General Hospital Spoilers For November 20 – 22.

A sad goodbye, familiar faces and shady plans.

As Tracy, Monica and A.J. argue at the mansion, they learn Edward isn’t doing well. His care prompts further debate between Monica and Tracy, as AJ knows he must do what’s best for his grandfather. Sadly, Edward doesn’t make it, which brings Ned and Skye home on Thanksgiving Day, as the Qs honor him. With most of the Qs in one room, it’s anyone’s guess where their tribute will lead.

Heather may not have been seen lately, but this week she comes out of the woodwork looking for some Quartermaine money. She was married to the patriarch at one point after all, but look for Luke to get in her way.

Sonny tells Alexis he wants a court order to keep A.J. away from Michael. He changes his tune a bit while talking with Shawn about how A.J. and Connie worked the system. He suggests it might be time to go outside the law.

In other news, Sam shares her latest theory with McBain about what happened to Jason and Todd urges Carly to be careful around Connie.

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, an encore of the September 11, 2012 episode will air on November 22 when Jerry’s virus spread throughout Port Charles and Edward gave the only dose of anti-serum to Emma. For the full recap, go to’s You Feel Lucky? No episode of “GH” will air on November 23.

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