Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For November 29 & 30.


Kristen impresses Brady some more when she doesn’t rat Marlena out for breaking into her room. He thanks her. Her wrist hurts so he checks it out. They get dreamy-eyed as he touches her. When he later runs into his father, he admits he still doesn’t totally trust Kristen. Meanwhile, Marlena decides to keep what she did from John but she has to blab to someone so she turns to Eric. Kristen shows up before the shrink can confess. Marlena leaves in a huff. Kristen turns to Father Tobias to offer her confession, which Brady conveniently manages to eavesdrop on. It’s full of her discussing her regrets and the feelings she’s developing for Brady. She claims to be horrified by her feelings and runs all the way home. Brady chases after her.

Father Eric offers Nicole a job at the church. She’s reluctant. The priest encourages her to make things up with Daniel. She agrees to that. She apologizes to the doctor and tries to be optimistic when she hears about his treatment options. As she pines away, Daniel’s nervous to go ahead with his treatment but Jenn prods him into it. His mother fusses over him and then goes off on Jenn for putting her son at risk. She tries to talk Daniel out of it one last time but he refuses to back down… then he almost does. Jenn pops up to push him back on course. He gets the injection.

Caroline comes back to town early after having positive results for her treatment. Everyone is thrilled to hear she’s doing well, but Eric has doubts that it’s going as well as she’s claiming. She tells the priest all about switching Parker’s paternity test. Caroline admits she never really made amends to the doctor. The priest encourages her to try. When the doctor wanders in, she confesses and he’s forgiving. His mood soon sours when he returns to the hospital for a test. It suggests that the treatment failed.

Sonny continues probing Will about the Gabi situation. Will will not explain. This hurts Sonny and that only gets worse when Chad suggests that Gabi is up to some nastiness and Will better watch out. Meanwhile, Nick thinks he’s solved all of Gabi’s problems by asking her to marry him and pass the kid off as their own.

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  6 responses so far...

  1. From dc

    caroline is back but withut bo, how is she gonna explain it??.. i am assuming bo is the one who goes missing..
    and kristen and brady are gonna get between the sheets (more than once) from what i have read..
    there is an agenda with gabi, will and nick.. just wish they would not leave sonny in the dark.
    i am wondering what chad is gonna do. he still has a grudge against gabi.. things are gonna get exciting..
    i wonder if chloe coming back with parker will mean they will put her with daniel again..

  2. From Kay

    Kristen makes me sick. I am more than ready for her to go NOW!!

  3. From SandyGram

    After Caroline’s return a spoiler says Hope mentions Bo is picking up Ciara. I don’t think we will actually see Bo with his daughter. TPTB have really kept his final departure close to the breast…no indication if he’s going to be kidnapped or what, other than he’s not supposed to be killed off.

    I like Kristen more in the sense that she is not only playing with Marlena while pulling the wool over John and Brady’s eyes; she is also leading EJ around by the inevitable nose. I’m anxious to see what, if anything, she does to help Chad, not to mention how she’s going to control Stefano when he finally shows back up on screen.

    Now Chloe returning with Parker along with Caroline telling Eric about her changing the DNA test….this is leading to somewhere….but where. It is still not clear with both Caroline and Stephanie messing with the DNA testing of Parker, who Parker’s real father is. Especially since I don’t believe Daniel ever had the tests rerun after hearing Caroline blurt out at the church Daniel was not the father. Caroline changed the DNA test to say Daniel was the father thinking it said Philip was the father. From what we’ve heard so far Chloe’s return is temporary, so could all of this mean in fact Daniel is the father and Chloe and Daniel hook up again….but will they stay in Salem or leave and go back to Chicago where Chloe’s career is? Oh My…follow the Yellow Brook Road…they will need the all powerful Oz to figure this one out.

  4. From Lynne

    I have been watching Days since the 80s. I admit I’m hooked on the show even though I wished I wasn’t. A few things: I don’t get the whole Sami thing. Really? For one thing BUTTON UP THE SHIRT. Geez! Don’t know why EJ and Rafe care anymore. Would love a storyline where they just ignore her. Marlena is losing is but can you blame her? Everytime she walks into a room Kristen is standing there. Its starting to annoy me. Kristen and Brady? Gross! Jennifer and Abby are just annoying. Nick is just too full of himself. Chad is annoying. Wow…after all this complaining…why am I still watching this show? Hmmm.

  5. From L.G.

    I’m glad that Kristin is back. At least she spices things up on the show. I personally love Eileen Davidson. Let’s face it, this show has been dull and boring for years now. Remember when you couldn’t wait for the next episode to come? The writers use to be awesome, and now there’s not much anticipation left anymore.

  6. From KAT

    5 L.G.
    I agree with you, no matter what about Kristin, she is back and she is spicing up the story,
    that yes has been so dull for so long. Just how long can you watch John and Marlena, carrying on with their Strawberries and Cream and Stand up orgasms…LOL
    they needed some help to justify
    their stay on this show.
    Marlena is acting cooky, that is a fact,
    Sami tried to Kill EJ, bang right in the head, and he is not acting like Marlena, every time Sami comes near him..
    Brady tried to beat EJ to death, Yes he did, is EJ reacting like
    Marlena, every time Brady comes near EJ.
    This Marlena/Kristin thing that happened
    so many years ago, as EJ is old,
    is so over played…
    look at all the would be killers in Salem,
    Kristin is not the only one….
    So Marlena, buck up a bit, you are over doing your damsell in distress just a bit to much.

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