General Hospital Weekly Summary For November 19 – 23.

The Qs said goodbye to their patriarch.

Despite Tracy setting him up to break the terms of his bail, Diane got A.J. released from custody and sent home with a new ankle monitor. As A.J., Tracy and Monica quarreled at the mansion, a nurse came down to tell them Edward’s heath was rapidly declining. Monica and Tracy went upstairs to say their goodbyes, but Tracy wouldn’t let A.J. see him. However, A.J. did call Michael, as well as Sam to bring baby Danny to see Edward. By the time Tracy let A.J. in to see him, Edward had passed away. Ned and Skye came home to help celebrate Edward’s life at Thanksgiving. Heather also snuck in the house after escaping from Ferncliff. She got a look at Edward’s will before Alice snuck up behind her and knocked her out. Heather was quickly taken back to Ferncliff, as the Qs continued their tradition of arguing before making up and sitting down to pizza. Back at Ferncliff, Heather said she knew something the Qs didn’t.

After Elizabeth sketched out the description of Olivia’s vision, Liz and Robert recognized the man as Faison. Robert deduced that Duke could really be Faison and wanted to warn Anna, but ultimately didn’t think she would believe him. Not wanting to tip off Faison, Robert set out to find more proof. Meanwhile, Anna enjoyed a romantic evening with “Duke,” but pulled back from going to bed with him. Later, Robert paid Patrick a visit and explained he didn’t stick around for Robin’s funeral because he needed the distraction of tracking down his fake son Ethan. Patrick understood because Emma was the only reason he got through his grief.

In other news, Maxie declared her love, but Spinelli chose Ellie, Shawn kidnapped Connie for Sonny and Alexis urged John to not let Sam push him away.

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