Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For November 26-30.

Change of plans.

Sami and Rafe stalk Gabi across town after they realize she’s headed for a family planning clinic. They run into Nick on the way but don’t fill him in. When they get to the clinic, Will is pacing in the waiting room. Rafe is livid. His sister comes out in tears. She couldn’t go through with the abortion. Rafe’s relieved. Nick rushes in and whisks Gabi away before Will can announce he’s the father. Meanwhile, Nick confronts Gabi, assuming that Chad is the dad. Chad just happens to burst in on their argument. Before the false accusations can begin, Will shows up and gets in the middle. He manages to get Chad to leave, but the DiMera is sure that something is up. Nick has some questions. Will confesses that he’s the father. That confuses Nick. Will and Gabi explain the biological fallout from grief sex to the scientist. Nick starts cooking up a plan. He thinks Gabi should marry him and they should pass the child off as his.

Rafe shows up in Sami’s office to thank her for her help. He brings flowers, but gets an unpleasant surprise when he learns that Elvis is her new boss. EJ is smug. Rafe fumes. Sami insists she can handle it. Meanwhile, EJ continues encouraging his brother to get revenge on Gabi. Chad decides to track down Sonny. The Kiriakis has just had an upsetting conversation with Will, who refused to tell him what’s been going on with Gabi. Chad implies that if he knew what was happening between them, he wouldn’t want Will anywhere near her.

Jenn is shocked when Nicole shows up. Nic gives a heartfelt apology and admits that she’s always been jealous of her. She goes to see Daniel next, but after hearing him on the phone to Mel, can’t bring herself to speak. Daniel’s mom visits him and he tells her about Jenn pressuring him to enter the clinical trial to treat his hand tremors. That puts her nose out of joint and Maggie has words with the blond Horton. Jenn insists that she just wants to pay him back for all he’s done for her. She goes to apologize to the doctor but he says he’ll give the treatment a try. When she schedules him an appointment, he’s reluctant to go ahead because of the risks but she pushes him. After learning of the risks, his mom tries to stop him and lashes out at Jenn. He has second thoughts so Jenn pushes him some more until he finally takes the injection.

Sensing John is still soft on Kristen, Marlena encourages Brady to stay on top of her old enemy. However, Brady has changed his mind about her too. Marlena decides to take charge and breaks into Kristen’s room, only to be caught red-handed. The ladies brawl until Brady arrives to break it up. Marlena’s sure that Kristen’s diary will reveal her dastardly plans, but when she flips through it, it’s quite the opposite. Marlena looks like an idiot and storms off. Brady stops Kristen from calling the cops so she calls John instead. He doesn’t answer but Marlena spots the missed call and tells him to call back so she can face the music. Kristen decides not to rat out Marlena. She gets Brady to look after her injured wrist instead. Guitar music plays as he fondles her throbbing pulse. Meanwhile, Marlena decides not to tell John what happened either. She nearly tells Eric but then backs away when Kristen shows up. She wants Father Tobias to hear her confession. Brady just happens to stroll into church at this time and eavesdrops on her admitting that she’s trying not to repeat her past mistakes. She unloads about how hard Marlena is making her life. She hints that she’s developing feelings for Brady and they scare her. Brady sneaks off and later meets her in her room.

Caroline returns to town, stunning her family. Everyone is happy to hear that she’s responding well to treatment, but when she is alone with Eric, he quickly realizes his grandmother is not doing so well. She confesses to him about switching Parker’s paternity test. He encourages her to seek forgiveness. When Daniel arrives with Jenn, Caroline tries to apologize. The doctor is forgiving. He and Jenn return to the hospital where he has a diagnostic test to see if the treatment worked. It failed. And Kate tracks down Stefano in Europe. She offers him reconciliation but he insists on divorce. Once she’s signed the papers and stormed away, he starts to mope.

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  1. From SandyGram

    Did the writers not see how unhappy the fans were with the ‘keep the baby away from the daddy’ Sami & Nicole baby debacles? Why are they repeating the same Story Line with Gabi where Nick wants to marry her and claim the baby as his? Apparently with Will’s approval and Sonny is kept in the dark. Not to mention Grandma Sami!

  2. From Tina V

    I agree SandyGram! Why not have Will & Sonny help raise the child and for ONCE in this entire show, tell the truth about the baby daddy. These people will never learn. No wonder they grow up to be such dysfunctional adults with parents like they’ve had. Geeesh.

  3. From dc

    hey sandygram.. you are so right, again..
    gabi may be better off with nick but i don’t think chad is through with her yet.. i could see nick and gabi being married, maybe..
    with caroline saying she switched the test for parker, i guess the writers are gonna bring parker back when chloe shows up and then daniel will find out he does have a son..
    i wonder if they are gonna tell why caroline has retured but not bo?

  4. From Cindy

    I just posted on the other site and then it was updated, so forgive me if I am repeating myself:

    Even though I have not seen Sami tell Rafe about Gabi’s pregnancy yet, I am assuming Sami does because she is afraid Gabi will have an abortion because Gabi thinks Rafe will be really mad and will not support her. I think Sami knows Rafe will have Gabi’s back and wants to let him get used to the idea before he talks to Gabi and can be there for her. At least I hope that’s it and it’s not just Sami being a busybody or trying to be part of Rafe’s life.

    As far as Will letting Nick be the baby’s father, that makes sense to me, too. Will is much too young and immature to be a father and it is really not much different that adoption. It is nobody else’s business who the father is. Gabi and Nick seem to love each other and could be good parents, which is really all that matters.

  5. From Kat

    At least this time the “Daddy” knows and agrees,
    but I wish Will would stand up and claim his child, instead of fearing he might loose Sonny.
    Starting out with a big lie,
    maybe if Sonny would Not understand, all this happened Before Him and Will were a Confirmed couple, and it involves a little baby, Sonny Is Not the Guy for him.
    Now I am guessing, because I don’t know yet, exactly what Will’s reasons are, for letting Nick claim His Child, a little Brady, LOL…

  6. From bobby

    Talk about a hypocrite! How many men has Sami kept pregnacy news from? The minute Gabbi confides in her to “please” not repeat her pregnancy-Sami has to call Rafe. Then opens her big mouth to Nick. She hasn’t even given Gabbi a chance to digest all this and decide how to handle things and Sami has blabbed it to the 2 people she was trying to keep it from until she decides what to do. And yet, Sami will beg for forgivness. And yet she never forgives anyone else that doesn’t keep her secrets. Poor Marlena. How many out there wouldn’t have thought of doing the same thing? Not to mention that Kristen is causing all this trouble, and then moves on to Brady. Will be fast forwarding through any connection they have. It’s repulsive.

  7. From Leah

    This whole Gabi/Will having a baby… IS simply kids having kids! Hate it. Gabi and Will are immature and unsure of themselves letting alone bringing a child into this world to parent. IF this pregnancy continues I’d like to see them do the less selfish thing and adopt it out to two adults who maybe cannot have children. Otherwise I feel this child is severly disadvantaged already…

  8. From Leah

    # 6 Bobby… 100% agree with your comment.

  9. From patty

    I agree that Will and Gabi are too young and immature to have a child but then again, look at how young and immature Lucas and Sami were when they had Will. Will is determined to not make the same mistakes his parents made with him. Of course he will, especially if he agrees to pass the baby off as Nick’s. I can’t wait to hear what his reasoning behind this will be.

  10. From Leah

    A fellow poster on another site said Rafe, Sami and kids are going to be together for Christmas. Mmmm… Corday leading Ejami fans up the garden path yet again? We all KNOW Corday himself is a Safe fan hence the having to watch their mismatched snoozefest for the last few years. I just knew deep down IF (and thats a mighty BIG IF) Ejami do finally get a chance to be the “apparently” lock, stock and barrel couple Days are “supposed” to be putting all their effort into it wasn’t going to be that way without a fight. We Ejami fans are use to it. We’ve had 6 years of this bull. But Corday does put Days at risk with losing alot of Ejami fans who are simply sick and tired of waiting. As I’ve said in other posts there is only so many times you can build up and let down a fanbase before they turn their backs on you. Apparently Days is in pretty good secure shape that they can afford to do this. I for one don’t like the arrogance.
    Even though Ejami have never been allowed to be a 100% in love, committed couple fans are still crying out for them. Last week James Scott number 1 Male Actor of a soap, Alison number 1 Female Actress of a soap and Ejami number 1 couple pairing of a soap. Thats a clean sweep for Days without them even putting any effort into it. Just goes to show the popularity of them as a couple and as characters on Days. This is not something new as in all three of those catergories the actors and characters have been in the top 5 for well over 6 months. If Days refuse to allow or write it I’m hoping so other outside powers to be will come along and offer James and Alison other parts so we can get to see their chemistry on screen. It would serve Corday right as far as I’m concerned!

  11. From Clear

    Tee, i was trYing to..say Brady w/o shirt was enough. A liittle natural eye candy is fine, but they are getting too graphic. About Sami keeping secrets-Rafe has kept this secret twice! Meanwhile, Rafe has none. Maybe he can’t? Another question?

  12. From Damian

    Does anyone else not see the ridiculousness of a woman in her 60′s, a soon to be great grandmother brawling? I looooooove Marlena and DH but it seems kinda lame to keep putting her in these situations when she reaches a certain age. That goes for the men too.

  13. From Tee

    Leah Number 10 Hey girl dontlose Hope, Rafe will not be on Christmas day I promise you that, he is on Christmas Eve and he shows up at Brady Pub Where Sami is with her family.He shares a scene or 2 there, but EJ is there at pub as well. And EJ is on Christmas Day….Not gonna spoil that for anyone but he may be involved in a nude scene someway.So That is the truth No Rafe on Christmas at all.
    Christmas Eve yes and I believe it is 2 scenes.
    I think you may be pleased with the Christmas episode…

    As far as Nick and Gabi go ughh and how is Will gonna decide to let them go along with it I wonder.

    Either way Chad is gonna be highly involved with the reveal I believe and that is why we are gonna see EJ encourage him to get revenge, Chad will find out truth either tell EJ or Sami,Sonny And the wedding is gonna have fighting Meow.
    rafe will mot likely know Gabis secret and not tell Sami she is a grandma uhh ohh That is what I think.

  14. From Kat

    Today, after Marlena gets exposed about deleting the messages…
    John well deserved upset, looks at his wife, and asks, Don’t you trust me anymore, and Marlena, all she can do, is go Twinky,Twinky with her eyes, so sad.
    Yes Damian, Marlena will be a “GG”, and she is acting like an insecure little girl…. blah, blah, Kristin Tried to kill me,,, well what else is new in Salem, that was as many years ago, as EJ is Old…LOL
    Who has not tried to kill Who in Salem, why is Marlena all of a sudden so important, and acting like a royal “nincampu” help ???
    Is it insecurity, because Kristin is so much younger, and Marlena is so much older than John(about 8 years, and Kristin about 8 yrs. younger…)
    Marlena just does not make any sense with her irrational behavior
    When Will agrees (?) about the abortion, sort of, and he talked about his own parents how young they were, did he really wish, they would have aborted him…. Than God he is here, and He should wish the same for his Baby.
    Let Nick and Gaby raise the child, But Never, never deny your flesh and blood. Rafe and Sami, separately can help and would and will.
    Will, whatever You do, do Not deny your child because of Sonny, you don’t know what could happen tomorrow.
    Please put your child first, no matter how young/old you are.
    You would be a great Father, you practically have helped so much raise your Sisters and Brother, LOL
    Another thing, when Rafe kept going on how Nick killed somebody etc. etc. well Sami tried to Kill EJ and he protected her, didn’t he now, and He involved Will in it. Rafe stop judging other people, because you are not that clean.
    Agreed,Gaby and Nick are not the “cleanest” couple in Salem,
    they both are ….. Gaby having Mel’ kidnapping and cover up hanging on, and Chad knows, and Nick did indirectly blackmail Chad into signing some papers. There is a lot of dirt hanging out there, and it should come home to roost some day.
    I am sure Hope would be interested to know about Gaby’s involvement in the Mel kidnapping….
    I know, lots of people like Stefano, EJ, Sami, Brady etc. have gone free, but usually because the Salem PD messed up and they had to let some of them go, not all, there are still some secrets…

    Ever since I found so many spoilers to be so mis -leading, I do not pay to much attention, I rather just focus on what is actually happening on a daily basis, but that is just me.
    I like Actuality … not mis- leading stuff…

  15. From Tee

    Sorry to post again after I just posted I seen more comments came through after and wanted to respond Thanks.

    Clear #11 I understand we all may have a different opinion on what is too graphic to show. My grandma sees any kissing on screen and she has a comment to make, Times are definitively different from her generation to mine to my kids.But it is normal for tv now even in the 90′s we were seeing more then men without shirts, time just evolves and so does everything around it.I am sure when I am a grandma that I may look back and say wow at how things have changed.
    I too wonder about RAFE and why he is so set on wanting other men’s children, did Sami and he ever discuss even having one of their own I don’t recall it ever happening maybe he cant like you said.

    On my above post about Christmas I want to make it clear so no confusion to what I wrote.
    Rafe will not be on Christmas day.
    Sami is at Brady pub, Rafe will be in I Think 2 scenes with her and Johnny and Sydney at Brady pub, so I guess he shows up there.Either way EJ is gonna be there with Sami and her family.Caroline will be there as well as Samis parents, John and Kayla and her son Joey.Yes Joey is coming home from Africa or wherever.
    If anyone is interested this stuff is spoiled around the web by now as It is being spoiled by Jason47 and he was first to spoil Joeys return.
    He has a wonderful website as well with much info on days I love to visit his website.
    The Christmas nude scene being spoiled involves EJ but he may be the one nude or may not be, and one other person is nude as well.No it is not Rafe as he will not beon that day, but there are other possibilities to it.
    I was gonna wait to spoil this stuff as it is being done on boards where you must be a member to see, but since Leah mentioned It I thought I would give some info on it.
    Sonny and Will share scenes, as does Nicole and Eric.
    EJ Kristen,Brady and Nicole share a few scenes outside as well,Brady goes to Kiriakis mansion, Nicole to St Lukes, and EJ and Kristen Join Sami and family at pub.

  16. From Kat

    15 Tee, did you mean JJ will be home from England,
    Joey has been in the pub with Kayla since she came back from Africa… I know how it goes, when the little fingers get faster than the mind, I do it all the time, sometimes to my regret in hind-site…. Love your stuff Tee..specially since Your spoilers are usually pretty accurate.

  17. From Tee

    KAT~nO I meant joey and I forgot he is supposedly at pub, but he has not been seen so now he will be seen and has been cast. he will be played by the actors son who played Stan while Sami was on maternity leave.He will be 5 I think.I am also one who spoiled about JJ but he will not appear in Salem until next year I Believe. Joey will be played by Jadon Wells.
    I guess I forgot he is supposedly at the pub though he has not been seen, so Thanks for letting me know Kat lol.My fingers got to typing and I forgot.Thanks Kat!!

    By the way Kat TS writer is gonna post some more spoilers tonight as soon as he does I will brig them over, it involves Chad/Will/Gabi stuff and I am not sure what else he will put in them yet, just that he is putting that in them

  18. From patty

    I think Marlena has every right to be upset with John , delete his messages, not trust him or kick his butt. Kristen did try to kill his wife and John is now defending her. If John wants her to trust him, he should stand by her. Marlena is not imagining things and is not just being paranoid even thought that is what Kristen wants everybody to think. Kristen proves she’s up to no good when she walks up to Marlena and thanks her with that nasty smile on her face. That girl is creepy and I don’t blame Marlena one bit for being scared. I guess John and Brady both will have to find out the hard way what Kristen is really up to, probably at Marlena’s expense.
    Leah, I don’t believe Rafe is back with Sami by Christmas but I have a harder time believing that EJ and Kristen will be part of the Brady family Christmas. Spoilers can really be deceiving. Sharing scenes is not the same as being part of the family. EJ and Kristen could be watching through the pub window for all we know. EJ’s done it plenty. What I believe is that the lock, stock and barrel promise was blown out of proportion and may not be what many are anticipating. Just my opinion.

  19. From Cougar

    I think if Will goes along with palming off paternity for the baby down the road this will lead to a sl. Perhaps involving Will having a change of heart about denying he’s the father thus creating some trouble in paradise for Wilson.

    Will saying that he never wanted to repeat hid parents mistakes, really? Then why weren’t you more careful when you were with Gabbi. He was smart enough to plan for it the first time puh-leaze!

    I can understand why Sami would have concern and care about Gabbi’s predicament. Sami was after all in a similar position. Having said that however, concern is really out of place for the character of Sami. It really makes her look more like a butinski blabber mouth than caring and concerned. This more in line with they way they protrayed Maggie a few years ago.

    And lastly, yay to Tee’s spoilers about a Sami & EJ Christmas. The show has fallen a little flat in recent years with the absence of any 4th of July family picnics, Thanksgiving or family get togethers. Iguess I’m just a little quaint and lod fashioned that way.

  20. From Tee

    Patty~You are right Marlena has a right to be upset, I agree, but I think Kristen is taking Marlenas paranoia to her own advantage.I dont think she is setting out to purposely do some of these things she just works it to her advantage to smile and smirk at Marlena.
    Deleting Johns messages is overboard and shows lack of trust on her part.She should trust that John is not going to cheat on her or whatever it is she fears.

    As far as Christmas spoilers you are right Rafe is not going to be with sami by Christmas, matter of fact Rafe will eventually be paired elsewhere, I don’t know if it will be by Christmas or not but it will happen. I have confidence in sources who tell me things.Just as I have confidence in the man with the script for the days he is spoiling about which is Christmas.
    I am not sure why would not think EJ would be welcome at the pub where his children are going to be?Also we all know most will believe Kristen over Marlena as they already are anyway.Either way I Never said Sami and EJ will be in a committed relationship then, I said they share scenes at Brady pub with Sami and her family.To make it more clear the scene with Rafe is seperate from the others and only has Sami,Rafe Sydney and Johnny second scene someone else joins them but that has not been spoiled that next scene she is with EJ and kids and her family according to the script on that day Which is the Christmas Eve episode.

    To further clear up the Lock stock barrel comment when Corday spoiled this is what he said
    Ken Corday. “They’re really ramping up to Thanksgiving into the new year. They’re writing a much more concise show. We’re looking at shows airing in mid-March and we know where it’s going to be in six months and it looks really good.”
    John/Marlena/Kristen: Kristen’s return poses a threat to John and Marlena’s marriage. John believes Kristen has changed and Marlena doesn’t. As a result, Marlena resorts to some underhanded, “un-Marlena-like” tactics. Says Corday, “[Marlena] doesn’t tell John she’s doing it and sooner or later, that’s the kind of thing that comes back to bite you. But she’s doing it for the sake of her relationship with John and the audience will be rooting for her.”
    Sami/EJ: Sami and EJ grow closer as they start working together. Says Corday, “We’re putting our lock, stock and barrel in those two.”
    Eric’s Return: Eric returns to Salem just in time for Thanksgiving. Corday says they brought him back because they wanted another character in his age range on the show and they wanted to give Nicole a front-burner story. (For those unaware, Eric is one of Nicole’s many exes.)
    Gabi/Nick/Will/Sonny: Gabi receives big news that not only affects her relationship with Nick, but also affects Sonny, Will, Rafe and Sami. Says Corday, “We’ll be seeing a lot of the under-25 crowd, which in the past has always proved successful.”
    Kate/Stefano: Kate receives divorce papers from Stefano. She has a big story on the horizon.

    That is sod article issue and what was said, So it was not sweeps he was spoiling from as he said Sweep ending until mid March.

    With James scott saying he and Ali asked the new writers to be reunited slow
    Cordays comments,
    Sources that have been saying things for months and even Galens comments I am confident where it is headed as I have been for a long time.
    So EJAMI fans just wait it was never supposed to happen in sweeps as I said before.Most of this starts picking up as Corday said from Thanksgiving on.

    Oh one last thing very telling Rafe wont even be on the Chistmas episode…IMO.
    Also to note So many characters will be on these days just about all main ones make a appearance.

    Here is another spoiler link updated for you guys enjoy

    Cougar #19 I agree and Sami was giving great advice from experience.
    I am still awaiting more spoilers from christmas Day most of that wont be out for another week or 2 but Christmas eve does at least have EJ spending some time with his kids and Sami. There is a little for everyone on these days I think.

  21. From bobby

    #12 Damian-you can cry at any age. John and Marlena have gone thorugh so much, and to have this bimbo yank their chains just to be mean is frustrating to say the least. Especially when you have John taking Kristen’s side over his wife’s. So much for love and devotion. When Kristen moves on to his son (yuck) we’ll see if it’s o.k. with John. #18 Patty-thank you! I agree. If John can’t be man enough to tell Kristen to take a hike-things get out of hand.Sadly, it was poor timing on Marlena’s part. Walked right into that trap. She needs to step back and make a plan. Just keep laughing at Kristen! After all-she is a joke. Get Nichole back on her feet and when Kristen makes a play for Brady-go get her Nichole!

  22. From Nancy

    Still waiting to meet Little Joey and why hasn’t Rafe’s and Gabby’s mom ever visited them??

  23. From gerri

    #21 BOBBY
    agree with It all.
    I think Kristen Is a big joke as well.The DiMeras (all of them )what a family!!!, we have in real life Families like this,They are known as The Mafia…

    Wondering when EJ will start grooming,his son(sweet little Johnny)as the next Generation,of this evil family,and stupid Sami,isn’t thinking anything,in the present,but definetely not in the future…

    she is too busy,running from man to man,and now getting involved in the Will/Gabi/Nick mess.

  24. From Shani

    Not much to add except ditto to patty 18, Bobby 21 & gerri 23! I generally see things the same way you all do.

  25. From Maryl

    May everyone on this blog site have a wonderful blessed Thanksgiving Day full of love and laughter with their families and friends. Administration that wish includes you too!

    I will be spending my Thanksgiving at the bay with our entire family, so I will be out of town for a few days. It will, however, be back to Days and defending EJ on this site on Monday–business as usual! Ha!

  26. From SandyGram

    Forgot the Cool Whip so off to the market so I can make my Mom’s Lime/Pineapple Ambrosia for tomorrow. If your driving, flying or just walking next door to a neighbors…be safe and enjoy this time we spend with family and friends. Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.

  27. From Clear

    When Marlena was telling Kristen off, John stopped her. He doesn’t want to believe she is that evil. After all, he was married to her. Nevertheless, if her being around invading their daily lives is hard for Marlena, he should not want Marlena to be uncomfortable and support her right to have Kristen leave them alone–calls or whatever else. Kristen could have had the hospital call John or Marlena. So obvious it was all contrived for the gullible John.

  28. From SuzK

    What is disgusting to me is the fact that John Black is a Dimerha! Since his marriage to Kristen he has found out he is her UNCLE!

    Isn’t anyone thinking about the gross incest that could be going on? And wouldn’t you/Kristen be totally grossed out to find out you had been married to your family at one point in your life!

    Flat out stupid on the writers part!

  29. From SandyGram

    #28 SuzK
    Kristen was adopted by Stefano so she is not biologically related to John. And when her and John were in relationship he didn’t know he was DiMera. But your right… way to much cross pollination biologically or other wise in the sleepy town of Salem.

  30. From Gentzy

    I’d LOVE to know why the writers felt compelled to have yet another woman get pregnant and yet again lie after lie about the father and trying to hide it! This storyline is getting so ridiculously retarded it’s unbelievable! If that’s all these writers know how to do, take the same old stories and just change out the names, then maybe they should look for another job. Clearly there aren’t any good as writers!!!!
    Every storyline in DAYS is pathetic!!!!!!!

  31. From Clear

    #30 many get into who is tne daddy? Most of us long time watchers could have and did see this coming. We are still hoping for something better.

  32. From Kat

    #28 SusK, the last we saw of Kristin and Peter, so many years ago, their last names still were “Blake”, children of Rachel Blake…
    Now all of a sudden since Kristin is back, EJ mentioned that Kristin was adopted by Stefano, and therefore Her Name is Now DIMera, surprise, surprise.
    So No Bio at all between Kristin and John…only whatever… we’ll see.
    I love the story, however my biggest question is, How will John react to His Son and his former “Big Love”
    getting together. Love it, only on a soap, do we get that kind of way out stuff….
    And let’s all be very honest, that is why most of Us watch it, forbidden delight. I rest my case… LOL
    As I have said before, Morality will Not be found on a Soap opera….

    In regards to Gaby and abortion, of course she will not have one, spoilers have taken away any kind of surprise anymore,
    but aboutg 45 years ago, Marie Horton, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Tom Horton did have an abortion, and then ended up shooting the father of her baby…. Wow
    Soaps have always been on the cutting edge,..

    So much cooking and baking, but what the heck….

  33. From Esperance Sleve

    #18,20 i agree with both of you Kristen is up to no good and Marlena is not overreacting, who wouldn’t be paranoid to face someone who tried to kill you in past. It is sad that John is not seeing how Kristen is using him and his son to break up his marriage a a great . In hospital she lied saying that she gave up her job/position in her father’s company to stay away from Marlena’s fammily (Sami),lie because we know she just want to put Ej and Sami together. men she is a great actor and she know how to play the game, poor Marlena , however it will all be out, even Nicole was caught in middle of her lies

  34. From grandma to many

    May you all be blessed with a warm , happy Thanksgiving with at least some of the people you love best and please don’t forget the ones with no family or no resources , they need your time and prayers too. May God hold you in His caring hands .

  35. From Tee

    I Just wanted to say I hope everyone has a wonderful Thansgiving and be safe no matter where you are.

    Also black Friday shoppers stay safe

  36. From patty

    Wishing all my American blogger friends a wonderful Thanksgiving with family! Blessings to all!

  37. From Shani

    Thanksgiving Blessings To All!

  38. From bobby

    A warm and happy Thanksgiving to everyone and their families. Tomorrow when are tummies are still full, we can just lay around and watch DOOL.

  39. From yesyes

    Hmm, wouldn’t it be something if EJ turned out to be Kristen’s son instead of Susans? maybe Kristen never did lose the baby?

    Personally i didn’t like the small little story about EJ not being Stephano’s son, but why all of the sudden was it changed. They were on to something and quit that story. Ej could have ended up to be Gina (hope) and John’s son or Kristen and John. really shake things up. the part i didn’t like about the whole ‘EJ not Stephano’s son’ was that in a few episodes long long ago Stephano said how EJ looked identical to Santo DImera (Stefano’s dad). I think there was photo to proove it.

    And the whole Marlena vs Kristen thing????/ I think she needs to be possessed again so she can battle it out with kristen as the devil.

  40. From bobby

    Wow! Had to check the calendar to see what year I woke up in this morning. Was that fun or what. Hard paying attention to storyline because I enjoyed looking at the cast members. Realized how many I missed. Maggie has not aged at all. Didn’t Sami end up with the guy hustling Hope and then he ended up dead and Kate tried to blame it on Sami? Thank you DOOL for the walk down memory lane. Shook some cobwebs loose on the story line so the current story makes more sense. P.S. Will someone please put a piece of duct tape on Sami’s mouth. How long did she honor Gabi’s wishes? 3 minutes tops! Her and Rafe grandparents! Doesn’t get any funnier than that.

  41. From gerri

    I also enjoyed going back In time,was great to see our favorites,Like you said,Maggie hasn’t aged any,Carrie also was a young cute girl,I really enjoyed seeing Vivian and her side-kick..they were too funny together.
    and Susan my goodness,I laughed so much,what else can you say,Todays’s show was a blast!!!!

  42. From SandyGram

    Just got back from weathering Black Friday, don’t ask it was a mess!! Anxious to see the show later tonight.

    #40 bobby
    Sami will be the grandma, but Rafe will just be the Uncle, Gabi is his sister. Although TPTB could fill in Rafe’s back story and make Gabi Rafe’s daughter that would be interesting.

    Now for a few moments of calm and quiet and getting the memory of all those shoppers out of my head!

  43. From SandyGram

    From week of Nov 26th NBC Sneek Peek Photo’s:

    Eric offers Nicole a job as Church Secretary……Oh My! I suppose he will offer her a room in the Rectory next to his also?????

  44. From bobby

    #42 sandygram Sorry! Too much turkey clogged my “who’s, who! Was thinking, since they had been married, that made them grandparents. Maybe it wasn’t the turkey. Maybe the wine. Bonds Sami and Rafe with one more thing. #43 Nicole working at the church? That’s when roofs start falling in!Like we can’t see where this story line is heading!

  45. From SandyGram

    #41 gerri Episode November 23rd:
    What a Hoot! I had forgotten just how funny that whole Kristen/Susan story line was. I still chuckle thinking of her teeth flying across the room into Vivian’s martini glass. You could also see where the now Jennifer is acting much like her mother Laura, relentless when trying to get a point across. Although I love Bo and Hope together this Bo and Billie was one of my favorite couples also. Just seeing them reminds me of when Billie played by Krista Allen miscarried her baby Georgia in the Bayou and how like Nicole blamed Jennifer for her baby’s death, Billie also blamed Hope for her babies death all those years ago. Then how handsome was Franco Kelly and my goodness John and Marlena have the same kissing style today as they did back then. And lastly, there’s our Vivian and Ivan caught like the mean, mean, mean, vampires Susan thought they were.

  46. From SandyGram

    #44 bobby
    Your right if Sami and Rafe were still married he would be Grandfather and Uncle to Gabi’s baby. He could be a “grafauncle” or something like that, more Uncle than Grandfather by marriage because he would be a blood relative by being Gabi’s brother. How confusing is that!

  47. From gerri

    have you rested up yet?
    we’ve only done one Black Friday,since getting married 38 years now,and that was enough for a life time.
    we do enjoy saving a few gifts to buy closer to Christmas Day,and getting in the crowd,for 2-3 hours,that is fun,seeing the shoppers,hearing the Christmas Music,and having coffee and sweet rolls,at the mall.this is always fun!!!!but enough….

  48. From bobby

    #46 sandygram Thanks for the laugh. Makes me wonder what Sami’s kids call e.j., rafe, and lucas. Whos’s the daddy? Wait until they grow up and try and figure it all out. There’s an old country song that end up with the guy’s daddy being his grandfather. (or something similar)

  49. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Just as my JR left Dallas in June, so has the real JR left Dallas for the last time. RIP-Larry Hagman. One of the all time greats of television.

    Can someone tell me if John and Kristin were ever married? Like was Kristin ‘mommy’ to Brady as a child? Was she not pregnant with Brady’s half brother? My ick sensor is going wild on this one. Sort of Woody Allen-ish. You just don’t go ga-ga over a former step parent, lest you end up on Jerry Springer. Please tell me this isn’t the story line. It’s pseudo-incestuous. Somewhat worse than the Max/Chelsea story, or Tony/Kristen. Why do the writers even go there? Ick.

    Don’t think Gabi and Will are too young to be parents. They’re college kids. Sami and Lucas were teens. (young teens). Maybe too immature or unprepared, but age isn’t key to this story. As Sami proves, you can always be too young, but never too immature to be a parent, HA!

  50. From SandyGram

    #49 DTBB

    The Dallas Show was renewed, so they will probably open with a show on JR’s death, seems logical. I remember Larry Hagman first for the sitcom I Dream of Jennie, then along came Dallas. A Hollywood legend for sure.

    Lets see if I get this almost right. In August 1996, Kristen is hospitalized after an explosion which kills her mother and she miscarries her child with John. She doesn’t tell John about the miscarriage and wears a baby bump like Nicole did. Stefano finds a woman who looks like Kristen and is pregnant and brings her to town in time for Kristen to give birth on her due date in 1997, this woman was Susan Banks. When Kristen (aka Susan) goes into labor John brings in a Priest so they can get married before the baby is born. The real Kristen is also in the room disguised as a Nurse when Kristen/Susan gives birth. John married Susan disguised as Kristen.

    In 1997 John and Kristen/Susan had a more formal wedding with an Elvis Presley theme, again Susan was disguised as Kristen, so John thought he married Kristen, but it was in fact Susan. So Kristen was never legally married to John nor would she have been Brady’s step mom.

    Even the Max and Chelsea & Tony and Kristen stories on the surface sounds ‘iccky’ but neither couples were biologically related.

    At least this is my recollection, could be a tad off, but very close.

  51. From Kat

    JR will be back for the first 6 episodes… wonder how will deal with his death in mid-stream…
    JR was so bad, you just had to “like” him, sort of like Stefano.
    He was just plain good as JR…

  52. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Thanks Sandy. I didn’t see a lot of those years or don’t remember whose marriages were legit, but Kristin WAS preggers with Brady’s little brother, right? And while I understand there’s no bio connection, adoptions are legal family connections, and in my mind aren’t easily as crossed as this show portends. Even Doug was Julie’s stepdad for a while, right? Was she a child during that time? Or an adult? It bothers me.

    I read tonight where Larry Hagman’s mom was 17 when she had him. I’d call that too young, but oh, what a child she had!

  53. From SandyGram

    #52 DTBB
    Yes Kristen was pregnant with John’s son which she miscarried after the explosion that killed her mother Rachel. Brady was born to John and Izabella in 1992 so at the time of the miscarriage he would have been 5 years old. Of course Brady has been SORASD in 2000 to a young man in college.

    Right again, Doug was Julie’s step Dad for awhile, they had a very tumultuous relationship, it went something like this by Year:

    1965 – Julie was a teenager when living with Alice and Tom
    1970 – Julie met Doug
    1972 – Doug turned to Julie’s mother Addie and they were married
    1973 – Addie not only finds out she’s pregnant but she also has leukemia
    1974 – Addie gives birth to Hope December 24th and soon found out the leukemia was in remission
    1974 – Addie dies when hit by a car after pushing Hope’s buggy out of the way of an on coming car
    1976 – Doug and Julie marry (I’d say Julie was about 26 or so when she married Doug the first time)
    1979 – Doug and Julie divorced
    1981 – Doug and Julie remarry
    1986 – yet another divorce
    1993 – yet the last remarry….this is when the characters started being seen only now and then.

    Julie had great story lines the 5 years before meet Doug also. These are the stories that got me hooked on Days.

  54. From Shani

    I never knew until now that Mary Martin was Larry Hagman’s mother. I’ve not been a Dallas fan but I most remember him from I Dream Of Jeannie. Just loved that show!

  55. From suzabella

    I am definitely an ejami fan. The chemistry and acting ability provide really great scenes. Their complex characters could lead to some very interesting and sometimes funny plot lines. They have a great ability to play off each other, something Sami and Rafe lack. A couple doesn’t have to be happily stable all the time to be a super couple. I like what has happened between Victor and Magee. Let’s do the same with Sami and EJ.

  56. From Nancy

    We may have no idea where this show is headed but seeing an older show on Friday filled with mystery, intrigue and lost and loved ones was fabulous! I hope the writers took some notes and got some clues!

  57. From Kat

    55 suzabella, very well said, and I agree, If they can put together “Super/Villain/Murderer/etc” and almost “Saintly” Maggie Horton,
    They can certainly make Things happen for EJ and Sami, two on and off.. very flawed people, one as good and bad, as the other,
    but together make the screen come to live. They were meant to play off each other.
    Such great and intense chemistry does not happen all the time.
    Julie and Doug have it, as did Maggie and Mickey.
    Even Vivian and Ivan have it, no doubt about it.

    Wish they would let Roman “get over Doc” for good, and find him a No. 1 lady, same for Lucas and of course Brady.

    They should not always have somebody, that really loves somebody else, give them some “Fresh Meat”, only for them, at least as far as the eyes in Salem can see.

  58. From Kat

    TV Source, Pulse Report for Nov. 12,,,
    EJ No. 2, and Sami No. 3

    No John, but Kristin is No 7

    Today, at the very end, Rafe, to me, showed the best facial expression ever, over believing that Gaby might have aborted her baby.
    Give the man a good SL, and bring out his acting abilities more.
    Eric’s family has to learn, that in his job as a priest, Sinners are right on the top of the list, needing his help.

  59. From Kat

    Voice if reason, on last week # 192..or so.

    In regards to proving guilt…
    EJ did Record Nicole’s admission/confession about the Baby’s paternity, etc. Yes he had evidence… IMO

  60. From bobby

    #58 kat Facial expression on Rafe? I can’t get by those long beautiful eylashes! Man! I have never seen so many people wrapped up in everybody else’s business. Even Maggie got in on the act. If some of these people would get a job, they wouldn’t have all this time on their hands where they have to butt into everybody else’s life.

  61. From Leah

    I ABSOLUTELY HATE this Gabi and Will pregnancy story. Please Days no more unplanned pregnancies!!!
    Will and Gabi are too young and immature to become parents. There are so many reasons why I believe this but one major sign of this immaturity is…. keeping it a secret who the father is. There is simply no need or reason to. It’s just a load of crock.

  62. From Leah

    While I’m so happy Eric is back in town and I like him and Nicole together I’m a Bricole fan. If there is going to be any kind of triangle I want it to be between Brady/Nicole/Eric. I don’t like the idea of Brady sleeping with Kristen for the fact it is cougarish! Kristen is old enough to be Bradys mother. YUK! And I don’t like the idea… I’m now sleeping with my dads ex. Brady needs to get more intensely involved back into Nicoles life.

  63. From SandyGram

    Episode November 26th:

    They so need Ciara on the show more often, she brings in so much light over the other doom and gloom. For me, Hope is way out of line talking to Eric about Nicole, now they are adding her to the list of town gossipmongers/trash talkers/interlopers. She showed little respect for Father Eric as a Priest.

    Nicole’s apology to Jenn came across as sincere for both Jack’s death and for accusing her of killing her baby. Nice touch also showing Nikki leave the house key behind.

    Then just as I thought the Jenn stalking Daniel story was subsiding, it appears it never did slow down. Now we’re going into second gear as Daniel saves Jenn’s life again when a emergency medical condition comes up according to the Spoilers. I can only wonder how Jenn will think to repay him this time she already owes him so much (yuk, cough, cough!!)…Oh I Know….How about sending in the insurance paperwork or writing him a Check like most patients do when a Doctor provides a medical service!!

    I’m a little torn with the abortion story. Not so much that Gabi would consider abortion, but more once she got to the Clinic why she was there suddenly became merely a “procedure to be done” and never any reference to the procedure being an abortion. Not ever experiencing this personally this may be the way true Clinics operate; and TPTB probably didn’t want to emphasize ‘abortion’, it all just seemed very cold, especially when they wouldn’t let Will in to check on her. I would of preferred that he told the receptionist he was the father, then she would of let Will go back to Gabi instead of being all alone and they would have made the decision together to not continue with an abortion. He could have gone to her lying on that cold slab of a table and cradled her, that would have been much more powerful scene. Then when they walked out together to the reception room she could have seen Rafe, rushed over to him saying something like “I couldn’t do it Rafe, I couldn’t do it!” But then that would have been my preference.

    Just one last comment about the room Gabi was in. No how, no way would the implements to be used to preform the procedure have been left out in plane sight and not in sterile conditions until the doctor returned. But, then that’s just me picking on the details.

  64. From Brenda Schiller

    does anyone know if the character of Bo is going to be recast?

  65. From Shani

    Knowing absolutely nothing about how it is handled in real life, I did not like the scenes at the abortion clinic. Not the word “procedure”, not the receptionist, not the doctor (suddenly being called away & leaving all the instruments out in the open), & I didn’t like Will not revealing he is the father so maybe he would have been allowed to go in with Gabi. I thought Rafe was a little over the top but I did think Galen’s acting was right on target & I agree with Kat 58 about his facial expression at the end. & I also agree with bobby 60 about those eyelashes!!!!

    I felt Jennifer was classy in her acceptance of Nicole’s apology & I thought Nicole did the right thing & in the most sincere way. Dr. Dan is so ?lucky? to have both Jennifer & Maggie running around looking after his interests & protecting him. NOT! But he does seem to enjoy the attention from Jennifer at the moment.

    I don’t usually find much about Hope to criticize but I think her conversation with Eric about Nicole was out of line. A Priest helping someone in need of help. Why was that so hard for Hope to understand?! I know, because Eric & Nicole were involved at one time, but I still think Hope was out of line.

  66. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Hope, of all people, should understand Nicole’s actions in the face of grief over the death of a child. They’re going to have to give Hope a different storyline. What hooey! Her lecturing a priest about a grieveing mother. If they’re searching for an identity for Hope in Bo’s absence, a cold hearted biotch isn’t the one.

    And Eric discussing Nicole’s confidences with Brady. Epic fail, Father Eric.

  67. From bobby

    #62 Leah. I’ve been saying the same thing about Brady and Kristen. Why on earth would he want to go to bed with someone his father used to have sex with? He’s also betraying Marlena. This is going to put such a strain on the whole family. Jerk! In Hope’s defense-I think she still thinks of Eric as her cousin, not a priest. Nichole has to earn everybody’s trust. Can’t just say she’s sorry without backing it up. Will take awhile. (sami should learn from this too.)

  68. From MAB

    Hello, I’m back!! Just a few thoughts about Days. Last week seemed like nothing but a filler, pretty boring. It was funny to see the old episode they played on Friday tho, but seeing it now just makes me realize how ridiculous it really was, regarding Susan. I know some have expressed bringing Susan back, but I for one hope the show never goes down that road again. I don’t want to see that kind of silliness again…unless Susan has changed.

    I LOVED that Marlena got busted for deleting John’s messages from Kristen. She had no right to do that. I don’t care if Kristen planned all of it. Brady could’ve been badly hurt and John would’ve never known. And just like John said to Marlena “does she think he can’t handle getting a call from Kristen?” He has not ONCE defended what Kristen did in the past, and is not defending her now either. He is just looking at things realistically, unlike Marlena. Apparently tho she has little faith in John. John has really given her NO reason not to trust him. Marlena is the one w/ the problem here…and what does that say about their unbreakable bond? I guess it’s not that strong after all if this is how Marlena plans on handling the situation. John is trying to stand by Marlena, but how can he when she won’t even give him the benefit of the doubt. It works both ways here. I don’t blame her for hating Kristen, not trusting her, or telling her off, but her overreacting to every single situation where Kristen is concerned is complete nonsense. I think it’s uncharacteristic of Marlena to act the way she is, and a bit crazy I might add. I mean Marlena is a psychiatrist, and has tangled w/ the all-mighty Stefano for pete’s sake, who is way more dangerous than Kristen could ever dream of being. But she can’t seem to think rational when it comes to Kristen??? All she’s doing is playing right into her hands, which is exactly what Kristen wants.

    Monday’s episode was pretty good. I liked Nicole’s apology to Jen, although I don’t think she needed to grovel since Jen wasn’t innocent in what happened either. I just hope they’re on the road to moving past this tho.

    Funny how Daniel all of a sudden has shaky hands again. His condition hasn’t been mentioned since he returned to the show, and now it’s happening again? It would seem more realistic if it had been mentioned once or twice during the past few months, but no, I guess we’re supposed to just assume it’s been happening all along. And what was w/ Maggie jumping on Jen? Jen was just trying to help him. It’s up to Daniel what he does. I know Maggie loves Daniel, but I think she’s being overbearing as a mother. He’s a grown man! Again, another man who treated like a little boy???

    I’m loving Eric!!! Cute scenes he had w/ Ciara, but can Hope be anymore self-righteous??? Why is she making Nicole’s business hers all of a sudden? I guess she has nothing better to do w/ Bo being gone…and her rants about Nicole are unwarranted. She calls it her “gut instinct”, but I think it’s just Hope being her usual “know-it-all” self. I think she disrespected Eric immensely during their conversation. He doesn’t need her input as to how to handle people. I think he has a strong grasp of how to do that, with the fact that he’s an adult and a priest, and believes people deserves a second chance. It’ll be nice to have someone w/ that characteristic on the show since no one else seems to harbor it.

    I think Will has been great to Gabi. But how long do they have to drag this out? I don’t like Sami being so heavily involved, but I guess she has to be since Will is the father. There is no reason to have her gallivanting around w/ Rafe tho, as it makes her look like a busy-body, as Cougar alluded to. It wasn’t her place to tell him anyway…especially since he obviously can’t handle the situation like a mature adult. All he’s concerned w/ is who to blame. He certainly is living up to his domineering self…can he be anymore of a control freak? Before he knows all the information, he goes around bullying Nick & Will, and then the nurse! He abused his power of being a cop (again) to try to get to his sister. I know he loves & cares for Gabi, but his attitude is the very reason why Gabi didn’t tell him. He can’t control everyone’s life, and it’s time he realizes that. No wonder he can’t have any successful relationship. Trying to control Sami didn’t work, and trying to control Gabi isn’t gonna work either. If he isn’t gonna be there for his sister all the time, then he certainly can’t expect to be there only part time, especially when it’s only to chastise her for getting pregnant. Grow up Rafe, and loose the attitude!

    RIP Larry Hagman! He will be sorely missed on Dallas. TV sources say he is in the first six episodes to begin airing in Jan (which was mentioned back at the season finale). Not sure what will happen as they say TPTB are now scrambling to reconcile things for the JR character. I assume they will kill off his character…jmo.

    suzabella – ditto! I’ve said the same thing regarding EJ & Sami. Their s/l should be epic, as long as the writers don’t mess it up!

    Leah – I agree about Will & Gabi being parents. Age doesn’t always matter, but the immaturity certainly does. I also agree about Brady & Kristen. Age is not always a factor, but I think it is in this case. Kristen is old enough to be Brady’s father, not to mention she was also WITH his father! I find that a bit disgusting. Brady needs his OWN s/l, and a woman suitable for him to boot. I do believe Nicole will end up w/ Eric, and in the meantime, have Brady involved, until they can find him a suitable woman!

    SandyGram – I agree how things were handled at the clinic, kinda cold. They let fathers in when babies are being born, so why not let them in during an abortion? Maybe if Will would’ve told her he was the father, he could’ve gone back, but I don’t know how it works. According to what the receptionist said tho, this was her decision and hers alone. And that is the way it should be. No one, least of all a man, should be able to tell a woman what she can & can’t do w/ her body, but that wasn’t the case here. Will was there for her for support & concern only. It worked out tho, and Gabi decided “on her own” not to do it.

  69. From Kat

    67 MAB, great stuff…
    Brady must have a thing for the women that have been in his Father’s and Grandfather’s life.
    Kristin being old enough to be his mother, at least Brady is older than EJ…
    However, it’s a soap and I am looking forward to seeing John’s reaction when he finds out about Brady and Kristin. Typical Soap Plot, LOL, but it happens in real life..
    I missed your take on things…
    I wish that Will would stand up for His child, Gaby can still marry Nick, however again, it’s a soap…
    Complications is One of the Main Ingredients ..and we like it…or not..

  70. From Stacey

    #63 SandyGram: It is absolutely typical in the clinics for an abortion to be referred to as a “procedure”. It is also typical for someone who is going through the ordeal to take it upon themselves to refer to it as a procedure so as to distant themselves from the “abortion” stigmas.

    According to the spoilers, Daniel’s attempt at medical help for his hands shaking is a failure. I’m sad at this and was hoping it would have worked.

    I like Ejami – was always a fan. There is something about Rafe and Sami that I just don’t buy – not sure why…

    Does anyone have any ideas as to who the show might pair Hope up with since Bo is gone now? I realize it’s a bit soon – but – eh..she strayed with John, so … They could bring back Patch… Kayla would Flip, but it’d be fun watching Hope and Patch get together. :)

  71. From MAB

    Oops, made a boo-boo! I meant to say – Age is not always a factor here either, but I think it is in this case. Kristen is old enough to be Brady’s mother, not to mention she was also WITH his father!

    Kat – it does seem that Brady has a thing for the women in his father & grandfather’s life. I for one tho think it’s nothing but bad s/l’s he’s given. It’s like they don’t know what to do w/ his character. But it’s high time TPTB put stock into him…give him a good s/l and a suitable mate. He is a great actor, and amazingly attractive! Like I said before, it’s time the younger generation of men takes over. They have the talent to work with here, EJ, Brady, Eric, Daniel, Lucas and even Rafe. EJ’s s/l w/ Sami should be great. Eric’s is looking good too. They need to revamp Daniel, and give Lucas & Rafe a suitable s/l & mate and stop being second banana to EJ & Sami. Don’t get me wrong, I love the vets Stefano, Victor, John, etc., always will, but the new generation of men need to be front & center w/ good s/l’s.

  72. From SandyGram

    Episode November 27th:
    Keep on keeping Marlena, you’re the only one that hasn’t jumped on the reformed Kristen band wagon and with good reason. Kristen was telling in many places today like when talking to Stefano about how ‘he has no idea what she’s accomplished and she’s just getting started’. How true, how true? But John is the one that got my nickers in a pinch….Oh Please…she is the Kristen he once knew….Think Not! For me she is worse than she’s ever been a shrew with her vengeful DiMera ways and a mean, mean, mean spirited with much persuasion over what appears to be the male side of the Brady/Black family. Hang tough Marlena, hang tough!!

    Yes Stefano was horrible to Kate today. I can understand he’s hurt and had good reason to ask for a divorce. But, I think he does protest too much. He may have said he will never forgive her but his eyes say otherwise. They have forgiven each other of many things in the past, they are good together, hopefully the writers will see fit to keep them together.

    I’m glad the abortion story was short. What appeared to be the right political points were made by pointing out on several occasions it was Gabi’s choice to make, resulting in her not going through with the abortion. And, the fact that Will really didn’t want her to go through with it. But as I wrote in another posting the entire Clinic scene was just a little on the cold, unfeeling side for me. So now we will move on to the concealing the ‘daddy’ storyline.

    I was a little put off by Nick’s attitude once he and Gabi returned to her room. And I may have even agreed with him at the point he said Gabi was just playing him. After all the romp in the sack came soon after they became friends with confessions of love way to soon in a relationship. But after second thought, he said the things that need to be said to get to the point where Will being the father comes out tomorrow. I’m thinking all the stuff about Gabi’s participation in Melanie’s kidnapping is going to have to come out eventually or it will be thrown up in her face over and over again. How can she move forward as a new mommy with that hanging over her head? Maybe that’s where the story is going, maybe Gabi will be found out and Will and Sonny get custody of the baby; Or something along that line. Just thinking out loud.
    The interaction between Rafe and Sami over the past few days has been very enjoyable. She was a friend to Rafe as Will is to Gabi. Encouraging him to step back, take a deep breath, don’t jump to conclusions, think of your sister. Even He commented on how wise she was and she said ‘she always was, you just quit looking’ or something along that line. The entire conversation about him being a hypocrite when it came to concealing a pregnancy; and her understanding about trying to keep a secret out of loyalty….hopeful this is the writers attempt to open both their eyes and just maybe we won’t see these traits in future stories with Rafe and Sami. Kind of like cleaning the slate and time to move on!!

  73. From Debbie

    I’m so glad that the abortion story is over. It was hard to stomach and I agree with those who thought the clinic scenes were cold. I heard an interview with a former abortionist who said the industry is nothing more than a business whose daily business is getting as many abortions done as possible. They get paid more by how many they do, so it’s kind of like a sick production line method (her words). At least it’s over and now everyone can deal with getting on with the aftermath.

    I was so sad to hear of Larry Hagman’s passing. I was looking forward to seeing what JR was going to be up to in January, but I guess he only finished the first six episodes. It’ll be interesting to see how they kill him off. It’s really the only thing they can do as he’s irreplacable.

    And I want to thank whoever it was who mentioned the Galen Gering commercials. He was soooo sexy in the airport one! Galen’s definitely my kind of handsome. A nice mix of ruggedness and boyishness and I love the sparkle in his eyes.

  74. From Kat

    73 Debbie, you are so welcome, yes Rafe did look good in the commercials…, I still wish they would give him better SL’s on DOOL, because he could be better….

  75. From Kaybee

    Why is it the younger actors on Days seem so flat? The characters all seem to be students who never go to school.Abagail seems to have no storyline at all. Gaby is as clueless as Nick her creepy boyfriend. Sami/Rafe/EJ is old now.How about giving Justin and Adrienne a storyline?

  76. From Leah

    Food for thought… I reckon they should have kept Carly and her son in Salem. Alamains are part and parcel of Days and it would have been good to see the next generation on the show. I reckon he and Abigail would have been a good match.

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