General Hospital Weekly Summary For November 12 – 16.

Returns, arrests and confessions of love.

At the Swiss Clinic, Robin was horrified to learn that Cesar Faison had been impersonating Duke Lavery. He vowed to win Anna’s love even if he had to be someone else to do it. Faison later visited another patient who was being held against their will: the real Duke Lavery. Duke had been feeding Faison his memories, with some well placed misinformation, which is how Robin discovered “Duke” was an imposter.

Dante and Lulu decided to pursue surrogacy as a way to become parents. Dante talked to Sonny about the financial hardship it would pose, leading Sonny to offer to loan them the money from his legitimate coffee business. Dante accepted, as long as Lulu agreed.

While talking to Lulu at the Haunted Star about using a surrogate, Olivia ran into “Duke,” but saw Faison’s face. Despite not knowing who Faison was, Olivia told Lulu, who relayed Olivia’s vision to Robert, who returned to look into Duke’s reappearance. Robert was intrigued and had Olivia describe the man’s face to Elizabeth, who drew Faison’s face. Meanwhile, Faison, as Duke, prepared a romantic evening for a very receptive Anna.

Carly saw A.J. at the Quartermaine mansion and called Dante to arrest him. Carly ran to Sonny to tell him A.J. was alive. Sonny paid A.J. a visit in jail where they rehashed the past and squared off over Michael, who came to stand by his bio dad. Monica got A.J. released on bail by putting the mansion up for collateral. Tracy learned A.J. was on house arrest, so she set him up to violate the terms of his bail. She led him to believe Michael was in trouble at Sam’s, so he cut off his ankle monitor and raced after his son.

Sabrina told Patrick she wanted to resurrect the Nurses’ Ball in honor of Robin. Patrick was touched. As Sabrina and Elizabeth caught Patrick up on their failed attempts at getting Tracy to fund the Ball, Britt made it a point to let Sabrina know she and Patrick were spending the night together in a hotel. Once in their room, Patrick decided he wasn’t ready to move on from Robin. Sabrina, who confessed her crush to Elizabeth, was later relieved to overhear Patrick didn’t sleep with Britt.

Spinelli helped Ellie move into Maxie’s apartment. Maxie was bothered by Spin and Ellie’s PDA and became even more jealous when she learned they slept together. Maxie finally confessed her love to Spinelli.

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