Rafe anything until she is good and ready.. Of course it would be nice, if she did, she can use all the support she can get.

    Interesting so see just how old JJ is now..
    he was just born, when Abby and Chelsea graduated from High School, and a year later Ciara was born….
    The aging process in Salem… but then again what else is new.
    Marlena walked into the place, Kristin was there with EJ,
    how should Kristin have known that Marlena and then John would show up…
    She must have one of their phone’s (Marlena’s) bugged, the only way I can see some of the happenings, not all..some.
    Be nice, if sometime we will find out, just how all of the incidents really did happen…
    EJ looked so gorgeous today, but then again He always does. He knows that Kristin is not all she seems to be,
    but like that he is playing along with some of her stuff, when It Might benefit him a bit. All is fair in War and Love, but I want EJ to keep it clean, and win Sami because she loves him truly, above all others..

  24. From MAB

    Supposedly Gabi does swear Sami to secrecy about the baby. And if Rafe is told, it should come from Gabi, not Sami. He & Sami are no longer together, she owes him nothing, and it’s not her business to tell. All & all tho, I don’t see why Gabi & Will can’t be honest and just decide on being parents whether they’re together or not. The problem is that they are too young…and the fact they didn’t practice safe sex. Who knows, maybe they will put the baby up for adoption and Nicole will get it. I doubt it tho, Sami would never let Nicole (or anyone else) raise her grandchild.

    My sentiments exactly! As I’ve always said, the so-called good people of Salem are supposed to be good, but they’re not. They think they can treat people anyway they want, which is why I find none of them better than Nicole, or any of the DiMeras. The way Hope treated Nicole, and how Jen has treated her…they act like she is a piece of trash and she’s not. She didn’t have the loving upbringing in the Horton clan. She had a rough upbringing w/ a monster for a father. Not that that excuses her behavior because everyone is responsible for the choices they make, but she is not the bad person they make her out to be. She was in the wrong on a lot of things, but she has suffered considerably now, and they should just let her be.

  25. From SandyGram

    #21 Tee
    You are so right “Rafe made promises to tell the truth with Sami.” Although, he also made a promise to Nicole that he honored. Was he suppose to violate his commitment and break his word to Nicole just to appease Sami. Was he supposed to sit Sami down and share every little thing with Sami that he’s never told her? For me Sami should have been the understanding one. Which leads to Sami keeping Gabi’s secret from Rafe that she is pregnant. I don’t think Sami should run and make a phone call to Rafe to give him the news, that is Gabi’s place to do so. But it does raise the question, IF Gabi doesn’t (which she won’t be able to wait that long being 9 – 12 weeks pregnant) tell Rafe and IF Rafe and Sami were to attempt yet another relationship and it comes out that Sami knew Gabi was pregnant, would Rafe have the right to feel the same as Sami did and think she couldn’t be trusted for keeping the secret. Now that I said that it’s almost laughable, whether it’s Lucas or Rafe they can always tell when Sami is keeping something from them. Hasn’t the light come on in that head of Sami’s that this baby is Will’s?

  26. From Eddie

    Just finished watching days today, and I think there is too much of Will and Sonny Gay life style on TV. I am not against gays, but too much of it is on daytime TV. Bedroom scenes should not be on here, let the viewers use their imagination if they want to. I zoomed past these scenes since I PVR Days. I am not comfortable watching these two boys making out.
    I look forward to when Will finds out that Gaby is pregnant with his child, or is this how they are going to write her out by her leaving and not telling anyone about the baby. I heard that she is one of the actors leaving.
    Just my opinion for today.

  27. From SandyGram

    #22 Kat
    If there is to be a relationship between EJ and Sami, we all want it to be acquired on his own merit, “keep it clean” as mentioned in the posting. The only problem is he has already accepted Kristen’s help so the conniving and manipulating has already started. Not to mention EJ deliberately made it a point on several occasions to make Rafe look bad in Sami’s presence reminding her he lied about the baby’s parentage. So for me, he’s way past “keeping it clean”.

  28. From Kat

    Tee, I agree,
    when Sami and Rafe decided to have a new beginning, and they would be always totally honest with each other, well the secret Rafe kept, directly involved Sami and her Feelings towards Rafe. I think it would have helped their relationship a lot, for Sami to learn, that Rafe did not have Sex with Nicole, an addition to also falling in love with Carrie at the Same time. Sami would have felt a lot better knowing that..
    Again I do not think, that Gaby’s temporary secret is anything a Brother has to know right now, Nick should know
    and Gaby should tell, they are in a relationship after all.

    Rafe can wait until Gaby is ready to tell him, right now the girl is in culture shock, realizing that she is carrying Will’s child. Give her a break for a while.Certainly not any of Sami’s business to tell Rafe anything.
    Nicole’s/Rafe’s secret directly involved Rafe and Sami as a new couple together again, trying to make go of it, and letting it out to Sami under these new circumstances (he did after all with Carrie let it out)would have been the right thing to do.
    No Sex between Nicole and Rafe, wow what woman would not like to know that little helpful tidbit..

  29. From Claire

    Ok so poor poor Nicole everybody is ‘mean mean mean’ to her..whatever..eyeroll, the gal should be in jail for what she did, but Jen, Dan even Ej don’t even retaliate against her..they just don’t hug her..that’s right they are soooooo for her being rejected euh..Brady was here for her, she was the one who rejected him while whining about her ‘terrible’ life (hello having miscarriage sucks but on soaps almost all female characters go through that so spare me)..Jen came to apologize, she rejected her and now kind Eric will be here for her..and Nicole still is totally self-absorbed and reveal on her pity party not thinking of other’s pain at all..whatever the souble standards it is becoming ridiculous, let’s make a ‘ode’ to Nicole the supreme victim..when Sami schemed she was really rejected by her folks..ah and they were HER FAMILY ! Only Austin and Brandon sometimes conforted her and still they did the usual lecture..whereas Brady or Eric are just sorry for poor Nicole who suffers so much..and she is so unhappy she could live, she had no ties on this town but no she will stay in order to chase Eric although she was so in love with Daniel two seconds ago..WHATEVER..EYEROLLLLLLL

  30. From lucy

    SandyGram The Sami/Rafe story with Rafe/Nicole lies, schemes and the Gaby pregnancy with Sami knowing are totally different situations, you can’t even compare..Sami and Rafe are NOT together, they don’t swear honesty right now, Rafe is not directly involved, he will be an uncle at best, it is Gaby and Will business above all not Rafe’s ! And if you speculate about Rafe being offended by Sami knowing and not him when they will be maybe involve with each others in the future, well if he dump what ? Good for her, she deserves better than him and will be anyway better off citout it’s win/win. Ha !

  31. From Kat

    So what if EJ becomes Sami’s boss, no problem in my mind if he wants to be in her orbit.
    Nobody can put loves or chemistry into somebody’s heart, that is what I am talking about.
    Whatever EJ did to Rafe, well it was the truth, Rafe chose to lie even when EJ gave him the opportunity to come clean.
    Why is Rafe the victim, EJ, the baby’s father was done wrong by all three of the liars, and EJ took the high road and let them off the hook.
    But No kudos for that, LOL.
    To me so far it’s pretty clean,
    doesn’t mean, that EJ can’t put a fight, what else is new, most people in love would try to win a heart, and work on it.
    If Sami claims she “loves” EJ because of some totally underhanded stuff he does,
    than that is not love, I want her to feel
    true and real love for him, no matter what He does, only she knows what’s real in her heart.No shenanigans in the world should make somebody love someone…It either is there or not…Somebody gives me a million dollars and acts like the best person in the world, does not mean I will love them..

    Baby or not, hope that Will and Gaby will not get married… that would be so wrong, ..If they must, make it a civil ceremony to give the Baby a name and then drop it again and move on.
    They would never make it together in marriage,
    and so why even try.
    Nick could be a Dad, what else is new in Salem,
    nobody there has their Mom and Dad together, almost none, and Will and Sonny (or whoever someday) can be the other set of parents. That’s all Will ever knew.
    I think Gaby is old enough to be a Mother, might just
    be what she needs in her troubled life to straighten her out,. wouldn’t hurt Nick either, give them both a new focus and beginning in life..
    There is no need for adoption, same way I could Never ever see, why Phillip Kiriakis, and the whole rich Family, ever gave away Phillip’s and Mimi’s child.
    No excuse they ever gave, did satisfy me.. but the SL
    dictated it that way I guess.
    Phillip and Victor moved heaven and earth to get back
    knowing she belonged to Shawn,
    but their flesh and blood baby, they just let go…

    MAB, so right, many many times the whole family dis-owned Sami when she had done bad stuff, I do remember, Marlena and Roman telling her, that she was not their daughter anymore, and the rest of the clan chimed in and agreed.

    All of us will never agree, that’s what makes this blog good, other wise it would be just a “love fest” on here,
    and how boring would that be. I enjoy to read, how other people think and feel.

  32. From patty

    I don’t think we will ever see real love from Sami for EJ and if she does end up with him, it will be because Sami can’t be without a man and he manages to snare her in once again. He is her third and last choice. He was never her number one and never will be. She never fully committed to him as a couple and even right now as he’s manipulating his way into her orbit, Sami has showed absolutely no signs of interest to be with him . Had her chances but chose someone else. Now EJ will keep his games up and he might get her nostrils flaring once in a while to give fans their EJami crumbs, but she will never accept the Demira ways and he will never have her heart.
    I don’t think we’ll have to wait that long to see EJ go all evil again, spoilers predict he wreaks havoc soon.
    Sami keeping a secret from Rafe is the same as Rafe keeping a secret from Sami. Period.
    Nicole has done a lot of bad things but so has EJ Demira and he’s still walking around with his arrogant airs. She doesn’t deserve to be anybody’s punching bag anymore than he does so no he doesn’t have “the right” to rip her to shreds.

  33. From MAB

    It’s amusing how some to preach as to what will happen when EJ & Sami get together…it’s only an opinion. No one “knows” for sure that Sami won’t fully commit this time to EJ, or if she realizes he is her one true love, or if she goes along w/ anything DiMera, etc. It will happen if the writers write it that way, and from what’s been said, they are going full force w/ EJami. Sami has always shown interest in being w/ EJ, which is why none of her other relationships have worked out. So I highly doubt we have to worry about what was w/ Rafe & Lucas. They didn’t last because of EJ, and it looks like they will soon become NO choice for her at all.

  34. From patty

    Loved how EJ scrambled to take on that position from Kristen after she told him to hurry before Rafe and Sami worked things out again. Now he will be lying to Sami in letting her believe that he’s doing it to keep Kristen in line or whatever he and his crazy sister come up with. He’s lying and manipulating Sami from the get go, how can that bode well for the love story of a lifetime? It doesn’t matter which way the writers write it, this is the reality of it, EJ, at his nutso sister’s urging, wormed his way into being Sami’s boss so he can lure her into his web again…and it’s only the beginning. I know even EJami fans don’t want to see him scheme to win her back.

  35. From Grace

    I hope sonny and will be good dads to Gabi’s baby. It’ll be like the show The New Normal.

  36. From Kat

    Of course I was talking about Claire, Shawn and Bell’s daughter…

  37. From Just Saying II

    What is between Sami and EJ is sexual attraction not love he always has to scheme to get her if it was love there wouldn’t have to be so much scheming. True Sami gravitates to him but again thats sexual attraction. Don’t think he really loves her but is obsessed.This thing about Rafe and
    the secret it wasn’t only his secret and knowing how Sami is with EJ he couldn’t trust her with it. Not right but true, also Sami in her heart of hearts knew Rafe hadn’t slept with Nicole and wasn’t the father she said as much several times. I actually liked EJ and Nicole together just before the Sami incident blew up.

  38. From SandyGram

    Episode November 14th:

    A quiet day on the Salem home front; Rafe morphing a waitress into Sami when day dreaming about her; while Kristen worked more of her cunning magic to get further into the psyche of Marlena and EJ. Then there’s clueless John, the man without a memory before 30 but remembering a softer, loving Kristen giving little respect to Marlena’s feelings. Then Kristen getting closer to one of her objectives for being in Salem, as she says so coyly to EJ “you can’t make nice one little phone call”. Of course EJ succumbs to her charm and calls Stefano all for the fair maiden Samanther.

    Gabi’s ‘Ah Ha’ moment realizing she is pregnant with Will’s child; while her new BFF Sami gives her experienced advice on not keeping this new revelation from the father and not realizing she is going to be a Grandma. While Will and Sonny share ‘chips’ after their afternoon delight only to be disturbed by Gabi banging on the door to tell her BFF she’s pregnant.

    Sami worked hard to keep her promise to Gabi while trying to explain to Rafe she really didn’t need his help. When we all know she was bursting at the seams wanting to tell him. It’s in her voice, actions and words that something’s up in River City.

    Finally our Nicole finds out she was not seeing a mirage and it was in fact Eric she saw with great expression of disbelief as he turned around supporting the collar of a Priest. Greg Vaughn a very handsome new Eric!

    #34 patty…..Very well said!

  39. From SandyGram

    #26 Eddie
    Where did you hear Camilla Banus (Gabi) was leaving Days?

  40. From Tee

    Kat#23 Please do watch onine you will see EJ struggle with taking over CW and calling his father. He does not jump at the chance to do it.You can see it on Fl tonight its already up there.
    Also Jj will be a teen.
    Patty Ej questioned Kristns true reasons for stepping down and caled her out on it. I have warned about spoilers before, As said above he does not correct her on it. He does not lie. And he is there because Kristen s killing 2 birds in one stone.
    I dont see how them working together is manipulative, Sami is thrilled to be working with him instead of Kristen,and Sami can make the decision on if anything happens between them or not.
    #32patty I do believe she chose EJ over Lucas. I guess since she has cheated on both of them with EJ one can say she runs to EJ in her time of need, and her decision of being with Rafe was not because of love. Oh time will show.

    Mab#33 yes they are going with Ejami, this cat has been out the bag months before Corday announced it.some people just wont accept it. Keep the faith, Ejami starts soon, and Rafe will be with someone else. Rafe got put back in picture for closure, Galen also expresed unhappiness with how he was portrayed in break up. Thats why he was thrust back into her orbit so fast. One day he was telling Carrie he loves her and how she was the love of his life,and they were gonna be together. The next his thrown back inSamis orbit.
    I Have not lost faith in sources who have said that and now Corday says it. The actors themselves said it,but guess Some still think Ej is not her choice.Theres a reasonEj is letting everyone off the hook and trying to be his own man. Hes not perfect though noone is and The wrecking havoc is him telling Chad to get his revenge. Chad has wanted revenge and is mad that Ej stopped him from getting it before with the blackmail stuff.Chad is his ownman and a big boy.
    Lucy30 Kat 31 great posts.

    Kristenis not as innocent as she seems. I will admit that

  41. From jennifer

    Totally agree with #26 Eddie. Not necessary for all those scenes with Will and Sonny. Very surprised and disappointed with Ken Corday.

  42. From lucy

    Tee 38 very well said !

  43. From From Laura

    Is anyone sure Will is the father and not Nick????

  44. From patty

    What a pleasant surprise to see Gabi doing the right thing and tell Will that he’s the father of her baby. He promises that he’s in this with her. However when Nick shows up they don’t tell him the truth and pretend they are working on a school project . Will goes home and doesn’t tell Sonny either. So does this mean the secrets and the lies are about to begin? I’m not sure but I have a feeling Nick would not be very supportive if he thought Gabi was having a baby with Will, he thinks it feels wrong for her to be on a study date with him. That sounds weird to me. He does tell Will to tell Chad to stay away from Gabi or else. I hope Nick is not going to turn wacko again.
    Father Eric Brady is hot, hot, hot and should make Nicole forget Dr Tan in a hurry. He’s already showing interest in her which prompted Sami to warn him off that “bitch”. Pot/ kettle Sami, what’s it to you?

  45. From Tee

    Lucy thanks.

    Gabi i not leaving anytime soon. Maybe the one who posted about it has some info, but I have heard nothing.Shes involved in some big stuff over next 3 months.Hopefully Eddie ss your post Sandy and gets back to you.

    I am enjoying Wilson, and to be honest they hardy showed anything. They have shown way more of straight couples. It went from kissing on bed a second to them having snacks and pillow talk. So they skipped stuf that is normally shown imo.I think it was tasteful….
    sandy your write up for today made me laugh, you do a good job.

    My fave moment,I watched it over and over was John asking Marlena what happened what did Kristen do, she said I walked in and there she was and her face was so like now you see lmao. It was funny.Her 2nd best today was her putting her hand behind EJ leaning on his chair telling EJ to run. She seemed all mama bear like. I wanted to hug Marlena though when she said that to John, and I dont know why.Lots of good moments today those were my fave, It even topped EJs scenes it was so funny to me it made me say poor Marlena for the 1st time.

  46. From gerri

    Patty,you and I and others all think the same way,with the Sami/EJ
    as a couple.she really has not shown any interest in him,as of late,if they hooked back up,he will indeed be her 3rd choice,and had to be lot’s of interference from Kristen,to help him get back in her good graces,it won’t last long.never has.

    I’m also dissappointed,with the gay S/L.disgusting is my word for it.never thought Days would take it this far,guess the way morals are going,it won’t be long before they will air,the actual act.why couldn’t they have left it to one’s imagination?,I think all the sex acts on TV esp daytime is going way too far.I FF alot,but still manage to catch some of the scenes.I’ve watched Days since it aired,but if this is the direction it’s going,I’ll have to stop.
    I’m not a prude,and have 2 gay friends,but don’t care to see the action.I’m an old fashioned Romantic,but nothing that is being written now,has any romance…..none,none,none.

    Okay.that’s my rant for the week.

  47. From JOSH B

    @ Gerri REALLY U — … DISCUSTING ?????????? What if someone GAY WOTE IN THAT THE MALE/FEMALE Scenes were DISCUSTING

    Edited to remove name-calling. There is no reason to inject name-calling into the debate. Please don’t do that in the future. ADMIN

  48. From MAB

    Rafe promising to tell Sami the truth vs. honoring the promise he made to Nicole…the problem here is simple. Everything would’ve been fine w/ Sami if Rafe had truly honored his promise to Nicole, but he didn’t. He told Carrie. Sami told him it wasn’t so much that he didn’t tell her because of his promise to Nicole, but he told her sister and didn’t trust her enough to tell her, even after she told him she supported what he was doing.

    Big deal if EJ pointed out Rafe’s lies about the Nicole’s baby to Sami…it was the truth. EJ didn’t have to make look bad in front of Sami, Rafe did that all on his own.

    EJ taking over at CW for Kristen is not conniving or manipulating. All it’s doing is allowing them to be around each other more. It’s up to them what happened, and EJ can only get back in Sami’s life if she allows it. EJ never scrambled to take the position at CW. He didn’t even give Kristen an answer, he left and thought about it, looked at the lovely family pic on his phone w/ Sami & the kids, and said he was doing this ONLY for her. Sami doesn’t seem to mind at all that EJ will be her new boss, so looks like she’s gonna enjoy working w/ him.

    Regardless of what Kristen is up to, she was already at the coffeehouse w/ EJ BEFORE Marlena showed up. And then she proceeded to have a confrontation w/ her. I always thought Marlena was a smart in control woman, yet she is unraveling over one woman. Marlena wasn’t even that scared of Stefano. I find Marlena’s actions to be WAY out of character.

    I agree, WAY too much Will & Sonny, and I don’t like watching them in the bedroom. First time I’ve ever used the FF button while watching Days!

    Kat – when Gabi & Will act all immature like they do now, I call that being too young to be parents, but if they commit themselves to being responsible young adults, then maybe they can be responsible parents. I can see a young couple like Gabi & Will giving up their child for adoption, but I agree about there being no reason for Philip & Mimi giving up their child. They were together, and purposely had a child together, only to give it away.

    Tee – oh I sure will hand in there…I can’t wait for EJami! I have high hopes for them, so I hope the writers don’t disappoint or drop the ball. Again, so many stories can be created w/ them together…not to mention their spectacular chemistry!

  49. From lisa

    I love Eileen Davidson aka Kristen but I hope the writters have her move on from John and I would love to see her with Brady because they have good chemistry on screen.
    Remember people these are actors and Eileen Davidson and Deidre Hall are friends off screen infact Deidre Hall was thrilled when Eileen Agreed to return to the show.

  50. From Kat

    MAB 44, I agree, Gaby and Will, with help of all that family,should be able to keep that little Brady/Hernandez child.
    It could make them grow up over night, I would hope. Sami had a child when she was so much younger than Gaby, how would it be, if Will had never been part of the family…To me, giving a child away, “never” to be seen again, I could never imagine, keep it in the family. Specially in this case, this will very well the only child
    Will will ever have.
    If push comes to whatever, let Rafe help raise the child, (he does everybody elses..)until Gaby will be ok on her own. After all, Gaby and Will will get older, and then might be very happy, that they never gave away their flesh and blood. Just MO
    There are some cases, I would agree with adoption, but not in this case, and for sure not in the case of Phillip K.

    Tee, I will watch yesterday’s episode today on the computer…
    I agree, in love, why not use every advantage you can get, to win your Love’s heart. That’s why they say, fight for what you want..woo her, romance her, etc. LOL
    Bring her flowers, like Rafe will, if it works fine, if not, sooner or later you will figure out, I guess she is Not Into me anymore… that goes for Rafe, EJ and of course the spare/best friend Lucas.

    Poor Marlena, when she put her arm around EJ, I hope she remembered, just how many times EJ went against his Fatha, to help her…
    He told her that John was Alive, held by Stefano,..EJ, Tony and Lexie backed her up, when our Doc put Stefano into a Coma.
    But her explanation to John, of how Kristin was There, was priceless, her looks were priceless.

    Of course it is good, that Gaby told Will the truth first, now that is pretty mature to me,
    to tell Nick will take a little longer. Let her and Will deal with it first, before they tell any body else…At this moment, they need some privacy to let all this sink in….please, and then go from there and tell Nick,Sonny,Rafe etc.

  51. From Ninnie

    I have to agree with Eddie. Although I have many friends out there who choose to live a gay lifestyle and all, I have no objections with their line of choosing. However, they never talk about their intimacy, nor I (being straight and married to a wonderful man for 27 years) discuss mine. My husband and I show our love and intimacy in the privacy of our own home and seldom ever in the general public, or share on websites or media what we do and how we do. Although some straight scenes are getting to be a bit too much so are the same sex scenes. Let them have their intimacy and affection in private to themselves. Same with straight. Tone it down a bit of you will. I know this is a new day and age where every thing is out in the open world but not every body wants to actually view it. ;)

  52. From Kat

    45 lisa, I agree, gives the character of Marlena a friend back, and more job security by getting more Front Burner SL’s.
    Kristin and Brady, why not for a while, the Cougar and the Stud…
    worse things have been shown on Daytime Soaps…
    Look at Hope’s Mother Addy and young Doug… and then they had Hope…
    Remember Victor and Nicole…
    It’s entertainment, not real life, let us have an interesting Plot coming up. Let’s face it, in real life, Older woman/younger man… older man/younger woman, happens all the time.

  53. From MAB

    I’d like to know how post #47 got thru??? Gerri being called names just because she voiced her opinion about not liking the gay bedroom scenes between Will & Sonny. Gerri and I don’t agree very often, but no one has a right to call her names for her opinion!

    Why is it that everytime voice their opinions opposing this subject, others turn into an complete vulgar, nasty person??? Can’t anyone discuss things on a mature level anymore? EVERYONE has a right to their opinion, and can say whether or not they like or dislike it, including the gay s/l on Days.

  54. From Mee

    nicole storyline makes me mad…that i dont think anything was her fault. it all started with ej the man she loved was lying to her which she didnt want to be with no more so he threatens to take her baby away, and i dono about u but if anyone did that to me i would lie too and say that he wasnt the father. and it wasnt like the kid would grow up without one cause she started looking at rafe n how he would make a great one…btw it was rafe too first said that he was the babies father. but then dr.manwhore intervene n kept pursuing nic n he on his own too changed the paternity test n then bedded nicole. but then jack dies and all of a sudden jen comes back into the picture, morning jack for like 2 days i might add, if jack didnt die would jen even be remotely interested in who dr.manwhore was doing the nasty with or that their “friendship” was sooo important important to her? i think not since she threw him away after jack came back…so then not even knowing what was really goingon she proceeding to interfere in nicole’s love life n business…i would send someone to jail if they were constantly getting all up in my personal buiness and was threatening my child’s future and my lovelife for no reason at all. then there is dr.manwhore, he persues nic again and again until she fell for him then made up some bs excuse so he can hookup
    with jen cause she was available once again and now nicole is left with nothing, the whole town it kicking her while she’s down and jen and dr.dan are left acting like vitims and looking like heroes?? so nic was protecting her family and future so does eeryone else on the show going around threatening others that they would do anything to protect their own like bo,hope, marlena, john, brady, ej, sami…and so on or are they just empty threats? and now eric comes back and hope warns him to stay clear?? what kinda priest would do such a thing? and why would you even tell a priest that? if he was that weak and cant control his man stick then maybe he shouldnt be one in the 1st place then. then there is marlena judging nic too when she didnt do anything that sami hasnt or wouldnt have done either but she doesnt commit her. the writers have totally ruined jen, daniel, marlena, and hope’s characters for me.

  55. From MAB

    Don’t mean to be rude, but I don’t like when someone feels the need to remind me the characters are actors, and are friends off screen. Most of us get that, and know the difference.

  56. From jolie

    #25 Sandygram, couldn’t agree more and you said it so nicely. Sami’s head will surely spin around once she figures this out. Thing is that Will and Gabi have been over for the longest and no one knows about that one weird night together. They will soon enough. And you are right, Rafe and Lucas can tell when Sami is keeping secrets. Elvis too for that matter. She is an open book.

    #26 Eddie I agree, the scenes were more than I wanted to see. Each to his own I guess. I hadn’t heard that Gabi was leaving but thought that Nick’s views on gay lifestyle might be a problem in the future if he and Gabi decide to make a go of it. Will surely won’t be comfortable with Nick raising his child if Nick might teach the child Will’s lifestyle is wrong. Just thinking ahead.

    #32 Patty, good post and I didn’t see it as preaching. Just your opinion. Elvis is Elvis and will do the Elvis thing. He’d surely not be as interesting or success a character if he didn’t. Just as Rafe would not have dimension if he didn’t cross the line now and then. Same as John, Bo, Shane, numerous others.

    I for one am glad Elvis is sort of patching things up with Fatha so he will get himself back to town!

    Again, did Sami know that Eric was a priest?? So strange. And that she would warn him off Nicole? Is he a new priest? Sort of a novice maybe? Not sure what it is called for a priest.

  57. From Kat

    gerrie, you do not deserve to be talked to like that.
    But some people like that will always be around. So Lady, you hold Your Head up high, and just ignore “Stuff” like that…and don’t Let your Heart be troubled..

  58. From Kat

    So Chloe’s mother is also coming to Salem, … hope Parker does belong to Dr. Dan, but I will also feel bad for Phillip,
    but a child does belong with his bio Father and Mother, together or not…
    Like to find out Just Who is Dr.Dan’s bio Father, strange that him and Maggie tried to find out…A son, Dan, should know all his family history, if at all possible.

    Strange, but then again not for Salem,
    nobody seems to know Eric is back in town and is a Priest..
    Such a close relationship he seems to have with his Mother,Father,Sister, Grand parents, etc…Not…LOL
    Let the slow process begin, Eric not being a priest for to long…Should be interesting to watch.

  59. From MAB

    Kat – oh, I agree, I could never imagine giving a child up for adoption. It is a good to have tho when unwanted children go to great homes that can’t have kids. You are too funny when you said let Rafe raise the child, he does everybody else’s! I’m glad Gabi told Will right away, as it is their own private business, but if they are gonna have relationships w/ other people, Nick & Sonny, then they’re gonna eventually have to tell them. The longer they wait, the worse it will be when they find out the truth. Also, about Marlena, I find her actions towards Kristen uncharacteristic. Marlena took on Stefano, she can’t take on Kristen???

    #51 Ninnie – I agree, ditto!

    I don’t like the idea of Kristen & Brady. For me, it’s not so much the age difference, it’s the fact that Kristen was a BIG part of John’s life, and I don’t like the idea of her being w/ John, and now his son. It’s too close for comfort IMO.

  60. From TerriK

    I hope everyone is well and good!
    Back to enjoying the show again. Finally! Eileen brought days back to life. Her and Brady do have some serious chemistry on screen. Like it or not. She had the father- now the son? She could maybe even off set Daniel a prefer that over Jennifer.
    MAB- No Jenn will never be the same for me either…frankly I was never a fan of hers. Shes extremely self absorbed and if she aint happy- nobody is. Seriously morn your.husband instead of looking happy that she has another opportunity with Dr. feel good.
    I feel terrible for Nicole. What an amazing actress. She really deserves better, but then I think she really shines in these story lines because man she can act the part. Just another partof her history. Nicole is gonna be a DOOL lifer. No doubt unless she decides to leave.
    EJ- love ya…but sittin in your glass mansion tossing stones at Nicole just makes no sense.
    And as much as I enjoy “Ejami” frankly I’ve had enough of the cat & mouse game. Perhaps they could switch it up and Chloe and EJ maybe pair. Now that would be sweet revenge on Nikki & Daniel that makes SENSE.
    As far as Marlena goes- never a fan. Never will be and never wanna be.
    I can see Chad and Abigail reuniting in the near future. More flirting happening today.
    All for now. Xo

  61. From MAB

    #54 Mee – I agree w/ a lot of what you said, but EJ never threatened Nicole until she made it abundantly clear that they had no future together. Yes, he lied to her about sleeping w/ Sami (although when it happened they weren’t together), but he begged her for another chance to raise their child together, and she would’ve agreed if he had met her demands to leave Salem, but her would be leaving his other 2 children behind. That is a sacrifice EJ shouldn’t have been asked to make, and when he said no, she concocted the plan to keep EJ’s child from him, along w/ Rafe, mainly out of jealousy over Sami. I guess for some, it’s ok that Nicole threatens to keep EJ’s child from him, but EJ is the bad guy for threatening to take his child from her…that’s nothing but double standards. Nicole created her own mess in the beginning, but I agree that Daniel & Jen’s part in this made things way worse for Nicole.

  62. From Kat

    MAB, I hear you, I did not mean that Gaby and Will keep the secret to long, meant let them sit down for a day or so, get used to the idea themselves and then do the right thing and tell their partners, Nick and Sonny, what happened prior to when they became involved with their current partners.
    Kristin and Brady, not together forever, but for a few exciting “moments”…
    TerriK, welcome back, and I agree, I have never been a big Marlena fan, just something about her, that does not agree with me to much..

  63. From SandyGram

    #46 gerri
    Hey there, do you remember the Lucy & Dezi Show; The Donna Read Show; or the Dick Van Dyke Show and their twin beds, a different time for sure. I too agree today’s TV productions from Teen Shows, to Daytime Drama, to Prime Time take physical relationships to far. Not to mention the Shows that display very detailed body mutilation, coroner/Medical Examiners filleting body’s and torcher, these often go to far for me. I’m concerned for my grandchildren, 2 of which are teenagers, seeing these fictional stories and not yet having the understanding to know what they’re watching is fictional, although the way it’s presented to us is very close to reality also. Although, I’m an overall TV Junkie and I don’t turn away from too much on the small screen, I too would like to see the producers turn it down a notch. For me, when it comes to sex, some kissing, a little heavy breathing, some touching, show a commercial and then the couple in their after glow would get the point across as well if not better than showing the before commercial details.

    For me, the way Will and Sonny’s relationship has been handled has been respectable, compared to other couples who has left little to the imagination. Will’s first man kiss was way to much for me. Then the day Will returned to Sonny’s apartment after he spoke to Lucas was over the top, Will was acting out of anger, which I’m glad Sonny recognized and pushed Will away. But when it’s just the two of them they have showed tenderness, caring and respect for one another, a commercial and a few well placed sheets, that’s OKay for me.

    I remember a line from the movie American President, when Michael Douglas who played the President said to the Press Core, “You gather a group of middle-aged, middle-class, middle-income voters who remember with longing an easier time, and you talk to them about family and American values and character”, I think that fits some of us long time fans of Days, as it will be the same for the future generations, they will remember their times based on the values and society they grew up with.

    So now with all that said (probably way more than anyone would want to read)….I’ll anxiously await your next post.

  64. From SandyGram

    #58 Kat
    Is Chole’s mom, Patrikia Darbo (Nancy), the ‘Big Return’ we’ve read about. I was just thinking today what about Quinn!

  65. From MAB

    Kat – no I agree about Gabi & Will. It’s their business right now, no one else’s. I’m really only a Marlena fan when she’s in doctor mode, or trying to help people. It’s like her whole persona changes, and I like her like that. She’s just irritating when her John touches her and she’s always gasping. I used to like her & John together when he was Roman, but have never been a big John & Marlena fan. I will always think the woman for John was Isabella.

    And speaking of Dr. Marlena Evans, she told Nicole she was too close to her to treat her. Well, what about her treating Bo & Hope? They’re family, and she treated them. I think it was unprofessional for Marlena to turn Nicole down, even saying what she did was a cry for help. Well then Doc, help her…that’s your job! But no, she’d rather pawn her off on another doctor so she can watch Kristen’s every move.

    I too agree there are times shows go overboard w/ sex & violence, but that is where you limit what your children watch, and when they do watch, explain it’s fiction, not real. SandyGram – nothing personal, and I mean do disrespect, but I would think 2 teenagers should be old enough to understand what they’re watching on TV is fictional. Yes, it can mirror real life at times, but it’s a different story when you’re viewing it for entertainment, as to what those same situations are in real life. I think what matters is that parents step in and decide whether it’s ok for their kids to watch or not, and be available to talk to them about what they see on TV.

  66. From gerri

    Josh#47,whoever you are,have never
    saw any posts with your name,anyway,your remarks and nastiness to me,doesn’t change my opinion one bit.and it was nice to see others who agreed they didn’t care for these scenes as well.

    you don’t know me,so you aren’t qualified to tell me,my feelings toward my friends.I care about both of them,but their lifestyle isn’t a topic of discussion,they are too mature for that.
    so if your blog,made you feel better thats good.

    Thanks MAB and Kat,for jumping in
    in my defense,this is the way it should be,that even on subjects we don’t see eye to eye, on we can still respect other’s views.

    SandyGram I always love your posts,you can see both sides,and I love the spoilers as well.

    So Josh,you are free to continue,to post your thoughts, and
    opinions and so am I…

  67. From Maryl

    Greg Vaughan is soooo handsome! Loved him on General Hospital–so glad he is the new Eric on Days!
    Wish he was the priest at my church–all of us “church ladies” would fight to sit in the front pew at mass! (Ha!)

    It will be very interesting to see how Nicole will handle Eric being a priest. Hope she doesn’t defrock him too quickly. I do think he came at a time when Nicole really needs him. She needs spiritual guidance right now so she can reconcile herself to not only what she has been through, but what she has done and what has happened to her because of her own actions.

    Maybe Eric can work on salvation for Sami & EJ! He could start by hearing their confessions and if they can receive forgiveness for their sins, then maybe the Salem hypocrites could also forgive them. However, besides EJ and Sami, there should be a long line of Salemites waiting to confess their sins and ask for forgiveness. I do not think any one of them could cast the first stone, because none of them are without sin. Ha! Kinda like us in real life! Eric may have to spend many hours in the confessional while serving in Salem!!

    I’m looking forward to the Hallmark movie “Two In” that Alison Sweeney and Greg Vaughan have filmed together. It is supposed to premiere some time in 2013. Sure hope it is still set to go and that it will materialize as originally planned.

  68. From patty

    Hi gerri, good post!
    I for one never minded the gay storyline being explored on Days and I think that it has been handled well for the most part. However I have to admit that watching two men making out isn’t exactly what I look for on a soap. I think both Will and Sonny are adorable and I love that they’re together but I would rather their sexual relationship be left to the imagination. I don’t find it attractive or hot or sexy and that is why I fastforward through it. If that makes me a homophobe than so be it. I’m still rooting for Wilson as a couple.

  69. From MAB

    Maryl – I’m not too schooled priests, ministers, etc., but I know some men of the cloth are married. Can a priest marry? It would be nice to see Eric help Nicole out spiritually, and guide her to a better life. And once she’s back on track (and change as the spoilers indicate she is truly gonna do this time), that they grow close, and fall in love again. This could be another great s/l is the writers do it right!

    If anyone knows when that Hallmark movie w/ Ali & Greg is coming on, please let me know.

    Whether some like it or not, no one will ever see the same situation in the same way, and there’s no wrong in that. And no one has the right the call someone names (someone they don’t even know personally) because of their opinion. Some people don’t want to watch Will & Sonny (and I am one of those people), and we are entitled to our opinion, but that don’t mean we condemn them as people. Just like Nick explained it, I agree w/ what he said, and I’m glad the show is showing both sides of it. I just don’t understand why when the opposing side speaks, some can’t accept it for what it is, but instead it never fails they reply w/ comments full of anger & hatred. And they say we need to be accepting?? I say look in the mirror at who isn’t the accepting one.

  70. From bobby

    #49 Lisa. It was bad enough when Brady dated his grandfather’s ex-wife, now you want him dating his father’s ex-lover? Too close to incest for my taste. #59 MAB-thanks for agreeing. (maybe not the incest part) #47-Josh B. Wow, something has your knickers in a twist. I myself don’t like public displays of either sex. Time and place. But, it’s a new side of the show and people have to adjust sometimes. And if you’re going to have intelligent conversations on this site-please learn how to spell.People are more apt to listen to you.

  71. From Tee

    Hello all!!!

    Sandy#63 I think that you wrote a pretty respectful post with some great points. TV HAS changed so much on what is appropriate to show and not. I also think Days did a wonderful job with the Wilson story line as well. I do think they showed much less then they have in straight relationship sex scenes. I think it was done in taste.

    JOSH b# I get your frustration with the word disgusting,and agree some may like to see straight sex scenes and be disgusted with gay ones.
    You are also right that people should not have double standards, and let people live their life. I do not agree with the name calling as I have been a very big support of the Wilson story and I Am a straight woman, there are respectful ways we can discuss it here without name calling. I do it all the time.
    Some people dont like to see any type of sex scenes on tv. I personally am not bothered by it, as I expect it from soaps anyway.
    I can tell you we seen a very distraught sex scene of EJAMI last year, and I cant tell you how many times I have seen SAFE, Even Jarlena or Bope getting it on on the screen. It has been a part of days for years. Some show more scenes some show less.
    I think we must all remember you don’t know who is reading these blogs and be respectful to each and every blogger here. I think most here have and its great, there are times where I think things could be considered over the line. Every one has their right to their opinions, but we must find ways to not offend others too much. We have all done good working things out and debating these great show, even when we don’t agree. I enjoy coming here everyday and talking with everyone here.

    Sandy yes Nancy is coming in FEBRUARY I am excited I liked her. Though she is most likely going to be mostly involved in Chloes story before her and her husband was involved in many things.

    Some stuff on tomorrows show done read below unless you want to know

    Eric spends a little quality time with his twin, he wonders why Sami is upset with Nicole since she told him before she forgave her. HE has no idea of what Nicole has done now and is referring to the whole Sydney thing. Its nice to see Sami actually did forgive Nicole for that.Nonetheless Sami tells him to steer clear of Nikki.Marlena and John come to greet Eric(where is Roman his real father?)Eric jokes that Sami actually kept his secret of being a priest as she has known all along.Marlena had no idea.
    They bond a bit the father comes in and tells ERIC There is thins to do, and they wonder how come he never told them and he says he just found out Eric was coming.Eric is here to stay he says.

    Nicole on a bench and EJ aproaches, he would like to talk with her please, Nicole is nervous, and they discuss that a bit with Nicole telling EJ she was sure she was done with after he left the hospital. He tells her she lied to him for 9 months, and kept him from the joys of fatherhood. He is talking calmly with her then Asks where they would be now if she only was honest with him? Nicole says we would be exactly where we are now(Its a nod to say they would still be broke up, and the baby would still not be there I think)
    Ej tells her then she has nothing to be worried about do you
    Nicole says I dont expect you to let bygones be bygones and begins looking around asking EJ where is his minions, she mentions because he keeps his hands clean,Ej looks sadly down HE asks what does she think he is gonna do to her she says something creative for sure Ej, disgusted now asks what he could possibly do that is worse then she did to herself.
    He tells her she has suffered a loss the most horrible a woman could suffer twice, Our baby is gone, But it takes quite a talent to take that situation and make it worse for her and everybody else.
    Nicole seems sad he then talks SWEET jen Horton, and Nicoles jealousy of her wondering if she was really jealous of her and asks if she really needed to make a innocent woman suffer for what she did. and asks was it not enough her baby died.He is taunting her a bit about Hell, and tells her he is glad she did not take herlife and asks if she thought she was gonna be with their two babies and assures her hell is worse then what she is living and she dont want to go there, He tells her Rafe,Daniel,Brady do not love her they were besotted with her just like he was.He tells her they wont forgive her, and tells her she will be alone and to enjoy it as he will. He is calm the whole time.This is the end and closure of EJOLE.

    Other cool things Sami speaks some Japanese, Eric brought gifts

    EJ tells Sami he is her boss, Sami thought Kristen was having fun pushing her around, EJ says she was but loves her family more.He tells her she wanted him to be more rooted, and Sami asks about his return to Stefano he says he remains his own man, she is glad.He pays her many a compliment about her job and how she stuck it out even though her mother did not want her to.She says yes but does not buy this all He says lets just say it was a win win situation for the both of us referring to Kristen.
    They talk more a He asks if she is worried about what Rafe will think, and tells her they see each other quite often since they have 2 kids together and they are fine.She says RAFE has no say in what she does or does not do she wants to know if this is about them or her he simply says there is no us right?
    They discuss new product line to which EJ has a new idea and asks if she will hae a issue with working intimately with him she says no and he says good, he tells her he does not expect her to stay late as she has a private life and asks her to give his kids a kiss, she thanks him as Kate made her work very late hours a few eyes and passing glances as she goes to grab her things from Sami, and she leaves, EJ Smiles.

    Lots of warm moments with Eric, he talks with Nicole as well after EJ leaves her. I am all wrote out so hoping Patty who does a wonderful job will chime in on that more.


  72. From gerri

    I’m hoping that Eric was brought,back,to help Nicole get through her loss,and in the process,who knows which way their relationship might go.Don’t think he was brought on,just to fill a slot,the timing is questionable,and maybe he can still be a priest,and have a relationship,it has happened,but don’t really know how the priesthood works..
    and in agreement with others,”HE IS

  73. From SandyGram

    Episode November 15th:

    I’m still chuckling remembering Rafe’s ‘bob and weave’ comment to Sami. She is just busting to tell Rafe that Gabi is pregnant as she has a flashback of her promise to Gabi. SPOILER: But then maybe I shouldn’t be too hard on Sami, tomorrow we will find out she knew Eric was studying at the Seminary to become a Priest, so it looks like she can keep important secrets.

    This was a very good show, from Roman being emotional when he sees Eric; to Nicole’s disbelief Eric is a priest. Loved the interaction between everyone today, Gabi telling Will she was pregnant to Will’s surprise when she added he’s the father. They are best friends and as I knew he would, Will is going to be by her side all the way. Now Nick, I’m a little leery of right now, he seems a little over protective. If he doesn’t like the idea of Gabi and Will working on a school project together, how is he going to handle Will being the baby’s father? I’m thinking not well, but more yet, I think he will have a harder time handling the fact Gabi had sex with an openly gay man, even if he is his cousin and even if they were a couple before Will came out. But then I might think the same of Sonny when he finds out.

    Then look who is making the rounds trying to ingratiate herself with yet another former friend. Jenn has Kristen’s number and see’s right through her. As does Brady see through Kristen, but unfortunately he will waver in the near future. And John, well John’s riding that fence post best he can, just hope he doesn’t get splinters when he falls.

    Another moment that tickles my funny bone…Daniel telling Maggie “can you leave it alone” referring to talking about Jenn and our Magster just keeps on talking. Then just one last observation and wish for both Daniel and Brady…..”grow it, or shave it”, scruffy isn’t always attractive.

  74. From patty

    I think Sami and EJ are the town’s biggest hypocrites because they are the ones who are casting the most stones and they are in the least position to do so. Sami telling her brother to stay away from Nicole? He’s a priest, if he was to stay away from sinners he would have to stay away from his own twin sister , plus he wouldn’t have a job . EJ telling Nicole no one loves her and she will be alone, well he’s been sitting alone plenty of times with a drink in his hand wracked in sorrow over something he brought on himself or on to others. He might have remained calm during his tirade to Nicole but he was just as deadly twisting the knife when he told her that if she had died she would not have been with her babies but in hell. Like Nicole told him, I guess you will find out too EJ.

  75. From patty

    As for the long wait to see Elvis’ evil side, just tune in tomorrow. His cold blooded words to Nicole are right up there with when he told little Johnny his mother didn’t love him.

  76. From Maryl

    MAB, No, unfortunately Catholic priest still cannot marry. They can leave the priesthood of course and seek a different life, but no marriage while they are serving as priests. When they are ordained they take a vow of celibacy. If they leave the priesthood, they do not suffer any alienation from the church, as a matter of fact, they are supported and encouraged to leave should they find themselves unable to carry out the life they have been ordained to. They can also take a leave of absence to sort out their feelings before making a final decision. There is also a way they can return to the priesthood even after they have left it. Not sure what all is involved but I know they would have to go through a lot of channels and it wouldn’t happen overnight.
    Eric will probably reach this type of crossroad if Nicole gets involved with him. You can bet Grandma Caroline would be none too happy with such a decision! Ha! He could become a Deacon, however, because they can be married. No matter what, I believe we may have a good story in the making for Nicole and Eric.
    On a personal note, my first love was a young man whose parents had plans of priesthood for him. He did become a priest. It was difficult for the two of us to part at the time, but I have absolutely no regrets because when I saw him in his priestly robes serving Mass, I knew that was what he was meant to do. I had to give up a wonderful man but God sent me another wonderful man–my husband of 40 years! I apologize for getting personal.

  77. From Maryl

    Patty, I think the stones EJ and Sami are casting are probably the same stones everyone is casting at them—just simply bouncing off and turning into projectile missles! Ha!

  78. From Kat

    77 Maryl, love your comment about the Stones,
    I am giggling all the way,
    Lady you made my day.
    EJ has every right to have his say to Nicole, it was also his child.

    Eric should help Nicole, the Sinner, that is part of his job, not like Marlena, turning away a person in need. What a phony Doctor she is…

    Brady is starting to protest to much, John was right, none of your business… but the plot begins to thicken.
    Brady is on the hook, Kristin is getting to him, …
    Wonder how that will make our John feel, when it will look, like Kristin really does not want him anymore, “Not” but maybe his “Son”.
    Will that somehow bother him a bit,

    Maryl, “Don’t get stoned”, LOL all the way….

  79. From SandyGram

    #74 & #75 patty
    If EJ is as bad tomorrow as you say he is….maybe now others can see why Nicole would be afraid of him and want to keep the baby from him for fear if she didn’t come back to him, he would take the baby from her. But then probably not.

  80. From SandyGram

    #76 Maryl
    Heck don’t apologize for bragging on your significant other…we all like to slip a little ‘bosting’ in now and then on our special someone. I’ve been with mine 36 years, been married to him 9 1/2 years and I love bragging on him.

  81. From patty

    Maryl, that is a nice story. I was also raised Catholic but I’ve long since stopped believing that parents should plan their sons into priesthood but I hope it all worked out for your friend. I also believe something good can come out of Nicole and Eric’s story.
    As for EJ, the general concensus across the boards is that he’s a “hypocritical sack of sh-t” for the way he treated Nicole. I agree, especially when he refered to his own kids as “your dead babies”.

  82. From patty

    SandyGram, when EJ approaches her, Nicole is looking behind the bushes waiting for his goons to come out, that is how scared she is.

  83. From Tee

    Hello all!!

    Patty~ 74 and 75.

    Sami has pretty much always told Eric to stay away from Nicole, nothing new there.She also meant it in a different way as in, besides his priestly duties. I am more concerned with Hope and Kayla and others who are not involved in anyway with Nicoles story.Neither also are technically related to Eric but by marriage. Atleast Sami is his twin, and last time Eric was in town he was in love with Nicole, she chose money over him If I remember correctly 5,000,000.
    Yes EJ was taunting Nicole, but that dont make him evil in my eyes, He has a right to be upset, and this was closure for their relationship everyone had their say and EJ did not, evil Ej Would not have just said some unkind words he would have seeked revenge. IMO.

    Gerri #73 Hello, yes this will be a great story line, He is a Catholic priest which means he can have no relationship with women in any romantic or sexual way.Catholic priests must not have any of it is forbidden.Which s just what they want, so we are gonna see him struggle most likely with feelings for Nicole and his vows.Ohh the scandal lol.

    Mab #65 Great post and all should be happy to know Rafe is gonna be supportive in the end, and Nick will know the baby is Wills.So I am guessing Gabi tells Nick and Rafe.
    I Agree this is Gabis secret she even tells Sami she allowed her to hear this confidential information and she cant tell.
    It as others have said is different then Rafe keeping a secret from Sami, because 1He told Carrie2He was saying it was his baby which would affect Sami if they were together and they were at the time.She would be the childs step parent, and have to directly deal with Nicole just like Rafe had to deal with EJ.Gabis pregnancy is her and Wills business next she should tell Nick. Either way GABI is keeping the child and gonna tell Rafe and Nick.

    Sandy#73 I wonder what his reaction will be I know he is gonna find out really soon it is Wills. I have a feeling he may not be too happy about it either.

    I guess if EJ is so evil he should have perhaps locked her in a torture chamber, or wow maybe he can somehow take father Eric from her replace him with a fake one, send a hitman after her or just have her offed, but I guess all he did is tell her she has lost so much more then most woman, and when she began looking for his minions, who she believed were gonna off her he taunted her about hell and having noone to love her, He will never win, guess cause he is a Dimera he is not allowed to express his anger at something. Even when he does it calmly. Well considering when all of Salem was allowed to watch her courtesy of Dr.Dan and he told EJ he needed to back off so he could tell her how low she had sunk it was ok. But EJ the man who is used to being evil, who let all these people go Scott free, no repercussions and who seen this woman lie to him, he should have been able to hold his dead child as well, but no he did not instead Dr.Dan and Rafe got to come in, he never got to feel his child kick they did, he never got to see ultrasounds they did, then she used their dead child to get a man. I get she is depressed she lost 2 children but so did EJ. Does people forget that?So No I dont feel he is evil for telling Nicole she will be alone and that Dan, and Rafe dont love her, and how awful hell is.He acknowledged her loss and said his piece and he is done.He had that right over anyone else, he lost a child as well, and Nicole never let him have any memories or any peace of mind about this.
    Funny how the whole town tells Eric to stay away from Nicole, they have no right to IMO they are not even involved in the story line what so ever nor are they his family.

    Hoe everyone has a great night, and enjoys tomorrows days

    One last thing wonder how people think EJ would be second best, but root for Eric, Nicole was so in love with Dan 5 minutes ago lol.
    I guess that is how it goes, and she is gonna be head over heels in love with Eric.
    But I guess the difference is as long as you are not Sami and your not gonna be with EJ people can root for you to move to another man/woman in 5 minutes. At least Sami has been man less for weeks now, and she has not went out looking for love yet.
    Nicole done forgot about Dr.Dan and she forget even more real quick lol.

    I am a fan of Ericole and will ship them but I have no double standards for anyone on this show, though I was upset with Jen but because her hubby had just died.

  84. From Tee

    I seen the episode and EJ told Nicole she had nothing to fear from him and he had no plans to retaliate, and Patty sorry to say I have been on many of boards that think Nicole deserved worse so its not the general consensus it is somes opinion and I respect that. But no EJ did not threaten her at all Not one single time, nor did he yell at her

  85. From Lisa

    Don’t you get it Tee ?! For some (and it is certainly not general opinion just SOME) Ej is always WRONG WRONG WRONG no matter what and Nicole is always a VICTIM ! lmao really.
    By the way Sami is Eric’s twin and after all the shit Nicole did to her she certainly this time has a right to warn him and yep she can be hypocrite and self-righetous (as well as victim the way) but this time she is totally justified and yet Eric will not listen to her at all, already he conforts ‘poor Nicole’ in every episodes..and actually Nicole is quite lucky i would say Eric is so much better than Daniel..Eric : beautiful, beautiful, beautiful..his it, he can already emote and has great chemistry with his family..Nicole is lucky too lucky i would add !

  86. From Kat

    Tee, very well said, I agree, that EJ had every right to get closure by letting Nicole know His Feelings. He deserved better than that, and He was more than generous letting all these lying conspirators off the hook.
    EJ could be serving food in a Soup kitchen and some would accuse him of something.
    Some hate EJ so much, the Name calling is getting so lame,
    it’s sounds like an obsession.
    Nobody ever talks about Rafe to that degree, so EJ haters lighten up a bit. He blinks the wrong way, and he is hated, it’s getting to be comical anymore.

  87. From Lissa

    I like Will and Sonny together since they have decided to go there. They really do give off an air of happiness. The bedroom scenes are a little much for me but I know there are some who appreciate it so I just ff through to the next scene when it comes to their lovemaking. Only thing I don’t like is the way Sonny reacts sometimes. As for Gabi’s pregnancy I can’t help but wonder if their aim is geared more toward Will and Sonny. Gabi’s character could leave at any time being she is not really a main character. I think she could fly off the radar. Nick was sort of acting a little crazy possessive when he caught her with Will. Creeping me out a bit. They’ve already gone controversial so I could see them going for Will and Sonny parenting together. I think it’s time Mama Hernandez came to town for a visit finally since her youngest child and daughter is having a baby but then she didn’t come for Arianna’s death either so I guess you wouldn’t think any kind of normal familial relationship exists being a soap and all. Even though they have tried to sell it through Rafe and his siblings all along.

  88. From patty

    Rafe doesn’t go around ripping people to shreds (or plot revenge, or frame or blackmail …etc) but he still gets blamed for everything here. EJ telling Nicole that Daniel and Rafe will never forgive her is a lie because they already have. So has Brady and now Eric so she is not alone. EJ however keeps up with the lies when he goes over to his new job and makes on to a not too thrilled Sami that he’s not there for her because “there is no us” when we know that is exactly why he is there. I dread the thought of being subjected to weeks of rubbing and breathing in each others face and Sami acting like a dumb school girl. Such bs saying how good jobs are hard to come by in this economy when John offered her a job at Basic Black days ago and saying she’s good at her job when Kristen had to take over because she was running the company into the ground. EJ doing what he does best, being his deceitful self until he trips himself up again and Sami runs for the hills. It’s getting so old and repetitious.

    Tee, EJ may not have threatened Nicole but she is still terrified as she always is when she sees him. His words were meant to crush her and his intent was to kick her when she’s down and he did.

  89. From claire

    Ej is still too nice to Nicole ! He could have ‘get rid of’ her ‘permanently’ she should be happy she once AGAIN did not pay for her disgusting deeds.
    As for Ej and Sami working together : I CAN’T WAIT like MANY MANY many many many other viewers and Sami and Rafe being so boring together when Sami lose all her character, her self-esteem, praise to no end ‘good’ ‘hero’ Rafe while Rafe enjoys it while being self-righteous, so full of himself, caveman, controlling and of course sanctimonious, belittling her and their boring, chemistry free ‘sexing’ sessions in almost every episodes. It’s getting so old and repetitious.

  90. From patty

    Like I said Claire, Rafe gets blamed for everything , even when he’s saving Sami’s butt from EJ and the Demiras. Rafe didn’t make her the dimwitted, self centered fool that she is. That is all Sami and I hope Rafe never goes down that skanky path again. As for Nicole, she kept her baby from EJ with good reasons. When will he get to pay for all his disgusting deeds?

  91. From Nancy

    I’m so glad that Gabby told Will the truth. Who is watching Sammi’s kids now that Grandma Caroline is away?? And where the heck is Kayla’s Little JOEY!!!!

  92. From nancy

    Glad that Gabby told Will the truth. I totally agree with Eddie #26 and who is taking care of Sami’s kids now that Grandma Caroline is away and where the heck is Kayla’s Little JOEY?????

  93. From nancy

    Glad that Gabi told Will the truth. Totally agree with Eddie #26. Who is taking care of Sami’s kids now that Caroline is away? And where the heck is Kayla’s Little JOEY??

  94. From Maryl

    Amen claire!! I agree with you!

    Rafe is not getting blamed for “everything”–he is blamed for what he rightfully deserves to be blamed for. Right now, he is blamed for playing Mr. Righteous and interferring with other
    people’s lives and their rights to their own child. He had done this to EJ twice. Who does he presume himself to be that he has this “duty” to interfere? He is trying to play God there. As for ripping people to shreds–he stands guilty–not only verbally has he done such, but emotionally he has ripped EJ to shreds with this last game of deceit he helped Nicole with. EJ ripped into Nicole because he is angry with her for
    her deceitful lies regarding his child–he reacted out of that anger. Nothing “evil” about it. He wanted to hurt her as she had hurt him–that’s a human reaction and fraility. If ripping into Nicole is considered to be evil, than there are a lot of evil people in Salem who rip into others in hurtful confrontations. The words exchanged between Nicole and Jenn during their many confrontations were very hurtful and demeaning too. This happens in real life too.

    patty, cheer up–Rafe will hopefully snare himself another woman–may not be Sami, but maybe the next one will have a halo and wings, making her his perfect match. That’s the kind of woman he needs in his life.

    Hi, Kat–Yep, I’m hoping EJ and Sami start carrying shields with them to keep from being hit by all those stones being cast. lol

  95. From Kat

    87 lissa, you could be so right..
    This could lead to Will and Sonny having a child, who knows something could happen to Gaby..
    I can see Nick’s feeling about the Gay situation,
    but, somehow he is still a bit of a weird mystery to me.. Don’t know, something just does not sit right yet, unless the writers still don’t know where they are going with him.
    Arianna’s mother was in Salem for the funeral and at the pub, we just did not see her, they only talked about her. But now it would be nice, if we would see her in person. They could bring in PILAR from Passions.

    Claire and Maryl, double Amen to both of you.
    Let them throw stones at EJ and Sami, as long they are blissfully happy behind those shields….
    Makes their romance/love even more interesting… Against All Odds..
    And we fans know, that out of all the remaining Soaps on the air, EJ and Sami are running in the top 3 spots, sometimes 2, or 1, for the last 35 something weeks.
    So we are in BIG Co. recognizing just what a Great Screen couple they are, and they have Not Even begun yet. Wait till we get the full Impact of their “Finally” Love Story…
    Going to watch Yesterday’s episode…
    To All, Enjoy all of the parts of the show that make you happy, fair enough.

  96. From patty

    Maryl, playing Mr Righeous is not a crime and neither is protecting babies from a man who kidnapped his own child and put a dangerous imposter in his children’s lives.
    I hope Rafe gets a woman that has her head screwed on straight but he will never resort to snaring anyone , unless it’s a criminal. Snaring is what EJ does to get his women and what he’s doing right now with his obssession . Pulling the wool right over her eyes by filling her head with lies and sad Sami lapping it up.

  97. From MAB

    I really enjoyed Thursday’s show (it was only missing EJ!). I already love Eric…and he is gorgeous! He seems to be fitting immediately. I loved his scenes w/ Nicole, and Sami.

    Maryl – thanks for explaining, I forgot about the Catholic part. With that said, my prediction is while he remains a priest, he will help Nicole (and others) for a while. Once Nicole gets over this hurdle, which will probably take a while, she’ll start changing and they’ll become closer. And he’ll start questioning whether he wants a life w/ her or stay a priest. I think he will remain a part of the church either way, but I say he’s gonna choose love and leave the priesthood for a life w/ Nicole, a new & improved Nicole that is. It’s obvious he still has feelings for her already. I mean how many priests tell women they are beautiful. I think their s/l will be awesome! Also, you sure are blessed to have a wonderful husband of 40 yrs…that’s wonderful!

    I don’t think Sami is busting to tell Rafe about Gabi at all. The problem is Sami looks to guilty when she knows something others don’t. She’s too easy to read when she’s hiding something, and everyone knows it.

    I think Will was great to Gabi yesterday. I’m so glad he is gonna be there for her, but it’s obvious this is gonna cause problems where Nick & Sonny are concerned. It seems Nick is already acting obsessed w/ Gabi like he did w/ Melanie. This isn’t gonna bode well for anyone. I thought he had learned his lesson, but apparently not. Sonny is ok for now, but I have a feeling he’s also not gonna be so understanding about this either.

    I also like Will & Sonny’s comradery, just don’t like the bedroom stuff, and never will.

    I like scruffy & non-scruffy look. I doesn’t matter to me…these guys are hot either way IMO!

    I think Maxine is funny, but her sudden closeness to Jen seems forced. I think all that welcome back stuff for Jen yesterday was a bit much.

    I’m glad EJ & Nicole are gonna talk and get it out of the way so they can be done w/ each other and move on. I’m sure they both will speak their minds, but from what Tee posted, seems EJ is pretty calm about the whole thing, not ripping her to shreds like it was indicated. Seems EJ is nothing but truthful from what he says to her. He doesn’t tell her no one loves her, he tells her Brady, Daniel, and Rafe doesn’t love her, and that is the truth. Cue Nicole needing to find her true love, which will probably turn out to be her first love Eric. She doesn’t deserve being trashed by the likes of Jen, Hope or Marlena, who butted their nose into her business, but it is EJ’s business being the father of that baby, so he does have a right to tell her how he feels.

    Kat – I agree, Brady is taking things a bit far. John was right to tell him it’s none of his business. I find it funny how when kids are grown, they start going around acting like they are smarter than their parents. Uh, not so much. They’ve lived longer and know more about life than their kids, just a fact.

    Some keep saying Nicole was afraid of EJ and that is why she kept the baby from him. Sorry, but this is nothing but nonsense! If she was so afraid of EJ, she would’ve never wanted to go back to him for any reason, yet that is exactly what she intended to do, as long as he agreed to her terms to leave Salem w/ her. Seems some have forgotten about this. I she were truly afraid of him, that would’ve never happened. She left him because he slept w/ Sami, and that is never gonna change, no matter what kind of spin some want to put on the facts!

    Tee & Kat – let’s face it, some feel only one way about EJ, and always will. They will always find wrong in everything he does. They don’t care that he’s not sending all the liars to jail, nor that he also lost another child. All they see is that he’s the bad guy, but excuse everyone else for the horrid things they do. It’s obvious they’re obsessed w/ hating him because they can’t post w/o bringing up his name so they can trash him.

    Rafe has ripped people to shreds on many occasions, even his own wife Sami when they were married. Even tho I don’t like him, I don’t spin the facts to suit my opinion where Rafe is concerned, unlike the way some do EJ. I blame Rafe when he’s in the wrong, rightfully, but can also give him props when he does something good. I acknowledged how he was good to Nicole recently, as it was warranted.

    Sami knows how EJ feels about her. He’s told her he loves her and accepts her for who she is. Can’t get much plainer than that! EJ saying there is no us is true at this point, and him saying that will allow Sami to make her own decision to be w/ him. I cannot wait until we get to see them being romantic again, including all the rubbing, touching, breathing, kissing, etc. Their chemistry melts the screen! I’d suffice to say that it won’t be weeks this time around for EJami. Unless one of them leave the show, it’s my understanding that EJami is gonna become permanent. Yay!!

  98. From MAB

    #89 Claire – ditto!

    #95 Kat – regarding something happening to Gabi, what if she doesn’t make it when she has the baby? Not that I hope this happens, but it’s possible especially is it comes down to Will & Sonny raising the child. As for the Hernandez mother, I don’t think there is a need for her. She’s never been shown thus far, so why start now? Personally, I don’t want to see anymore of the Hernandez family.

  99. From Kat

    Yes EJ kidnapped his own child,
    but Rafe “Kidnapped” Two of EJ’s children.
    And so far we have not seen yet, just how EJ will try to win back Sami’s heart. I have not yet seen the wool or the lies…nor have I seen Sami lapping so far… I can wait, and see what the writers will come up with.
    Poor Rafe, so far the women in his life, Sami and “Nicole” and he did not have a Screw Driver, poor Rafe.
    Moving on Rafe, keep your Screw Driver ready, after all you do live in Salem.

    Will and Gaby certainly will have to join adult hood, just like that, a Baby is on the way. They will adjust,
    and hopefully work things out, and will give the Baby a good life, with help from all. Here you go Rafe, a Baby, an actual Hernandez.

    Glad EJ got his pain of his chest, he was right in what he told Nicole, she brought a lot on herself, and nothing he could do to her, would be any worse than what she has done to herself.
    I feel very bad for both parents, EJ and Nicole. What more can be said, it was a tragedy for both.
    Nicole knows she did things wrong, and she will need a lot of help from Eric, and maybe someday, EJ and Nicole can forgive one another for all the bad things between them.

    Brady, of all people judging Kristin, “Mr. Trying to kill/or look them up” himself,
    should just stop stalking Kristin, that’s what it is beginning to look,..He is starting to be obsessed by her…
    However his stalking, turns out, helps Kristin when the muggers show up, unless She “planned” that too. Kristin holding Brady, waiting for the ambulance, we’ll here we go, let the “romance begin”.

    I so enjoyed EJ and Sami together, it will be a little cat and mouse game, and I like it.
    Reminds me of the olden movies, a little Rock Hudson and Doris Day, trying to get the girl, and nothing wrong with that. If Sami’s heart is not there, not much he can do in the end. But I think, once Sami throws all the “Family concerns” overboard, it could be great. Writers, give it your best..
    All just MO, nobody has to like them at all, signing off…

  100. From patty

    Yup, Sami can sure keep a secret. After hinting and prodding Will to find out what he knows, she calls Rafe to come over and is about to tell him the truth about Gabi.
    Will is being very supportive of Gabi and even offers to marry her. I’m glad they realize it’s not a good idea but Will is willing to quit school and get a job to help support his child. They both take the responsiblity for their mistakes. Gabi is considering an abortion but I doubt that will ever happen , especially if Rafe hears about it.
    Kayla tells Hope and Cierra that Bo and Grandma could soon be home.
    I think Kristen will have more to deal with than she expected with Brady. He’s on to her . Marlena is about to get caught for deleting Kristen’s messages. Haha! Good for you Marlena!
    Rafe has been kidnapped and held prisoner a few times but he has never kidnapped anybody’s children.

  101. From MAB

    On Friday, November 23, 2012, prepare for a very special flashback episode of Days of our Lives! A flashback episode to June 24, 1997, in which Susan was revealed to be impersonating Kristen and John desperately searched to find the real Kristen – and Marlena – in the secret room.

  102. From MAB

    I’m off for the holiday so won’t be posting. Happy Thanksgiving!

  103. From MAB

    Spoilers say:

    Gabi decides to keep the baby, so no abortion. This is Will & Gabi’s decision to make tho, not Rafe, Sami, or anyone else’s. If they’re old enough to have sex and produce a child, then they need to be adult about their decisions regarding that child, w/ no input from the peanut gallery.

    Brady back’s off Kristen, after the mugging, and agrees w/ John that she has changed.

    Marlena deletes the messages, but gets the backlash from John about not knowing his son was attacked. Looks like Marlena is gonna dig her own grave where Kristen is concerned. She also gets caught by Kristen going thru her computer files. Watch out Marlena, if you don’t wise up and use your smarts to deal w/ Kristen, instead of trying to play dirty, you just may have Roman coming to arrest you.

    I’m off for the holiday, so won’t be posting for a while. Happy Thanksgiving!

  104. From Maryl

    Rafe has never “kidnapped” any children? Oh really? Well, what about illegal adoption of a child that he knew he was trying to keep away from the real father. Isn’t his intent to keep children away from a parent pretty much the same as a kidnapping? Rafe’s actions in participating in an illegal adoption and aiding in falsifying paternity test results, is very much a crimminal offense–he’s just lucky charges weren’t brought up against him. But you say he did it for all the right reasons? Since when does he have the right to be the judge and jury in a matter concerning the parenthood of a child? He is not even a relative, just an outsider who happens to have this thing about picking up EJ’s exes.

  105. From bobby

    Everybody can watch the difunctionals, Sami, E.J., and Nichole. I myself had fun watching Jen and Dr. Dan. Things are steaming up. Poor Marlena. I know she’s going to get an earful, but I know a lot of women that would have done the same thing. E.J. was just as nasty as he’s ever been cutting into Nichole about his and Nichole’s babies. Than turns around and all charming with Sami. Skitzo.

  106. From SandyGram

    November 16th:
    Although I read EJ and Nicole’s run in today was supposed to be volatile, I was so hoping it would be one of mutual compassion. EJ realizing his part in Nicole’s emotional state of mind causing her to pay more attention to concealing the baby’s parentage, than taking care of herself physically. Of course being ever mindful even with a stress free pregnancy doesn’t mean she would have carried the baby to term and not forgetting there was Jenn, Rafe and Daniel’s part in the tragedy. Now with that said, although Nikki was obviously expecting physical abuse at the hands of EJ, there were 2 lines that seal the deal for me that EJ was only going to mentally abuse Nikki now and probably as often as he can in the future:
    EJ Quote:
    - “I’m really glad that you didn’t take your own life. Did you think you were going to see your dead babies in heaven. No?” (This was surprising, he was also talking about his babies).
    - “I think the words that I said are going to echo around in your head cuz they are true. You are going to be alone for the rest of your life
    so enjoy it now because I know I will.”

    It was nice to see Sami kept Eric’s secret of becoming a Priest although it was though on her. I’m anxious to see if Sami and Eric still have that ‘twin’ thing where they know when one or the other needs help.

    Nice moments between Abby, Chad and Theo today. She is still trying to find out why Melanie left town, to no avail with Chad. I still think Abby and Chad make an attractive couple, but I don’t see them ever getting back together as has been speculated.

    Wow….and the beat goes on with Jenn getting into Daniel’s business. Enough is Enough!! Then there’s Brady, doesn’t he have a business to run and now he’s trying to run his Dad’s personal affairs, including taking on John’s position on the Church Rectory Board to keep distance between the fair Kristen and John. Then he’s going to put her in a box and ship her out of town, how did that work for you the last time Brady? Now he’s gone and got himself slugged over the head protecting Kristen. Did he have to get whacked so they could have an ‘Ah Ha’ moment, leading to the realization Kristen could be telling the truth about only wanting forgiveness. I suppose next we will see her confessing her sins to Eric and he too will think she is a repentant woman. Thank goodness for Marlena who sees right though her DiMera Ways!

  107. From Kat

    104 Maryl, thank you for backing me up on the “kidnapping”. If what Rafe did is not a form of Kidnapping, than wow, ….
    Sure Sami gave him Her blessing to do that because she is the Mother,
    so LOL, EJ gave himself blessing to keep his Own child from Sami, just like she and Rafe did to him.
    I am getting so tired of re-hashing all the old stuff, EJ and Sami forgave Each Other, that is all that matters now.
    And Rafe, Dan and Nicole should count their Blessings that EJ is Not Pressing charges against them, he was holding Their Careers in his Hands, and among all the Pain and Heart break he was going through, The Man took the High Road, no matter what his reasons, He did it..
    So lets wipe the slate clean and have some new beginnings for all of them.
    To say good for Marlena, ha, ha, when she deleted messages to John,
    she could be playing with life and death, what if something happened not only to Brady, but Sami, the Kids, whoever… Stupid and desperate move on Marlena’s part, a Doctor, a woman that should trust Her Husband.
    What a desperate, insecure little mouse she is turning out to be, give your husband a little Credit for COL.
    Marlena, you are making it sooooooo easy for Kristin, why don’t you just hand over your “Unwilling” Husband, push him towards Kristin, what a joke, and she is a shrink.

    Eric Brady, wow, from what I have seen and heard (wow what a voice), EJ you will just maybe, have to share a bit with Eric. Love it, Two Hunks, The Good and The Bad, or should I say half Bad,
    but IMO it won’t be long before Eric will be traveling on the road to “Half Bad” wanting our little Fallen Angel Nicole.
    What stories that could be, if done right.
    Eric fighting his earthly feelings, love/lust for Nikki.
    Stefano, we need you back, and as an Italien Christian, I would love to see you take confession with Father Eric, for that
    matter, even EJ in confession would be great.
    Have Sami’s Brother absolve EJ from All his Sins, to move on with His Sister. But then of course, Sami should be right there giving her Confessions, LOL And then both, our Fav. Couple could move on into Happiness and Bliss,
    getting sappy here, LOL but I am having so much fun.

  108. From patty

    Rafe never kidnapped EJ’s babies. His exes kept their children from him and there is a reason for that, funny how EJ never bothered to ask why.
    SandyGram, EJ will be the one who will end up alone again. When that happens I hope Nicole is there to stomp on his cold heart like he did hers.
    Love that Marlena is deleting Kristen’s messages. If some psycho who had tried to murder me was texting my husband, I would delete her too.
    Brady got a bump on the head and Kristen was using that to get John’s attention. Even Brady in his “condition” could see that. Kristen is worse and even more obvious than her brother at her schemes. Glad Marlena and most of Salem are on to her as they are to all the Demiras.

    than EJ at her schemes.

  109. From Kat

    patty, all I can say in the nicest way, dream on, because you are stuck on the Hate EJ train,
    ….and when EJ and Sami move on and will be a happy couple, you will be on a very lonely train….Just MO…just like you have all of your “hateful towards EJ” opinions.. fair enough…

  110. From SandyGram

    I was kind of curious after going back and scanning through all the postings: Why is a poster referred to as a hater or hateful when commenting on a particular character, when all they’re doing is voicing their opinion as they see the character has been written? And the frequency of when a particular character is commented on is based on how often he/she is seen on scene. It would be nice to see more comments made about the show, the characters, their acting and the script content than the posters……Just a thought!

  111. From Tee

    Hello all!!Finally got all my goodies for Thanksgiving Dinner.

    Sandy~ I think everyone here does a good job of discussing the show, sure we dont agree and we debate a bit back and forth, but I like to think we are all adults.

    My only thing is for 5 months I have said this will happen this will happen, and then it happens, why because it is a spoiler I am telling.James said he discussed with new writers he and Ali and he and Sami will be reunited slowly,Galen said he was upset with how he was acting like SAMI never meant anything, and felt his character did not handle the breakup the way his character should have,So he was thrust back in to the EJAMI story, after she chose EJ over Lucas.
    Ken Corday then decides to tell everyone the story is planned out well into next year and they are going with EJAMI lock stock and barrel. Ariana Zucker said she kept the baby from EJ because she was hurt over what he did with Sami. These guys play the parts and Corday produces it. Who knows better about the story lines, us viewers or those guys? So I find when they as actors and producers tell us what is gonna be done or is being done or how they portrayed something what it is, But people still say Nicole kept the baby away from EJ because she was scared, Ari who plays NICOLE said different, and Nicole wanted to be with EJ if he ran away from Salem with her, SO Ari saying she lied because she was mad at EJ for what he did, must be a fact she is the actress who plays NICOLE. We cannot spin a fact and change it to our opinion if the facts is told to us, but some do it anyway irregardless on what these actors say. They constantly insert it over and over and yes it is frustrating because you are not dealing with someones opinions you are dealing with something we are told as a fact.
    According to James Scott, Ken Corday they are going with EJAMI so that must be what they are doing, which is what I knew all along, and have spoiled her to my great blogge r friends here that I love to post with all of you.
    Rafe is being paired elsewhere, I have said over and over How excited I am to see that and how I cannot wait to root for him, I have not seen a EJAMI fan bash Rafe on a daily basis, sure we have talked about his lies, and we give our opinions on other posts who put him on a superman pedestal but hey even I SAY he is a good guy, he is not the guy for Sami IMO, As Maryl said In #9 Above I think we all hope Rafe ends up with someone more like him, we have high hopes, I dont come here on a daily basis and trash Rafe and brig up all his wrong doings.
    Another fact Sami hid her pregnancy from EJ because when she went to tell him she seen Nicole at mansion, not because she was afraid of EJ she was in love with ej, In fact she seen the announcement of his engagement of Nicole while in safe house and imagined it was her instead, she then came back went to see EJ after Lucas told her it was best she tell the man she loved about his baby and she went and seen Nicole and was jealous so did not say anything. I was livid with Sami then and I have been a Sami fan since day 1. EJ presented no danger to her or her child, he was the one who saved her from being killed when she witnessed a murder of the mayor, he was the one who went against his father to help the Bradys find John, he was the one against orders from police put pictures of her kids in her bag so she could have them.So when someone debates something and says EJ is so evil and they are scared and keep his kids away because of how afraid they are, it is not a fact, the facts are the facts and we cant change that. They both did it out of jealousy and or because they were mad about the other woman, Though Ej would have dropped Nicole in a NY min for Sami.
    Fact Rafe was gonna illegally adopt another mans child, and fact he was gonna break into hospital system to once again change a paternity test, fact He made himself the father of Nicole’s baby without no one asking him to.
    Opinion Rafe did this because he was jealous, Opinion Rafe wanted to protect this baby from its evil father. Opinion EJ is better for Sami then Rafe Opinion Rafe is better for Sami.
    Facts are facts opinions are opinions.Fact Marlena was possessed Opinion Marlena was just crazy.
    Sorry this became so much longer then intended sorry all and I Am in no way trying to call any one out we are all probably guilty of changing facts to our own opinions so much is left to our imagination, like will Ej Be evil again, will he and Sami last for many years or forever, Will Kristen snare John Or even Brady but some things are fact most are opinion My point is it becomes hard to discuss and debate when someone changes a fact to a opinion and says it over and over. I dont care how many times someone states their opinion, I LOVE hearing them all and discussing, I enjoy this blog and think each and every one of us contribute great discussions here, but we have to stop debating facts they make it hard. I Would never change a fact to suit my opinion unless I was unaware it was a fact, and If I Was corrected that is that, If someone said hey heres the interview or that video or whatever I would be like oh ok Thanks I did not see it that way glad you showed me, or oh ya ok Now I Understand.EXAMPLE I used to say Rafe never cared about Sami at all based off how he acted when they broke up but GALEN enlightened us on why that happened and I now know why, so Now I Say he does love her even if I think he loved Carrie as well.
    Once again all I just wanted to say that so we dont all get frustrated and it turns into bad things over here. I always try to keep the peace. I dont want people leaving again, or even the blog to be blocked from posts, not to say it was gonna happen but I thought why not chime in here and explain sometimes why one gets frustrated or what not.

    Memory lane videos

    Sami and Rafe in begiining, and Sami wanted to tell EJ the truth once again and Rafe telli
    ng her no

    This time she was afraid of Stefano, and wanted to get EJ out as well
    Funny Will stuff

  112. From patty

    SandyGram, that is because some people never learn and like to bait and attack posters at the risk of getting banned again just to defend a fictional character that is written to be evil. I was asked to ignore such posters and I will. I will keep posting on what I see and hear on the show and about whichever character I want to and the ones that don’t like what I have to say can ignore me just like I do them.
    Thanks SandyGram, you’re the best!

  113. From Tee

    Hey all

    I took a trip down memory lane watching this video makes you see how trully awful Stefano is, and how much of a hand he had in EJ
    Samis got a gun

    This next one is a wonderful trip down memory lane in regards to Anna and Roman, I forgot about those 2.
    Dimeras are not happy ELvis wishes to not be like them and a little Bo and Hope as well Enjoy
    I am really missing Bo
    Ahh so EJ does know a little about Kristen Blake,
    The poison

    The EJAMI plot against Stefano

    Lucas was wonderful then,
    Stefano”Its good to be back”

    Ej admits he is just a pawn of Stefanos, Stefano calls John his favorite Pawn.

    Steve is there to do someones bidding
    Bo tells Ej he should be a Dimera and gt rid of Tony and the other Bradys agree, EJ tries to mantain he will settle this his way, Funny they want him to commit murder
    Lexie and old Celeste and Theo hae some great scenes as well
    Steve admits he helped Steffie get his kidney, and hes bad again
    Steffie has a break down because EJ just keeps betraying him for the Bradys and refuses to be the man he wants him to be

    Hope and Steve make out for Steffie while Bo listens in
    Steffie decides he remembers about him and Hope and would also like a go at dinner with her.
    EJAMI discuss twins and custody agreement and EJ says he and Lucas can both be in their life the twins life.

    John and Roman discuss the doc , wow John looks very young here This is from 1998 Its a show down sorta

    John and Kristen at Smith island, this may explain to some why Kristen has such memories there
    From many years ago

    Alright everyone, I figured I would post some videos from the past for anyone to watch over weekend.Most are older stuff. Some are for Bo, Stefano,Kristen and John Tony/Andre Anna/Lexie and EJ and how he was being molded.

    With Nancy coming back I may look up a few of hers later to post unless anyone else that sees this would love to do that for us all to watch and get re acquainted with her

  114. From gerri

    All the craziness,that goes on with Sami/Rafe/EJ Is mind boggling,as with Patty and SandyGram,we like Rafe with Sami,have always supported them,I never thought their relationship was boring,I saw instead that They both seemed happy,saw lot’s of tender moments,doing things with the kids,etc.Until Sami’s tryst With EJ,then Carrie entered the picture,but writers thankfully,ended that S/L quickly.

    I personally think Sami’s relationships will always be short lived,to keep her character exciting.but at some point they need to,stop,and let her become more mature,instead of this bouncing back and forth.

    EJ in his quest has always had to
    depend on having some help,to pull her in,mostly from some member of his family.but hopefully before this show ends,all the S/L’s will be settled once and for all,and the couples will be with the ones,they shoud be Sami/Rafe fans might be dissapointed,but hopefully not,as the novels I read,I always pull for the good guys,because the good have to win eventually,and the bad,finally will have to pay,for all their misdeeds…..this is the way I see It,but again,it’s my opinion only…
    Happy Thanksgiving!!
    we all hopefully have lots to be thankful for,I know I do…..

  115. From Tee

    Hey all I posted some videos, so we can all watch some older stuff to catch up on Kristen/John a bit of Tony,Andre Anna Ej and How Stefano molded him and the abuse of Stefano, Some Bope moments, but my post did not work. Wondering IF i am just tired and typed in captcha wrong. I thought it would be a great little weekend of some videos, and with the show being off a few days next week It would give us something to do to prepare us for the flashback episode and just other random older tidbits. If anyone wouldlike to post their favorite moments old or new or even some Nancy stff that would be great. If my other post shows up soon, I tried to give descriptions so if you only wanted to see certain ones you could click those.
    I had found some good ones of john and Kristens first time at Smith island. If it did not post right I would be happy to post it. It has been so many years I enjoyed the little refreshers, I tried finding some old Caroline videos as well. I will post a few spoilers later unless Sandy or Patty or one of the other great spoiler hunters does it first, I Am tired lol I Spent a few hours watching old videos and I am gonna take a little nap.

    MAB #103 thanks for those spoilers and hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving to all the wonderful posters here I hope everyone has a great Holiday with loved ones and family.
    Also to the wonderful people who run this site and bring us this wonderful blog where we can discuss DAYS I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving as well, I know it is early still and not Thanksgiving yet but some may be traveling with family or to see family and not online much so safe travels all as well.
    Sandy~Patty~ We may not always get it right and agree, us blogers here but I think we have all done much better here at being more considerate, even when we dont agree. I try to be and know sometimes I get passionate about things as we all do here, but even I look back and say I hope my post came out right and I did not offend anyone with my passionate beliefs. We are all not going to agree and that is whats make it fun sometimes It is great to discuss our opinions here and share in our differences and love of these characters IMO.
    Have a great day ladies.

  116. From Tee

    I will post a few of the videos before my na as it seems It di not go through

    Sami seeks advice from Bo about afects of keeping a child from his real parent
    On it continues Sami decides not to tell EJ because of Stefano, and Sami wants to get EJ out that house,Sami wants to tell EJ the trth and Rafe tells her no they are not telling him.
    EJ promises to protecther and her children.

    NEXT 3 Are John and Kristen Smith Island

    Stefanos abuse to EJ This went on for a long time Here is one but EJ chose the Bradys over and over and Stefano gets abusive
    Sami brings a gun

    After months of EJ trying to do everything to protect Sami and end the Brady feud he goes against his father again, and Bo suggests he be a Dimera and bury Tony somewhere, EJ decides to deal with this as he has in a non violent way
    Lexie and Celeste in her as well, I miss her
    The old Theo is in this one.
    Anna and Roman hang out
    Steve goes back and forth Between Bradys and Dimera on information.

    Marlena tells a nervous NANCY OF samis innocence

    Ok Please anyone post what you like and enjoy

  117. From janiecake

    I’ve been thinking, maybe Nick will not want to raise Will’s baby and have the gay men be an integral part of his life. Gabi won’t want to lose him, so Will and Sonny will raise the child with Rafe and Sami hovering as family, grandma and uncle. Gabi will have visitations and whatnot, have her life with Nick. Could be a long term solution.

  118. From lucy

    If only they went for the abortion choice..first Gaby doesn’t need a child, secondly Will really really really doesn’t need to be tied to awful Gaby and finally it will be realistic, nowadays yes we have abortions and it can be a solution (i have one and it was the best choice for me at my age)..but of course Days being so conservative and predictable we will have to be subjected with boring Gaby baby drama..zzzzzzzzzzz.

  119. From Kat

    So Sorry patty, I will never address you again or talk about your blogs.
    All I meant is to have a little fun with you, since we all know how much you “Dislike” EJ, and you never try to hide it…
    If it came out the wrong way, I do apologize, but I do know that I did not mean for it to be Mean, just funny.
    I like the peace on here, always have and always will, and I would be an idiot to openly try to attack you, and I was also asked to ignore such posters.
    So let it stop right here and now….
    I am moving on,
    Happy Thanksgiving to all, stay safe out on the road.

  120. From Kat

    Should be the New PC word on here. Sounds good to Me… OK with everybody…
    I also like to use the word “Like” myself instead of Love….

  121. From Kat

    Pulse Report for week 11/05

    EJ and Sami, No.1 fav. actor
    EJami, No. 1 fav. couple
    Congrats. to James and Allyson

    John No. 4
    Kristin NO. 10

    John and Kristin as a couple No.7
    People must like John and Kristin together. Congrats..

  122. From Maryl

    Kat–thanks for the Pulse Report!
    I love the results! EJ and Sami–Yeah!! Oh, by the way, I do not hate Rafe–I don’t like him because of his nosy and interferring personality. If he ever gets over that, I may actually start to like him. I, will not stop defending EJ, however, when he is being stoned–nor will I expect the Rafe fans to stop defending Rafe.
    Our high school is putting on “Beauty and the Beast” and I will be going to see that in about l hr. I love that fairy tale! Maybe our “beast” EJ, will also reform himself and the DiMera spell will be lifted somewhat so he can start being his own man for good. I can wish can’t I?? Ha!

  123. From Lacey

    EJ sickened me on the last show. What a creep. To say what he said to Nicole literally made me gasp. Can he not see it is his pure ugly evilness that causes women like Sami and Micole to do anything they can to keep him away from his own children? He once again proved today what a monster he is. To comment about her two dead babies in the way he did! To a woman who is emotionally on the ledge and could attempt to take her life again? Is that what the puke wanted. I don’t care how handsome some of you think he is, to me when someone is so vile inside, that’s what I see on the outside. So he is very very ugly to me. I almost puke everytime he enters a room. He is lower than a snake in a tire’s rut!

  124. From SandyGram

    Terrell Ransom (Theo Carver) was on this weeks CSI Show. He’s always done such a wonderful job portraying Theo as the young autistic boy and most recently who also lost his mother. On CSI we see another side to his acting abilities, a more animated boy living in a difficult situation with a single mom. A full range young man with a long acting career ahead.

  125. From Tee

    Hello all!!

    Kat thanks for posting those results, I love that they make to 3 in all soaps every week, and number 1 on Days.

    #118 Maryl I dont hate Rafe either, I dont hate any character actually not even Stefano, I dislike Stefano at times he is very evil, but at times I enjoy him he brings so much to the show.What would Salem do without him? It might be boring without some kind of conflict and evil going on.
    I hope you enjoyed your school play

    Ok some spoilers below will answer some stuff we been talking about

    Nick thinks at first Gabi is pregnant with Chad, and Chad almost finds out, Chad leaves and Will walks in and says he is the father.

    Nick will tell Gabi and Will noone can know of her pregnancy especially Sonny, he later decides he and Gabi should get married

    Brady oer hears Kristens confession in church and is stunned to learn she thinks he is amazing, Kristen is confessing as she feels awful she feels this way about Johns son.

    Brady then follows Kristen home…

    Marlena keeps some secrets of her own from John

    Marlena gets down to snooping through Kristen’s things..busted but Brady convinces Kristen she should keep this from John

    Marlena sees something at Kristens that may make her say ohhh

    Chad warns Sonny of Gabi and Wills closeness, neither has no idea she is pregnant

    Sonny wants to be there for Will with whatever is bothering him, Will does not enlighten him

    Sami does not exactly spill Gabis secret

    After Rafe learns the secret he and Sami believe Gabi is planning abortion, she is but does not go through with it.

    Mama Sami still has no idea Will is the babys father uh ohh

    Father Eric tells Hope he believes Nicole can change and that she will

    A crying Caroline feels the need to apologize to Daniel about switching Parkers paternity tests and so she does, he forgives her of course.

    Daniel goes for his miracle cure of tremors, meanwhile Maggie is upset Jen would even suggest such a thing as the risks are too high, she urges Jen to sto Daniel from making the mistake, Jen indeed goes to Dan but offers her support instead
    The diagnostic test failed for Dans tremor cure
    Dec 1st week spoilers
    Kristen tells EJ someone is gonna get the huge shock of their life

    Rafe walks in on a close moment between EJ and Sami

    John is feeling guilty as hes hiding something from Marlena

    A little treat for Christmas episodes

    Doug and Julie will be there
    Someones child will come home

    Many character favorites will be ringing in the holidays for Christmas together
    All spoilers above are for last week of Nov and first week in Dec except the Christmas tidbit

    Spoilers came from NATIONAL ENQUIRER,Tv guide,Days
    and other sources

  126. From Leah

    Some say… EJ this, Sami that, Ejami BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! We GET THE POINT…. you don’t like EJ and Sami together. Goodness me if you don’t like them so much WHY OH WHY do you spend so much time and energy posting about them??? I don’t get it. If you dislike them so much why not comment on things that interest you on Days? Storylines that you feel have potential etc. I’m over your whinging, wining and complaining. You’ve called out Ejami fans many a times saying to us this is not the Ejami show or no one pairing etc makes or breaks a show. I think some of you need to go back and take your own advice and read your own one eyed bias posts and stop being so hypocritical yourselves. I am not be a Safe fan but at least every post I post doesn’t have to talk about Rafe or Safe. I like to comment on other aspects of the show as well. To be honest it just makes you sound bitter and twisted.

  127. From Leah

    And as sour graped as some people are EJAMI do have plenty of us fans out here. The polls over and over again (unless on a particular fan based bias site) only confirm what we have already long known.
    The majority want Ejami. Lumi have had their time, Safe have had their time and now hopefully its Ejamis time. Well, fingers crossed anyway. We Ejami fans have been burned plenty of times. I reckon we should proceed with caution – ha, ha! :)

  128. From Tee

    Sandy#120 Thanks for posting about Theo and I Think my daughter dvrs that I Will have to check and watch it.

    Leah yes some do
    I know EJ is not gonna be a complete do gooder, and of course those who expect him to bea saint will have some to say as he progresses along about him being evil, But hes not gonna be he is gonna be more grey for a while, I hoe he still schemes here and there that is what I like about his character, and Samis, Kates, etc.
    A little scheming makes for great tv.

    SANDY~ #105 Yes EJ said some things that were not nice, I expected him to say alot worse, I just rewatched when he blew up on Sami, over Grace wow Nicole is super lucky all he did is tell her Dan,Rafe,Brady nor him will ever love her and that she wanted to be with her babies, well EJ did say their baby died so he referred to it as his child as well.He needed to have his say and he did, He is actually done with Nicole though as long as she stays out of his life. So nope no taunting coming in the near future he said his peace.Ej lost a child too and itis sad when viewers think he has no rights to be upset, Nicole can plot scheme, try to send a innocent woman to prison and she is sympathized with? I guess I am confused do some think only Dimeras can be evil. Nicole has fit all the classifications in my book as evil, she has shot, killed, hired hitmen, stole babies, plotted schemed manipulated, used sex to get what she wants, took bribes over love, tried to send a innocent woman to jail so she can use her dead child to get a man once again, and she has the right but EJ does not? It is so confusing to me, sometimes it is hard to debate when some think anyone can do what they want unless you are a Dimera or more specifically EJ Dimera. Nicole has out done EJ just about on what she will do. Sad thing is EJ did wrong things but most was in direct response to things done to him, Sami his Grace from him, then allowed for Rafes name to be on his babys headstone so he took his own daughter and let Sami believe she was dead, yep Sami started that one.
    I rewatched many old videos yesterday and I seen again Sami went to tell EJ the truth but seen him having sex with Nicole she turned away and began to cry then seen the mayor shot, she went into wit protection where EJ sneaks her pics of her kids, While there she cried and imagined she was gonna marry EJ when she seen his engagement announcement to Nicole, Once again when she returned she had planned to tell EJ but then seen Nicole at mansion and jealous as ever she left, btw Rafe was gonna leave Salem as he felt Sami was still in love with EJ, later she decided she needed to stop his wedding to Nicole and tell him her tire got flat she was frantic trying to get therein time to stop that wedding. MEANWHILE Rafe was telling Sami over and over not to tell EJ even when she said it is her choice, she even told Rafe she wanted to save EJ and get him out of the Dimera mansion when Stefano was going on about revenge for Tony.
    Rafe also told Sami he wanted to adopt Grace and Sami thought it meant he wanted to marry her and be a family and he said no. Sami tried to tell EJ either her jealousy of Nicole got in way, Rafe did or Stefano. AS EJ confronts her and Rafe she even tells him she tried but seen him with Nicole, EJ accuses her of anting to stop his wedding out of jealousy as well, meanwhile Rafe after being punched by EJ tells EJ hehas a right to be mad and to calm down.
    Oh lets not forget when Rafe asked Sami if he could adopt Grace he even tells Sami EJ would never let anything hapen to Johnny as he loves his son.Wow!!
    Sister Theresa even tells her to tell Ej the truth and Sami tells rafe to which he gets mad and says no she cannot,when Sami tells him it is not his decision and walks off he kneels down to Grace and says he wants to be her father and how seems Sami is not going to let him. Sounds to me lie Rafe wanted Grace to be his child not because Sami was afraid of EJ She wanted to tell him over and over and he kept stopping her, but because he was selfish and wanted a child. He was going to leave Salem because of this, That is what people forget but you can always refresh your memories anyone who wishes to and watch the clips on youtube.

    I am not sure why people insist she or Nicole did this out of fear for their life or fear of their child’s life it just is not true, we have actual clips that say it and Ari said she did it because EJ slept with Sami in a interview, she plays Nicole and so she should know why.

    I Do believe Nicole reached her breaking point and believed EJ would seek revenge of course she believed that, but never would he have done anything to her or that baby if she was truthful with him, and either way he is not going to now even though she lied.

    I Also watched Stefano physically and mentally abuse EJ over and over because he defied his father and helped the Bradys at every turn and his beloved Samantha.

    I also watched Bo Brady tell EJ to be a Dimera and deal with Tony Who was really Andre and bury him somewhere. They een treated him as dirt, after he saved their butts oer and over again and his life was in danger form his own family Roman the saintly SPD told him his life was not important and they would not offer him any protection WOW really They tried to kill him for his betrayal and helping them and SAMI and that is how they were gonna treat them, oh but E did not stop he kept helping the ungrateful Bradys until he had to go to a safe house finally.
    EJ believes he was a pawn like John was in those days, maybe he was.
    Tony/Andre announced to EJ he would be stealing her baby as it was gonna be brought up by Dimeras and EJ threatened him and saved Sami and well his life was on the line then as well.
    Meanwhile his fatha was slaing him, backhanded calling him a low life worthless no good, and saying he wished he never had him over and over for months and months, EJ still claimed he would not allow any harm to Sami, His baby, or the Bradys.
    Oh then ater Sami made love to him, left for Lucas went to safe house, his his child from him and lied, that is when he changed. Why not? The person he defied his fatha for put his own life on the line suffered degradation for and beatings for just played with you all he had left was his fatha and he fell as Stefano wanted him to all along.When he first came to SALEM He was doing his fathers bidding, he told Andre Stefano had been molding him the prince for 20 years but he fell in love and he changed and what for in the end all he had left was his father. Now he is trying to change and distance himself once again and be his own man and I am enjoying that side of him, That side I seen from May 2007 on where he went against his father even though neither side respected him was what made me root for him as a character.
    How could I Really root for Rafe without the EJAMI story what is Rafe? He made it clear he just wanted to be Graces father not be with Sami, then once again he finds another child he can take Nicoles. See I remember all this stuff. I also remember when he told Arianna and she said again?? Again what, he has some issues and I hope we find out what.
    I remember when Sami sat for hours telling him her whole life and begiing him to tell her one thing about his self and he refused he finally did only to call her names and storm out unhappy, he told her his life is his business and he had no intentions of ever sharing any of that with her, hopefully he finds a woman he feels he can be honest with and a woman he allows to know him and be there for him because that Woman was not Sami Brady.
    So there is some of why I Dont lie him with Sami and some of why I AM a EJ fan even after what he did or did not do.
    Thanks to any who read it

  129. From Tee

    SANDY~ I just seen my post above where I wrote in response to you did not separate when I was done. I Did not want you to think all that was to you so it should cut off at where I said EJ said his peace. Sorry I am still using a touch screen and I hit next line but I guess it did not work. The rest was just a in general response and to nobody in particular thanks.

    Also sorry all that post above is super long if anyone is interested in seeing about when Kristen and John were at smith Island together years ago it is on youtube, I have been watching some older episodes there for last few nights, lots of good stuff there, been watching some old Bope stuff as well as I miss Bo(sigh)

  130. From Shani

    Leah 122 I agree with the point of your post but I’m coming from the other side of it. You are the exception & you do not do it, but most of the other EJ/EJami fans write negatives about Rafe in almost every one of their posts. If they dislike him so much why spend so much time on him?! I don’t like EJ/Ejami but I don’t write about him/them every time. Other aspects of the show are interesting to me, not only Sami/Rafe/EJ. In fact, the round-about with those 3 has become so boring that other aspects of the show are even MORE interesting. I don’t know if Rafe & Sami will ever get back together or not & I’m past the point of caring. But I’m pretty sure EJ will scheme to get Sami – EJ will get Sami – EJ & Sami will break-up – back to square one! In the meantime, there’s the whole rest of the show going on with lots of other good stuff.

  131. From Leah

    Thanks Shani! If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a dozen times… while I don’t like Rafe with Sami or his attitude towards EJ (way before Rafe knew EJ or had even moved to Salem) I DO think Rafe has lots of potential. I just wish the writers would write him a good storyline. One where he is the centre of it. I’m fed up with him being the third spoke in the Ejami wheel. For the life of me I cannot understand why Days have not already introduced us to Emily. Yes, I know they say she’s dead but she wouldn’t be first on Days to come back to life. With Emily on the scene I reckon it would not only open up all the mystery to Rafes past but also tell us more about him and them. I have my fingers crossed so heres hoping.
    As for EJ and Sami… I love them both. They do annoy me sometimes but I love their greyness and really do think they were made for each other. They are simply two peas in a pod. And while I’d like them together I DON’T want them to turn into goody too shoes. I reckon Days has enough of them.
    Now change of subject…. what do you all think about Brady with Kristen? I’m a Bricole fan but I have to say Brady and Kristen have a certain buzz/chemistry. I hope Bradys not going to get burned yet again. Talk aobut unlucky in love.
    As for Nicole, I’m glad Eric has come into her life. Here’s hoping he’ll be able to get through to her.

  132. From Maryl

    Tee, loved your post. Everything is so true of how things have gone down for EJ. I remember all of that stuff. That’s why I too am pulling for him. I want to see him make a permanent change and become his own man, not Stefano’s pawn. Keep EJ on the grey side, like Sami, but do away with all that stupid evil stuff that is handed to him to commit. Most of the time it is started by Stefano and then EJ is pulled into it. Being manipulated all his life by Stefano, makes him easy prey for Stefano to draw him into his crazy games and schemes. Only Sami can help EJ pull himself out of this downward spiral. He loves her and their children and will do anything for them. The two of them can draw strength from each other and tackle anything. That’s part of the chemistry that they have. They only need to stop trying to hurt one another and use that energy into loving each other. They can do this because both of them love their kids. Sami will have to realize that it’s EJ she loves and that she needs to let that love rise above all the naysayers in her family. Sami doesn’t need to change for EJ’s sake–he has already told her many times that he loves all of her just the way she is. EJ needs to learn that solving problems the DiMera way that he was taught, is the wrong way!

    Shani–what you posted is so true. It comes from both sides of the fence. Just look at some of the above blogs about EJ. He is called horrible names by some. I don’t see Rafe being called all the bad names as EJ. Rafe is criticized by EJami fans but he is not called all those horrible names. He is usually criticized about his actions and possibly his looks, (I stand guilty on that).
    Speaking for myself, most of the comments on Rafe are brought about by a degrading negative blog about EJ. In describing EJ, we constantly see words like creep, evil, slimeball, puke, monster, etc. That in itself makes an EJ fan feel the need to defend the character. Not necessarily to always excuse him, but to reiterate that we understand why he did what he did and what led him to the desperate acts in the first place. Understanding the character makes a difference on how he is viewed–EJ has been molded, trained, and manipulated by an evil mastermind of a father since he was a young boy. Also what has been drilled into his head is this family loyalty–in other words loyalty to Stefano and everything that goes with the package. EJ has also suffered from manipulations of women who he loved through their lies and deceit.
    I respect other bloggers opinions, but debating an opinion is not disrespectful IMO–isn’t that what a debate is all about? If we are not suppose to debate on this blog site, than please let me know. And as we all know, debates can get heated. It’s the personal attacks on a blogger and the name calling that I have a hard time condoning.
    Shani, if you can influence the bloggers who dislike EJ so much to tone down their descriptives of him, I am willing to bet that the attacks on Rafe will go down too.

    Leah, I agree with your post!

    I am looking forward to the Eric and Nicole storyline. For at least a couple of years, I found only EJ and Sami to be interesting. That’s why my blogs are usually always about them. We need some more good stuff coming across from Days.

  133. From Tee

    LEAH#127 Great post I actually am looking forward to Seeing How Brady and Kristen are together, lets face it John will be with marlena in end anyway and I think Kristenis beautiful, she was not always bad,Stefano and losing her baby had a hand in that. I know things will heat up soon between those 2

    I too look forward to seeing what kind of chemistry Rafe can build with a woman more to his fitting. I may not think Rafe is the guy for Sami but perhaps they could bring in Emily that would be awesome as we can get more of his story.

    I understand the whole Brady/Dimera feud by why must they pit every family against the Dimera?
    That is what is goingon now with the Hernandez story they become nothing without Dimeras, Gabi is moving a bit in another story but if people realised the big part Chad is gonna play in this, it makes you shake your head. I liked her with Nick but That is ending for me because of his stance on hiding the paternity and pretending he is the father, how could he even suggest that? Will has been through a tornado over last few months and is finally happy and Nick wants to make him swear to tell noone its his baby and wants to marry gabi and be the daddy ughh, makes my head spin.
    Then you have Chad lurking who has no idea and gets advice from his brotha, and well Chad may be the one to blow this whole story out the water at the wedding in January.

    I thought Will was honorable in his talks with Gabi and seemed to want to be there for her, he even offered to drop out of school, I can imagine when Sami finds out this secret and all the ones involved in keeping it, watch out.
    She was so supportive of Gabi, and even will find a indirect way of telling Rafe, so when they keep her grandchild form her uhh ohh. I do wonder will Will be later told it was a mistake its not really his child? Or will he know and let Nick pretend to play daddy? I am gonna guess they find a way to change their story and make Will believe he is not the daddy eventually but time will tell and Wills reactions down the line will tell as well.

    Tidbit for Rafe fans he will not be on Christmas Day in Salem.

    I too Hope Brady does not get hurt, I was a John/Kristen fan before, but I am open to Brady and Kristen, very open to that, I am ok with John and Marlena together,They have been through alot, but I would also have liked her with Roman more.
    What I liked about Jarlena was they had so much to overcome he has done so much crazy things as the pawn and all his identity crisis’s and all the drama they endured They are not my favorite couple but I can enjoy them as I do like them as a couple and it has been so long for John and Kristen, who knows though I could end up liking them but so far I am wanting Kristen elsewhere.

  134. From Tee

    MARYL~128 Great post and Thanks we agree on what we want from EJ. I have seen him struggle and almost make it so many times maybe this time he will, I like him grey.

    I also agree with what you said about scrolling up and seeing the difference in Posts about Rafe, and Posts about EJ from opposing fanbases. I have not seen any EJAMI fan call Rafe a creep, disgusting,vile,puke etc. Majority I see say they dont dislike RAFE we just want to see him in a relationship that dont involve Sami because we feel they are not meant to be. That I think is the difference, for example I think Stefano is evil but I am actually a STATE fan, and I dont generally root for Stefano in story lines at all. He is usually in the wrong IMO. I enjoy what he brings to the show though and like his story lines,a nd love him with Kate. It is a great match.
    I want Rafe to have what I think is a great match, a woman who wont cheat and puts him 1st, a woman he trusts enough to tell his secrets and life to, He knew Carrie all of a few months and was telling her his secrets, perhaps he would have told her more about his mystery life he would not tell Sami. I am not a fan of EJOLE for sure but like you I was a Bricole fan, but I want to see this chemistry with Eric because I know they were very much in love before.

    So yes I Agree much Rafe stuff gets brought up in defense of EJ and its usually because EJ is being called names I would not call my worst enemy even, some are pretty harsh. We all have our opinions and its wonderful but It is hard when a fan base says such vile things. I have seen Rafe called a liar alot, I have seen some say he likes his woman barefoot and in the kitchen,self riotous, boring. Yep scrolling up and remembering those are words some people use to describe him
    Words used by people who dislike E have been sickening,creep,puke,monster,vile,disgusting, those ones were actually not too far up.
    This is not singling anyone out just trying to show why perhaps fans want to defend EJ when he is called names, oh he is also called a schemer, liar, manipulator cold blooded ahh those dont bother me too much if he is really doing those things, I dont mind him being called a schemer many are schemers on this show.

    Ok found something from oe Mascalo that says alot about how Dimera are viewed and his take on it
    In 2012, after breaking up the character’s marriage to Lauren Koslow’s Kate Roberts, making him responsible for his own daughter, Lexie Carver, played by Renée Jones’s death and undoing his father/son relationship with James Scott’s EJ DiMera, the character appeared to have been written into a corner. With nearly the entire town gunning for Stefano, several sources later confirmed that Stefano was indeed being killed off with Mascolo last appearing alive on June 4, 2012.[17] Mascolo discussed his disapproval in an interview with Soap Opera Digest:[18]
    Every single thing that went wrong in Salem was Stefano’s fault. Every single thing. He got blamed for everything. When Stefano got blamed for this business with Lexie illness, I got very angry. Stefano and his daughter had an absolutely pure relationship. I adore Renee Jones (Lexie). When she came to my dressing room and said, “I’m going to be leaving soon, and this is what is going to happen,” I said, “Oh, no!”[19]
    It was very difficult. The bottom line Stefano is will always be about family. So when they wrote that, I couldn’t figure it out. In all honesty, Stefano nor EJ would have had wanted it that way. As a matter of fact when James Scott (EJ) saw the business that Elvis wasn’t Stefano’s son, we both went, “No, that’s wrong.” We didn’t want it that way.[19]

    Well wouldn’t he like to know EJ really has taken over for him in more ways then he knows.Because now everyone can just blame him.

    Meanwhile you have Nick and Gabi scheming and manipulating to cover up Gabis crimes on Melanie and the town of Salem, by blackmailing Chad, Now they will cover up a paternity.
    Meanwhile you have Nicole who lied about her babies death and tried to put a innocent woman in prison

    Meanwhile you have 2 men who are supposed to be honorable men 1 cop and 1 doctor who tried to keep a child from its biological father

    Meanwhile a man gets busted for lying to his ex wife/girlfriend.
    All the above was blamed on EJ Dimera By people or Chad. Funny how fast people forgot what Gabi did and that she made no attempt at redemption but Chad is to blame now he is the crazy one all because he wanted to keep Mel safe, and did not want her hurt anymore by knowing her so called best friend wanted her out the picture wow Chad you are so bad and evil.

    Yep so I agree with Joe Mascolo, except now his prince can get all the blame.

  135. From Maryl

    Tee, you said it! My feelings exactly!!

  136. From gerri

    good points made in lot’s of posts,concerning the relationship,between Sami,,Rafe,and EJ,I don’t believe the writers will make a permament couple,This will keep some fans happy and some angry,all at the same time.I agree there is way too much focus put,on this S/L while there are lots more going on,with different characters,that should keep us interested.

  137. From Kat

    Tee, EJ and Sami indiv. characters and as couple – are No. 1 out of All four Soaps on the air….
    I have never seen Rafe being called the names that EJ has been called consistently over and over again… oh and you forgot.. “Slime, A$$ etc.
    Most of us would like for Rafe to get a better SL, because he is really not much just hanging around EJ and Sami..
    and constantly trying to get one over on EJ…like being obsessed about EJ’s Babies…
    Tee, I did not see EJ “blow up at Nicole”, I thought he was very “calm and direct”, letting His pain out. He had every right to do that, he was the Most Hurt Person, next to Nicole in this whole Mess. Good Job Dr. Dan and Rafe.. and now this
    “Horrible Person and injured party” is letting You Both off.. scott free…

    Not another “who is the daddy ” tell Sonny and if he has any problems, then He is Not the Man for you.
    No more lies, and Nick who do you think you are… out of prison, blackmailing Chad about Gaby’s Crimes, now we hear planning to claim the child as his own, withholding a child from his real family.
    Will, this is your child, be a Man and claim it.
    We all knew that Brady and Kristin will become an item, just how will John re-act to all this.
    Should be interesting.
    Tee, thanks for the History, I remember it all.
    Glad somebody had the good sense to reverse all the stupid SL’s about Stefano being dead, and also not EJ’s father. Never bought that Stefano was responsible for the Gas in the tunnels, and thus for Lexie’s death. Look what all the Gas did to the Town Square,…I still blame the explosion on Gaby and Andrew, And Andrew’s Lighter…..setting of the first explosion, and then etc. etc…
    128 Maryl, good stuff, yes we have Rafe vs. EJ fans, but nothing will ever come close to the Name calling that EJ gets… nothing.. there is just pure “dislike” there. We will always have our fav. characters and talk about them and disagree and slightly bicker… of course, but it could be without the one sided name calling, and I am not talking about harmless name calling but .. you know what I mean.

  138. From Kat

    124 Tee, I just re-read your post,
    and wow, you were not talking about Nicole and EJ’s talk,
    you were talking when EJ “blew” up at Sami over Grace..
    Lady, I assumed, sorry about that….
    because I did not see EJ blow up at Nicole when he put out his feelings about the tragic loss of their child.
    I better read more closely.
    Well anyway, hope we are good.
    Will somebody please ask Julie and Doug what they uncovered when they went to Africa, concerning Alice’s secret Bank account. Or will that also get shuffed under the rug.
    I can see new writers coming in with their own SL’s and new ideas..
    but so many times I have commented, the Number One concern should be the viewers.
    Do your best to close out some SL’s you do not want to pursue, at least let Mr.and Mrs. Williams address the Africa trip, even just to tell us, Sorry, but could not find a things, and then sort of put that Unresolved Plot to rest…. can always be re-opened at another time, or not.
    I hope that when Stefano comes back, they will talk about him and John being brothers,
    it could be so grrrrrrrrrreat to involved them all. Doesn’t have to be Kissy face, LOL
    but let them interact ..In all reality, Marlena and John are after all Mr.and Mrs. Ryan/John DiMera, like it or not.

    132 gerri, I very much believe that Sami and EJ will become a “permanent” couple for a while, as much as the Soap protocol allows. Sooner or later, All couple go through problems/break ups/make ups/and so on, after all it’s a soap, and the drama must go on, or no exciting SL’s for us viewers.
    Sami and EJ are so long overdue, we fans have been patient, suffered through Safe way to long now it is EJami Time….
    Rafe fans … be gracious, you had your time, now it is ours, more than fair..

  139. From Kat

    Rumor, somebody is going Missing…who will it be..

  140. From Kat

    My guess…. it’s BO…. who else…

  141. From Linda

    Rafe isn’t called as bad names as EJ is called because Rafe is not as bad a person as EJ. Like Rafe or don’t like Rafe, can’t argue he has done anything as bad as EJ has done.

  142. From Kat

    137, Hi Linda, I hear you, but could it also be, that in regards to Rafe, most of us use a bit more restraint when it comes to Name calling,
    EJ “DisLikers” just go overboard with the Name calling IMO.
    I do however respect your opinion…but some of the names EJ has been called, not cool, names I would never use in my personal life, that’s for sure, and my family knows that and is proud of me….and that is a Fact period.

    Please do not call out an entire fanbase over one or two posters. This is what incites people on the comment section as it is not true. ADMIN

  143. From Maryl

    So Linda, are you admitting that EJ is called bad names more often than Rafe? If so, that is definitely a true assessment. The part about the badness, however, happens to be an opinion formed by the discernment and understanding of each viewer/fan. Some like EJ and some like Rafe. Nothing wrong with that. They are fictional characters, meant to entertain us. It’s perfectly understandable that the viewers will differ with their opinions. Speaking for myself, EJ is a lot more interesting and therefore more
    entertaining than Rafe. Rafe has to cling to EJ and Sami to have a SL. I actually feel sorry for his character–the writers need to give him something of his own to carry out. As far as EJ doing more bad than Rafe, EJ fans have never stated that he hasn’t. We know and admit that he has, we just see and understand why he does that stuff. There’s always a reason behind it, pushing him into a revenge mode–he is a DiMera afterall. Rafe, however, is not innocent either in a lot of ways. He has a hard time minding his own businesss for one and he has broken the law many times to suit himself just to feed his self-righteous needs to play the hero for a damsel in distress. Problem with that is that he is a cop. He is sworn to uphold the law, but instead he chooses to bend it whichever way it suits him.

  144. From SandyGram

    It’s half time so thought I’d sneak in with a couple of questions:

    - Where is Nicole living now? Is she just wondering the HTS with no place to go?

    - Who’s mayor now?
    Now a couple of exercises, get a little stiff on Football Sunday’s.

  145. From Kat

    139 Maryl, have I ever told you, that You Rock, you are so spot on.
    Yes we know our Boy is bad times,
    but usually because somebody crossed him or did him wrong…
    Rafe crosses the lines of Law, he swore to uphold, just to get at EJ for whatever the reason, insecurity, jealousy, making himself look good to some women,
    whatever, it is pathetic at times anymore.
    Rafe, get a live, help raise the new little Hernandez/Brady coming to Salem pretty soon. At least nobody is trying to keep that baby from you or the Hernandez family, so be happy.

    The “Feud” between EJ/Rafe fans will never stop any time soon,
    so let’s agree to disagree, and keep on giving our opinions without all the “vile” name calling of EJ….We know he is bad at times, but that is the way his character is supposed to be, to make the story work, but most of us still like the character because he makes the show, he makes the show worth watching, and of course he is not bad to look at…
    But now IMO, EJ has competition, Eric Brady, gorgeous, sexy, what a voice, in a different way. Poor Eric however, what a
    plight before him, Nicole will certainly complicate His Life, but what a Story to watch.
    Lots of posting, but I felt like it today…

  146. From Leah

    # 134 Kat… loved your post about being fair and gracious. Its spot on and I couldn’t have said it better myself.
    Have to say I’ve done a bit of Days surfing on the internet today. WOW! Brady and Nicole, Philip and Chloe and Patrick and Hope were hot together. Apart from Emily, Rex and Mimi coming back to Salem those pairings are definitely on my Days wishlist.

  147. From Linda

    Nope nothing wrong with EJ fans or Rafe fans. To each his own. I love Rafe. Truly. Ever since he came on the show. I see him as one of the good guys, has a sexy way about him, a real man’s man and I don’t mind when he crosses the line sometimes. I would give anything to meet the actor, Galen, someday. EJ is way too ruthless for me. Gets what he wants in dishonest ways, scheming, and I think the reason he does the things he does is self serving. In many ways I think he needs to grow up. He makes life entirely about him and what he wants. My opinion.

  148. From Tee

    Hello all!!

    Kat~ Of course we are good,and I agree about eric he is hot, Time will tell where I like him best and I am looking forward to seeing his attraction To Nicole and their chemistry.

    Gerri~ I know some would like us to not talk about EJAMI or Rafe but we do as well as other aspects of the show, I think we do fine here even when we disagree. Talking about those 3 just is not gonna stop and it should not they are a huge part of show and interest people.

    Sandy good question I too wonder where she is living most likely in a hotel now again

    Kat I too would love to see John be more of a fmaily like why not with EJ and even Chad, i want to see it addressed as well as the Africa stuff, which could in some way get addresses time will tell soon.

    I ALSO Think it is Bo who will disapear as well.

    KAT forgot to add yes You are right EJ in no way blew up on Nicole, I was saying how lucky she is he did not as he did Sami, but I Guess some see it different. We see it the same and No worries you thought I meant Nicole, It was a long post lol

    Leah #142 I have been enjoying watching some older stuff, even Evil Andre wow he was electric and brought so much to the show at the time even if it was all evil Evil evil.

    Yes it is very true they love to put drama in couples lives, I believe EJ will be like John is to Marlena and Bo is to Hope for Sami but along the way things will get in the way, seems this time we will at least get a while hopefully a long while

    SANDY I hope you enjoyed the game I love watching football and today I wrote no articles so it was bliss I took this week off from anything as I am covering the Thanksgiving game, which may cut into my black friday shopping.

  149. From Clear

    Gerri, I so agree with you, ———– I noticed that you also pointed out the over the top heterosexual scenes too. What two consenting adults do should be private, and I do not need all the bedroom details! Good writers could write much better stories than they are giving us. If it were not for a couple main characters I have watched for years, I would be done with Days.

    I see it says Nicole goes to see Jen. Enough already with them in the same room–over and not interesting now. BTW, how and where is Nicole going to live–where is her money coming from now?.

    These writers have now dropped all the loose ends never tied up regarding Alice, Rafe, and whatever happened to Quinn? He just sold out and left? Why was he really in Salem? Also,is Phillip really Parker’s father?

    There will be no gay bashing on soapoperafan. It is not tolerated. ADMIN

  150. From bobby

    Glad to see Gabbi, Will, and Sonny are making adult decisions. (unlike some adults on the show) Not sure how Nick will re-act, as he seems a little toooo jealous of Will. Do not like the expected hook-up of Brady and Kristen. Can’t imagine sleeping with someone his father was involved with. Bad enough he had an affair with his grandfather’s ex. He’s to good looking to settle for family hand-me-downs. I know-Nick did the same thing with Chelsea and Billy. YUCK! And for all you Sami,E.J.,Nichole supporters-Dr.Dan and Jen were really hot on Friday! Can’t wait until the story line picks up on Abe and Kayla.

  151. From SandyGram

    #111, #113, #116 Tee
    These posts didn’t show up until this AM, I think I last accessed the site about 10:30 PM last night.

    You’ve been a busy bee Tee. I go back and look at old videos at times for a refresher also….You’ve given me a lot of good information to ponder upon. I’m going to “try” to post based on what I saw on a given day, which was my original intent when I began posting on this site. I find going back in history leads to talking about the past more than what’s happening on the show right now. There is little continuity in the story lines any more it’s almost impossible to say how the past affects the current story’s, especially with things related to dates, like birthdays and ages. So for me, it’s just easier to comment on the show as I see them.

  152. From Kat

    142 Kat,
    To The Admin… I apologize to the the Fan Base. In my mind I knew I meant only one or two, like you said. It came out wrong, and I see what you mean.
    I will try to be more accurate and precise in the future.
    Again, all you non-guilty fans, I am so sorry… Are we good now…

    Thank-you. Admin

  153. From patty

    Well, the spoiler that says Sami doesn’t really tell Rafe was wrong because she does. Not only does she tell Rafe she then runs to the pub with Rafe and blurts it out to an unsuspecting Nick.
    Gabi and Will sadly agree on an abortion and are trying to gather up the money to do it right away before anybody else finds out. As Gabi waits in the park for Will, Lucas runs into her just before Will shows up saying he only needs another 50 bucks. Lucas is suspicious.
    After another quarrel between John and Marlena over the deleted phone messages and Kristen playing the miss innocent part yet again, she then finds Marlena alone and thanks her with a big satisfied smirk on her face. Time to really kick some butt Marlena, it’s all up to you since your men are too dumb to see what she’s up to. Loved when Marlena told her to “leave, you cunniving bitch”.

  154. From jennifer

    Still wondering why there was no funeral for Nicole’s baby…she was close to her due date.It’s nice to be able to post comments, but wow, some of these are way too long to read!!!! LOL!!!

  155. From Kat

    154 jennifer,
    since you are not the first one to talk about “Long Comments’
    Maybe We should ask the Administration to comment, what their thoughts/rules are about that subject.
    I know, I am guilty of writing on and on, and I of course do not mind anybody else doing the same thing.
    I for one enjoy reading all the thoughts posted, you sort of get to know the other person a bit…

    Jennifer, I am still wondering why they did Not have service for Nicole and EJ’s little boy, and what name is on the tombstone….Good point.
    They said, she was two weeks before Her due date, to me that is a “PERSON” and should be respected respected. Maybe Father Eric can hold a Memorial Service for that little boy….Please writers, what an over site IMO.
    There, I am getting wordy again…LOL

    There is no issue with long comments. We encourage everyone to enjoy themselves. The guidelines will be posted in each spoiler page from this point on at the end of Matt’s posts for anyone to read. Admin

  156. From patty

    Marlena walks in on Kristen and is shocked by what she sees. ( Maybe she sees Susan talking to herself)
    Jennifer pays Daniel a surprise visit. (What is surprising about that? They see each other every day.)
    EJ tries to arrange a menacing plot with Kristen. (Not surprising at all)
    John feels guilty about something he is withholding from Marlena. (The fact that he’s dumber than a box of rocks?)
    Kristen tells EJ someone is about to get the shock of their life. (gasp!)
    Rafe walks in on a moment between EJ and Sami. (Snooze!)

  157. From L.G.

    First the writers turn Will into a gay character, and now Gabi is going to have an abortion?? I am not against the gay community, but I am getting sick & tired of this show turning into some Liberal agenda garbage. That is all we seem to see on tv nowadays and it is bs.

  158. From LittleMo

    MAB: Are you out of your mind? Sonny has been waiting OVER A YEAR for Will and has been in love with him for just as long. After coming out and realizing his own feelings, Will has been in love with Sonny – the 1st admission for both of them WAS BACK IN JUNE!!! There was NOTHING inappropriate about Sonny’s comment at all. As for people hopping in and out of bed, have you absolutely lost your mind? The Will/Sonny pairing has been written as a love story and has moved slower than any couple has in years. As for the “slow and there’s sssllloooowwwww” comment, it was adorable. It shows Sonny’s nervousness. If you can find something about that to complain about get a grip, for crying out loud. And this is not from a young gay man – this comment comes from a female, 56 years old and straight.

    Please do not ask people if they are out of their mind. This can incite anger and cause a rift. ADMIN

  159. From patty

    It looks like the wedding will be between Gabi and Nick . Nick offers to pretend to be the daddy and marry Gabi. While EJ draws Sami under his spell, he and Kristen continue to scheme. Rafe is furious about EJ and Sami getting close. I hope he exposes EJ ‘s schemes to Sami.
    I can’t believe poor gorgeous Brady is going to fall for phoney Kristen. How unlucky in love can that guy be?

  160. From Blaze.

    I hope Brady and Kristen get together for the long haul!! Imagine the fun at family gatherings!!
    Happy Day All!! :)

  161. From Kat

    Again thank you, clearing some of these issues up, can only make us better posters..

  162. From SandyGram

    #155 Admin
    From the Admin “The Posting Guidelines will be posted in each spoiler page from this point on at the end of Matt’s posts for anyone to read. Admin”

    Thank You so much….now when in doubt we can easily look up the guidelines….Thanks Again.

    When do you think we will start seeing the the link to the Posting Guidelines?

  163. From SandyGram

    For the EJ Dimera fans…Happy Thanksgiving:

    He appears about 2:00 into the video.

  164. From Kat

    163 SandyGram,
    thank you for the “present”, greatly appreciated,..
    The man is so smoking hot, he is truly a Soap Hunk in every way.
    To watch him with Sami was so great, (night she got prego with Sidney).
    Hope to see more of those two characters together soon.
    EJ and Nicole also Hot, but EJami wins out, for me at least.
    Well Lady, going to bed tonight should be a treat for my guy, he thanks you, ha, ha… Maybe I should not have said that, but I am only human…So be it…

  165. From Kat

    163, SandyGram, I want to give you a gift in return…
    Utube, Lee cooper 1998 Jeans Ad Galen Gering, in French, u la la…

  166. From Snickelfritz

    I am so glad Gabi told Will she was pregnant right away! Not loving that Sami is about to open up her jabber jaws to Rafe. You know, Gabi knows what she is doing. She told the baby daddy, and that is the only person who “needed” to know. Why, pray tell, does Rafe need to know right now? Why is Sami so hyper about it? It is none of her business at this point. And…from what I can tell from the spoilers, Nick is not denying Will his child. The three of them make a deal, so if Will is okay with Nick claiming the baby, so be it!

  167. From Clear

    Admin, since when is not wanting to watch skin scenes male or female gay bashing? Brady’s shirt off and other obvious continuing sex scenes with skin are totally inapptopriate for a daytime soap. I cannot count the number of times I switched off the channel because the writhing naked in the sheets got questions. However, I have never liked the gay storyline and think that Days is getting more and more boring without good story lines.

    People should be able to say what they like or do not like unless they are profane or personally insulting other posters. Other shows are fast becoming much more interesting. I am not the only long time viewer that thinks so, but may be one of the few who will say it. The posters on here have brainstormed better scenarios and story lines for a long time. Take a page, or block me out because you believe my opinion does not count.

    We are asking that everyone be careful of how they word posts so that nobody is insulted. A comment can quickly become a bash or a bait if worded a certain way and we will not tolerate gay bashing so this is a simple heads up. Case closed. Admin

  168. From Clear

    Meant to say Brady’s shirt off is far enough. Leave some things to imagintion. Tom and Alice would probably agree.

  169. From SandyGram

    #165 Kat
    Was it Galen or Memorex? It sure looked like him!

  170. From Tee

    Hello all!!

    Sandy If it is one I Seen it is Galen and he looks good in it,

    Clear men have been removing their shirt on soaps for years, some may not like it but it is what it is.

    Patty thanks for the spoilers
    I also am confused about the spoiler saying Sami was not gonna directly tell him when she clearly did, that girl just cant keep many secrets huh. I am trying to remember which site that one came from.Oh well looks like Sami is no good secret keeper, and Rafe cant use her keeping it a secret from him against her either.I find it interesting they had her tell Rafe, but fitting for where the story is heading, in another situation her not telling Rafe could have worked but not with where the story is going in long run right now.

    I am not happy Nick is gonna be claiming this child as his, I think I am not gonna be supporting Nick or Gabi if she allows him to do this, I dont care if they convince Will to go along or not.Will was very supportive of Gabi and offered to quit school and all.Nick needs to get over his self, and if it has naythingto do with Wills sexuality ughh I am just gonna be upset, but I guess it could set up for Cahd to do the big reveal at the wedding in end anyway.
    Chad is gonna most likely rant and rave to EJ on how he cant get his revenge and how big brother stopped him before, Nothing happens to Gabi or baby so Chad will be investigating this I think, as he tells Sonny something is going on with Will spending a lot of time with Gabi.Chad has no idea she is prego and neither does EJ. Either way I Could care less if EJ tells Chad to get his revenge for what she did to Melanie, Chad is a big man and can do as he pleases he is responsible for hisself.

    Finally some scheming from EJ, I am fine with it as long as it is not something down right evil in my eyes.He is no goody goody and never will be, lots scheme on days even Marlena is gonna be scheming soon. I love it, glad she is getting a story line.

    Patty #159 We are not sure yet what he will scheme with, and Sami is not gonna be so mad unless it hurts her or someone she loves anyway she says over and over she is well aware how he is, what she don’t lie is the overboard stuff, she is a schemer herself. I have a feeling on what it is but Not sure yet.
    More details when I know of course as always.
    Whatever it is must not have a affect on EJAMI much as EJAMI is gonna be going on next year according to Corday.

    It seems.. Kristen may really end up liking Brady but will she use him in her plot whatever that may be and lose him I wonder? I am so excited for what is coming for those 2.Cant wait to see what comes out of it.

    I too wonder why there was no funeral or some kind of service for the baby.

    Sandy I see my posts showed up and am glad thanks for commenting on them. I guess here on this blog we have all discussed how Sami and Nicole kept their babies form EJ and why so those videos are relevant to what people here are discussing, as it shows Sami tried to tell EJ oer and over and the reasons why she did not which are 1Rafe 2 her jealousy of Nicole 3 Stefano though she still wanted to tell EJ but Rafe insisted she not, in fact he was one who wanted to adopt Grace and told Sami he did not want to marry her just adopt Grace. So since Rafe once again claimed another womans child as his and posters say they feared EJ Theres some videos showing info to go with that discussion.We have also talked here on how long Stefano actually raised EJ and how Evil EJ is those videos also show the physical and mental abuse he suffered from his fatha when he went against him and saved Sami and the Bradys over and over.We have been discussing how EJ threatens to take their kids but those videos showed in fact he was willing to allow Lucas to be a father involved in his kids (ejs) as Sami was with them.So no EJ was not always evil he suffered much because he was not and that is brought up daily here how he has always been and always will be evil.
    Nancy videos well she is coming back so I thought to post a refresher video. Most have wondered why Kristen was at Smith island, how she had a key, why it was important so I posted that as well. I did enjoy my trip down memory lane and since this week we are gonna see some old episodes as days is only airing 3 new ones this week I thought it would be a great time to post for anyone wishing to see this stuff.So thanks for watching and glad it gave you something to ponder.Some cannot understand why anyone could like EJ and those ones form 2007 imo are my reasons how I feel he got his redemption for me at least.Watching Rafe whenhe first came to Salem tell Baby Grace he wanted to be her daddy but her mom did not want him to be, then watching him tell Sami over and over not to tell EJ to the fact that he got mad and was gonna leave Salem because of it, then watching Him in same breath tell Sami EJ would never let anything happen to Johnny because EJ loves him, and then tell Sami he wanted to adopt Grace but not marry her that is why I found it hard to even root for him with Sami. As many posters has said Rafe is always trying to take EJs child and Sami was still in love with EJ then and Rafe knew she did not fear him he just really wanted to e a father, I hope someday he has a baby of his own on the show I really do.

    Spoilers below

    Enjoy all

  171. From patty

    Tee, I think the reason Sami tells Rafe Gabi’s secret is because she’s turning into a nosy busybody and also proving to Rafe she can’t be trusted with a secret, but mostly it’s to keep Rafe in her orbit since Sami likes to have all her men in line.
    Spoilers clearly indicate that EJ wreaks havoc, encourages Chad to seek revenge on Gabi and plots some menacing scheme with Kristen. It doesn’t matter how one wants to sugar coat that, he is still the same devious man as ever. If Sami falls for his web of deceit once again it just means he’s still good at manipulating her. That is what their history is based on, no matter how many other characters or writers we might blame .

  172. From Leah

    PS: I just wanted to add Sami is pretty good at playing the victim also. I mean she is the master of manipulating people to get what she wants but when the boots on the other foot and she cops it for a change she wants to cry wolf. Don’t buy Sami is manipulated anything…. With the history between Ejami Sami is walking in with her eyes already having been opened wide. Whats that saying? Love is blind!

  173. From Kat

    SG , it’s Galen, and it plays at the Airport, he is getting Strip searched….cute and hot, and of course he is wearing “The Jeans.”..

  174. From Kat

    Just type in .. Utube Galen Gering commercials…
    You will get a lot, incl.
    Galen, The Love Man, done in the same style as they did EJ, with all his leading ladies, going back to Passions.
    I guess Galen is called, The Diva of DOOL, and I always thought that was Chloe… Put the Two Divas together, Chloe and Rafe, why not…but they won’t..
    Nick, with Will’s consent, have not seen that yet, will claim the baby as his, meaning down the road, something will happen to Gaby. Will then has to sooner or later fess up to Sonny, if he wants “HIS” child back, or I am so wrong… As long as the Plot is good..

  175. From Cindy

    Even though I have not seen Sami tell Rafe about Gabi’s pregnancy yet, I am assuming Sami does because she is afraid Gabi will have an abortion because Gabi thinks Rafe will be really mad and will not support her. I think Sami knows Rafe will have Gabi’s back and wants to let him get used to the idea before he talks to Gabi and can be there for her. At least I hope that’s it and it’s not just Sami being a busybody or trying to be part of Rafe’s life.

    As far as Will letting Nick be the baby’s father, that makes sense to me, too. Will is much too young and immature to be a father and it is really not much different that adoption. It is nobody else’s business who the father is. Gabi and Nick seem to love each other and could be good parents, which is really all that matters.

  176. From Kat

    175 Cindy, good points you made,
    but what as Will gets older, settled, more mature,
    he is going to want His child, and then what,
    It will create much trouble for all concerned, instead of being honest right now,
    let it be known that you are the bio father, but allow Nick and Gaby to raise your child, and you have visitation rights, but that would be to normal for a Soap, right….

  177. From Kat

    170 Tee, I left my Guess about the couple in bed on the site you left, just click on it, mind you, I was trying to be funny…

  178. From Tee

    Kat#177 I seen and thought it was good humor though I would have not minded seeing those 2 together in a relationship of course.

    I am not sure Will is going to trully agree with this, or I am sure he will have doubts. I am sure Nick will use Wills preference as a way to say the baby needs a mother and Father and look at what you went through or who knows, either way ughh Will and Gabi are capable of raising their child with help of Nick and Sonny of course, and they will have family. I can imagine Sami and what she is gonna do when she finds out the truth.

    I also have a feeling Rafe will find out the truth about who the daddy is and perhaps keep Gabis secret.Sami should have kept that secret as well, but she did not and Rafe will of course not pay her back in kind and tell her.I also think it will be Chad who exposes the truth.

    Patty~ Well I seem to remember spoilers saying EJ was gonna harm daniel or plot his demise and nothing came of that one, matter of fact nothing has come out of his last few so called plots. Ej encouraging Chad to seek revenge is set up to 1Chad being the one who spills the beans and exposes the real father to Sami, 2Chad will probably tell EJ what he finds out and he will tell Sami it is Wills child.It is a plot point I think. This wedding sure is going to be a big showdown lol.

    I have never said EJ will be a goody goody in fact I say he will scheme and stuff but evil he is not, Menaing no kidnapping and inserting imposters, murder,hitmans that kind of thing.
    people who have schemed or plotted,schemed or manipulated in Salem recently or will.
    So yes most in SALEM have plotted or schemed in some way but it seems only EJ is bad when he does it.EJ will never be a goody 2 shoes, His changes dont mean or say he wont ever scheme on someone just as Sami still schemes when she wants to. Sami knows he schemes and plots as long as she don’t see it as evil, she asked for no clones, kidnapping from him.If EJ became some goody goody that would be unbelievable he is a Dimera and raised by Stefano. Stefano did not raise the other schemers in Salem such as Sami,Nicole,Nick,Kate, so on and so on.
    Patty it is fine if you want to dislike EJ because he is not a goody goody, we are all entitled but really who does not plot and scheme on this show?

    Leah #172 completely agree, Sami can play both very well, and she is well aware of what EJ does and how he plays as she herself can play master manipulator very well, and victim.I recall she even told Rafe EJ may not be what he used to be and he has changed but she was sure he would be plotting his next move on getting her, that was when she offered to get info from EJ and help him with Nicoles baby.

    I am telling you Chad is gonna play a important role in the lie of Nick/Gabi and Rafe will keep her secret as well.Fuming Sami will lay into Rafe about how dare he keep her grandchild from her and that will be end for Rafe.The writings on the wall with that one for me anyway,why else will Cahd get encouragement from EJ if its not important to plot, and I can tell you Gabi is still prego next year at this wedding.Chad will discover the truth tell EJ Or Sonny, or Sami herself and chit will hit the fan at the wedding.There will be a fighting at this wedding as spoiled by the Hayes.
    It has been confirmed Sami is on that day even though she was not there for the party for that episode. If anyones curious she is in I think about 17 scenes that day roughly give or take the number was pretty high.

  179. From SandyGram

    #178 Tee
    Quote: “There will be a fighting at this wedding as spoiled by the Hayes.” Who’s the Hayes?

  180. From Kat

    I would assume the “Hayses” are Julie and Doug Williams,
    Susan and Bill Hayes……..

  181. From patty

    Tee, where have you read that Rafe keeps the paternity of Gabi’s baby a secret from Sami? Is this just an assumption on your part or have you actually seen that spoiler? I’ve seen spoilers saying that Nick, Gabi and Will decide to keep the fact that Will is the father a secret but have seen no mention of Rafe knowing and not telling Sami.
    Tee, I really don’t believe that since EJ is using some restraint at this time and has backed off from kindnappings, blackmails and clonings to impress Sami that it makes him a reformed person. The reasons he is disliked is because he has done all those things and has gotten away with it and it makes it even crazier that Sami would ever go back there again.

  182. From Nancy

    Today Gabby mentioned her mother and Kayla mentioned Joey….where the heck are they??

  183. From gerri

    Good post,we both seem to always
    think the same way……

  184. From Shani

    Ditto gerri & patty!

  185. From SandyGram

    Me too Shani, gerri, patty, dc et al!

    And to Grandma Judy where ever you are we miss you…sending a special Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Be safe and enjoy the Holiday everyone!

  186. From gerri

    Hope” everyone”has a very Happy Thanksgiving !!!
    I’ve spent today In the Kitchen,but about finished,and am tired,no one will have to rock me to sleep tonight…only will travel 15 miles to our youngest daughter’s house,so to all of you who might be traveling,have a safe trip!!!

  187. From Kat

    Well I thought I wish All fans and posters on here a Very Happy, Fattening and glorious Thanksgiving…. may you all stuff yourself so much, that at least for a few days, nobody will have the energy to even think about Rafe or EJ, or Sami and Nicole, until next week when after some fastening and exercise, we
    can go back to locking Horne’s again, about who is what, or not,
    and who we think is the hottest or the coolest, or some more of the “Dumb” stuff we argue about, and forget that all this stuff in Salem and the characters there, are fun to watch, but just so Fictional. But never the less, friendships on here have been lost, all because of people that don’t even exist.
    Just my thoughts for Thanksgiving, to remind us all, The Indians and the Settlers got together and feasted….
    but the EJ/vs. Rafe people keep on feuding, not just friendly disagreeing….
    What the heck, I got inspired by Father Eric, so live with it…. Bless all

    Thank you Admin. for such a nice note…
    you are the best.

  188. From patty

    A Happy Thanksgiving and many blessings to all!

  189. From Shani

    Thanksgiving Blessings to all!

  190. From gerri

    the key word in your post,was”"”Fatting”"” funny.
    and I have to see my cardiologist,next wednesday,but If I gained a llb or two,he will just have to deal with it.

    Your post Is so correct,in that this is a fictional town,the actors as well.and they all care deeply about each other,and for the most part,we bloggers feel the same,we will always have differences,and like one character
    more than others,but hey life goes on……
    we all will be giving thanks,for all our blessings!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving !!!!

  191. From gerri

    oops,I meant fattening,in above #190 blog…….

  192. From voiceofreason

    I would like to ask that people quit talking as if E.J. is some kind of saint for keeping Daniel, Nicole and Rafe out of jail for the baby thing. A) Rafe never DID anything. He only said he was the father. That’s not going to get anyone arrested. B) There is no proof that Daniel did ANYTHING. For all he knew, Nicole could have switched the results. C) There was no way to prove Nicole DID anything either. Everything was circumstantial at best. Shoot, Carolyn Brady has switched paternity results before. Do you honestly think EJ was capable of proving anything? Let’s just leave it at the fact that some underhanded stuff has been done by both sides in this neverending Rafe vs. EJ feud. It’s going to turn out however the writers want it to and no amount of fighting in these posts is going to change that. Get along! :)

  193. From voiceofreason

    Lest anyone think I’m just being anti-EJ, Rafe is tending to act like a sanctimonious jerk right at the moment. If I were Gabi, I wouldn’t want to tell him anything either. He tends to be a hot head who talks before thinking.

    Am I the only one who wants to see Kristen and John together? I get tired of Marlena. And what’s with the Salem book club? Since when? lol

  194. From voiceofreason

    I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!

  195. From Kat

    I must say, never really heart anybody on here talking, as if EJ was a saint…..
    Rafe yes, I have heard that…St.Rafe LOL, there are No Saints in Salem, not even Maggie.
    The only good ones, are the Children, till they grow up..
    “Nicole confessed” to EJ… and he taped it….. enough evidence…!?

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