Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For November 8 & 9.


Nicole screams that she’s innocent as Daniel accuses her of knowing all along that her child was dead. Rafe, EJ and Brady all arrive as the doctor whips out the evidence supplied by Dr. Sedwick. Nicole finally confesses. Daniel tells everyone that no one is to blame for this. Abby blames Nicole anyway. Nic takes the doctor aside to offer him her justification. Moments later, she takes off and races over to the steps of doom with everyone trailing behind her. She pulls out the scalpel and threatens to kill herself. Daniel tries to talk her down. She tries to throw herself down the steps. After Rafe and the doctor grab her, she’s taken to the hospital. She continues confessing. EJ views the baby’s autopsy and admits that no one is at fault for the death. Rafe points out that Nicole could face some serious charges anyway.

Sami heads over to the pub to see Nick with her job offer. He and Gabi are still basking in the post-skin slapping glow. Sami seems a little worried about Gabi, but Nick assures her he’s not out to hurt anyone. Once Sami leaves, he and Gabi do it again. When she pulls herself out of bed, Will drops by to see her and moans about Sonny. She decides to talk to the Kiriakis about how lovesick William is. Tad and his girlfriend already had the same idea and encourage Sonny to give Will another shot. When Will calls him, Sonny agrees to see him again.

Marlena admits to Hope that she’s terrified that Kristen is unsettling her relationship. The shrink gets more terrified when Sami tells her that her boss has been unreachable for hours. At the Horton cabin, John accuses Kristen of stalking him. She offers to leave but the last ferry has already gone. She explains that she came there to exorcise the memories of their past. She starts to get overwrought and he tries to comfort her. She admits she’s done some nasty things and begs for his forgiveness. He can’t do it.

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  1. From SandyGram

    Nicole could face serious charges? What? She recanted her statement Jennifer pushed her. If the charge is concealing the pregnancy from EJ, then Daniel and Rafe should face charges also. Maybe attempted murder of Jennifer when she first pulls the scalpel. As much as I hate to say it, once again to many getting away with their part in this story and the brunt of it being put on Nikki. She didn’t ask Rafe to step and say the baby was his, that was all on him. So confusing when and when these writers want to have someone legally pay for a bad deed.

  2. From patty

    Maybe they can charge Nicole for stealing the scapel, hospital property.

  3. From Nancy

    Little Joey’s name keeps coming up, so where the heck is he??????

  4. From dc

    we all knew this was gonna happen. daniel finding out and nicole getting caught in her lies..
    if she was to be brought up on charges she could always plead insanity. i still don’t think the writers did any good having her get pregnant again..

  5. From Shani

    There is a Salem Spectator Chrystal Ball spoiler for the week of Nov. 12 that says Jennifer makes her final decision after speaking with the D.A. Maybe Nicole is arrested for false arrest of Jennifer, since she knew all along her baby was dead before her fall. I’m thinking Jen will not want to press charges.

  6. From SandyGram

    #5 Shani
    I would think that also. But Nikki has already explained to Roman she was confused after her fall and after having time to think about it Jenn didn’t push her. With the stress of learning the baby was dead in the morning, getting all worked up over Jenn trying to take Daniel, then falling down the stairs, although we all know she wasn’t so confused….Nikki saved Jenn from jail….well maybe now Jenn will save Nikki from jail. But in all the truth that is coming out does Nicole also explain she switched the name tags on the DNA samples, Daniel knew about it, but Rafe didn’t other than to suspect that’s what happened. She never did confirm to Rafe exactly how he became the father of baby Daniel Rafael (that I remember)

  7. From lulu

    The charges will drop and Nicole, Rafe and Daniel will not pay for anything..ah and Nicole will have Eric to console her about her so so hard life..eyeroll.
    p.s: ah and Sandygram good finally remember it was Rafe who had to begin with, this great idea about lying about the paternity..

  8. From julie morris

    Yes I have faithfully been vewing Day’s since the age of 9, and now at 40, I come home after work and continue to view after my long day at work!!! The highlight of my day is to relax for one hour and view my favourite I will view this show till I’m in a nursing home myself. lol

  9. From Kat

    Yes Rafe mouthed off that he is the Father of Nicole’s baby, and Nicole stood there, thought for a moment and ran with it…
    As for Rafe knowing that there had to be tampering with the DNA tests, that is just a Now Brainer IMO… He gave His DNA for testing, it came back making him the Father, however He knew he couldn’t be, because He never slept with Nicole. Just How unsure could our “Super Sleuth” Rafe have been…
    Nicole did not safe Jenn from Jail,
    she decided to finally tell the Truth,
    so for that, Jenn owes Nicole nothing.

    Nicole was willing to let Jenn be taken to jail, for something She did not do. Only her Lust for Dr.Dan made her tell the truth. But today, she was again on her way to the Police station to re- cant her story, and make Jenn guilty again.
    Yes, Jennifer did wrong, going after Nicole the way she did, but maybe that was her way of not having to cope with the final loss of Jack.
    It was a colossal mess, right from the beginning,
    and EJ and Nicole were NOT “together” when the grief sex happened. She was still holding the divorce papers over EJ’s head.

    Well Julie Morris, congrats. for long time fan, I also enjoy my hour of guilty pleasure, away from reality, where the impossible can happen…..
    What do you think about the goings on in Salem…
    I remember so well, when John was almost obsessed with Kristin. He chased her everywhere, it used to annoy me at times watching him.
    Kristin was a good person then and John adored her.
    Loosing their Baby, Hers and John’s, pretty much drove her over the cliff, sort of what happened to Nicole two times now…And both women were capable of doing very bad things. I am glad that Nicole got found out and will get some help from Father Eric,etc.

    Kristin, the only help she had, Stefano, need I say more, no wonder things went wild.
    Don’t know what the writers have in store for Kristin, but I hope it will be exciting.

    Like I said in my earlier post, the writers really dipped into it, having Roman mention to Kristin, that
    all that Bad stuff happened 14 years ago…. why..
    hornets nest for some….just like having a Brit use the word “bloody” on American TV…..

  10. From murdog

    Has Maggie ever had an enemy on this show? She always seams like everyone loves her and never has a nasty word for her. If so shes the only Soap character that Ive ever known who is a saint.

  11. From tina

    Vivian Alimain locked Maggie in a coffin, all in the name of love for the one and only Victor Kiriakis. So yes….. Maggie has had an enemy although she is the all around most loved character on DOOL since our beloved and sadly missed Alice Horton.

  12. From Tina

    Yesterday was a brutal scene for sure. Nicole continuing to lie about her baby’s death even though Surf Boy called her on it. Sad, sad, sad. Wonder if there will be a funeral for the little guy now?

  13. From MAB

    murdog – Vivian hated Maggie because of Victor, and she was probably the only real enemy she had from what I remember. Although, John used to not like Maggie at all. He always thought she was nosy, and while he never treated her too badly, he never liked her either. Of course, he seems to be ok w/ her now.

  14. From PamPam

    I’m SICK of Jennifer. Dangling two men at once then as soon as Jack’s dead she want Daniel again. I know Nicole is no saint but she had a terrible upbringing that can really damage a person. Everyone thinks Maggie is so good, but I remember her having an affair with Neil Curtis. AND she married a criminal (Victor) so why does no one think Nicole can be good. No one gives her a chance, they hate her immediately. Jennifer yelling in Daniel’s and Nicole’s faces is getting old – guess she won’t have to do that anymore.

    Does anyone remember when Nicole left the show to have her baby in real life, she stopped at Roman’s house on the way and did the dirty.

  15. From Kat

    MAB, I remember, John used to get really ticked a Maggie, called her the Town Gossip and a Busy Body. Maggie was not to likeable once upon a time….
    PamPam .. I do not remember Nicole and Roman, how about that,
    he is an old guy, but then again, so was Victor.
    Nicole’s childhood was long time ago, but she chooses over and over
    to go the Bad Route, it’s in her blood.
    I liked her best when she was with EJ, and she was prego for the first time. They were so happy together, and EJ was such a dotting husband and father to be,
    till she lost the baby, and started lying and deceiving.
    She went to jail for all the stuff she did,
    and still did not learn a thing.
    That does not mean I don’t like Nicole, I do enjoy watching her, but wish that once and for all she would learn not to lie and scheme in order to find love and happiness. Maybe Eric Brady will help to turn her around all the way, once and for all…She has always been her own worst enemy.

  16. From dinky

    I liked Nicole best with EJ.

  17. From lulu

    Nicole is at her worst with Ej like Ej is at his worst with Nicole, simple as that, they are disgusting and boring..the worst indeed, let’s hope it is over for good.

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